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~The First Levels

Tartarus, a dark, desolate wasteland where all who have passed away and did not pass judgement to spend an eternal afterlife in paradise, but instead spend the rest of eternity in torcher, fear, and despair. This land is inhabited by evil creatures of many different shapes, sizes, and motives. One in particular, who's voice is heard throughout this Zone Act, is among the most evil. Tails and Twilight have to stay on their guard if they are to find Fluttershy and escape alive. Seriously, though. She's been trapped in here fow HOW LONG?! She must've been driven to insanity by now! Random monsters and bursts of flame and exploding brimstone everywhere are quite abundant.

The after the first area, a dangerous cavern of monsters and lava, the second one is a haunted wasteland in a ghostly fog with spirits flying around and waiting for Tails and Twilight to come near so they can fly into them and latch onto them and start sapping at their Ring Energy while zooming the camera towards their faces and screaming or laughing like the [Metal Gear Solid 3] batte with The Sorrow. Contact with them also hinders Tails' movement. Twilight has to shoot thm to get them off of Tails. When switched, Tails uses his Angel's Ring to get them off Twilight. However, the Angel starts sounding exhausted. Tails asks what's wrong, but she assures him that she's fine. This is getting bad. As they progress, things get freakier and more dangerous.

After dealing with that area, the whole ground opens up below them as they're running and thegravity intensifies to make it so that Tails can't fly to save either himself or Twilight. They land and advance onward when they finally hit the bottom. This new area is a dark maze-like cavern with curved spikes and flying flames and zombie-like ponies, oh my! Tails starts recognizing this area a bit, and NOT liking where this is heading.

Tails: Th-This is...

Twilight: Tails, what's wrong?

Tails: This is just like... This is just like my nightmare... I've been here before! This is where I almost died in my sleep to... *Flashing image of a red gem and a freakish fox-like face in his mind* AH!

Twilight: Keep calm, Tails. We can't let anything scare us now! We have to keep focused!

Tails: You're right... You're right! I'm okay. Let's go!

Twilight: *Notices something about the zombie-ponies* Wait, those undead ponies remind me of the ones that Apple Bloom described to me in her story that she wrote about her other worldly experience. Those couldn't possibly be... The Nightmare Blanks?!

Tails: The what?! (That wasn't in the show. What's she talking about?)

Twilight: Tails! Whatever you do, don't touch them! Apple Bloom described them as possible instant killers. If they catch up to us, just shoot them back to slow them down! I don't think we can stop them, though! Apple Bloom said that they are super persistant!

Tails: Alright! Note taken!

Instant kill, indeed. If they touch either of them, it's lights out. No matter how many Rings they have. Also, if they were to catch them, the screen would turn black and a little written text would appear on screen saying in red, "NO FREAKS". Tails and Twilight hurry to get the hay out of there! But when they do, they come up to a large room with empty darkness. The music is gone and has a dark, eerie sound replacing it. Just when they think it couldn't get worse, a large smiling image of their friend, Pinkie Pie appears in the background. It looks happy and innocent at first.... but then it fades.

As it fades into the dark, Pinkie's eyes have a creepy yellow glow in the dark effect. But the music gets darker as the picture of a happy Pinkie Pie is replaced with the disturbing image of a smiling Pinkamena Diane Pie. Festive... Tails and Twilight are both so scared that they almost want to vomit. But it is crucial that they keep it together and keep moving. When they cme up to the exit of this area, the image of Pinkamena starts turning her eyes black with red dots and a red text above her says "WELCOME TO THE PARTY" on it. Pinkamena says it out loud and vanishes.

Tails: *Panting* Let's not speak of that again...

Twilight: Agreed.... *Wide eyes and panting*

Tails: Angel? *Looks at Ring and sees the light from it starting to flicker* Huh?! Angel! Are you there? Hello?!

Angel:.....I....Was never come here...I'm sorry..........She is just up ahead.....go now...........

Tails: What?! WAIT! No! You're not... ANGEL! SPEAK TO ME!

Twilight: This enviornment wasn't meant for the good of light to shine through. My magic has been terribly hurt from this too. I can't cast spells quite like I used to. The deeper we go, the worse this gets. She said Fluttershy's just up ahead. Come on!

Tails: Yeah...

When they make it to the next and last area of Act 2, again, there are no enemies. Instead there is only a single moving shadow with flowing long hair and wings. The shadow says phrases like "Leave me alone...", "Everything wants to hurt me...", "I won't let them...", "I'm so scared...", "I could just...just...", "KILL YOU!", "COME OUT!!!" Tails and Twilight keep moving forward until they come up to the shadow that is sitting there crying in fear. The darkness clears and reveal's the shadow to be a young pegasus with pink mane and tail. It's the very one they've been looking for! Fluttershy!

However, as they approach, Fluttershy jumps up at them and screams. She doesn't look too happy. She in fact looks like she's ready to kill the heroes and friends that are risking everything to save her. She seemsto have spent too much time here. She looks at Twilight and sees a changeling. But when she looks at Tails, she thinks of something that fills her with disdain and anger. So much so that she can't take it anymore. She flat out takes flight and attacks them. They dodge, but don't know what to do. They don't want to hurt her. She isn't posessed, she's just scared and hurt. But they have to try to calm her down somehow.
For Our Friend-Song- [link]

Apple Bloom's Otherworldly Experience-Song- [link]

Pinkamena...Festive-Song- [link] Picture- [link]

I'm Miles Prower, but I go by "Tails"!

Tartarus. TARTARUS of all places! Fluttershy HAD to come here?! Why, Fluttershy, why?! But then again, it makes no difference! If she were someplace else, I'd still go to save her!

This world is different, though. It's filled to the rim with monsters and evil spirits of all shapes and sizes! It's nightmare incarnate! I'd be surprised if she wasn't mentally scarred from all this.

It's a wonder how she's still alive. But then again, stranger things have happened. At least this gives us time! We cannot fail no matter what!

After all.... Fluttershy is best pony.

Tartarus Zone Act 3- Coming Soon!
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zZappZz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student General Artist
D8 wowza....
Count-Author Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, good to see you back!
zZappZz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks~ honesty, I love my internet. probably a little too much
Count-Author Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Eheheheh... You're not the only one.
zZappZz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Student General Artist
sonicandmario826 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
well it finally happened fluttershy copletely cracked though again anybody would if you spent that long in hell so I dont blame you
Count-Author Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Exactly. I mean, she DID have to spend like.... 5 whole zones before they actually found her.
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