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This is my stuff! May not be the best in the world, but I'm sure you've all seen worse.


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I loved all of these and I hope you will all love them too!


You're welcome, Melody!
Wed Aug 12, 2015, 4:45 PM
Thank you for the watch (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Thu Jun 18, 2015, 1:15 AM
Hard to miss, pal!
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 5:10 PM
Hi....I believe you might know me from somewhere else?? Alexlove85 Rocks?
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 4:41 PM
thank you for my fav! i'm having a badge bandit guy contest what to join hey you can draw him as a pony let me know ok
Mon Jan 6, 2014, 12:46 PM
megamanhxh shouted... HERE?! HOLY CRAP!!!
Mon Nov 25, 2013, 1:27 AM
3 mounts, it is my time to shout .... *HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO* !!
Tue Nov 12, 2013, 7:32 AM
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It took me 2 months to see someone had screamed and shouted.... I must be going deaf.
Fri Jul 5, 2013, 9:36 AM
I WANNA SCREAM AND SHOUT AND LET IT AL OUT ~(*_*)~ ( XD i just HAD to do it)
Mon Apr 29, 2013, 12:44 PM



SCORE: Afternoon Break (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3)…

A Saturday Afternoon, the perfect time to go out for a walk into the world where your favorite things and people are waiting for you! Flash Sentry and his best friend, Amp Atom, are already all over that! After spending the morning together working on a few strategies and plans for their team’s future with their teammates, Drum Role and Bass Keys, they decide to break off into pairs to go off and relax. Drum and Bass head off to the gym to work out while Flash and Amp go to a friend’s place since they were invited via text message on their phone. The friend they go to see is their favorite Hippie-Bro, Sandalwood! When they arrive to his house, his sister, Tree Hugger appears to answer the door.

SCORE: Way Of Life (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3)…

Tree Hugger: Oh, hey, boys! Sandy said you’d be showing up! Come on in!

Flash Sentry: Thanks! So where is he?

Tree Hugger: In his room. He’s waiting for ya!

Amp Atom: Well then let’s not keep him waiting!

Tree Hugger: I hear ya, Four-Eyes!

Flash Sentry: Well, first… *Sniffs the air and catches the wif of something sweet and fresh* I’m smelling something good!

Tree Hugger: Oh! Rad sense of smell, Static! Here, have some cookies! *Holds out a plate of snickerdoodles* Just made them a couple minutes ago and they’re still warm!

Amp Atom: Oh my! They smell and look heavenly!

Flash Sentry: Welp, who are we to say “No”, right? *Takes a couple* Thanks, Tree!

Amp Atom: Yes, thank you very much! *Takes a couple as well and they eat them, thoroughly enjoying them*

Tree Hugger: I can feel the love! You like ‘em, right?

Flash Sentry: *Nods with his mouth full and gives a thumbs-up*

Amp Atom: *Finishes his* Delicious! Much appreciated!

Tree Hugger: *Chuckles* Righteous! Now ya better head on up to meet my bro!

Amp Atom: *Ahem* Right! Of course! Coming, Flash?

Flash Sentry: Yeah! *Turns to Tree Hugger* Hey, mind if I take a few with?

Tree Hugger: Go for it! *Flash picks a few more and they get put into a little plastic bag* Later, Static!

Flash Sentry: Thanks! Alright, Amp! Let’s go! *They head upstairs to meet Sandalwood in his room meditating with some calm music playing*

SCORE: Blues In The Velvet Room (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3)…

Sandalwood: *Takes a deep inhale and lets out a calm exhale and opens one eye to see his friends at the door* Huh? *Closes eyes back and smirks* Heh! *Opens them both and stands up to stretch* Right on time, dudes!

Flash Sentry: Hey, Sandal! What’s up?

Sandalwood: Up? Heh… How high?

Amp Atom: *Snickers* How about down here?

Sandalwood: Aheheh! I invited ya over so we can chill a bit! You guys have been really racking your brains around, I’ve noticed!

Flash Sentry: Oh?

Sandalwood: Totally! And it’s all cool what you’re doing…but frying your brains like fast food ain’t gonna get much of that coolness out! *Flash and Amp look at each other* So c’mon, bros! Have a seat anywhere and take a load off!

Flash Sentry: Well…alright, I guess. *They all sit down on Sandalwood’s shag rug on the floor*

Amp Atom: I suppose we have been working rather hard lately… It’s just that making big plans for the future like we have just takes a lot of mental energy.

Sandalwood: Yeah, and hey, the world’s gonna need energy like that later…but you gotta HAVE that energy so you can GIVE it, ya GET it?! Heh!

Amp Atom: Heheh… You’re quite right… You know, Sandalwood, you have much more wisdom than most people give you credit for.

Sandalwood: *Shrugs* Runs in the family, dude! Like this one time, my sis went to this one party where one of the guests was feeling real down so she gave ‘em a taste of her [SONIC BLISS] and calmed ‘em right down!

Flash Sentry: “Sonic Bliss”? *Looks at Amp, whom shrugs*

Amp Atom: What happened then?

Sandalwood: She knew what to do through the whole thing and became the life of the party! She made a LOT of friends that night! Heheh! Ain’t she cool?

Flash Sentry: Yeah, she sure is! Heck, she even gave us cookies before we came up here!

Sandalwood: Oh, she did…? Heh… That’s just like her! She ALWAYS seems to know just what we need!

Amp Atom: What do you mean? We needed cookies?

Sandalwood: Pretty much! Speakin’ of which, how are ya feeling right now?

Flash Sentry: *Yawns* Actually, not bad… A little tired, though. Man, we really WERE working too hard, weren’t we, Amp?

Amp Atom: Indeed…

SCORE: Troubled (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3)…

Sandalwood: It’s cool, bros! That’s just why we’re here! The other thing ya needed was a bro to talk to! So how about ya unload your troubles and tell me what's up.

Flash Sentry: So you're a councilor now?

Sandalwood: Heh! Nah, just never hurts to help!

Amp Atom: Well, I can't argue with that... Alright... Flash, Drum, Bass, and I are all part of a team that's more than just a music group.

Flash Sentry: We're actually trying to unlock some parts of us that are supposed to use that same magic that came into our world. We want to become stronger, faster, smarter... We basically want to become superheroes like those girls from our school.

Amp Atom: We've been trying many approaches and studying the magic readings provided by careful study and the notes provided by Sunset Shimmer. We're trying to crack the mystery so that we can contribute to making the world a better place. We aim to change the world!

Sandalwood: *Eyes wide opened* Whoa, dudes! That's some heavy stuff, y'know?! Go on!

The two from Flash Drive tell Sandalwood the details about their plans.


SCORE: The Power Of The Heart (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3)…

Flash Sentry: *They’re all laying on the floor* Hey, guys…

Sandalwood: ‘Sup?

Amp Atom: Yeah?

Flash Sentry: Do ya ever wonder why we’re here?

Sandalwood: That’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, ain’t it? “Why ARE we here?”

