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This is my stuff! May not be the best in the world, but I'm sure you've all seen worse.


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I loved all of these and I hope you will all love them too!


You're welcome, Melody!
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Hard to miss, pal!
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Hi....I believe you might know me from somewhere else?? Alexlove85 Rocks?
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 4:41 PM
thank you for my fav! i'm having a badge bandit guy contest what to join hey you can draw him as a pony let me know ok
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Top 10 Final Boss Meme by Count-Author
Top 10 Final Boss Meme
Go nuts with this one, guys! You should know how these work by now. Take whatever screenshots of your 10 favorite final battles from video games and write an explanation of how you feel about each one and send me a link to yours in the comments below! 

Oh, and you MAY want to give a SPOILER WARNING for each one. 
Don't deny it! You want a plushy of her too! by Count-Author
Don't deny it! You want a plushy of her too!
Undertale's Toriel is literally THE MOST huggable mom-character I've seen in a video game! Someone needs to start making some merchandise for Undertale! If Minecraft and FNf can have plushies, then Undertale can too! I want a Toriel plushy, dammit! 

Also, I'm thinking of doing more of these Fun Meme Posters for Undertale, what do you guys think, should I?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 4:48 PM

Today was a great day! Great food, quality family time, WONDERFUL weather, a full moon... Yeah, I can call this one a win! Which is awesome because Thanksgiving is my personal favorite Holiday! I'm happy with how today went! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well! 

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Final Chapter

SCORE: Reunited…

Frisk: *Lowers arms and SOUL returns* Huff...huff... *Falls down to the ground and gets caught by Sans* Ugh...

Sans: I gotcha, kid! *Lands on the ground* You alright?

Frisk: Dunkle Sans...

Sans: Yeah?

Frisk: Thank you...

Sans: Heh... That's what I'm here for! The nightmare's over. Chara won't bother you no more!

Frisk: That's good... *Dozes off* I'm glad... ‘Cause…I'm...sleepy...

Sans: Then get some sleep...even though technically you ARE asleep!

Frisk: Heheh... Yeah... *Yawns and falls asleep* Good night, Dunkle Sans... And...everyone... Thank you... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzzz....

Sans: *Sighs and takes Frisk to a dreamscape version of their bed and tucks them in, patting their head* G'night, kid. *Turns into a SOUL and flies out of Frisk's mind and returns to reality* I'm backbone, baby!


Sans: Yup!

Papyrus: But don't you EVER do that again!

Sans: 'Kay.

Papyrus: I'm serious, Sans! You had me worried SICK!

Sans: Hope you didn't catch a bone-cold!

Papyrus: SAAAAAAANS!!!! *Stomps the floor*

Toriel: Boys! Don't cause such a ruckus! In fact, out! Everyone out of the room! *Everyone leaves the room and she closes the door when she leaves* Okay! Sans, welcome back! Are you alright?

Sans: Not a scratch on me!

Alphys: How did you do that trick?!

Sans: Sorry, that's a trade secret!

Asgore: I no longer feel the presence of that other SOUL. Is it truly over, Sans?

Sans: The nose knows! I wouldn't knows 'cause I don't have a nose!

Papyrus: But you could have gotten yourself KILLED in there! Why did you do that?!

Sans: The same reason I put up with all of this, Papyrus! Because I care!

Papyrus: never cared about anything! What do you mean?!

Sans: You all told the kid that you learned from 'em... I learned something too... The kid taught me how to care.

Toriel: The promise...

Sans: I hold that promise in high priority, Goat Mama! *Looks back to Frisk's room* Frisk even made some promises to me in return... Heh! Good kid. Makes sense that this one would be the one to stop Chara.

Toriel: All I asked was for the child to be good... *Tears up* I'm so glad they are! I don't want to know what would have happened if those memories actually happened to us... And to Frisk...

Muffet: Hmm? *Walking with Temmie in her arms and holding a box of TemmFlakes* Did we miss anything?

Undyne: Yeah, when the kid and Sans were kickin' ass, you were out feedin' that little furball!

Temmie: HOOOOOI!!! I'M TEMMIE!!!

Muffet: Well, at least it looks like all's well that ends well!

Alphys: It seems so, yeah.

Metatton: I can hear the little dear snoring peacefully. It's confirmed!

Sans: The kid's in the clear... Might have a headache in the mornin' but hey, nothin' says "good morning" like a little assurance that you'll never become the most evil demon in the world, am I right? *Winks and shrugs*

Toriel: *Chuckles* I hear you! So...thank you all SO much for your help!


Sans: And he puts his best bones forward!

Alphys: Oh, it was nothing! *Blushes*

Undyne: Yeah, I could've done it in my sleep!

Toriel: *Chuckles* Isn't that what Sans did?

Metatton: *Plays a rimshot sound from his speakers* HAH!

Toriel: That reminds me, you owe Sans an apology!

Undyne: Huh? Oh! You...remembered that part? Alright, fine. Sorry, Sans!

Sans: Sorry?

Undyne: Yeah...





Temmie Intensifies...


Asgore: (Asriel... I'm so sorry, my son... If only you would have met Frisk... You would have become the best of friends...just like that other Human.)

Alphys: So it looks like that's it. I guess we go home now?

Toriel: Oh, I wouldn't have you come all this way to help and NOT reward you all! We all saved Frisk and helped the child face Chara and win! Let's celebrate with some butterscotch-cinnamon pie! What do you say?!

Everyone enthusiastically cheers in approval of Toriel's offer and stay for a while to enjoy pie and each other's company. Eventually, Frisk wakes up and joins them with a smile. Frisk tears up and goes to hug every single one of them, thanking them, and thanking God for being able to be happy with a wonderful family to call their own. From that moment on, life would return to peace for everyone in the Underground. Though the world may have many threats like Chara, Frisk and the others choose not to fear the "What If's". As long as they have each other, they have their hope!

[UNDERTALE] True Determination

[Undertale] True Determination FINAL CHAPTER
(Reaching the very end of another story fills you with determination!)

I hope you all enjoyed this little tribute to Toby Fox's BEAUTIFUL creation! Go buy it on Steam now if you haven't already! You won't regret it!





By Author-Bat-Pegasus


Inspired by the hit Indie Game by Toby "Radiation" Fox

Chapter 12

SCORE: SAVE The World…


Chara's sins are crawling on their back...and burning!
Frisk's True Determination is shining bright!

Sans: Heh... Then we only get one shot at this! Make it count, kid!

Frisk: I'll give it everything I've got!

Sans: Let 'em have it, Frisk!

Chara: *Floating still in midair* Huh?! RRGH!!! What are you-?!

Frisk: Sans has weakened you, I can tell. Your weapon is gone and there's absolutely nothing for you to keep persevering for! You wanted to take my SOUL and ruin everything like you did in your own world...but that will never happen! Do you get it now?! You've lost! are you gonna do?!

Frisk: *Floats up with Sans' help and looks Chara in the eyes* The one thing you wouldn't do. The one thing that I do to win all of my battles. *Sees the MERCY command return and selects the Spare option as it glows yellow* It's over... *SOUL lets out a powerful wave that engulfs Chara*


SCORE: Last Goodbye…

Frisk: This is your last chance! Give up now and nobody has to get hurt anymore!

Chara: No.... NO! I REFUSE!!! *SOUL appears and lets out a red glow to hold back the bright glow from Frisk's SOUL* You could SPARE ME?! I won't take that! I REFUSE TO TAKE YOUR WORTHLESS SYMPATHY!!! I CAN'T LOSE...LIKE THIS!!!

Frisk: *Struggling to keep the advantage* You're still holding on?! NGH!!! Well then I'll just keep pushing forward!


Frisk: Rrgh... *Grins* That's where you're wrong, Chara!

Chara: WHAT?!

