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Luna, Shining Armor, and SoulWind proudly stand on their spots and nod after saving the heroes from the METWILIGHT'S devastating attack!

Luna: Hello, everypony. Did we miss anything?

Sonic: Nah! Ya just made it!

SoulWind: Good to see you well as always, Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: Oh, likewise!

Shining Armor: Hey, Twily! Sorry I kept you waiting.

Twilight: It's alright. Did you get the Guards back?

Shining Armor: Yeah, they're on their way. Slowpokes…

Fluttershy: I thought you were with Zecora and Trixie. What brings you here?

SoulWind: Trixie is the whole reason why I'm here. You see Eggman-

Luna: I am sorry to interrupt, SoulWind. But I need you to do something that cannot wait until later. You will have to save your catching-up time for later.

SoulWind:….Yes, ma'am? What is it?

Luna: I need you to go down below and give a message to the civilians and Princess Cadence. Tell them all to stay put in the caves for the time being. Then you must return to Ponyville. Your assistance is being called for there.

SoulWind: Oh… Of course. Sorry, Fluttershy. Duty calls.

Fluttershy: It's okay. Will you look after my animals for me when you get back?

Luna: Who do you think is calling? Now go, SoulWind.

SoulWind: Yes, ma'am! *Goes down below into the caves through the hole that Sonic made, once there, he closes in on Cadence and the Canterlot ponies and calls to them* Hello?!

Cadence: Hmm? *Calls back out* Who's there?!

SoulWind: A friend! Who am I speaking to?!

Cadence: I will only say if you show yourself!

SoulWind: Okay, but where are you!?

Cadence: Huh?! Hmm… Good question.

SoulWind: *Flies around the corner and finds them* Oh! There you are!

Cadence: *Turns around and sees him* Oh! Hello. Do I know you?

SoulWind: *Flies down to the group* Probably not.

Cadence: Wait, I think I remember you from somewhere. *Remembers seeing a pony like him, but bigger and darker and with Luna* Were you one of my Aunt Luna's subordinates? You look so much like him.


Cadence: Though you look a little different.

SoulWind: You have me mistaken for somepony else. *Looks down and away*

Cadence: Oh, I'm sorry.

SoulWind: Nonono! Don't worry about it! Speaking of Princess Luna, I have an important message from her. Princess Luna says to all civilians to stay down here while an incredible heat is both burning up and cooling down at varying times and levels. It's too risky for anypony to go outside for the time being. Canterlot is basically a hazard zone outside. It's best to stay here in the caves where it's safe until it's over.

Cadence: But what about them? What about Twilight and her friends? What about Shining Armor?!

SoulWind: They’re alright. I just got done helping them with Princess Luna.

Cadence: Very well, thank you… what was your name?

SoulWind: NightSl-er… SoulWind! Anyways, I have to go. Farewell! *Spreads his wings and flies out of the nearest hole in the caves and takes off back to the EverFree Forest and Ponyville while looking back to Canterlot* (Be careful, Fluttershy.)

Fancy Pants: So what shall we do, your majesty?

Cadence: Stay here. You all are highest in priority. As long as you all are alive, there will always be an Equestria. I, on the other hoof, am going!

The heroes see the Royal Guards arriving and are ready to advance forth to Canterlot Castle, which is being heavily guarded by an intensely hot force-field. Touching it proves to be like touching flames. How are they to get in? Luna has the answer!

Luna: The Elements of Harmony are but keys to unlocking the way for Harmony to come in. One has to open the door. That is where we Royal Sisters come in. This field is made of my dear sister's power. I can only move with it alone, but with the Elements of Harmony, I can move against it! Use the Elements!

Twilight: Got it! Everypony! NOW!

The Mane 6 use the Elements of Harmony to boost Luna's power, which she uses to fire a beam into the force field and extinguishes it!

Luna: Be careful. The corridors of our once welcoming castle are now filled to the roof with the mad man's forces!

Shining Armor: And that's where we come in! *Every Royal Guard behind him*

Luna: Captain Shining Armor. Good to see you are willing to action.

Shining Armor: The pleasure is mine, your highness. We are ready for duty!

Pinkie Pie: *Giggles* He said "duty"! *Apple Jack elbows her* Owch…

Luna: Last time you tried, you could not stop those forces. What makes you think this time will be any different?!

Shining Armor: Well…. You're right… But we are not about to let that stop us from performing our duties!

Luna: Hmph… Your valor speaks loudly in your words, much like the one from your family. It sounds cocky in your words, but true in your heart. Am I wrong?

Shining Armor: No, Princess Luna! You are correct!

Luna: Excellent. Then perhaps you do have a chance this time. I will make sure you do! *Raises horn and sends powers from the Elements of Harmony to the Royal Guards, empowering them all* NOW you are ready!

Shining Armor: Yes, ma'am! Alright! Royal Guards at the ready!

Royal Guards: ALL HAIL LUNA! ALL HAIL CELESTIA! WE SHALL FIGHT FOR EQUESTRIA!!!! *At Luna's command, they charge to the castle*

Shining Armor: We'll take those machines down! You and your friends know what to do.

Twilight: Yeah. Good luck, brother!

Shining Armor: Same to you, sis! CHAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!!!!!! *Runs in with the Royal Guards*

Sonic: Wow, Twilight! That's one hay of a brother ya got there!

Twilight: Yeah… C'mon! Let's go!

Sonic: Right behind ya!

Twilight takes lead for their group as they hurry into the castle. Twilight is concerned for the worst about Celestia from what she's seen and been told. All the memories of her nightmare start coming back to her. She can only hope that they can save her teacher and her home at this point. It's all a matter of giving it their all and hoping to make a difference!

Luna Arrives-Song- [link]

SoulWind’s Message-Song- [link]

We Are All Ready-Song- [link]

I’m Twilight’s assistant, Spike!

It’s just one after another! I thought we’d never get a break! So now we’re finally all back together! I sure hope we can stay that way for a while.

Princess Luna showed up with SoulWind and Twilight’s brother, Shining Armor and saved our skins and scales! That’s a relief.

I hope we can end this soon. I’m starting to miss the peace of sleep.

Canterlot Zone Act 3- Coming Soon!

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