Amp Atom: I always theorized that we were the product of a great cosmic coincidence…then all this Magic stuff began at our school…

Sandalwood: Heh… Magic… Science… No matter what angle you look at it from, it all comes down to the Spirit! That’s what my dad always told me!

Amp Atom: “Spirit”… Hmm… Perhaps then there might be a plan for all of us… Maybe THAT’S why we’re here!

Sandalwood: Yeah, that’s why I stopped making complicated plans and stuff. I can feel it in my Spirit, y’know?

Amp Atom: It certainly can keep one up at night!

Flash Sentry:……What?! I meant “Why are we laying on the floor?” *They all sit up with confused looks on their faces*

Sandalwood: Oh… Uh…

Amp Atom:……. I have no idea…

Flash Sentry: Where’d all that stuff about spirits come from?

Sandalwood: I…dunno! Guess it just came to us! *Starts chuckling and the others join in the laughing*

Flash Sentry: Man, those must’ve been REALLY good cookies!

Amp Atom: Gentlemen! I just came to an epitome!

Flash Sentry: Oh yeah? What’s that?

Amp Atom: Get this! I’m an Atom…but I’m MADE of Atoms!

Sandalwood: Whoa….!

Flash Sentry: So what, are you like…some manifestation of tiny versions of yourself?!

Amp Atom: I never thought of it that way… All our cells…all our molecules and atoms…

Sandalwood: Duuuuuude! I get where you’re going with this and I gotta say… That’s pretty deep!

Flash Sentry: Heh… Deep…like space… Outer Space!

Sandalwood: Whoa, dude! That might be too deep for me! That’s like…INFINITELY deep!

Flash Sentry: Yeah…it sure is…but y’know, I wouldn’t mind going to Space one day! You, Amp?

Amp Atom: Space…you know…I never really thought about it that much…but there is so much out there… I would love nothing more than to learn about it all out there!

Flash Sentry: Well, you’re the genius inventor on our team! How about we build a Space Ship?! A real one!

Amp Atom: Heheh! Either those are your childhood dreams coming back to bite you or there was something in those cookies! *Takes a deep breath* However… With the right amount of funds, I could possibly make that dream a reality!

Sandalwood: Dude, that is SO cool! You’re gonna go to the Universe!

Flash Sentry: Hey, you’re invited too if you wanna come along!

Sandalwood: Nah. That wouldn’t be a good idea. I kind of get motion sickness.

Amp Atom: Oh dear…

Flash Sentry: Bummer…

Sandalwood: Hey, it’s cool, bros! Just bring me back something rad!

Amp Atom: Certainly!

Flash Sentry: Sure thing!

SCORE: The Path Is Open (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3)…

Sandalwood: And besides… When I lay down like this, I become one WITH the Universe! *Lays down on the floor and looking to the ceiling and all of a sudden, the entire backdrop turns into an Outer Space Dreamscape*

Amp Atom: I must admit, this was a very enlightening meditation session! *Lays on his back and floats*

Flash Sentry: Oooh! THAT’S why we were laying down! *Lays back with his hands behind his head*

Amp Atom: In Outer Space, there is no “Down”. There is only “Forward”!

Sandalwood: Or “Stop”.

Flash Sentry: What’s the matter? Can’t find “Reverse”? *They all have a good laugh while floating in their shared Outer Space Dream and Tree Hugger walks in, looks at them and shrugs before joining*

[Flash Drive Chronicles] Laying Down
:iconbravokrofski: and I came up with this one night on Skype and I decided to go along with it! And yes, this actually is canon with my story. It's not just a one-off. He'll be making a drawing of this at some point and when it comes out, I'll edit it in. For now, have a one-shot!
MEGALOVANIA: Do you think this song is a villain's theme for defeating a hero or a hero's theme for punishing the villain?…
12 deviants said Hero's Theme
8 deviants said Villain's Theme
SCORE: Bring It In, Guys! (Undertale)…  

After sharing a good laugh together, they all began to part ways. The first to go were Chrysalis, Exy, and the body of Styx in the bundle. Flash and Twilight both kiss her goodbye and she takes her two bundles with her through Amp Atom’s portal and back to Dark Equestria. Upon returning home, she reports to the other Guardians that the mission was accomplished. They all arrange a small burial for the deceased mare. Before putting her underground, however, Aeon appears to them with a yellow Pegasus stallion with scars and burn marks on him and reddish mane. The stallion looks down to the mare, drops to his knees and lets out a sorrowful cry. Chrysalis goes to comfort him while the other Guardians talk to Aeon.

Drum Role and Bass Keys decide to head off to parts unknown and give their proper goodbyes to everyone and promising Milky Way that they would be back at her place by the evening. Milky Way hugs both of them and they head out via their favorite method; [RINGO ROLL] Drum Role curls into a ball and bulks up and Bass Keys jumps atop of him and starts rolling him out of the Crystal Empire. While rolling home, they reflect on all the crazy fun they had on this long adventure of theirs. They feel good that they actually did something worthwhile for the first time in a long one! They make it back to their diner and realize that it’s still a pretty bad mess and Ringing Bell appears and starts scolding them comically.

Milky Way and Twilight Sparkle also head out after giving their goodbyes. They take the train back to Ponyville and have plenty to talk about along the way. Upon returning home, they go their own ways back to their respective homes. Twilight arrives and Spike welcomes her back with a huge stack of papers that were just delivered from Canterlot. Twilight’s face starts out in shock, but then feels a sudden pulse in her chest that puts a grin on her face! Milky Way steps into her home where First Base welcomes her in. She asks him to pull out her Family Tree Chart. He does so and she makes a few additions…quite a few! She smiles knowing her family is well. Both mares are filled with Determination!

Flash Sentry and Amp Atom see the newly completed family off as Advent and Dream Vania ride on the backs of their respective flying sheep and Nightraid spreads his wings to take off with them. They and many Crystal Ponies wave goodbye to them as they head off to parts unknown. Flash Sentry and Amp Atom then return to the palace where they resume their work and have a conversation about the portal and its success. This leads to them discussing the causes of the multiverse and how other dimensions even exist. Amp Atom then remembers something unsettling that resurfaces from the back of his mind… They both wonder what would have happened if just one thing was out of place… They feel a slight chill.

Within the Time Rift, Love Breeze and Euphrosyne join Aeon in watching this epilogue of Nightraid’s journey once he returns from Dark Equestria. They spend a nice little moment together.

SCORE: Last Goodbye (Undertale)…

While flying through the sky, Nightraid is enjoying the breeze in the air and it fills him with a great level of energy! Advent decides that this is the perfect opportunity to play a game. Dream Vania chuckles and shrugs, going along with it. Nightraid accepts the challenge and all of a sudden, they find themselves in the Ethereal Plain and going through a tunnel of starlight and colors. Advent and Dream Vania are using the Star of Asteria to send them through an interdimensional race course while their Ethereal Spirits, Uzziel and Aphrodite appear over them and start presenting targets and projectiles to act as incoming obstacles while Nightraid and Eros have to shoot the former and dodge the latter. They’re having fun!

Love Breeze: Is this really the end?

Aeon: I wish I could say… But the inevitable fact is that Nightraid is not done his battles yet. He has merely proven that he is ready…or at least willing to take on the greatest of challenges and worst of threats.