Frisk: *Says as all of their friends appear around them and hold out all their hands to their ever-determined friend* Because this isn't just my True Determination! It's the good Chara's! It's Asriel's! IT'S ALL OF OURS! *Holds out arms in front with their SOUL in hands and selects the final SAVE command* Chara, if I've gotten through to you, then I hope you'll do the right thing and leave all the good people of this world alone! If not...then I'm sorry for what might happen next.

Chara: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! *Struggling against Frisk's SOUL with their own* WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!

Frisk: I'm saying that I want to Spare you...even after all you've done...but I can't say the same for my Dunkle Sans!

Chara: WHAT?! *Sees a Gaster Blaster ready to fire*

Sans: The kid's got the heart of an angel! Frisk don't gotta kill ya! That don't mean I won't!

Frisk: I want to SAVE you, Chara! Take my hand!

Sans: Or you can decline and I'll send ya packin' back ta Hell!

Chara:......... *Looks at both Frisk and Sans and sees two command buttons appear* ......As if I would! Heh... I guess you win this round, Sans! *Hits the Decline option* Know this, Frisk! You think you can SAVE EVERYONE?! Well you're WRONG! I'm living proof of that! *Swats Frisk's hand away* I'd rather DIE than accept MERCY! So long then, Frisk! Enjoy your boring, peaceful life! Heheh...HEHAHAHAHAH!!! AAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *Takes a fully-charged Gaster Blaster beam at pointblank range and is blasted away with nothing remaining of either body or SOUL*


Frisk: *Tears up and looks away* .....Then...I'm sorry. You brought it on yourself.

"I can't believe this happened because of me... I'm so sorry, Asriel."

"It's not your fault, know what I mean!"

Chara: AHAHA AHAHAHAA!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *Vanishes with all of the corrupt memories being destroyed and removed from Frisk's mind*

Sans: *Shrugs* I'm not one to judge, but...what a CHARActer! *Rimshot*

[Chara is defeated! Frisk earned 0 EXP and 0 GOLD!]
[Undertale] True Determination CHAPTER 12
(Sans' pun gives you uplifting laughter that fills you with determination!) 
Chapter 11

SCORE: Burn In Despair…

Frisk: *Feels their True Determination weaken* (This...this can't be happening...) *Grits teeth* How could you...?!

Chara: Hmm?

Frisk: How could you hurt all those innocent people?! Don't you feel any shame?! Any remorse?! You never stopped to think about how THEY would feel?! The pain they feel when you hurt not only them but their loved ones too?! HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL!!!

Sans: G A S T E R B L A S T E R!!! *Several beams fire at Chara from all directions and rotate in a circle*

Chara: HEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *Dodges the wave of beams* I TOLD YOU BEFORE! *Appears behind Frisk and whispers to them* I'm just. having. fun! *Takes knife and strikes Frisk directly in the heart*

Frisk:..........!!!! *Feels the blade trying to sever their heart* Aah-!

Chara: Fall into despair! Your SOUL is MINE!!!





"Frisk, you can't give up! Come on! You're the most determined person I know! You were just like my friend! My friend never gave up and neither should you because like're my hero!"


"Wow, was I really ever this bad?"


..........Another voice spoke along with Asriel's. This Frisk's Determination.

SCORE: Hopes and Dreams…

"Don't believe the lies of a demon. I DO love them all! I wouldn't do all that! You know the truth. And so do our friends!"

Frisk: *Gasps* ...!!!

"Keep up your Determination, Frisk! I gave it to please...use it! You can SAVE everyone we love! Don't let this bully pick on you or your family! You can win!"

Frisk: ( sound like me...who are you?!)

"Heheh... I'm just a friend who loves to have fun!"

Chara: Huh?! *Sees Frisk's hands holding back the strike*

Frisk: *Feels their True Determination returning* I... *Looks back up and glares at Chara* I..won't...let you...HURT MY FRIENDS!!! *Struggles against Chara and gets the knife away from them*

Chara: WHAT?! *Gets disarmed and loses the knife* AAGH!!!

Sans: Whoa!

Frisk: *Is holding the knife and throws it up* SANS! DESTROY THE KNIFE!!!

Sans: Huh?! 'Kay! *Fires a beam at the knife and destroys it*

Chara: HEY!!! WHY YOU!

Frisk: You can't kill anyone so easily without that knife, can you?! And that means I have more time to do THIS! *Opens up the Commands and sees the ACT command replaced with the SAVE command* We keep saving each other... what true love is! We're more than just friends! We're family! *Has a second Human child's apparition appear by them*

The second voice speaks in unison with Frisk.

Chara: Wait...that...that can't be!

Toriel: That's...

Asgore: Chara...OUR Chara! So Asriel's friend lives...

Frisk: I don't know about the "glimmer of hope" part, but I DO know that I love all of them and I would NEVER do those horrible things to them! *Points to the memories of Chara’s kills* Maybe you did in YOUR SAVE FILE, but I didn't! I never killed anyone in my life and I'm NOT STARTING NOW!!! *The bad memories begin to lose focus and Sans blasts every one of them as they glow yellow*

Sans:...!!! *Nods* Heh... So the kid's figured it out! Good, I hate explaining stuff.

Frisk: Asriel was good! He wanted nothing but harmony and peace with his family and his best friend! Asgore! Toriel! He never stopped hoping for that! That’s what gave everyone in the Underground hope!

Toriel: Asriel... *Snaps out of it* Frisk! *Smiles* You’re…absolutely right! Asriel really was a good boy!

Asgore: *Nods with a sad smile* Hmm... Indeed. He never stopped hoping… Well put, child!

In spirit, Asriel smiles and nods with tears in his eyes.

Frisk: I promised that I would stay on the straight and narrow and that I would never stop loving you all and that I would always take care of you! *Sans gives a thumbs up and wink* ALL OF YOU! Papyrus!

Papyrus: Huh?!

Frisk: You and I will ALWAYS be friends!

Sans: Listen to 'em, bro! The kid's got the heart to say it!


Frisk: Undyne, even though you thought of me as an enemy before, we accepted each other! And became great friends too! It was thanks to Papyrus that we could!

Undyne:.....Yeah...we sure did, didn't we?

Frisk: And besides, you're one of the strongest people I know! You don't have to take anything Chara says seriously! There's no way you're weak!


Frisk: Alphys, Metatton... Remember when we supported each other?! Back in Hotlands and The Core?! That was actually a lot of fun! We put on a show for everyone to enjoy! We all did our best and made each other happy! "Pathetic Junk" doesn't make people happy! You guys do! So you made some mistakes here and there, everyone does! At least you still have a guilty conscience you listen to! As long as you have that in your hearts, that's enough to warrant forgiveness!

Alphys: *Tearing up and smiling* Frisk! Thank you!

Metatton: *Stabilizes and blushes* Oh, stop! You just make me want to eat you up, darling!

Chara: Oh no you don't! *Rushes at Frisk to attack, but gets stopped by Sans' telekinesis and thrown back* AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

Sans: It's rude ta cut in!

Frisk: And Sans... I'm never going back on that promise! You'll never have to worry about me becoming that evil Chara! I'll always be Frisk! And I'm never going to Reset!
[Undertale] True Determination CHAPTER 11
(The thought of your family coming together to fight by your side fills you with determination!)
Chapter 10

SCORE: Small Shock…

Frisk suddenly hears a familiar voice calling their name.



The familiar voice speaks a familiar line.

SCORE: His Theme…

"You're going to do a great job, okay? No matter what you do. Everyone will be there for you, okay?"


Chara: Hmm? Is THIS what you meant by "End"?!

Chara thinks that Frisk's SOUL will give in and die...


SCORE: Final Power…

BUT IT REFUSED... Frisk feels a familiar presence... Hearing this last familiar voice along with everyone else lifts the spirits of both Frisk and Sans... Frisk is filled...with the Determination of all of their friends, creating... TRUE DETERMINATION! The REAL battle finally begins!

