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~The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Rainbow Dash takes the lead point and deflects off enemies while flying forward at great speed. Apple Jack kicks them away, Rarity shields them, Spike and Pinkie fire either flames or random party things out of her Party Cannon. They eventually their way to a long stretch path with an absurd amount of insane traps and obstacles. They avoid each and every one of them and start noticing something peculiar about them. They are fast-acting, triggered by a familiar thread, and stable, however aren't designed to be lethal. Almost as if they knew who made these traps.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders were the ones who set them up! Rarity recognizes the threads as being made of the same kinds that she'd been working on her dresses with. Oh, the words she'll be having with Sweetie Belle when she gets her hooves on her… They pass the traps and look back to see that they all worked… On Spike.

Spike: A little help?! Anyone?!

Rainbow Dash: Ugh… I'll go get 'em. *Goes to help Spike and pulls him out of a pitfall*

Rarity: Now no more falling for traps, Spikey.

Spike: I didn't try to! Well, don't worry about me! I'll be fine from here on ouuuuuuu-t! *Caught in a net* Shut up…shut up…shut up…

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie laugh while Rarity and Apple Jack get him down. At the end of the road is Zecora's house. They open up and rush in.

Rainbow Dash: ZECORA!

Apple Jack: Dash! Y'know you can always knock. LOOK OUT! *They dodge as blow darts fly at them from the dark* What the hay! Who's shootin those things?!

?????: Oh! It is only you. Thank goodness too! *Steps out of the shadows and reveals herself as Zecora* Please forgive the shooting of darts. They would have been poison to the hearts.

Rainbow Dash: Say what now?! Those things woulda killed us?!

Zecora: Please! Home defence was their sole purpose. To keep away those who would hurt us! Had I known it was you, not a thought would my mind come to.

Apple Jack: We forgive. Chill, Zecora. We'll talk later about this.

Rarity: I'm just glad you're not one of those metallic monstrosities.

Zecora: As too are we, especially the colts and fillies.

The foals of Ponyville step out of the shadows behind Zecora, including Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. They run up to Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity respectively and reunite. Pinkie Pie sees Pumpkin and Pound Cake and give them a happy hug. Zecora asks Spike where the others are and Spike explains the situation. Though Zecora doesn't just speak of Twilight and Fluttershy.

She also wanted to know about Sonic and Tails, as she describes as the two heroes from a distant land. Rainbow Dash jumps up to look out. She then comes back and says that Sonic is still out in the woods. She's going out to help him, and she needs help. The other 4 in the party rush to his aid when they hear some noise coming from Froggy Bottom Bog. The CMC go after them as well via sneaking out. When they make it there, they see Sonic just dodging the Hydra's attacks and striking head on with little to no results. They go to help him and get ready for a fight!

Who Set Up These Traps?!-Song- [link]

Zecora and The Foals-Song- [link]

I'm Rainbow Dash! The one and only!

Alright! This is progress! I found my friends and we're kickin some flank! But Sonic went up ahead to check a different route! Show off... I guess he and I have THAT in common, I'll admit.

So we're trying to get passed all the enemies, but what do we have next? A huge line of booby-traps that lead all the way up to Zecora's place!

Just who set up these dumb traps in the first place?!

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