Love Breeze: So he’s not really done fighting yet, huh?

Aeon: No one is. Life is a battle, after all. He just won’t have to worry about fighting it alone.

Love Breeze: Then…what does he have to do next?

Aeon: He will find out soon enough. He has chosen to live on for the sake of his family… He will not falter so easily.

Love Breeze: You’re right there! Thanks again for letting me watch.

Aeon: No need to thank me! This is your job as well! Speaking of which, please keep watching this. I have just received word from our Superior… I must be off.

Love Breeze: Got something important to tend to?

Aeon: You’ll see soon enough.

Love Breeze: Okay… *Looks back to see Nightraid playing with his family and smiles brightly with tears in her eyes*

Euphrosyne: Nightraid… The Dragon of Hope… From the Egg of Destiny came a wonderful child who followed the right path to find his home…his family… I think we shall call this… “The Love Path”!

Love Breeze: Looks like the sacrifices were worth it after all…

Euphrosyne: Indeed… Well done, Eros… And Nightraid...

On a mountain, the family is sleeping under the stars when Love Breeze shows up to Nightraid one more time from a portal to the Time Rift. She softly pats him on the head and leaves down a plate with a slice of Crystal Cake on it next to him. She kisses him on the forehead and returns to the Time Rift after looking back at him one last time as the story pans up to the stars above, twinkling bright with Hope.

We did it, guys... Take a deep breath... It's finally over. Another story done and completed! A new family is formed with more to come in their near future... I'd say their futures look pretty bright... Unless, of course...something stupid happens... Like...since, y'know, the Time Rift is still a thing here... Eh... I'm sure everything will be fine. 

In any case, I would like to thank a few people for helping me with the inspiration of this story as well as the artists!

:icondarknazawrath: for helping me with every aspect of this story! The concept, the characters, and the art!
:iconkayelark: for coming up with the designs of Advent and Dream Vania and for letting me use "Java-A-Day" in one of the chapters.
:iconyukairi-song-art: for getting me into BOTH My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic AND Undertale and inspiring me to make this story!
:iconfyre-flye: for making My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic a thing... I'm sure she gets this a lot...
And Toby Fox (I don't know if he has a DA account) for making Undertale a thing! 

And of course, all of you who read this and enjoy my stuff! I wholeheartedly appreciate your support! 


See you all in the next story! Pleasant Dreams!

Varender: *Giggles while holding a plate of cake with a candle on it* Yeeheeheheheheee... *Blows candle out* 
SCORE: Memory (Undertale)…

Nightraid: MOM!!! *Catches her in his arms and she slumps over him* Hey… Mom? Are you-?!

Eros: *Appearing next to her* She’ll be fine… Looks like you outlasted her! Way to go, bro!

Nightraid: That’s…good….. Ngh… Ugh……. *Starts to lose consciousness himself and Eros catches them both* Huh? E-Eros….?

Eros: *Flies back to the arena with Nightraid and Dream Vania on his back* Good thing you didn’t have any final attack planned there! You might’ve actually killed her if you landed even one more hit!

Nightraid: *Breathing heavily* Wh-Why are you telling me this?

Eros: Just wanted to make sure you knew…that you made the right choice. Hey, you look like you’re gonna fall asleep!


Eros: Heheh! Don’t sweat it! You’re already doing enough of that as it is! Go ahead and sleep, buddy. You’ve earned it!

Nightraid:………. *Smiles and nods before nodding off to sleep* Thank you so much, Brother………..

SCORE: Reunited (Undertale)…

While Nightraid and Dream Vania both sleep on Eros’ back, they meet in Nightraid’s subconscious along with Love Breeze. Nightraid sees them all together for him and smiles brightly! They all congratulate him for his victory. At the same time, Twilight uses the Star of Asteria to bring everyone in the Ethereal Plain back to Equestria. With everyone back together, they just need to wait for Nightraid and Dream Vania to wake up. Chrysalis decides to stick around to meet them…but not without seeing the rest of a certain concern finished. She walks to Flash and asks him something. He disappears for a moment…then comes back with a bundle covered by his cape in his hooves and a somber expression on his face.

Chrysalis: Flash… That’s…

Flash Sentry: Yeah… *Sadly shakes his head* But…

Chrysalis:…… *Puts her hoof on the head of the bundle* It could have been better for her…

Advent: She was very stubborn, though… She didn’t want anything better… She just wanted everyone else to feel worse. Trust me, we tried giving her a better option.

Chrysalis:………Just like her mother….

Flash Sentry: Chrysalis…

Chrysalis: I know… I know… When I go, I’ll take her with so we can give her a proper burial… She deserves at least that much.

Twilight Sparkle: Uh… Flash? What’s this all about?

Flash Sentry: Ngh! Umm… Well…

Chrysalis: We can tell you later…in private, preferably.

Twilight Sparkle: Well…okay.

Chrysalis: But in any case, when do you think those two will wake up? I’d like to meet them.

Flash Sentry: *Sees Dream Vania and Nightraid still out of it* Eh… They’ll wake up when they wake up. I remember when I adopted Dreamy, at first, she got nothing but bad dreams… Took a bit, but when she started sleeping peacefully, she looked a little more like this.

Chrysalis: Is everypony in your family this beautiful?

Flash Sentry: Heh! Only the good ones! Even the ones you don’t expect.

Chrysalis: Do you think he will…be okay with seeing me?

Flash Sentry: What do you mean?

Chrysalis: I felt a sudden chill coming from him the moment I sensed that he saw me… It was kind of familiar. It was similar to the chill I felt coming from you when we first met. You didn’t trust me very much, remember?

Flash Sentry: Uuuuhhhh….. *Sweats a little and blushes* Yyyyeah…. I can guess that… Believe it or not, he went through the same exact thing as me, so I wouldn’t be able to blame him…

Twilight Sparkle: There’s just a whole story with you guys, isn’t there?

Flash Sentry: Trust me, Twilight! My life goes down a REALLY deep rabbit hole! “In becoming a part of it, you’ve both made a terrible mistake that has sealed your fates!” *Receives some laughs and sighs*

Drum Role: *Over with the others* This tournament’s kind of weak. The contestants are second rate, the matches are rigged, and there ain’t even a celebration or big party at the end! Everyone just up and left! In fact… Where’d they all go?!

Bass Keys: Good question… Looks like d’ey vanished!

Amp Atom: It seems when Princess Twilight used the Star of Asteria, she teleported everyone in the arena away…except us, for some reason.

Bass Keys: Feh… Beats cleanup!

Milky Way: Good point! Cleaning up after a party is always a pain!

Drum Role: Eh, I guess… Man, those guys sure can sleep, huh?

Amp Atom: You’re not going to start crying, are you?

Drum Role: WHAT?! ME?! CRYING?! What are you talking about?!

Amp Atom: I remember last time when you thought Flash was dead after you-!

Drum Role: HEY! I didn’t cry that time! I just had some things in my eyes!

Amp Atom: Is that so?

Bass Keys: Whatcha catch?