SCORE: Power Of NEO…


Chara takes control first and sends out projectiles from demonic eyes to fly at Frisk and Sans, however, they miss. Chara then causes a clip of the memory of Sans' death from a different SAVE FILE to appear for Frisk and Sans to see!

Chara: Tell me, Sans! Does THIS look familiar?!

Sans: Now you're just splitting hairs, kid! We both knew that happened! Ain't no surprise!

Chara: True, but I'll make sure that it happens again! HEHEHEHEHEHEEHEH!!!

Frisk: *Holds back tears and shakes head* That's enough! It's our turn! *Looks to see the ACT command has returned* Yes! *Selects the Check option* Let's see...

[Chara - ??? ATK, ??? DEF,
This evil version of yourself
knows what makes you tick!
Stay focused on your goal!
Defeat your inner demon with
True Determination!]

Sans: You call the shots, kid!

Frisk: Sans? *Nods* Okay, thanks! (But what should I have Sans do?) Huh?

[What will you make Sans do?] Attack! [Defend!]

Sans: Defend? Ya sure, kid?

Frisk: Mmhmm... I need to think! Try to hold Chara's attack back!

Sans: You're the boss! Heh. Ain't THAT ironic?! *Raises up some bone pillars to form a shield*

Chara: That won't stop me!


Chara TAUNTS Sans in an attempt to make him upset.

Chara: Heheheh! Do you know how much fun I had when I killed Asgore? BARELY ANY!

Sans: *Glares at Chara*.....

Asgore: *Lowers his head* I really was THAT bad, huh?

Frisk: What is Chara doing?

Chara: HEHAHAHAHA!!! Sure, the first time was interesting! But he wasn't any fun at all after that! And neither was Metatton NEO! That overly dramatic piece of junk didn't even put up a fight!

Metatton: Excuse me?! "NEO"?! "OVERLY DRAMATIC?!" "JUNK"?!!??!?!?! How rude!

Sans: Okay, kid, that's enough! I like makin' jokes about Metatton from time to time but at least I have class! You're just a class bully now!

Frisk: (Is Chara really trying to just make us mad?) That's...odd... *Sees the options for the ACT command again to see a new Focus option appear and selects it and takes a deep breath* (Whatever you're doing, I won't let you get away with it!) *Feels True Determination grow stronger*

Sans: You think I should hit 'em this time, kid?!

[What will you make Sans do? Attack! [Defend!]

Sans: You got it, kid! But y'know, this kid's starting to ask for it!

Frisk: I...I know, but there has to be something we can do without fighting! I just need more time!

Sans:.....Alright then. *Reinforces shield of bones*


Chara: *Holds up a memory playing a clip of them killing Alphys' friends, Amalgams, and Alphys herself* Speaking of "junk", what was UP with Dr. Alphys?! She was so pathetic that she wouldn't even put up a fight at all either! I guess that just shows how "great" of a scientist she was!

Alphys: Wh-What?! I...was really...that pathetic?!

Undyne: Don't listen to that brat, Alphys! The bastard's just spewin' crap!

Chara: Now killing her friends, THAT was fun! Undyne put up the best fight out of all of you losers! Then again, it's not saying much considering how weak she was!

Undyne: WHY YOU LITTLE BRAT!!! *Raises her hand and forms a spear to point at Frisk only for Toriel to stop her* R-Right... Sorry...

Chara: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's right! I know you're all out there watching us and I know what each and every one of you can't stand the most! And IT'S ME! *Slashes away at bone barrier, breaking away at it almost easily, sending fragments of the barrier to fall onto Frisk*

Frisk: *Looks up* Huh?! AAAH!!! *SOUL turns blue and gets pulled out by Sans' telekinesis*

Sans: Get out of there, kid!

Frisk: Whoa... Thank's!

Sans: You're right, y'know. I really want nothing more than to get you DUNKED ON!!!

Frisk: Sans, wait! Don't let them get to you!

Sans:.....Sorry, kid! *Shrugs*

Sans is showing signs of losing his cool. He decides to take matters into his own hands and forms another barrier.

Frisk: *Looks at ACT command again to see another new option appear titled "Assess"* (I got it! Chara's trying to make us mad to break our focus! I have to do something!) *Doesn't even have time to think of a plan before Chara attacks again* AAH! *Dodges Chara's incoming attacks* Wait! Stop!


SCORE: Burn In Despair…


Sans & Frisk: *GASPS*

Papyrus: OH...MY...GOD!!!

Toriel: That...that can't...


Papyrus:! Human...we are...supposed to be....friends...

Toriel: Was fault?! Did I...cause all this to happen?!

Frisk: Papyrus...Toriel... You can't be...

Sans:.............You....Are....So....DUNKED!!! *Lifts the shield and starts attacking*

Frisk: *Snaps out of it* Sans?! SANS WAIT!!!

Chara: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! *Dodges all of Sans incoming attacks and laughs* You see what I mean?! I'm showing you all the fun that is the GENOCIDE RUN!!! I have the best fun just killing you all and making you SUFFER!!! I KILL FOR THE FUN AND THRILL!!!

Frisk: *Finds the ACT command's only option is to "Struggle"* Guys...everyone... Come on! Snap out of it!

Muffet: This is unpleasant! Chara seems to have a grip on everyone! Temmie, what do we do?!

Temmie: HOOOOOI!!!! Give me TemmieFlakes!

Muffet: Oh, you are hungry?

Frisk: GUYS?!

Sans: If you're not gonna help, kid, then get back!

Chara: Hey, Frisk. Do you know why they're all losing hope? It's because they all have weak minds! *Keeps dodging Sans' attacks* They couldn't ever even think of anything other than getting out of the Underground to destroy humanity! If not for you, they wouldn't have ever formed those bonds! You see that as a strength? Well I see a great big weak spot right in he middle of it! When they see that the only TRUE glimmer of hope is about to die...they have no choice but to fall into despair!

Frisk:........ *Gets startled by Chara appearing suddenly in their face* Aah!

Chara: And did I mention that unlike you, I actually DID kill Flowey?! *Pushes the clip into Frisk's face and knocks them back with the clip hovering over them, forcing them to watch Flowey beg for mercy only to be struck several times and killed* AND NOT ONLY THAT... BUT DID YOU EVER STOP TO WONDER HOW THE WAR STARTED?!?!?



Toriel: *GASPS!* can't be serious... But you died!

Frisk: (Flowey... A-Asriel...) You didn' couldn't have!

Chara: Ugh! Do I have to spell EVERYTHING out to you?! I INTENDED for my death to draw out the war! I fooled everyone into thinking that ASRIEL was the one who killed me! Isn't it funny how all it takes is a "dead child" to draw out some violent reactions in people?! I said it before! Peace isn't fun! It's BORING! So I thought I'd spice it up for everyone! And LOOK! IT ALL WORKED!!! The next thing I just had to do was reincarnate myself after a while! My Determination made that part possible for me!


Chara: You see now?! Determination is our greatest power! We can do whatever we want and never even feel remorse! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!


Chara: I am the demon that comes back when my name is called! Even from death, I am reincarnated and brought back! Together with my true friend, my very OWN True Determination comes to me! AND THAT IS TO GROW STRONGER BY ERADICATING THE ENEMY!!! Killing Monsters gives me this strange feeling that I just absolutely LOVE!!! Gaining a Level Of Violence is AMAZING!!! Whenever you see HP, ATK, DEF, GOLD, EXP, LV, any number increases...that feeling you get...THAT'S ME, CHARA!!!
[Undertale] True Determination CHAPTER 10
(Having been saved by all of your friends fills you with determination!)
Chapter 9

Jumping back to the part where Sans first entered Frisk's mind...

