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~The Elements of Harmony

Eggman has arrived to challenge the heroes in a battle to the finish!

Apple Jack: So THIS is that Egg-guy?!

Rarity: He's the cause of all of our problems?!

Spike: You're telling me HE'S the one behind everything that's been going on?!

Sonic: Yup! He's Dr. Eggman. The worst of the worst!

Eggman: Heheheheh! You know me so well, Sonic!

Sonic: How could I not?! We've been doing this for over 20 years! When are you gonna call it quits and just give up?!

Eggman: Tell you what! I'll quit when I die of a heartattack!

Sonic: Well with your cholesterol levels the way they are, I'm surprised that hasn't happened already!

The others laugh hysterically, especially Pinkie Pie while Eggman gets incredibly mad.

Eggman: RRRRGH!!! WHY YOU LITTLE!!! Laugh it up while you can, you annoying little children's toys! I'll be having the last one when I'm done with you! Then there will truly be not a one to stop me! HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!

Rainbow Dash: I don't think so!

Eggman: Hmm?

Rainbow Dash: Do you know what you've done to us? Do you have ANY idea of what you've put us through?! Do you know WHAT ARE FRIENDS ARE HAVING TO GO THROUGH all because of YOU!!?!?

Eggman: Oh? Do tell!

Rainbow Dash: I'm gonna break your egghead WIDE OPEN for making our friends go through Tartarus and taking our home! And especially for what you did to me! Do you know what kind of reputation I lost because of you! Everypony thought I was a murderer! AGAIN! I am SO SICK OF THAT! All of this is YOUR FAULT!

Eggman: I'm sorry, repeat that! What was that about Tartarus?

Rainbow Dash: Our friends are stuck in Tartarus because of you!

Eggman: Your friends? *Looks at all of them and sees a lacking in both Tails and Twilight*…..Hmmmhmhmhmhmhmh… Huhuhuhuhuhuhuh….

Rainbow Dash: Huh?

Eggman: Heheheheheheheheh…. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOH!!! THAT IS JUST RICH! After all these years! All those years of being a goody-two shoes hero… Tails! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! He STILL ended up going to an eternally forsaken after-life! Perhaps I should look into destiny more! It's even crueler than myself!

Sonic: *Sparks in his head* NCK! No! It's not like that!

Eggman: Though, I always thought Tails was a good boy! Don't get me wrong, he was irritating and a menace to my plans like you, Sonic! But even I will admit that he was a good boy. He always thought of others before himself! He was like a young saint! Or so I thought! Heheheheh! But hey! Who am I to judge or argue with the laws of fate?! Though that makes me wonder, Sonic! And this goes the same for you, Equestrian filth! If not even Tails could be saved from the pits of Tartarus, what does that say about the REST of you? What hope is there for the rest of your stupid, worthless, and insignificant friends?!

Apple Jack: Oh NO he didn't!

Rarity: How DARE YOU!?

Pinkie Pie: That was in horrible taste!

Spike: Huh? Rainbow Dash? Sonic?

Sonic and Rainbow Dash: *Simultaneously spark* That's- IT! YOU ASKED FOR IT!



They both get enraged and charge up to Eggman, but are stopped short by a dark shield that repels them back. The aura from the shield reforms in front of Eggman as a tall, dark, and powerful y dangerous mechanical Alicorn under his control! Princess Luna as the Artificial NightMare Moon!

Eggman: Commendable! But denied! Thank you, my loyal servant!

Rarity: What?! Princess Luna?! Why are you protecting that monster?!

Eggman: HOHOHOHOHOO! She can't hear you! She can only hear the one pulling her strings! In other words, myself! Now you will get to see what happens when you mess with The Eggman Empire! Don't worry, you won't be upset for long! For I am doing you a favor! You wish to see your friends again, yes? Well then good news for both of us! Luna here is about to grant both of our wishes! Princess Luna! SEND THEM ALL TO THE AFTER LIFE! Oh! And when you see Tails in Tartarus, Sonic! Do tell him I said hello! HOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOH!!!

