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Twilight: Dragon... it had to be a dragon...

Rarity: You aren't about to fight him alone, are you?

Twilight: I gotta do something!

Rarity: But aren't dragons immune to magic?

Twilight: Yeah, I know... I'll think of something!

They both dodge Bahamut's attacks and try to shoot at the boss with their fast magic shots and gems. Unfortunately, between the boss's metal armor and his immunity to magic being a fully grown dragon, their attacks aren't doing much of anything. So what will they do? Orbot and Cubot laugh and fire attacks like crazy! There is no stopping it!

Orbot: HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Well, I'd love to say this was fun. But this is kind of too easy.


Both: FIIIIIIIRE!!!!!!!

Bahamut fires an enormous blast that engulfs the entire area and nearly destroys them. However, a swift blur as a silouette grabs all 3 of them and flies them up to higher ground. When they land, they see that it's the "foxy hero".

Twilight: Huh?

Spike: Whew! May be fire-proof, but that still would've hurt!

Rarity: You saved us again!

Tails: You guys have never really dealt with these kinds of problems. It's alright, neither have I. At least not dragons.

Twilight: Wait... who are you?

Tails: Call me Tails. I'm a friend. I know how to beat them. If you wanna help out, just follow my lead! *Ring glows as he readies himself for battle*

Twilight: Well... I'll trust you.

The Egg Bahamut is well armed with super fast fireballs, engulfing fire breath, launching giant balls of lava, a dive-bomb attack, a heated gust of wind, and to top it all off, he can dive right into the lava and create a large wave of it that destroys the level they were on. That's where they have to keep moving to avoid and get to higher ground.

The Dragon King lets out a loud and proud roar to start off the second phase as his health bar fills up. The plan is that Tails has to try to get onto it via flying and break off the armor manually. Once he's done that, Twilight can fire shots at the exposed weakpoints that Tails managed to break open with the Angel's Ring. With the weakpoint hit a few times, that part of the armor and saddle will be destroyed. The next few times, however, it takes more than a few good shots.

Tails avoids the defences and waits for the right time to strike the controls to get the boss down to ground level. He ends up fighting Orbot and Cubot personally for the controls. After a few shared bits of comedic style of (cartoon antics such as using mallets, boxing gloves, and fish fighting.... what?) combat with epic fails, Tails manages to get full control of the mech. He steers it down to the others where Spike and Rarity perform a tandum move where Spike ignites a flamable gemstone and sets it to overheat. Rarity launches it and it pierces a newly exposed weakpoint and explodes in it, causing major damage and opening it for Twilight to fire rapid and charge shots to damage it even more! This proceeds the battle into the final phase!

In the final phase, Tails tries this one last time. However, Orbot and Cubot actually get him. They catch him and throw him out infront of the mech while charging up its ultimate attack now that it's in Maximum Overdrive mode! They are about to vaporize him in one giant blast! However, Twilight appears right behind him in midair and takes him out quickly. They appear back on the platform next to Rarity and Spike. The dragon now tries to swoop in and dive bomb them. Tails sees a good spot to jump and grab onto him! He tells Twilight to hang on as they both jump onto the Dragon King's back and head straight to the last point to strike, the Egg-Ine Saddle itself!

Tails: This is it! Twilight! Your horn!

Twilight: Right! *Horn glows* (Wait! How'd he know my name?! I don't recall telling him...)


Twilight: Yeah!

They both hit the last point with their Ring and Horn to destroy it! The Egg Bahamut armor shatters and falls off into the lava. Orbot and Cubot evacuate and the Dragon King falls to the ground after he roars in pain.

Twilight and Tails land safely on the platform in front of the king. The other dragons of the Dragon Tribe are also freed from their saddles and hurry to their king.

Dragon 1: SIRE! YOU'RE HURT!

Dragon 2: YOU! What did you do to our king?!

Dragon 3: We will make you pay!

Bahamut: ENOUGH!!!

Dragons: S-SIRE?!

Bahamut: *Gets up and snarls* You... Why have you come here?! SPEAK!

Rarity: *Nervously* BWAAAHAHAAAH! Uh...heheh... We were just... um...

Twilight: We were here to find and reclaim something important that we needed! I've already aquired it. So we can be on our way!

Bahamut: THERE IS MORE! Don't lie to me! Why have you attacked my people?! WHY DID YOU ATTACK ME?! The Dragon Tribe has avoided attacking the ponies of Equestria because of our peace treaty signed by myself and Princess Celestia! You've broken the rules of that treaty and invaded my home and attacked my dragons! ANSWER ME! WHY?!

Twilight: I...

Tails: HOLD IT! They didn't attack your people. I did! But only because they were out of control and attacked me and them first!

Bahamut: SO! You are saying this is MY people's fault?!

Tails: *Sweat drop* Well... not quite. It's actually the fault of an old enemy of mine! His name is Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik! He did this to not just your people, but to every sentient living being in the country! Which is why me and a friend of mine are here to stop him and free everyone and everything! You have my word that we will stop him and make him answer for his crimes so that none of this will happen again!

Bahamut:.....Do you honestly think I care?

Tails: Eh?

Bahamut: You enter MY domain without MY permission, you attack MY subjects, you attack ME, and you expect me to care for your excuses?!

Tails: Well... uh... you did ask for an explanation.

Bahamut: SILENCE! I am still not in any mood for excuses! Since I am in a good mood right now, tell you what. I'll be lenient with you! I will allow you 20 seconds to leave the BadLands before I send my dragons out on you! And don't worry about any furthar quarrels. I still owe Celestia 2 favors! You might want to go... NOW!

Rarity tries to stand up and tell him how rude he's being, however Tails, in all his wisdom, takes that advice and grabs all of them and runs at great speed to get them the heck out of there! The last thing they need is to become their burnt dinner! Back with Bahamut, one of the dragons that didn't go is next to him.

Dragon 4: You didn't really want them dead, did you?

Bahamut: My brother tells me about a pony much like them and how she was able to teach him humility and respect. Though, she was a pegasus. I saw fearlessness in their eyes. At first there was fear, but it quickly went away. Perhaps there is something to this that I'd like to see. I've spent way too much time in that volcano.

Back with the heroes, they managed to make it out of the BadLands and the dragons fly away, considering they don't have to go after them. With that problem out of the way, they all decide to take a little breather not that they finally can. Though it's not long before Twilight starts asking some questions. Tails isn't running away from it. He's got some answering to do.

VS. EGG BAHAMUT Phase 1-Song- [link]

VS. EGG BAHAMUT Phase 2-Song- [link]

Promise To Succeed-Song- [link]

Cool Down and Getting Aquainted-Song- [link]

Hey, guys! I'm Twilight's assistant, Spike!

I'm so glad Twilight was alright. I thought she would've been toast here for sure! But there was no time just to rest because some crazy looking guy with a HUGE moustache came by and sent a huge dragon on us before we could even hug!

I may be a dragon myself, but I didn't even think dragons could get like that! He's supposed to be the king?! He really means business! But how are we supposed to deal with that?!

Wait! Twilight! You're not actually going to fight him are you?! Rarity?! You too?! Have you both lost your minds?! We have to run away!

Hey, where'd that fox guy go?

BadLands Zone Cleared!

Tails Story Next Zone- Coming Soon

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