While Sans dives straight through Frisk's mind to find out where they went and try to put a stop to Chara's attempts to take over Frisk's body. The others in Frisk's room are dumbfounded by Sans little stunt and are trying to figure out what he did and what they should do. Frisk then starts twitching in their sleep, speaking Sans' name as if dreaming. Toriel and Papyrus are both scratching their heads, Undyne crosses her arms and looks annoyed, Temmie is vibrating like a motor, and Alphys speaks up to get their attention.

SCORE: Here We Are…

Alphys: Everyone! I just remembered where I saw that trick Sans just did!

Muffet: Oh? You have?

Alphys: Yeah! That was a thing W.D. Gaster came up with! Fusion and Diffusion of SOULS through dreams!

Toriel: Wait, huh?! I never heard of that!

Asgore: Ah, yes. He was the Monster that discovered how SOULS could be absorbed. One of the methods he used was through dreams. He experimented on his own SOUL to figure out how to "work in his sleep", per-say.

Papyrus: UGH... That sounds like something Sans would say!

Asgore: There has always been an ongoing mystery about that creature.

Toriel: But that's not important right now! What does that have to do with Sans or Frisk?!

Alphys: Well, as Asgore said, Gaster developed a way to travel into other peoples' minds through their dreams and interact with their subconscious SOULS by compressing his own body into his SOUL and entering a sleeping creature's mind to merge with their's!

Toriel: Why on Earth would he do that?!

Asgore: I'm pretty sure I mentioned that he was a mystery...

Papyrus: And Sans knew... And on top of that, why did Sans do that just now?!

Alphys: That's definitely the question...isn't it? I...don't know how he would know...

Undyne: Hmph! Well standing around and discussing it ain't solving anything! If Sans can do it, so can we!

Metatton: YOU GO, GIRL! But do tell, how do you plan to do that?

Undyne: Uh.....I dunno.....

Alphys: I don't think that would be a good idea anyway! Frisk's body is already holding more than what it's supposed to carry as it is! There's at least two SOULS in there! Sans might have just taken the only proactive approach!

Toriel: Wait, there's still Chara... That's 3 SOULS! How can such a small child possibly hold onto 3 at once?!

Asgore: Frisk's Determination was strong enough to make incredible things happen. Perhaps this may be one of those things.

Undyne: So wait, we're all here but we don't even get to DO anything?! So Sans just took off to the battlefield without us?! That boney-bastard!

SCORE: Stronger Monsters…

Toriel: EXCUSE ME?! *Face turns red* DON'T TALK ABOUT HIM LIKE THAT!!!


Papyrus: AAH!!! Ms. Toriel, you might want to calm down a little!

Alphys: Undyne, calm down! We can't be fighting at a time like this!

Toriel:.....I'll expect an apology for Sans out of you after this is over!

Undyne:.....Fine. An apology...following a piece of my mind!

Toriel: And watch your language in my house! ESPECIALLY around Frisk!

Undyne: Alright, I got it. Sorry...

Papyrus & Alphys: *Sigh in unison*

SCORE: Another Medium…

Undyne: On that note, how the heck is the kid STILL sleeping?!

Muffet: Wow, my sleep serum must work in that web better than I thought! I suppose this was just experimental though! I think even my PET wouldn't be able to wake the little Human up.

Alphys: Hmm... We can't go inside Frisk's mind or we might overload their head. But I do have another idea!

Toriel: You do?!

Undyne: Well, c'mon! Out with it!

Alphys: Metatton? Can you come here for a moment. There's a new feature I want to activate on you.

Metatton: Excuse me?! What "new feature"?!

Alphys: First, put your hands on Frisk's head. We need to get in close contact with both Frisk and Sans!

Metatton: Now hold on one second! Just because you built me and my body doesn't mean you can just push my buttons all willy-nilly, silly!

Alphys: Come on, Metatton! We REALLY need you to do this! You want to help Frisk out too, don't you?

Metatton: How in the world would I possibly help! I don't even have a SOUL! I'm a machine!

Alphys: But you still have a heart for your fans, don't you? And Frisk is your biggest fan! Frisk is even the reason you even HAVE those fans in the first place!

SCORE: Undertale…

Metatton:.....*Looks at the trembling-yet-sleeping Frisk and sighs* Oh, curse you, Dr. Alphys. Once again, you've gotten the better of me! You win this round! *Puts one hand on Frisk's head* So now what?

Alphys: Now...just let me hook this up... Toriel, could you bring me your television?

Toriel: Oh? Of course! Asgore, help me lift this! It's a bit heavy!

Asgore: Of course! *They both leave the room to get it*

Undyne: So what's the plan, Doc?

Alphys: We're going to monitor Frisk's SOUL! If we can't go in to help, the least we can do is give our support from the outside! Muffet, you and Temmie keep the web stable! Papyrus and Undyne, you two keep Frisk's body stable from both sides! Don't let 'em squirm around too much! Metatton needs stable concentration on Frisk's head at all times!

Toriel: *Getting the TV with Asgore* What do you think of all this?

Asgore: You're referring to Chara? .....I'm not entirely sure. Something doesn't feel right about this.

Toriel: I see... I'm surprised you came all this way. I had a feeling you would be too nervous.

Asgore:..... *Sighs* I have a debt to that I will never be able to truly pay off. But I must still do all I can. I cannot ignore a call for help.

Toriel: So you came here to help Frisk?

Asgore: *Smiles* I owe my life to the child...and after all I've done, this is the least I can do.

Toriel:.......You're right. It is.

Asgore: *Smiles sadly* (I'm never going to lose Tori's stink-eye, am I?)

Alphys: Now we just need that TV! *Everyone gets to work and she sees Toriel and Asgore returning with a large TV set and hooks up cables from Metatton's body, don't ask where from, onto the TV and turns it on* Alright! *Sets everyone up with microphones and puts a set of ear-buds in Frisk's ears* Everyone ready?

Everyone: READY!!! *Alphys turns on the TV and it shows the action already started and gone on*

Alphys: Oh dear! They've gotten to a tough spot! We gotta do something!

Undyne: But what DO we do?! Do we just talk into these things?!

Toriel:.....Yes...that's EXACTLY what we need to do!

Papyrus: Talk? That's it?!

Alphys: Yes, actually! That's what we need to do! Frisk and Sans are in there fighting that...REALLY CREEPY OTHER SOUL!!! What the heck IS that?!

Asgore: So it IS the Human, Chara!

Toriel: I... I refuse to believe that! Whoever that demon is, that is NOT Chara! It may look like them, but...

Alphys: I don't know how else to explain it, though! But we can't worry about that right now!  

Undyne: Damn straight! If Sans and Frisk need our help then let's give it to 'em!

Papyrus: What she said! We need to cheer them on!

Asgore: Yes, that's it! "Determination!"

Muffet: Well now would be as good of a time as any to get started!

Metatton: I'm activating your microphones now! If you've got something to say, say it now!

Alphys: Right! *Ahem* "You and I were an awesome team before! Now we're both part of an even MORE awesome team! And we're not about to lose you!"

On the TV, Frisk and Sans both hear everyone's voices one at a time.

Frisk:....! A-Alphys?!

Papyrus: "Your best friend, THE GREAT PAPYRUS will ALWAYS believe in you! And that goes for you too, Sans!"

Sans chuckles and nods. Chara looks confused.

Frisk: Papyrus...

Sans: Heh...

Undyne: "C'mon, kid! Are you REALLY gonna just let that little PUNK in your head boss you around?! You ain't THAT weak, are ya?!"

Frisk struggles to slowly-but-surely stand up.

Frisk: Ngh... *Gets to their feet* You're...right! I'm not!

Muffet: "Anyone who's kindhearted enough to care for something as tiny and delicate as a spider can't POSSIBLY be bad!"

Frisk goes over to Sans and helps him up.