Drum Role:…….Tears…..

Milky Way: Oh my! Hmhmhm… Well, I’m not worried, so you won’t see any tears from me…!

Advent:………. *Sits down next to both of them* Hmph… *Smirks* Great… Looks like I’m gonna have to step up my game. They’re BOTH stronger than me now! Heheheheheh! I guess the training worked a little TOO well! Hahahahahah!!!  

Amp Atom: It’s late enough as it is. Perhaps we should just take them back to the Crystal Empire. They can wake up in comfortable beds rather than on the ground. All in favor?!

Everypony: AYE!

With that, everyone decides to head back home to the friendly environment of the Crystal Empire. Advent summons Marina and Sinbad, his two flying sheep, to carry Nightraid and Dream Vania on their backs while everyone who can fly gives those who can’t a lift. The sun is already rising over the horizon as they return to the mountain of Har Megiddo. Everyone else has already disappeared. Any guards, officials, or audience members that were there aren’t anymore. Hades and all of his mobster demons have vanished and Styx is no more. Along the way home, Dream Vania and Nightraid have a nice little Heart-to-Heart chat in their subconscious.

Nightraid:…….You held back, didn’t you?

Dream Vania: Huh?

Nightraid: Everyone else did too… Despite how tough they were, they all held back from using their full power. You did too, right?

Dream Vania: *Winces and chuckles a little* Were you expecting me to use my full strength on my own son?! Of course not!

Nightraid: Can you at least tell me how much you did use?

Dream Vania:…………80. I used 80%. And considering that I can mop the floor with Advent at just 70%, that’s saying a lot!

Nightraid: HUH?!!? But when I fought Dad…he…

Dream Vania: And he too was holding back. We would never use our full strength on our loved ones! That kind of power can destroy entire worlds! Were you giving it YOUR all?

Nightraid:……Well…….. Yeah…

Dream Vania: Hmhmhmhmhm… Well, I’m sure it felt like it at the time. But if you WERE, I wouldn’t be here talking with you right now, would I?

Eros: She has a point, brother! That’s something that everyone in the family has, after all! If you want to know, I saw that between the two of us and even when we combined and became Elpida, we were using 80% in that last fight as well! So we were pretty even. That and we were both getting healed and boosts from our family and audience. If we used any more than 80, we probably would have accidentally killed someone!

Nightraid: Oh… But it really felt like I was…

Love Breeze: It’s okay, Nightraid. From what a friend told me, there’s a whole universe where the most intelligent inhabitants only use about 10% of their brains despite how smart they can be!

Dream Vania: Exactly. There’s no shame in it.

Eros: Besides, we’re saving our REAL full power for when we’re gonna REALLY need it!

Nightraid: What’s that supposed to mean?

Love Breeze: At the right time, you’ll know.

Nightraid:….So I still need to be kept in the dark?

Dream Vania: Son…the reason is different now… We can’t tell you because we don’t even know.

Eros: Not even us Ethereal Spirits know when the time will come or what the plan is. There are some things that our Boss won’t tell us! The only thing we can really do is prepare for it. Mortals have to live their lives and the Spirits have to keep moving along with it. It’s just the way it goes for us.

Love Breeze: But don’t worry. We’ll ALL be ready for when the time comes!

Nightraid: “All”?! As in… Does that mean you’ll be here too?!

Love Breeze: *Covers her mouth and giggles* My promise still stands. As long as you stay good and keep protecting that Heart you hold dear, then you’ll never see the last of me!

Nightraid: *Smiles brightly* You… You’ll come back?!

Love Breeze: My parents gave me this name for a reason! I may be gone for now, but I’ll always find my way back! But…unfortunately, I can’t be here for much longer. I have to return for now.

Nightraid: When can I see you again?

Love Breeze: When you need me most. Just do your best until then. Take good care of your family, Nightraid.

Nightraid:….No…. I’m going to take care of OUR family! *Hugs Love Breeze one last time* That means you too! I won’t let you down… I promise!

Love Breeze: *Hugs him tight with tears in her eyes*………. Ha…hahah…. I…I know, Nightraid…

Eros: *Takes a deep breath and sighs to hold back his own tears*………

Dream Vania: *Looks down and smiles thoughtfully* ……Neither one wants to let go….

Love Breeze: *After a moment, they separate and she looks to Eros and Dream Vania* It took a while...and a lot of effort…but I’m glad we finally finished the plan. Keep up the good work, “big brother”! And...Lady Aphrodite…? Good luck with the next part! You’re going to need it! *Gives her a wink before walking away* Euphrosyne, it’s time…

Euphrosyne: *Appears and nods* Good choice of words. Aeon is expecting us. Let’s not keep him waiting.

Love Breeze: “Him”?! “Waiting”?! That guy doesn’t have to wait for anything! What is time to him?

Euphrosyne: Okay, you’re right…but you know what I meant!

Love Breeze: Yes, yes… I know! *Turns around and waves goodbye to Nightraid and Dream Vania one last time before they disappear into a portal that looks like a faceclock* See you all later! I love you!


Dream Vania: Nightraid?

Nightraid: When do you think she’ll be back?

Dream Vania: *Smiles* Sooner than you might think… And Nightraid…thank you.

Nightraid: Heheh! Don’t mention it!

Dream Vania: You don’t understand! It’s thanks to you that now… I can FINALLY have a baby!

SCORE: 150 Million Miracles (Summer Wars)…

After taking a moment to enjoy the beautiful view of Princess Celestia’s sun rising in the sky from atop Har Megiddo, the family returns to the Crystal Empire and tuck both Nightraid and Dream Vania in separate beds and Advent stays awake to watch over them both until they wake up to find him fallen asleep where he was sitting. When all three are finally up and at em, they decide to meet up with everyone outside in the main plaza of the empire. Chrysalis is the first one to greet them when they step out with Flash and Twilight close by. Drum, Bass, Amp, and Milky Way come up next. When they’re all together, they head out to the main entrance with the floating crystals and two large spikes. They have a nice talk along the way.

Chrysalis: Umm… Hello there…Nightraid, was it?

Nightraid: Hello…?

Chrysalis: It’s very nice to meet you…

Nightraid: You’re feeling really uncomfortable, aren’t you?

Chrysalis: Huh?

Nightraid: It’s okay. I already know you’re one of us. You’re different from…her… It’s nice to meet you too!

Chrysalis: Oh! That’s good! *Holds out hoof to shake* Then my name is Chrysalis! Though everyone calls me “Chryssie”!

Nightraid: *Skips the shake and just hugs her* Thank you! But can I call you “Grandma”?

Chrysalis: *Surprised and speechless* ……..?!

Flash Sentry: Don’t worry, he calls me “Grandpa”.

Chrysalis: Uh… Eheheh… Well, okay. *Pats him on the head* I’m okay with you calling me that. So then, would you like to meet your little aunt?

Nightraid: “Aunt”? *Sees little baby Exy already in his arms* Hmm?! How did-?!

Exy: *Giggles and boops his nose* Eeeheehee!

Nightraid: Umm… Hi there, Auntie!

