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Dr. Eggman is flying over Ponyville and sees all the ponies freed and his Egg-Ine Saddles are all destroyed. He then checks his Egg-Robo and sees it down. He gets mad and looks around for any sign of either Sonic or Twilight. It is shown that Eggman's goggles have the same visual frequency as the visor of a certain pony that's watching from back at his base while in a containment chamber. Celestia is forced to see everything Eggman is seeing. Eggman forgets this and throws a tantrum.

Eggman: ARGH! WHY WHY WHY?! Sonic ALWAYS gets in my way when I don't want him to! I thought I would've had this world without him stopping me this time! RRRGH! Fine! He wants to play?! I'll give him a game to play! Hmm…. Egg-Robo got destroyed by something rather fierce. I wonder what did this!

Eggman looks into the replay feature on the back of the destroyed Egg-Robo to see what happened. He watches as it's the purple unicorn from before that destroyed it. Eggman gets REALLY mad now! It's not just Sonic or Tails, but now it's Twilight Sparkle who's getting in his way. All the while, Celestia, back at the base is watching it with him. She is overjoyed at the sight of Twilight demonstrating her determination to destroy the robot. She smiles under her helm and thinks quietly-

Celestia: (Twilight. That's my student. If you just find the rest, I have no doubt you'll succeed.)

Eggman: Oh, I'll get that little pest good! Just you wait! I'll make sure she suffers a horrible, painful, agonizing-!

Orbot: Uh, boss! Your blood-pressure! She's just a pony anyway. You can deal with her, can't you?

Eggman: SILENCE! Of course I can! But I'm glad you called! I was just about to! Tell me, how is our new tool holding out?

Orbot: She stopped resisting her restraints. We have her under complete control now! Also, scouters from the EGG-PEGASUS show Tails landing in and going through the BadLands in Southern Equestria! It's said to be the hottest parts of this land since it's crawling with dragons and is a volcanic region!

Eggman: Excellent! Time to start heating things up! If Tails thought things were about to get hot up in the BadLands, he hasn't seen ANYTHING YET! Command settings to Celestia!


Eggman: It's time to heat things up! Use your sun to give the fox boy a bad case of heatstroke! TURN IT UP!

Celestia: (THAT'S what he's making me do?! The fox boy? So the heroes have arrived. But why are they separate?!) HRGH! [AFFIRMATIVE! CONCENTRATED HEAT LEVELS EXCEEDED! FIRE!]

Eggman looks to the sun and then to the BadLands where Tails currently is. He laughs and warps away knowing that things are about to start burning up! Celestia hopes that soon Twilight will find the two heroes, the rest of her friends, and the Elements of Harmony. She has full faith that they will win. But Eggman's plans aren't stopping here. What else could he be planning?

Eggman in Ponyville-Song- [link]

I am Dr. Eggman! The world's GREATEST scientific mind!

I have managed to conquer a world! It is now mine! Yet for some reason, I felt like something was missing. Was it the more sophisticated feel that I got from conquering a more human civilization? Or was it my old enemy, Sonic coming to stop me this very instant?!

Oh! Look at that! He already has! Looks like my feeling of something missing has subsided! Once again he's here to get in my way! Fortunately, I have a new powerful energy source! A living creature with energy levels off the charts! It's almost as if I'm controlling a being of absolute power!

With Princess Celestia under my control, there is no way that hedgehog OR that miserable fox will get the better of me! Though I should check up on how things are before I eat my words. To Ponyville!

Perhaps I should see about changing these location names once this is all over.
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zZappZz Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Student General Artist
If you're so GREAT Eggman, then why do you keep being foiled by a small speedy blue mammal?
Count-Author Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
We all ask the same thing. Hey, atleast he's better than Bowser.
zZappZz Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah, cuz who doesn't wanna get beat by a plumber?
Count-Author Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My point exactly.
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