Frisk: Are you alright, Sans?

Sans: Yeah... Just catchin' my breath.

Metatton: "I found my true purpose! And it was all thanks to you, darling! And METATTON EX 2.0 NEVER turns his back on his fans!"

Frisk feels the wounds that they both have begin to disappear.

Frisk: Our friends... I can hear them! They're all cheering for us!

Sans: I hear 'em, too! Heh... And I don't even have ears!


Frisk suddenly feels uneasy for some reason. Sans starts laughing again.

Frisk: Uuuhhh....

Sans: Heheheheheheheh!!!

Asgore: "Don't lose your SOUL to a demon, Frisk! You must stay determined!"

Frisk steps forward and stares Chara down as they approach each other.



Toriel: "Thank you for keeping your promise, Sans. And Frisk, you can do it, my child! Don't ever give in! End this nightmare and come back to us!"

Frisk: I don't want to fight anymore, Chara. So it's time for us to end this!

Chara: Heh...heheheh.... *Eyes shine red* "End?!" HEHEHEH!!! I'M JUST GETTING STARTED!!!

Chara lunges at Frisk with a knife in their hands and strikes Frisk's SOUL to try and break it...

SCORE: Small Shock (GENOCIDE)…

Sans: FRISK!!!

Frisk:......................!!!!!!!!! *Shocked expression with Chara's knife stabbed into their SOUL*

Toriel: *GASPS*.....
[Undertale] True Determination CHAPTER 9
(You cannot give up now, Frisk. You must stay determined!)
Chapter 8

Sans: Not this time, pal!

Frisk: *Gasps*...?! *Sees several bone pillars appear and block the incoming attack*

SCORE: Finale…

Sans: I've already seen enough of THAT nonsense, Chara! You ain't takin' over this kid! I know this one ain't up for grabs by the likes of you!

Chara: YOU!!! How did YOU get in here, SANS?!

Frisk: S-S-Sans?! What are you...

Sans: Frisk, stay back. Leave this one to good ol' Dunkle Sans!

Frisk: But...Sans... Chara...they...they...

Sans: I know, kid... I know.

Frisk: Sans... I'm... I'm so...sorry!

Sans: Don't be. You didn't do anything wrong! Your SAVE FILE says so! You never did the Genocide Run! You didn't even kill Flowey at the end of the required Neutral Run! So this demon here...this little bug has no business in this neck of the woods! So you just sit tight and let me squash 'em like the bug it is!


Sans: Here, have a bite! *Gives Frisk the plate of butterscotch-cinnamon pie* Tori wanted to give this to ya in the morning, but I think you could use a late-night snack!

Frisk: Mom... Thank you, Sans...

Sans: No sweat, kid. You made a promise to me and kept it. Now it's my turn to keep a promise I made! *Steps over to Chara to take the fight while Frisk heals and recovers* By the way, I'm curious! How'd ya manage to hack into this continuity anyway?!

Chara: Like I'm going to tell you?! It doesn't matter what, where, why, when, or how?! I'll ALWAYS find my way back here! I'll NEVER stop coming back! *Eyes glow bright red* I'LL KEEP PLAYING WITH YOU UNTIL THE END OF TIME! THIS IS MY HELL! AND YOU'RE IN IT!!! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!

Sans: are SO in for a BAD TIME now!

Sans initiates a battle with Chara. Before the battle even begins, Sans opens with a combination attack following his opening line.

Sans: It's a lovely night tonight. Kids are sleepin', Grown-ups are partyin'... On nights like like you... *Eyes go black* S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L! *Eye flares up like a blue flame*.....Here we go!



Chara can feel the sins crawling up their back. Chara attacks Sans and misses.

Sans: *Dodging* What, you thought I was just gonna stand there and take it?

Sans retaliates with a barrage of flying bones. Chara dodges the incoming bones and attempts to attack again.


Sans: *Dodges again* This SAVE FILE of "Undertale" was never used to access the Genocide Route, so the Chara of this SAVE FILE is long gone... So how the hell are you a boss here?

Sans uses telekinesis to lift and slam Chara to one of the four walls with bone coming out of their edges towards them. Chara takes damage and realizes that Sans isn't allowing any invincibility frames, causing his attacks to hurt more than anticipated and even creates lingering poison damage. Chara is still holding on but is still feeling their sins crawling on their back. Chara gets the feeling they're in for a bad time. Sans then follows up with a special surprise attack.

Sans: So...ya think of us as your toys, huh? Did you know THIS toy comes with special features? *Shrugs and summons large floating skulls to appear and fire powerful lasers out of their mouths at Chara* You're gonna LOVE this! *Winks his right eye lid and ignites his left eye* G A S T E R B L A S T E R!!!

Chara: Oh sh-! *Dodges the blasts* AAGH!!! RRRGH!!! I always HATED this attack! *Sees a laser fire from above and gets hit* AAAAAAGH!!!! *Glares at Sans* RRRGH!!! THAAAAAT! HUUUUURT! *Grins and erupts with a dark red aura* Heheheh... I forgot how much...FUN A BAD TIME CAN BE!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!

Sans: You're pretty sadistic, ain't ya'?

Chara: THIS IS WHAT I EXIST FOR, SANS!!! Don't think of me as needlessly bored! Sure, I have fun doing this, but I also do it...because IT'S TO FULFILL THE VERY PURPOSE I WAS MADE FOR!!! I represent the dark side of Determination! The Determination to have as much fun as I can! To get the most out of my EXP! If I were bored, I would just stop playing! I would leave your world in ruin while I do other things, then come back and Reset any SAVE FILE I find and start it up again! But I've taken notice to something!

Sans: What's that?


Sans: I dunno, guess some of them just wanted the "True Pacifist Ending" and didn't have the heart to play the other side of the game.

Chara: Those IDIOTS! Don't they realize they're missing out on the BEST PARTS OF THE GAME?! The game's never fun if it's too easy!

Sans: Now, c'mon, Chara. Let's be reasonable here.

Chara: Hmph! In any case, the numbers tell me that the ratio of Frisks to Charas will be a piss-poor results! And where would the fun be in that?! I want ALL of the Frisks to experience the REAL FUN of the game! I mean, hell! We're already reliving the final battle!



Chara attacks again while grinning and talking despite missing again.

Chara: I've seen enough SAVE FILES where you and all of your friends survived long enough to form relationships with each other! I've even seen how you grew quite fond of Goat Mom! Heh...heheheh... *Blushing and smirking* Does she give you...

Sans: Oh no... NO-NO! No need for THAT pun!

Chara: Does she...give you...


Chara: A...

Sans: OKAY, THAT'S ENOUGH!!! *Fires another wave of Gaster Blaster beams*


Sans: *Sweating and panting while holding his left hand up* Huff...huff... Sadistic little... Huff...huff...


Chara: *Gets back up* Damn...and I forgot what I was about to was so painful...that I forgot the punchline... Ngh... Or perhaps...the pain has put me in a bad mood! I think I'm done with your "laser-firing action" feature! In fact, I'm done playing with you, Sans! *Eyes ooze out black tears again* I'LL BREAK YOU TO PIECES!!!

Sans: Crap... *Dodges Chara's attack*


Sans: *Breathing heavily* This is bad... I'm starting to feel a bit pooped. *Unleashes a crazy pattern of incoming bones and homing lasers*

Chara: *Dodges the attacks* Is that so? Too bad! Guess you'll have to give up and die now!



Chara: What was that?! *Attacks again and misses*

Sans: I'm not liking this... You...really are determined, aren't ya? You're seriously never gonna stop...aren't ya? *Tries the telekinesis attack again and slams Chara all over the place*

Chara: AAAH! OOFFF!!! Ngh! Heheh... You better believe it, bonehead! I'm the Chara thats JUST as Genocidal as that Frisk is Pacifistic! What we have in that we are both the very DEFINITION of "Determination"!