Chrysalis: Her name’s Exy! I think she likes you!

Nightraid: Heheh! I think I like her too!

Dream Vania: Oooooh~! She’s adorable!

Flash Sentry: (Yeah… “Adorable”… Heheh…)

Twilight Sparkle: You okay there, Flash? You look nervous.

Flash Sentry: I’ll tell you later…

Nightraid: So you and Grandpa?

Chrysalis: Yup! She’s our sweet little caterpillar!

Drum Role: Hey, I just thought of something! You’re the mom to all the Changelings in your world, right?

Chrysalis: All 700,000 of them! Why?

Milky Way & Flash Sentry: SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND?!?!?!

Twilight Sparkle: How many did you have with her?!

Flash Sentry: Just the one! I swear!

Chrysalis: Oh, don’t you worry! I have babies by the boatload! It’s just Exy who’s yours!

Flash Sentry: *Sighs in relief* Whew…

Milky Way: But how do you raise so many?!

Chrysalis: It’s not too hard. Changelings grow and become independent pretty fast back home!

Amp Atom: Would you mind if I examined one of them at some point? I would like to take notes.

Chrysalis: As long as it doesn’t hurt, I don’t see why not.

Amp Atom: Many thanks!

Advent: How many thanks?

Bass Keys: Yo! 700,000 thanks! Heh! *Rimshot*

Chrysalis: Heehee!!! Don’t worry, Flash. I plan to stop after a certain point.

Flash Sentry: Oh? And when’s that?

Chrysalis: When I reach 150,000,000!

Flash Sentry: *Falls over with eyes dilating* HUH?!

Dream Vania: Oh my!!! *Looks at Advent with a seductive smile and he gives an exasperated expression in response as everyone else laughs at Flash’s reaction*

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P100
In retrospect, I didn't really expect this story to actually reach 100 parts! I impress myself sometimes...not to sound egotistical... In any case, I'm glad to have made it last this long and I Hope you've all Loved it as much as I did! :iconsans-plz: Heheheheh...

Cover by :iconmr-kennedy92:

Dream Vania's Vector was done by :iconricepoison: 
SCORE: SAVE (The Underground Radio)…

Eros:……… *Smirks* We all believed since the very beginning! That Belief…is the very foundation of our power! As long as we hold on, there’s nothing we can’t do! We all believe…what about you?

Nightraid: Yeah… Heh… Heheh… YEAH! WE CAN DO THIS!!! LET’S GO! EROS!!! *Feels a powerful pulse from his chest that wakes Elpida up*

Elpida: NGH!!! RRRGH!!! *Opens his eyes and they glow white once more and he lets out a mighty roar* RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *Spreads his wings out and he flies straight up to Aphrodite through her beam as it still fires*

Aphrodite: WHAT?!

Dream Vania: (NO WAY!!!) *Shocked expression turns into a smile* (He’s still in it! Yes!)

Aphrodite: *Gasps when Elpida makes it up to her and clenches his right claw into a fist and throws a strong punch at her only for it to be stopped by a powerful bubble shield around her* NGH!!!

Nightraid: (A shield?! Figures…)

Eros: (No sweat! We’ll just have to break it!)

Aphrodite: *Flies back from the force of the punch despite the shield taking the impact* Ngh… This isn’t over yet, it seems…

Dream Vania: (Of course… I wouldn’t expect anything less!)

Aphrodite: Hmhmhmhm… You’re right. Neither would I! *Elpida appears before her and continues trying to break her shield* NGH!!!

Elpida: RRRGH!!! *Combines punches, kicks, and fire breath to do damage to her shield, but can’t quite seem to get it to break* Hmmm….

Eros: (Huh, tough shield…)

Nightraid: (Something about this…feels familiar…)

Eros: (Huh?)

Nightraid: (I think I’m forgetting something!)

Aphrodite: *Bursts the shield to create a shockwave and push Elpida back* ENOUGH!!! *Charges another enormous blast and fires* [PSYCHOHEART] IT’S OVER!!!

Elpida: DRRGH!!! NOT! YET!!! *Gets hit as he’s recovering and his whole body begins to glow before he forces his way through the beam itself once more*

Aphrodite: WHAT?!

Dream Vania: (SERIOUSLY?!)

Eros: (Hey, Nightraid! You said you were remembering something! What was it?)

Nightraid: (Do you trust me with this one?)

Eros: (Huh? Yeah, of course!)

Nightraid: (Then leave THIS one to me!)

Eros: (It’s all you, brother! Let ‘er have it!)

Nightraid: (Heheh! Alright! Let’s break that barrier!)

Elpida: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *Roars as he flies right up to Aphrodite and checks her Heart along the way to spot two Hearts within her body, one of them her own, and the other, Dream Vania*

Eros: (Found their Hearts! I know what you’re gonna do next! Get in there and hit ‘em hard!)

Aphrodite: *Increasing the beam’s strength and output…but is still unable to stop Elpida* In…Incredible!

Dream Vania: (Is… Is this a…)

Elpida: *Armor begins to break off as he gets closer and closer before preparing an arrow to launch it straight at the barrier, hitting the spot just over her horn* NOW!!! *Takes his right claw and forms a fist to punch the rest of the arrow right into the weak spot in the barrier* HURRRRAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!


“…D R E A M?!”

SCORE: His Theme (Overtale)…

“Nightraid… Nightraid, please wake up!”

Nightraid: Ngh… *Manages to respond when he hears a familiar, female voice* Wait…that…voice…?!

“I know it looks tough right now…but you have to keep trying! You can’t give up now!”

Nightraid: But… I can’t see… I can’t move…

“I noticed, but even still I know there’s more left in you, my little Angel Dragon!”


“You know there is! Look into your Heart…find that power you have…the power that you and your brother share! You were just using it! You’re surrounded by it! Use your Hope to give you strength and let’s finish what we all started!”

Nightraid:….What we started… *Feels the Hope in his Heart surging through him as energy*

“You’ll never run out of Hope, Nightraid…because you can always remember that someone will always believe in you! I know I do!”

Nightraid:………Love Breeze….

“Don’t ever give up, my child… Protect your Heart and never lose who you are!”

Nightraid: *Hears her voice fading* LOVE BREEZE!!! *Pauses and thinks about why they’re here* ……….

Eros: Even from beyond the grave, she still gives you her Love and Hope…she really believes in you that much!

Nightraid:…….She sacrificed everything…for me…for us…

Eros: It was all to bring this all this! She believed that you’d make all the right choices that led you here… And listen, brother… She’s not the only one…

Nightraid: Huh?! *Hears voices reaching him* …..???

“HEY, KID!!! Get your tail into gear! It ain’t over ‘til the fat mare sings!”

“Yo, can ya granny sing? Heheh! Kiddin’ brudda! C’mon, dawg! Keep yo groove on!”

“You're not seriously gonna let all this go to waste, are ya?! C'mon! If you can beat me, you can beat anyone!”

“I can run numbers all day to calculate your chances of winning, but even the math can’t determine every outcome! Only YOU can!”

Nightraid: Those guys… My uncles and grandpa...

“We’re all counting on you! Make our family proud!”

