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~Double Rainbow


Rainbow Dash and Tails fly at high speeds in front of the fast moving Friendship Balloon as they charge at Metal. Twilight takes careful aim and fires rapidly at the robotic boss in a [Touhou Project] style of shooting. But Metal is prepared. She fires back with the weapon attachments that Eggman gave her to create a "bullet-hell" scenario. Rainbow dodges the spiratic patterns while Tails shields the balloon from getting hit with the Angel's Ring and Twilight shoots. Though Tails can only hold the shield for so long at a time. Rainbow Dash's goal is to get close enough to the boss without getting hit and hit her with a powerul tackle to initiate the next phase while Twilight's shots slow it down.

Rainbow Dash: You're not getting AWAAAAAY!!! *Impacts the boss*

Metal Rainbow Dash: RRRGH!!! YO! BUCK OFF! *Blasts Rainbow back*

Rainbow Dash: AAGH!!!

Tails: Look out! *Stops Rainbow from flying back* Alright! My turn! *Throws the Angel's Ring* Take this!

Metal Rainbow Dash: GGGZZZRT!!! CRUSH! *Charges lazer* KILL!

Twilight: I don't think so! *Fires magic blast and knocks Metal's focus off*

Metal Rainbow Dash: OW.... *Activates boosters and shoots out a huge flury of blasts*

Rainbow Dash: I got this! *Kicks out a path to direct the flight patterns in the blasts* You're gonna have to do better than that!

Metal Rainbow Dash: DESTROY! *Charges again and fires a giant laser* SWAG! BAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

Pinkie Pie: Uh-oh! THAT'S BAD!

Twilight: Pinkie! Take cover!


Rainbow Dash: AAAGH!!! *Narrowly dodges*

Twilight and Tails shield the balloon and Rainbow ties to maneuvor it out of the beam before serious damage is done. Twilight retaliates and fires back and widdles down the robots health until it's empty. Pinkie makes note of it, but the other two don't notice. Rainbow Dash responds by telling her how random she is, but they have to stay focused. Metal's health drops to zero, but it's not finished yet.

It falls down into a vertical free fall and shoots upwards at them. Tails and Twilight charge their Ring and horn respectively while Rainbow Dash dives down personally to finish this fight. Metal goes into Critical Overdrive Mode where it charges up its own combination of a Sonic Rainboom and Buckaneer Blaze. When Tails sees what's below, he instantly figures out what she's doing. She aims to blow up as an atomic bomb on Ponyville below! Rainbow Dash isn't about to just let that happen, but she can't get enough speed from just dodging each shot. Tails and Twilight finish charging and use their energy to fire a powerful beam that acts as a tailwind for Rainbow Dash to use for an instant boost into a Sonic Rainboom of her own! She just deflects each shot at this point and catches up to Metal to hit her directly!

Tails & Twilight: NOW! FIRE!!! *Twilight fires a purple beam through the Ring and it gets amplified and becomes huge*

Rainbow Dash: *Boosts from the blast* WHOAAAAA!!!

Metal Rainbow Dash: SONIC-RAINBO-HUH?!

Rainbow Dash: I DON'T THINK SO! MAGIC SONIC RAINBOOM!!!!!!!! *Blasts at Metal with a giant purple beam following*

Below, on a cliff in White Tail Woods, Sonic runs up to a ledge and sees this going on in the sky. He revs up his Super-Peelout and launches himself off an incline ramp and boosts in the air upwards to get a closer look. He eventually reachs the spot, but isn't high enough. He stomps the ground and revs up one more shot upwards. He fires himself off like a rocket and reaches Rainbow Dash as she dive bombs Metal. Just as Metal is about to reach the ground and explode, Sonic flies up at her and kicks her into Rainbow Dash, who hits her directly with the beam right behind. They impact the ground and the beam pillars upwards to the ground in a huge flash to the ground in White Tail Woods. The final blow causes Metal Rainbow Dash to explode with much less of a blast than what it would have done.

Sonic: *In midair* Whoa! Epic...!

Rainbow Dash: *Panting* That'll... show ya! There's only... room... for one Rainbow Dash! *Flies back up and passes Sonic. They make eye contact* Hey, dude! Can ya fly?

Sonic: *Notices himself starting to fall down* Huh? WHOA! OH JEEZ! *Rainbow holds out her hooves and Sonic grabs on* *Whew!* Thanks!

Rainbow Dash: Don't mention it! Hey, can I ask ya something?

Sonic: Me first.

Both: Who the heck/hay are you?!

Rainbow Dash and Sonic look at each other and see a couple things about each other. It's almost as if they're looking in a mirror. They match each other's attitudes. They introduce themselves.

Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Dash. You?

Sonic: Sonic the Hedgehog!

Rainbow Dash: Sonic, huh? That was in the name of that move I just pulled off!

Sonic: I saw! That was awesome! You just won yourself 20% Cooler Points! Or at least that's how my friend, Tails would put it.

Rainbow Dash: Wait, Tails?! Huh. Now that I think about it, you do kinda look a bit like him what with the shoes, gloves, and the way you look all built like that on two legs.

Sonic: Hey! Tails and I don't look THAT much alike! A lot of you horses look the same to me, too! Wait, so you met him?! Where is he?!

Rainbow Dash: I'll take ya to him if you say please!

Sonic: Uh... Please? *She instantly flies off with him and they go way up really fast!*

Rainbow Dash: HANG ON!




Rainbow Dash: COOL NAME! HERE WE GOOOO! BOOST! *Flies way up even faster!*

They make it back to Cloudsdale after a good lengthy flight where Tails, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie are back there waiting.

Getting Some Finishing Help-Song- [link]

Dear All, I am Twilight Sparkle!
I'm Rainbow Dash, the one and only!
And I'm Miles Prower, but I go by "Tails"!

Twilight: We managed to corner the evil robot that consumed our fellow ponies!
Rainbow Dash: And on top of that, Twilight even got my Element back! There's no way we can lose!
Tails: Only one way to make sure, though!

Twilight: It's time to free those ponies! Let's give it our all!
Tails: Right! No letting up!
Rainbow Dash: Let's bust that tin can right opened!

Pinkie Pie: Hey! You're not leaving ME out of this boss fight! This is way too much fun to pass up!

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November 30, 2012
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