Sans: *Dodges another attack* And the Determination in Frisk was the kind that we all grew to love...while the Determination in your heart... *Eyes go black* It's one that EVERYONE hates?! *Shrugs* Yeah, that makes sense. *Raises platforms and summons more Gaster Blaster skulls to fire in intersecting lines*


Chara: Heh....heheh.... Had enough, Sans?!

Sans: *Sweating and panting* You have no idea, kid!

Frisk: Sans... *Feels heart pounding and sees SOUL glowing* I can't let this go on! *Steps forward*

Sans: Frisk...?! What are ya doin'?!

Frisk: You're tired, Sans! You can't keep this up forever!

Sans: C'mon, kid... I'm fine! I just never REALLY worked myself to the bone in this timeline!


Sans: But hey, I'd rather keep my promise and actually work than let my lazybones stop me from keeping it! Step back, kid. Let me take care of this!

Frisk:...*Looks firmly to Sans* No! I'm done hiding in fear while one of my best friends is risking his life for me!

Chara: Heheh...heheheheheheheh... Isn't this cute?! BOTH of my favorite toys want to play!

Frisk: And my friends... *SOUL shines bright* ARE NOT TOYS!!!

Sans' self-sacrifice to protect Frisk fills them with Determination!
Seeing Frisk and Sans standing together to face Chara fills them with Determination!
The REAL battle finally begins!
[Undertale] True Determination CHAPTER 8
(Seeing Sans showing Chara a bad time fills you with determination!)

My Response To Undertale Hard Mode

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Chapter 7

While everyone else is worrying about the situation at hand, Sans is taking immediate action by flying through Frisk's dreamscape to find and save them from Chara. Sans lands his feet down onto a center spot in Frisk's dreamscape and follows the signal that his glowing eye gives off to direct him to where the two SOULS are. He starts running with hopes that he won't be too late before he gets there. Frisk's mind turns out to be quite the maze for Sans to navigate through. Meanwhile, Frisk and Chara are alone in the dark.

Sans: Don't you even THINK about giving up now, kid! Just hang on! Dunkle Sans is-a comin'!

SCORE: Respite…

Frisk: *Somewhere in their mind, they are crying in fear and guilt* Chara...they'll come back...they'll hurt friends...and they'll use me... What am I going to do?!

Chara: You can die. It would make my part SO much easier!

Frisk: WHAT?! N-No! I can't do that! I don't want to! My friends will miss me!

Chara: What do you mean you "can't"?! Do you know how many times you already have?!

Frisk: I...

Chara: All those deaths at the hands of those Monsters?! Do you know how many of them actually KILLED YOU?! You call them your "friends", but they're nothing more than just that! "MONSTERS!" They all found it fun to kill me before! So I started killing them for a change...and found out how much FUN IT WAS!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Frisk: Wh-What...?!

Chara: Oh please, as if you don't remember! Even TORIEL killed you before, don't you remember?! She wanted to know just how strong you were and you couldn't stand the heat!

Frisk: What are you saying?! You said YOU were the one who killed them!

Chara: Silly little Frisk...don't you remember? You died so many times that you couldn't take all the pain and death you decided to give those Monsters a taste of their own medicine! Get it now?! I'M not the one who killed your friends! YOU ARE!!!


Chara: Judging by your're still shocked... I guess that can't be helped! Just like you! But don't worry, all I have to do is take your SAVE FILE and body! Your SOUL is mine now! And don't bother crying out for your friends! They can't save you!

SCORE: Battle Against A True Hero…

Frisk: No...NO! You're lying! I would NEVER hurt my friends!

Chara: *Sighs* Flowey was right... You really ARE an I D I O T!!!

Frisk: *Wipes tears and changes expression to one of anger* You're nothing but a liar! My friends WILL save me...somehow...

Chara: *Shrugs and shakes head* Such Determination... I forgot how annoying that was when looking at it from the other side! Not like it matters! *Draws out a knife* You're a pathetic little baby at heart! *Laughs once more* So there's no way you'll be able to stop me! And just so we're clear on that... *Initiates a battle* I'm leaving you with just one option! *Takes knife and cuts out Frisk's ACT, ITEMS, and MERCY commands* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!


Chara: Of course you don't! You'll do just fine with just one...oh wait, you're right, you WON'T! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA!!! It's not like Sparing me is even possible!

Frisk: *Looks at the only option they have* This is just like... *Remembers their fight against King Asgore*

Chara: Yes...that moment... Hahahah! Such memories of that fight! I can't wait to relive YOUR BODY!!!

Frisk:.....No! I won't let you! *Feels Determination returning* I won't let you hurt them! *Takes a stand and gets ready to attack*


Frisk attacks but doesn't do much damage. Chara laughs and retaliates with a swift X-shaped slash with their blade.

Chara: So you actually decided to fight now, huh? Heheheh!


Frisk attacks again, but misses when Chara moves out of the way before striking back with a cross-shaped slash.

Chara: Determination... You used that to save everyone, didn't you?


Frisk attempts to attack, but gets stopped in mid-strike. Chara chuckles and counters Frisk, knocking them to the ground.

Chara: Heheheh! Nobody told you this but...Determination can EASILY go either way!


Frisk stands back up slowly and tries again only for Chara to slash at Frisk to deal painful damage then throws a punch to their stomach.

Frisk: OOMPH!!! AAAHAAAH!!! *Gets knocked back and holds stomach while gasping for air*

Chara: You're still determined to save yourself and your stupid friends from the inevitable... *Eyes turn pitch black with some liquid oozing from them like tears* AND I AM DETERMINED TO KILL YOU, KILL THEM, AND RESET EVERYTHING TO DO IT ALL AGAIN!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

SCORE: Memory…

Frisk's HP is at 1/20 and is in danger of losing this fight. Chara has 3 demonic eyes appear in midair and set their sights on Frisk and shoots out arc-shaped projectiles. Frisk begins to tear up from both the pain and fear of the incoming force of death. Frisk starts crying. Everything seems like it's slowing down. Frisk's memories of their friends appear one after the other. Each of the fun and wonderful moments all begin to be accompanied by the memories of each of them dying at the hands of Chara. Frisk can't stop crying.
Chapter 6

SCORE: Premonition…

Toriel: As unbelievable as this may sound, Frisk...seems to be losing control of some sort. The child...went berserk and tried to attack me... *Looks down while everyone else is in shock*

Sans: *Left eye flashes in blue*....!

Papyrus: W-WHAT?!?!?! THE HUMAN?! ATTACK?! YOU?!

Asgore: That makes no sense! Young Frisk wouldn't do harm to us!

Undyne: The kid can't even pound a tomato, let alone hurt anyone! Seriously, just PETS the damned thing!

Metatton: I don't suppose the little dear might have said anything in that attack? Perhaps a clue?

Sans:........*Looks at Frisk asleep in the web wrap*

Toriel: Frisk DID mention something... I fear that there may be an evil spirit of some sort trying to take over the child's body. Frisk called the evil spirit..."Chara".

Sans: !!!!!

SCORE: Undyne…

Asgore: Chara?! Wait, that can't be the same Chara we knew, could it?!

Alphys: I've heard of this... Determination in Human SOULS always have some sort of unpredictable attributes that make them unique! And according to Flowey, Frisk has Determination that is strong enough to even do things one would find impossible!

Toriel: What are you saying?

Alphys: I...I don't know! Perhaps...maybe...uh...Frisk might be...harboring that demon...maybe?

Asgore: But it still doesn't add up! Chara, though a little mischievous, was a good child. The young Human was like a sibling to Asriel. Why would Chara have become a demon?

Alphys: I...wish I knew...