“Such incredible power…I can feel it from here! There’s no way you can lose now! You can do it, Nightraid!”

Nightraid: Grandma and Great Grandma…

“Heheh… What? You seriously haven’t won yet?! C’mon! You have all the power you need! She’s got nothing on you!”

Nightraid: Dad… *Hears one last voice*

“My son, the time has come for you to awaken and see the world's beauty. Don't worry, I'll be there for you every step of the way.”

Nightraid:......Ever since the beginning... Thank you, Mom...

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.98
He keeps holding on with all his own and the family's Hope! His Heart echoes his memories and their words to give him strength! Time to get back in the game!

This Time, I Mean It!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 16, 2016, 9:36 PM

Here's a little music to help get my point across...

I've been thinking LOOOONG and HAAAARD about this one! I've decided that I'm done with "Fandoms". I honestly feel that any further involvement with fandoms will only remind me more and more of how I truly feel about our species. And I only need to look at News Shows for that...

I finally remembered why I got into certain things. I was never interested in fandoms in the first place. I just wanted to enjoy the content that I was interacting with, whether it was a show to watch, a story to read, or a game to play. I didn't care who liked it. I didn't care who disliked it. I then got into fandoms to share thoughts and ideas with them, hoping to make something out of it... And there was promise...but recently, I've come to a different conclusion.

I see now that I've been wasting my time. I'm getting nowhere. I've seen two sides of fandoms. A side that makes and a side that breaks. The Making Side is where the creative minds work together to make something interesting. The Breaking Side is where everyone argues over the most petty of trivial things... But don't get the wrong idea. It's not because of either of them that I'm doing this...but because of BOTH of them!

People wonder why fandoms on the internet are bad or have bad reputations? It's not because of the source material that they all appreciate. It's not because of the creators of said material... It's not because of any gore or sex that's been added to fandom works, It's because every single fandom has one thing in common. THEY'RE ALL MADE OF HUMANS! I don't hate our species. I love everyone unconditionally... Liking us, on the other hand, is difficult. Wanna know why?

It's because we don't know how to pick our battles. It's because we have nothing better to do with our time than to sit around on our rears, yell at our screens at people who we don't agree with or just make stuff that we either don't make money off of or shouldn't since we don't hold any rights! 

Also DON'T get me started on the "Overrated" or "Underrated" arguments! That's nothing but a crock of crap and you guys know it! Seriously, can't we all just learn to agree to disagree? Live and let live? Do we HAVE to make a conflict out of EVERYTHING?! Oh, wait, that's right, we DO because we're HUMANS!

But look, I'm not judging anyone. That was just an observation. After all, I'm still making content. Though, for how much longer, I'm not sure. If you guys wish to continue doing what you do, go right ahead. 

I guess the point that I'm trying to give is that I don't care anymore. I'm going to take a page from my childhood and just stop caring about other people's opinions. I'm done with the arguments, I'm done with the opinions of others triggering said arguments. I'm done with fans that follow content creators like sheep! It's nothing personal, I just feel that I'll appreciate what I love more once I stop thinking about what I hate. 

If you guys don't want to talk to me after this or even look at any of my stuff or anything like that, I don't mind. I don't blame you. If you do, then go right ahead and message me any way you want. I'm still the same guy who loves to write and talk with friends... I'll still make stories, whether they be made from source material or original, that hasn't changed. I'm not done with THAT yet!

I'm just done with Fandoms entirely. And this time, I mean it!

I guess that's why I don't call myself the "Author Brony" anymore. I think "Count-Author" has a better ring to it anyway. I'm just gonna go back to simply enjoying the content that I like, fanmade or not, and just keep my opinions to myself. It's probably the smartest thing I've ever done. One of them, anyway. 

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SCORE: Land Of Love (Origa)…

Advent lands back down to everyone with the shooting stars around him turning into shining sparkles around him. Everyone sees him return and Aeon has him join them as they all get a front-row seat to the big finale! Aphrodite and Elpida let out their own bright lights of pink and white respectively and look to each other’s eyes while flapping their wings. Elpida clenches his left fist around the bow in the same claw with his right claw glowing. He takes his right claw to create an arrow of light to fire at her directly. He releases it and it ends up firing an entire flurry of arrows instead of just one. Aphrodite, however, merely glares at them and causes a shockwave to blast out from her horn and sends them all away.


Elpida: Huh?! *Takes a deep breath and charges up a shining flame* (Let’s try THIS then!) *Unleashes a torrent of flames that gets scattered when she brings her wings in and waves them back out fiercely* …?!

Aphrodite: My turn… *Eyes glow brightly and she turns the remaining flames and embers into pure plasma and flaps her wings forward to send them all flying at blinding speeds to hit Elpida directly*

Elpida: Nice try! *Does a similar motion with his own wings and they all spread out around him and explode in the sky like fireworks*

Aphrodite: *Grins* I see… Come on then! *Flaps wings about and takes off through the sky* Try to keep up!

Elpida: *Grits his teeth and chuckles* Sounds good to me! *Takes off after her*

Nightraid: (We have her on the run… I think?)

Eros: (Nope, this is a setup! We gotta be careful here!)

Nightraid: (What do you think she’s planning?!)

Eros: (I don’t know! Mom’s never been the predictable type!)

Aphrodite: *Looks back and sees Elpida catching up to her and smirks* Too easy! [STRENGTH OF HEART] *Changes her flight and speeds up to gather up as much kinetic energy as possible before letting out a shockwave of her own energy* NOW!!! [PSYCHOBEAM] *Within her, Dream Vania is performing a dance and kata, moving her front hooves in straight lines, and drawing beams to shoot out from nowhere at Elpida*

Elpida: AGH!!! *Starts dodging frantically* WHOA!!! *Moving out of the way of all the beams that appear as they shoot from several directions and in many patterns…and takes a few hits* RRRGH!!! NOT… NOT GIVING UP!!! *Speeds up and dodges more and more of her beams and he flies straight at Aphrodite*

Aphrodite: [ALMIGHTY LIGHT CAGE] *Looks to all the spots that Elpida is going to go by and directs the next set of beams to fire around there, making Elpida stop short and she manages to catch him in a cage of surrounding beams of light and charges a ball of gathering energy over his head to drop it on him* [PSYCHOBOMB] TRY TO SURVIVE THIS!!! *Finishes charging it and drops it directly on him and it explodes, creating a large and colorful cloud of dust and starlight*……..*Gasps*

Elpida: *Within the center of the nebula, he opens his wings again and roars, showing that he wasn’t hurt…but rather, healed* Hrrrgh… RAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!

Aphrodite: But…how?!

Dream Vania: (He…absorbed it?!)

Aphrodite: I had no idea Eros had developed that much of his abilities to be able to do that! He did a good job of hiding it until just now… It seems that you can absorb starlight now, is that right?