Luna's armor goes into a full dark battle mode and her eyes shine a bright glow. She spreads her wings and gets ready to attack as NightMare Moon! Eggman laughs and floats upward to assist Luna from high above. Rainbow Dash flies back up to him, but only gets stopped by Luna again. Her attacks include falling meteors that can shoot in random patterns, shrouding the area in darkness to blind the heroes, summoning a large sword known as the "Blade of Osiris" to strike with, creating a group of storm clouds to shoot lightning from above in a random pattern while being telegraphed by the clouds' glowing, healing by absorbing the light from the moon, teleportation, and redirecting Eggman's laser from above with her horn to fire at the heroes with devastating results!

Though her attacks are all powerful, they have a small window that allows the heroes to quickly read and avoid them, giving them a chance to counterattack. Directly hitting Luna will do damage, but they have to act fast since for the first phase, she heals every so often. The more times they hit her, the faster her attacks become. When her health is low, she will try to heal. Attacking her will also be useless since she has a shield up. But Eggman doesn't. The heroes direct their attack to Eggman now and deal damage to his Egg-o-matic to knock him into the moonlight and cut off Luna's healing and even stunning her. So now they can focus on Luna and attack again. They lower her health down to zero and enter the next phase.

Luna's health refills and she bursts in dark aura. It's at this point that attacking her will only result in her constantly healing and countering. What they need is the Elements of Harmony that she's guarding. For this phase, they take an Element per hit, but have to dodge each attack as fast as possible since Eggman and Luna are both firing at full speed and power for this phase! They mean business!

Sonic grabs the first one on his own, but then gets 2 with Pinkie's help. Luna is now in Critical Overdrive Mode and is now much faster and more sporadic in her attacks. After one more hit, Sonic, Rarity, and Apple Jack grab the last 3 and make it back. But without their two other friends, they can't use the Elements' power of unity and Harmony.

Luna is stunned once more, but Eggman is still persistent.  He fires his laser and it reflects from her horn and fires at Sonic! However, Sonic has an ace up his non-existent sleeve! If they can't use the 6 Elements of Harmony, then they'll just have to settle for the 7 Chaos Emeralds! Sonic uses them to turn into Super Sonic and flies right at the blast! He zips right at Luna, jumps off her and flies right up to Eggman! He boosts up and strikes right through him, blowing him and his vehicle up!  It seems he was also a fake. Ain't that just dandy? Luna's armor falls off and she reverts to her normal self.

Luna: Ngh… Th-Thank you… Please…  Forgive us… Please… save us. My sister… our people… *Collapses* Our…. World.

Rainbow Dash: PRINCESS LUNA! Hey! Are you alright? *Tries to help her up*RRGH! (Sheesh, I didn't think she'd be so heavy.) Can I get a hoof or two here!? *Sonic helps pick her up* Thanks. Help me get her to the moonlight!

Sonic: At least she's still breathing.

Luna: *Wakes back up and takes a deep breath* Hmm….Huh?

Spike: Your highness? You feeling better?

Luna: Much… thank you. But you cannot be staying here. You are needed elsewhere. You have the Elements of Harmony with you. Get going as fast as you can! There is something I must do.

Rainbow Dash: You sure you don't need our help?

Luna: I will be fine. Now hurry! GO!

Rainbow Dash: You got it!

Sonic: Alright! Let's move! To the gates! ON THE DOUBLE!

The heroes leave as fast as they can to the Gates of Tartarus to save their friends. Luna looks up to the moon with it shining in her eyes. She imagines a diamond in its image and hears wailing in pain somewhere in the forest. With her strength healed up, she goes straight to where it's coming from as fast as her wings can take her. She goes out to find SoulWind and help him.

EGGMAN Himself-Song- [link]

VS. LUNA (Artificial Nightmare Moon)-Song- [link]

VS. NIGHTMARE MOON (Critical Overdrive Mode)-Song- [link]

I’m Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!

So Eggman finally decided to show up! Good! Now I can finally get him back for everything he’s done! And with the help of all these super tough ponies and a dragon, what could go wrong?

He’s in the way of those Elements! We’re gonna need them back pronto if we want to save our friends! It’s do or die time!

Wait… Eggman? What did you just say?!


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