SCORE: Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans…

Sans:.....*Walks over to Frisk and looks down with his eye glowing*......Heh... So I guess you're a hacker now, huh? Real CLASSY, buddy! *Raises hand up* Y'know...TWO can play at THAT game, pal!

Toriel: Sans, are you alright?

Papyrus: Who are you talking to?

Sans: *Puts his hand on Frisk's* Just an old friend... Be right back. *Eye flares up and he turns into a SOUL and flies right into Frisk's head*


Toriel: What the?! How did he-?! What?!


Sans: *Flying into a psychedelic vortex full of playing clips of Frisk's memories* Hehehehehehheheheheheheheheheh..... Whoa, kid! You got some freaky stuff goin' on in this head of yours! Heh! I ain't judging! As for your little demon problem... I've seen enough of this! I'm about to let you take THIS kid from me! The other Sans(es) would dunk my head if I did! Not this time, Chara!
Chapter 5

SCORE: Anticipation/Enemy Approaching…

Toriel and Muffet are sitting in Frisk's room, watching over them. Toriel made some tea for them both so they could stay awake while they waited for the others. As it were, Papyrus and Sans weren't the only ones to show up. Undyne, Alphys, and Asgore were all summoned by the Skeleton Bros. to come with. Metatton came with as well, feeling that something dramatic and interesting was happening and he wanted to be a part of it. On the way, they also find a Temmie from the Temmie Village that wouldn't stop following them.

Papyrus: NYEH HEH HEH!!! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS have arrived first!

Sans: Yeah, give yourself a pat on the backbone, bro...

Undyne: MOVE IT, boneheads! Don't block the way!

Temmie: HoI! I'M TEMMIE!!!


Alphys: Guys, aren't we supposed to be quiet? Everyone's probably asleep!

Metatton: Well, dear, according to my FABULOUS scanner eye, only the darling Frisk is fast asleep.

Asgore: Then that should be more than enough reason to..."lower our volume"!

Muffet: Huh, only one phone call and suddenly the whole family comes running. Frisk must really be a special Human!

Toriel: You have no idea. Thank you all for coming!

Undyne: This better be important for calling us all up in the middle of the night!

Toriel: I assure you that. It's Frisk, there's something wrong with them.

Alphys: Could you specify? I'm not seeing anything wrong just looking at them!

Muffet: That's because the problem lies not out the outside, but on the inside of the Human! Tell them, Ms. Toriel!
[Undertale] True Determination CHAPTER 5
(Seeing all of your friends pile into the room at once out of concern fills you with determination!) 
Chapter 4

SCORE: Heartache…

Toriel: *Papyrus picks up* Hello, this is Toriel!

Papyrus: *Yawns* Hello? Toriel? Isn't it a bit late at night? You should be asleep.

Toriel: I'm sorry, but I can't sleep at a time like this. Frisk is showing some odd signs. I'm very worried!

Papyrus: *Gasps* THE HUMAN?! OUR FRIEND?! SANS AND I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS WILL BE THERE ON THE DOUBLE!!! *Puts the phone down, but forgets to hang up* SAAANS!!! WAKE UUUP!!!

Sans: 'Kay!

Toriel: Thank you, Papyru-


Sans: 'Kay!

Toriel: Um... Papyrus? Papyrus, you forgot to hang up!


Sans: 'Kay!

Toriel: *Raises eyebrow and turns her phone off* I hope they don't have too tall of a phone bill. At least they'll be here soon. Frisk... I don't know what's becoming of you, but I don't believe for a second that you're to blame! Please calm down and talk to me.


Toriel: Frisk? *Sees Frisk out cold* FRISK?! Answer me! Are you okay?! Say something!

Muffet: I'm sorry. He's fallen asleep from my new special kind of web.

Toriel: Huh? What do you mean?!

Muffet: Well, I recently managed to create this new kind of web that carries a kind of serum that puts whatever's stuck in it to sleep. Don't worry, it's not lethal, it won't kill the Human. But the downside is that you won't be able to talk to him. He's out like a light! That other consciousness must've taken a lot out of him.

Toriel: Other consciousness? You mean "Chara"?

Muffet: I don't quite get all of it, but that sounds like it! I never would have guessed that Frisk had another side of them.

Toriel: I don't think Frisk's outburst was their doing of any sort... It almost seemed like there was another SOUL in there, as ridiculous as that sounds.

Muffet: Well I hope you know someone who's good with minds and dreams and stuff like that. I'm only able to read the minds of spiders. I don't know anything about Humans.

Toriel: Perhaps you should attend my class about Humans. I can teach you everything you want to know.

Muffet: Sooner or later, sure! But first things first!

Toriel: Of course. *Picks Frisk up and takes them back to bed* (Right after Frisk gave their all to save us all and bring us new life, another form of evil comes to haunt them... You may call yourself, "Chara"...but that Human is not only dead, but also never did any harm! Despicable demon... Whoever you are, leave my child alone!)
Chapter 3

SCORE: Spider Dance…


Toriel: W-What?! Huh?!

Muffet: It seems my Spider-Sense WAS tingling after all!

?????: NGH!!! H-HEY!!! LET ME OUT OF THIS!!!

Muffet: And let you do something you'd regret?! Not today, my little bug!

Toriel: M-Muffet, what is it?

Muffet: Ueeheehee!!! That's right! You remember me? You're my brethren's lovely neighbor, Ms. Toriel! I remember you, so you SHOULD remember me, riiiiiight?!

Toriel: Oh! Of course! I always loved your delicious pastries! But what are you doing here?!

Muffet: Weeeell, you DID just cry for help, did you not?! I had a strange feeling that some bad mojo was flowing near the Ruins! We spiders have a knack for that sort of thing. We're like psychics! UEEEHEHEHEHEHEE!!!

Toriel: So you knew to come here...because of this?!

Muffet: That's right! My cousins that live in the Ruins told me to come here as fast as possible and check out what was causing the disturbance! Looks like little ol' me found it! Not a second too soon, too!

?????: RRRGH!!! WOULD YOU SHUT UP?! Let me out of this web...RIGHT NOOOOOWWWW!!!! Tch! Figures I would find a pure one and its body is WEAK!!!

SCORE: Wrong Enemy!?…

Toriel: What is wrong with the child?! Frisk is NEVER like this!

Muffet: Beats me.

Toriel: Didn't you just say you were psychic just a moment ago?!

Muffet: I said we were LIKE psychics! I didn't mean it LITERALLY!

SCORE: An Ending…

Toriel: WHAT?! Ugh! But what am I going to do?!

Frisk: It's okay, Mom... *Sniffs*

Toriel: Frisk?

Frisk: Chara... Chara's gone to sleep... But...I don't know when they'll wake up...

Toriel: "Chara"?! Wait... But...that can't be! Chara is...

Frisk: *Shaking and sobbing* They'll be back...and I won't be able to hold them back! I'm so sorry... I...I couldn't stop Chara from going loose... They were going to... I was going to...

Toriel: (Frisk, don't think that...) Something is definitely wrong... Chara is gone. The child died a long time ago... What does this mean?!

Muffet: You called up the Skeleton Bros. phone?

Toriel: Pardon?

Muffet: Hmm... Seems you didn't hit the last number to make the call. Here. *Dials the last number and hands the phone to Toriel* Calling up your bone-friend?!

Toriel: *Blushing* Excuse me?!

Muffet: I was just kidding!

Toriel: Did you have to be so vulgar?! And in front of Frisk?!

Muffet: Okay, sorry.
[Undertale] True Determination CHAPTER 3
(Seeing Muffet's fast acting save innocent lives from a terrible fate fills you with determination!)
Chapter 2

SCORE: Unnecessary Tension…

Frisk tries to return to sleep but continues to toss and turn with their heart pounding in their chest like a wild animal in a cage. The young one cries as the nightmares persist and continue to torture them. At the same time, Toriel is trying to sleep but can't seem to because of the constant noise that Frisk is making. She goes back to Frisk's room to check on them and try to calm them down. What she finds, however, is Frisk's body convulsing and riving in pain. At this point, Toriel is MUCH more than worried!