Elpida: Heh…! It’s been that way for a while, Mom! Now I’m done playing around! *Flies after Aphrodite with a brighter aura around him* [PHOTON STARSTORM] *Forms starlight around him to create orbiting bombs that fly down with him and home in on Aphrodite*

Aphrodite: I see… Hmhmhm… I suppose it makes sense… [LOVE'S PROTECTION] *Conjures several Hearts around her to act as shields to cancel out Elpida's Stars and flies towards Elpida and the two titans clash in front of the large planetoid next to them with her hooves in his claws and they both try to push each other back in a power struggle with their Hearts and Stars colliding and exploding like beautiful fireworks* [FATE'S MASTERPIECE] Good to see…that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

Elpida: NGH!!! Heh! We…learned from the best! *Still struggling*

Aphrodite: I can tell…so then…show me what the best has taught you!

Elpida: With pleasure! *Begins gathering energy while still trying to get the upper hand* Hmmm… *Inhales a great amount of the light around them and Aphrodite does the same with her horn and both look to each other’s eyes with Nightraid and Dream Vania exchanging determined nods* RRRRRRGH!!!

Aphrodite: [PSYCHIC HEARTBLAST] *Within her mind, Dream Vania brings her front hooves to her side and cups them to make a bright ball of energy take the shape of a Heart and she thrusts them forward to unleash it, prompting the Ethereal Spirit to blast it from her horn*

Elpida: [SHINING COMET] *Within his mind, Nightraid and Eros nod to each other and Nightraid takes a deep breath in while Eros spreads his wings out, floats upward and has light coming off of him from behind*………*Nightraid breathes out the attack while Eros resonates with him, boosting his output*

They both push off from each other and go straight into a beam struggle from both their Heart-shaped psychic attack and shining white fire breath being guided by a large and bright star. In the center where the Heart and Star meets, a bright explosion goes off, making an even bigger and more vibrant nebula in the sky than the last big bang! Intense roars come from both sides as they both try to overpower each other with neither one showing signs of letting up at all for at least a minute. After the minute passes, Aphrodite’s attack manages to overwhelm Elpida’s, causing the dragon to fly back and get engulfed by the combined blast...but even after that…he still keeps holding on!

Aphrodite: To last this long… Hmhmhm… Color me impressed. You truly HAVE learned well! However… I’m sorry, my son…but this…ENDS NOW!!! *Increases the beam’s power even more, seemingly enough to finish Elpida off*

Elpida: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Light blinds them and Nightraid feels like he’s floating in a void*

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.97
This duel between Mother and Son has become a clash of titans! But Aphrodite is proving to be too much for can't be over yet!
SCORE: Final Power [Full] (Undertale)…

Everyone turns their attention up to Aeon and see him standing in midair. Aeon clears his throat.

Aeon: Greetings. I am here to watch destiny unfold. It is YOUR destinies that I speak of! This is the final phase of this eon-long plan! Are you ready to witness it? *Sees that they are and nods* Hmph… Very good! *Eyes glow with his horn and he projects a giant screen from his large pocket watch* It’s time!

The final battle has become a family reunion. This gives both the two Brothers of Hope and the Mother of Love incredible strength in the form of a colorful surge of energy. The fact that they helped bring them all together like this fills them with Hope, Love, and Determination!

Nightraid:……… *Feels an incredible surge of energy flowing through him* W-WHOA!!!

Dream Vania: *Feels that same surge within Aphrodite* Ahh!!!

Advent: *Sees them as visible beams of light coming from below going into both of their Hearts* Oh… That’s… Heheheh… Their Love and Hope! Uzziel, let’s go meet them!

Aeon: Hmph… Even in the everlasting flow of Time…he never changes…

Eros: Nightraid… We’re gonna have to do this now! The REAL final battle is about to begin!

Nightraid: Really?! *Feels all of his strength maxed out with a strong pulse from his chest* Okay! Mom… We’re ready for you! *Eyes glow white* EROS!!! *Eros appears over him and they both glow bright and enter their fused form, Elpida* RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!



The Heart of Aphrodite changes the entire starry landscape of the Ethereal Plain to have a beautiful yellow and pink shine from above and clouds of nebulas forming around and a massive [PLANET VENUS] appears in the sky with Nightraid coming face to face with the enormous Ethereal Alicorn of Love, whom flaps her wings and firmly looks to Nightraid as he looks back. They both smile and get ready to face off in the [LAND OF LOVE]. Upon transforming into Elpida by fusing with Eros, Nightraid’s form grows to become a giant Ethereal Dragon with stars shining off his body and golden armor and angelic and celestial wings and armed with the [BOW OF EROS] appears to face Aphrodite one on one.  But first, they see Advent already transformed into his Ethereal Spirit, Uzziel.

Aphrodite: You see, my son?

Elpida: Yes… I can feel it…

Aphrodite: *Watching everyone celebrating and enjoying each other’s company and still watching their match* Friendship, Family, Romance, it matters not where it comes from, it is Love! And Love is the Greatest Strength! *Twilight hugging little Exy and Flash is blushing and sweating nervously and everyone is having a good laugh* It gives us strength, as the ones who govern it. It gives strength to others as they feel it themselves. *Milky Way breaking into tears of joy as she looks to the little bug* You gain your power from Hope. That is your benefit to you being made a governor of Hope. For one cannot exist without each other along with Faith.

Uzziel: It is through these Three Eternal Forces that all will become clear and all fears will be put to rest. Through Obedience, there is Victory!

Elpida: Dad…

Uzziel: I won’t be long…. Heheh… Aphrodite… Look how far we’ve come.

Aphrodite: Everything has happened for the right reasons.

Uzziel: When you have the 3 Eternal Forces in your Heart, in the end, there is no wrong reason. Everything that happened lead you to now. You made all the right choices, son. You even beat me and Advent… So come on! Let’s see you overcome the Greatest Strength! I have Faith that you’ll do well! *Disappears and becomes Advent again*

Advent: *Returns to himself* Good luck, Nightraid! Do your best, Dee Vee! I’ll be rooting for both of you! *Jumps back to everyone like a shooting star and with several other shooting stars around him* WHOA!!! OKAY, THIS PLACE IS STILL REALLY COOL!!!

Aphrodite: Hmhmhmhm… Oh, honey…

Dream Vania: *Sighs within Aphrodite* I know, right?

Elpida: *Smirks* Heh…

Nightraid: *Laughing next to Eros within Elpida* Thanks, Dad! Hahahah...!

Eros: Heheheheh!!! Yeah! I think we needed that!

Elpida: *Regains focus when the two brothers do* This is it, Mom! WE’RE ALL READY!!!

Aphrodite: Indeed, we are! This place, our domain, the “Land of Love”, is the part of Ethereal Plain where we are at our most powerful! We have everyone here, cheering us on and giving us both their strength. The time has come for us to use it!

Nightraid: *Looks to Eros and they both nod with confidence* Then give it your all!

Eros: We’re gonna win this!

Elpida: *Nods to Aphrodite* ……

Aphrodite: Then let’s begin… *Opens with a blinding light that engulfs Nightraid's vision and a charging tackle* HAAAAH!!!

Elpida: *Covers his eyes and his own rush attack to meet her in kind* RRAAAAAHHH!!!!

