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~Haven of the Zebra

Sonic and Rainbow Dash pass through Ponyville and Fluttershy's Cottage and head into the forest. Sonic runs along the ground while Rainbow moves by air, naturally. The hazards include fierce flora and fauna, and watery rivers. The day light is their best guide through this dangerous forest. But if that wasn't enough, they also have Eggman's forces to deal with. The Egg-Ine Saddle Armored Ponies other than the higher ranks are no more. All the citizens are liberated and saved, but the fruits of the Rainbow Factory's labor, the EGG-PONIES roam the skies and grounds of the immediate areas. Our two speedy heroes must be diligent if they want to make it through them all.

The enemies are EGG-PONIES, UNI-EGGS, and EGG-ASAI, oh my! Rainbow Dash facehooves herself at the terrible pun that is the word, "EGG-ASUS" while Sonic can't help but laugh a little. They hurry through and collect 50 Rings for the last Special Zone in ACT 3. Though, they start to worry about their friends again since they haven't heard back from them. Twilight is usually the one to get the Special Zone thing done, but she isn't here. Rainbow Dash then remembers from hearing the foreboding lectures from Twilight about "True Harmony" is that any being that ever dares to enter Tartarus without true harmony would be doomed to being trapped there forever.

It's at this point that they both decide to kick it into high gear, hoping that they can find a way around that. As they continue, they eventually come up to a clearing where some action is going on. Three other ponies and a dragon are dealing with some enemies until Rainbow Dash dives right in to help them out, after all, they are her best friends! Apple Jack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Spike!

Rainbow Dash: Huh?! GUYS! Hang on!

Apple Jack: Just in time, Rainbow!

Rarity: Thank goodness, help!


Spike: Look out above you!

Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah!  *Backflip kicks* HIEYAH! I got it. What are you guys doing here anyways?

Apple Jack: Same thing as you, partner!

Rarity: We got a message from a voice that told us to help free the rest of Equestria.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah! And we followed it ALL the way out here! Can you believe it! We went to so many different places and came all the way back home and zipidy doo, we're here!

Spike: So how are you doing? And where's Twilight?

Rainbow Dash: She's in big trouble! And I mean BIG trouble! She went to find Fluttershy in Tartarus!


Spike: You can't be serious!

Rarity: Fluttershy is so frail in this world as it is!

Apple Jack: They would be toast by now!

Spike: Why didn't you go in after her?!

Rainbow Dash: I tried! But that big stupid mutt wouldn't let me! No offence to Winona, A.J.

Apple Jack: Don't sweat that. But you are right 'bout one thing! Twilight's in SERIOUS trouble if she's stuck in there!

Rainbow Dash: I know. Which is why we gotta finish up here!

Pinkie Pie: Doesn't this feel a little familiar?

Rainbow Dash: Familiar? How?

Pinkie Pie: Rarity? Please explain.

Rarity: I have the same feeling. Think about it! This whole ordeal through the EverFree Forest, the dangers here, and this feeling that we're going to need the Elements, and that fact that all of Equestria is at stake just reminds one of our first adventure together!

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, you're right. But the problem is that we're still missing a couple of us. Which is why we need to keep pushing forward! They ain't gonna save themselves!

Spike: Then let's go! To the Elements!

While they were chatting, they were also dealing with the enemies and breaking them down, restoring their true forms. They quickly finish and keep going.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Sonic! You've been pretty quiet.

Sonic: Eh, I figured you were having a nice moment with friends. I didn't want to interrupt.

Apple Jack: Well ain't that neighborly of ya! Say, were'nt you the one who saved me and my family?

Sonic: I guess. Good to see ya again, Apple Jack, was it?

Apple Jack: Eeyup!

Pinkie Pie: You remember me right?! Right?! RIGHT?!

Sonic: How could I ever forget, Pinkie?

Rarity: So you're the Sonic fellow that the Foxy-Hero was talking about! Pleased to meet you, I am Rarity!

Spike: Hi! I'm Spike!

Sonic: Foxy- Hero?! Hahaha! Never heard that one before! But hey, I'd love to stick around and chat some more, but there's a branching path up ahead. I'm gonna go on ahead to make sure it's all clear! Later! *Boosts ahead and salutes them as he takes the lower path*

Apple Jack: Did he just take the path to Froggy Bottom Bog?

Pinkie Pie: I think he's onto something!

~Froggy Bottom Bog

Sonic takes the route that leads to the watery and smelly swamp of Froggy Bottom Bog. Where the smell burns his nose, he just bears with it and keeps running. Over the platforms and the water nothing stops him! As he jumps over the hazards and hits his enemies, he comes up to an opening where he stops short as the stench is at its strongest here. Sonic looks around and sees a large shadow overcasting the area. He looks up and sees the source of both the shadow and the smell. The master of this domain! A large 4-headed reptilian beast looms over him.

Sonic: Huh? UGH! WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!?! Yeesh! Who stepped on a duck?! *Looks up* Uh-oh… Okay , this is bad.

The first 3 heads glare and growl at him, while the 4th head drools with a stupid smile on its face.

Sonic: I don't suppose any of you guys know what soap is.


Sonic: WHOA! *Dodges* Okay! I see where this is going. Fine then!

The Hydra attempts to eat Sonic alive as he runs around the circular arena.

Sonic: They say 2 heads are better than 1, but whoever says anything about 4 oughta get their 1's examined! *Stops on a higher level* Oh well! Bring it on!

EverFree Forest Zone-Song- [link]

Reforming the Team-Song- [link]

I'm Sonic! Sonic The Hedgehog!
And I'm Rainbow Dash! The one and only!

Sonic: We tried to go into Tartarus to help Tails and Twilight save their friend... uh... what was her name?
Rainbow Dash: Fluttershy. But we got rejected before we could! That figures.

Sonic: They told Dash and I to go on a little liberation mission around the place! Not a bad idea. But I'm still a bit worried about those two. I mean- isn't Tartarus another name for-
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, it is! And I'm with ya, don't get me wrong! I don't even want to THINK about what might happen if we don't get this right! But we gotta focus to make sure we do!

Sonic: Yeah. But when we went all over the place, we found most of them already cleaned up and the citizens were normal for the most part.
Rainbow Dash: We then got a weird voice talking to us and telling us to return to Ponyville and check out the EverFree Forest. It kinda sounded like Princess Celestia.

Sonic: If you trust it, that's good enough for me! Just try to keep up!
Rainbow Dash: You're telling ME to keep up?! You don't know who you're talking to, dude!

Both: LET'S GO!

EverFree Forest Zone Act 1 Boss- Coming Soon!

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