SCORE: Your Best Nightmare…

Toriel: Frisk?! What are you doing?!


Toriel: What kind of nightmare is THIS?! Frisk, you have to calm down! *Goes to Frisk and tries to hold them down* Child! Please stop! You're scaring me!

Frisk: *Struggles* Nngh!!! Rrh!!! *Opens his left eye with a red spark and a sharp grin*


Toriel: *Gasps* W-WHAT?!

Frisk: *Opens right eye and appears normal and crying* NO! DON'T!!! TORIEL, GET BACK!!!

Toriel: AAH!!! *Lets go and backs up as Frisk sits up and struggles to move* Frisk, what's going on?!

Frisk: I... *Holding their head* I...I DON'T...KNOW!!! *Eyes glow red again*


Toriel: SOUL...BODY?! WHAT?!



Frisk: *Holds head and shakes* YOU...WHAT?!?!


Frisk: What do you mean?! Why would you kill them?! What do you mean by "Other Frisks"?!


Frisk: F-FUN?!?! YOU...YOU KILLED ALL OF THEM FOR FUN?!?!?! *Tears falling*

Toriel: (What is he saying?! Is this really what he's been dreaming about?!)


Toriel: Frisk?! What is going on with you?!

Frisk: NO! Stay away from her! MOM! RUN! THEY'RE AFTER YOU!

?????: SHUT UP, BRAT! YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! *Rushes at Toriel with a sadistic grin and glowing red eyes*

Toriel: *Braces herself and dodges* Frisk, wait!

Frisk: *Stops their own body from moving* NGH!!! NO! I WON'T LET YOU!!! RRRGH!!!


Frisk: MOM, DON'T JUST STAND THERE!!! Get out of here! My body is moving on its own! I can't stop doing this! Hurry and get help!

Toriel: Uhh....! *Hurries out the room and closes the door then runs and gets her phone* I need to call the others! *Dials a number and notices Frisk's body approach her with red glowing eyes shining through their hair* Th-This is Toriel! Whoever this is, PLEASE COME TO THE RUINS ON THE DOUBLE!

?????: HYEEHEHEHEHEHHEHEEE!!!!! *Rushes at Toriel*

Toriel: *Holds up her hand but is conflicted of whether or not she should create a flame to defend herself*.....!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HEEEEEELP!!!!

?????: DIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!! *Gets intercepted by a shot of spiderweb* AAAGH!!! W-WHAT?!?!?

Female Voice: Viola!
[Undertale] True Determination CHAPTER 2
(You don't know why, but that abrupt cliffhanger fills you with determination!)
Chapter 1

Toriel: *Steps into Frisk's room quietly while the child sleeps in bed with a slice of butterscotch pie on her plate*.....(I better be quiet as a mouse...) *Places the plate on the floor* (This will be here for you when you wake up, my child. Thank you so much...for everything, Frisk.) *Turns and walks out the door*

SCORE: You Idiot…

Frisk:.....Zzzzzzzz.....zzzzz..... *After Toriel leaves the room and closes the door*....Mgh....nnngh... *Tosses and turns a bit with sweat developing with some heavy breathing*..... No...stop it... Please! Don't hurt them! I... I'm not... *Turns head up and opens their eyes with a shining red glow in them and a sadistic smile on their face*


Frisk: *Snaps out of it and wakes up with terrible fright* AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!*Pants heavily and looks around with tears in eyes*........ Wh-What..... What...happened?! *Hears a knock on the door and gets startled* AAH!!!

Toriel: Frisk? Are you alright?! *Opens the door and walks in* I heard you screaming. Is something wrong?

SCORE: Fallen Down…

Frisk: *Is still shaken up* M-Mom... I... I saw you...and Sans...and Papyrus...and everyone... There was...b-blood and dust everywhere...and... *Tears streaming down face*

Toriel: *Surprised and concerned* Frisk... *Goes to Frisk and hugs them* It's okay, my child. It was merely a nightmare. Everyone is at their homes and they're all fairing well.

Frisk: *Sniffles* A-Are you sure?

Toriel: Of course. Bad dreams come and go from time to time.

Frisk: felt so real...

Toriel: Some dreams tend to feel that way. But dreams can't hurt you as long as you don't let it.


Toriel: Try to get some sleep. Your butterscotch pie will be here waiting for you when you wake up.

Frisk:...Okay... Good night, Mom. I love you.

Toriel: *Smiles* I love you too, sweetie! *Hugs one more time and walks out the room* (I certainly hope that was only a nightmare...or the poor child...and ALL of us may be in danger!)
[Undertale] True Determination CHAPTER 1
(The unsettling feeling you feel  fills you with dread, but Toriel's expressions of concern fills you with determination.)
6 days ago
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W A R N I N G!!!

Sans: Hey, 'sup! Just wanted to let ya in on a little fair play! The following short story contains SPOILERS to Undertale! If you haven't played the Indie RPG by that title, then it would be for the best that you buy the game on Steam, show your support for Toby Fox and his team, and of course, experience the story for yourself BEFORE reading this! If you don't, you're in for a BAD TIME! Don't say I didn't warn ya!











Here we go!

SCORE: Once Upon A Time…

Long ago, a war between Humans and Monsters had begun. The Humans sealed the Monsters off with a magic spell into the Underground World of Mount Ebott. The war itself had been caused by a horrible tragedy that turned a kind king sour, making his followers begrudge Humans and wish for revenge. All except for his wife, the former queen, who left the king to live on her own in the Ruins at the entrance of the Underground and try to protect any Human that would fall down the entrance hole from the king and his Monster army.

Years would pass and a total of 7 Humans would fall down the hole in the entrance with the first 6 leaving the ruins and being taken to the king and executed. The 7th Human, however, was the "Child Of Destiny" that would be the one to save any means necessary. The child's name was "Frisk". Without any distinct characteristics or defined upbringing, Frisk was merely a lost child looking to leave the Underground alive and return home...however, the kid's journey taught the little one a thing or two about life.

Frisk ventured through the Underground and met many Monsters that would try and capture or slay them in order to steal their SOUL...but instead of choosing to FIGHT to defend themselves, Frisk decided to put the stick they carried away in favor of performing ACTS of kindness to calm the violent Monsters down and even befriend them. Frisk showed MERCY to their attackers and earned the love of the king's followers. Frisk even became the ambassador of peace between Monsters and Humans for the king while being taken care of by their new friends. All's well that ends well, as the old saying goes. Or rather, it WOULD!

True Determination- By Count-Author
[Undertale] True Determination INTRODUCTION
(The start of a new story fills you with determination.) 

Hey, guys! Welcome to a brand new story by yours truly! Yeah, I played through Undertale a little while ago and got the True Pacifist ending and I tell you what... I absolutely loved it! Undertale is by far the greatest game I've EVER played! It made me fall in love it, I tell ya! Everything about it kept my interest and I can't recommend it enough! So I've decided to give something new a try with my stories and give some love to a game that I feel deserves it! 

BIG Special Thanks to :icondarknazawrath: and :icontradgicallybeautiful: for introducing me to Undertale! You guys are too cool!


I dedicate this story to my girlfriend, who's going through some emotionally troubling times and needs some moral support. I ask that you all pray for her. I'm doing all I can to help so any moral support you can give would be appreciated. This year has been rough on her. 
Today's episode of MLP was a WIN! Now there's just the Season 5 Finale to look forward to! I can't wait to see!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 4:48 PM

Today was a great day! Great food, quality family time, WONDERFUL weather, a full moon... Yeah, I can call this one a win! Which is awesome because Thanksgiving is my personal favorite Holiday! I'm happy with how today went! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well! 

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