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~Supersonic Race To Tartarus

The Gates of Tartarus are rather far, so to get there faster; Sonic utilizes the 7 Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic! The other heroes are awestruck at this sight of the glowing golden hedgehog. Super Sonic grabs Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie and floats into the air while Rainbow Dash does the same for Rarity and Spike. They both take off at incredible speeds and make it a race to Tartarus!

Rainbow Dash: We'll go faster if we make it a race! What do you say? You up for it?!

Super Sonic: I like the way you think! Alright! Let's do this! READY-

Rainbow Dash: SET-

Both: GO!!!

In a burst of speed, they fly incredibly fast to the opened to shoot through the skies and pass right through Ponyville with the wind blowing behind them! Their advance goes through Sweet Apple Acres, then White Tail Woods, and finally Gusty Gorge while collecting rings to give Rainbow Dash her boost meter faster and help Super Sonic maintain his Super form! Going a similar route to what Tails and Twilight took, they come close to where they need to turn to get onto the Road of Good Intentions.

Meanwhile, back in Tartarus's entrance, we rejoin Tails, Twilight, and Fluttershy. They are still right behind the gates with Tails and Twilight trying to comfort Fluttershy since she can't stop crying. They can't go anywhere now or else they could get killed. Fluttershy begins lamenting her entire life, not even knowing what she's saying anymore. Tails still holds the Angel's Ring, though it has no glow, no energy, nothing.

Fluttershy: Why? *Sniff* Why?! My mommy died… my daddy hated me… I worked so hard… took care of the poor helpless animals… but I got made fun of and pushed around my whole life! I even helped save the world with you, Twilight! *Squeezes Twilight tight* Why are we here?! WHY AM I HERE?! *Sobbing*

Twilight: (Was all that true?) I'm so sorry, Fluttershy…

Tails: (I had no idea…)

Fluttershy's tears drop onto the Angel's Ring and eventually, it begins to spark. The spark catches Tails' eye and he spots it starting to glow brighter and brighter and floats up. Turns out, its energy is starting to return to it. Fluttershy's output of emotions was able to wake the Angel back up, but her energy comes back to her when Sonic and the others approach the Gates! The Ring floats up and over to the doors. Tails breaks away from the hug and follows it to the door and places his ear to it.

Tails: Hmm? Angel? Angel! You're awake! Sorry, I'll be right back!

Twilight: Tails?

Tails: *Places ear to the door* What's going on out there?

Super Sonic: *As he approaches the door at superfast speed* TAAAAAAILS!!!!!!!!!!!

Rainbow Dash: TWILIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!

Tails: SONIC?!

Twilight & Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash?!

Tails steps back from the door with the ring and Super Sonic rams right into it and kicks it as hard and as fast as he can, but only makes a thud and a lit-up shockwave around the walls of the inside and outside of the Gates! Cerberus appears back outside in front of Sonic.


Cerberus: STOP! THAT! NOW!

Sonic: Hey! Our friends are trapped in there! Get out of our way!

Cerberus: Wait! We remember you! We already told you!

Spike: But there's still a way to open the gates! We have the keys to saving them! We just need your help! TWILIGHT!

Twilight: Spike?! Is that you?!

Spike: Yes! Do you remember that quiz you gave me on the Elements of Harmony?!

Cerberus: The Elements?! OF HARMONY?! You have them?!

Twilight: You got them?! Wait… there were two that I couldn't get in here! You really have them all?!

Spike: Yup! And I remember you telling me that True Harmony can open any doors! I think that also means the Gates of Tartarus! You think they'd have that kind of power?!

Twilight: I…

Cerberus: Indeed they can! But True Harmony cannot be made with just order! True Harmony is the balanced combination of Order and Chaos! The Elements of Harmony is only the 6 Keys to Order. You must have 3 other essential Keys to unlocking the door from the inside to the outside world! Those Keys are Chaos, the hole to allow the keys to work both ways, and the fire from the spirit to open the way! Without them, the Elements of Harmony will not work on the door! I alone can open it from this side, but not from that one.

Tails: A hole? A flame? Chaos? CHAOS! SONIC! Do you have the Emeralds?!

Sonic: Yup! Got them all right here! *Releases the 7 Chaos Emeralds and they float above him* Wait! I got ya! But we still need a Keyhole!

Tails: Angel?  *Remembers seeing how well the Angel's Ring fit into the circle pattern on the doors* Do you think?

Angel: I know for a fact! Place the Ring on the barrier when the gate doors are opened, and let it be your Keyhole!

Tails: Yeah! CERBERUS! I know I asked this enough times, but this time I know we can get out! Please! Could you open the doors one last time?!

Cerberus: RRRGH! Well…. This time, they can escape. The barrier will still try to hold you in! You must act fast and act vigilant if you wish to escape from it! I cannot hold the gate open forever!

Fluttershy: We… We will! Please open it for us!

Cerberus: Very well! But once you escape- You must promise to never return!

Twilight: We understand! We promise!

Cerberus: SO! BE! IT! *Stomps on the ground and roars at the gate and forces it opened, revealing the barrier with Tails, Twilight, and Fluttershy in sight*

Tails: Sonic! We only get one chance!

Sonic: Right! Then let's do this!

Hurry To Tartarus-Song- [link]

Fluttershy's Tears and Friends Return-Song- [link]

I’m Sonic! Sonic The Hedgehog!

We got them all! The Elements of Harmony, The Chaos Emeralds, everything we need! But we need our friends with us!

It’s now or never! We gotta hurry back to Tartarus and finally set our friends free! Tails! Twilight, Fluttershy!

Wait for us, guys! We’re on our way!

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sonicandmario826 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
i wonder what discords doing now
Count-Author Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
That will appear later. Let's stick to the main story for now. Is it really THAT boring?
sonicandmario826 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
nope just wondering where he blasted off to
Count-Author Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, no spoilers. Don't worry, he'll be back later.
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