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.96
His Dream was to have a family. Through Determination, the Dream came true! Thinking about why he's here, he feels the empty void in his Heart shrink smaller and smaller until it is completely filled!
SCORE: Fallen Down, Get Back Up [Remix by Jisho23] (Undertale)…

Nightraid: *Covers his eyes when a blinding light appears and engulfs the entire arena* AACK!!! WHAT’S SHE DOING?!

Eros: Brother, you might want to brace yourself!

Nightraid: Why?! What’s going on?! *Looks as the light dissipates to see the sky has changed from black with stars and an aurora to the familiar shining light in a pink void with stars all around them* Eros?!

Eros: She used Grandma’s Star! We’re in the Ethereal Plain!

Nightraid: *Jumps up to see them all still in the arena…but the arena itself is floating in the Ethereal Plain* No way… *Looks up to see something coming down from the light above and he gasps* ….!!!

[A P H R O D I T E]

Aphrodite: *Looks to Nightraid with a stern expression that turns calm and happy* Nicely done, Son… You actually did it… I had my doubts, but I also had my Hopes that you could make it this far! You have not disappointed me… It’s not often that I am given full control like this. Dream Vania has a lot of Faith in you… And your Love for us… Hmhmhmhm…. It seems we’ve been helping each other while fighting all along…

Eros: Yeah… Looks like it, don’t it?

Flash Sentry:……… *Chuckles a bit* Guys….how are ya feeling right about now?

Amp Atom: Like my heart is about to burst from my chest!

Drum Role: My life is flashing before my eyes!

Bass Keys: Whut life?

Drum Role: I heard that! *Sneers and looks back up*

Twilight Sparkle: Asteria… THAT’S what your daughter looks like?!

Asteria: Yes… That is our daughter, Aphrodite. Phosphorus and I conceived and raised her… And after facing her own trials and finding her purpose in life, she obtained this form and became one of the most powerful members of our family.

Milky Way: She’s…beautiful!!!

Eos: And she’s brought us all here. It seems the audience is at a loss of words.

Advent: So she’s going all out now. I wonder how Nightraid is gonna handle this!

Uzziel: We’ll see soon enough. *He and Advent look up to Flash Drive to see Amp Atom as he’s up to something* Hmm?

Amp Atom: Hmhmhmhm…. *Adjusts glasses* Since your daughter has gone to this great length to make this a spectacular grand finale, I suppose now would be the perfect time to unveil my big surprise! BEHOLD!!! [PORTAL OF PROMETHEUS] *Makes a large machine with a control panel, a circular gate, and many lights all over appear*

Nightraid: *Looks down to them and sees what’s going on* What’s this?

Aphrodite: Nightraid… Let’s take this moment…

Nightraid: *Watches the rest of the family gather together at the high platform* How did he get that here so fast?

Aphrodite: He didn’t. I did. As Venus, I pulled a few tricks to get it here inconspicuously. Can you guess how I did it?

Nightraid: Uh… Eros? How DID she do it?!

Eros: Heheh! It’s actually pretty funny! She had a little help. *Shows a projection to Nightraid of what she did and narrates it* This should give you a good clue on just how good our family is at getting a job done! We go to great lengths and do some really roundabout things! Check this out!
As soon as you hit Venus with that last attack, she used her true power to manipulate the flow of energy around us, halting our perceptions and giving her a chance to use the [STAR OF ASTERIA] to teleport all the way over to Amp Atom’s laboratory and bring that machine of his here, used the Star again as a keyhole, focused on it with her [HEART OF APHRODITE] and struck it with the [SPEAR OF PHOSPHORUS].
She did all that in the span of *one* second!

Nightraid:…..?!?!?!? How?!

Eros: Like I said, she had help.

Aphrodite: Tell you what, if you defeat me, I promise to tell you…when you’re older.

Nightraid: Huh?! Uh… Well, alright then! But when should we get back to it?

Aphrodite: Patience, my son. I wish to see how this plays out.

Nightraid: *Looks back down and sees someone coming through the portal…someone…strangely familiar* Wait…that’s…!!!

SCORE: Storyshift. (Undertale AU)…

Chrysalis: *Stepping through the portal and onto the platform with dark blue hair, small glasses, a shade of violet on her back shell, a broad horn, and butterfly wings with hearts on them* Aah, finally! You got a working portal again!

Flash Sentry: Hey, Chryssie! Good to see you made it!

Nightraid: “Chryssie”?! That looks like…!!! *Tenses up*

Eros: She’s NOT who you think she is! Don’t worry, she couldn’t be any more different.

Nightraid: Huh?!

Chrysalis: *Goes to Flash and hugs him* It’s so good to see you again!

Flash Sentry: Eheheh… *Blushing* Good to see you too!

Twilight Sparkle: Welcome to the Ethereal Plain, Chryssie!

Chrysalis: Princess Twilight! *Hugs her too* I missed you both so much!

Twilight Sparkle: *Holding her breath* MMMGH!!! (She’s like Cadence and Pinkie combined! I can barely breathe!)

Flash Sentry: You might wanna loosen up, Chryssie! I think Twilight might be suffocating!

Milky Way: Wait, so THIS is the other mare you told me about?!

Flash Sentry: Well, yeah!

Milky Way: You never showed me a picture of her! I never would have imagined her to be… *Looks at her again* Well…this BEAUTIFUL! *Shakes her hoof* My name is Milky Way!

Chrysalis: Oh, I know! Flash told me so much about you!

Milky Way: Oh really now?

Chrysalis: Don’t worry, they were nothing but good things!

Twilight Sparkle:

Drum Role: Man… Dude, you got a jackpot!

Flash Sentry: What do you mean?

Drum Role: What do you mean, “what do I mean”?! You got both the Princess of Friendship AND the Queen of Love all over ya! It was already enough that your mom and daughter were hot, but both of your mares are just as cool!

Flash Sentry: *Blushing profusely* Yyyyyyyyeah…….. *Sighs* I can’t argue there… But you guys sure do know how to rub it in!

Bass Keys: What’ya talk’n ‘bout? You an’ d’em are da ones doin’ all da rubb’n!

Drum Role: OOOOH!!!!

Flash Sentry: *Turns red* GUUUUUUUUUUYS!!!!

Bass Keys: Heh! An’ d’ey both hot bombshells, brudda!

Drum Role: Yeah, anyhow!

Amp Atom: You should feel quite lucky, Flash!

Advent: She is quite pretty…

Chrysalis: And hello there, boys! You must be friends of theirs!

Amp Atom: Indeed! I am Dr. Amp Atom, Flash Sentry’s technical support and best friend!

Drum Role: I’m Drum Role! I’m the team’s muscle and I’m practically his dad!

Flash Sentry: We TALKED about that, Drum! I’m NOT calling you “Dad”!

Chrysalis: Huh?!

Bass Keys: Long story, babe!

Chrysalis: What, is he seeing Ms. Milky Way?

Bass Keys: Da name’s Bass Keys! Nice ta meet ya!

Chrysalis: It’s a pleasure to meet you too! *Shakes hooves with him*

Advent:…….. *Tries to hide his nervous face* (Uuuugh!!! I thought after Dee Vee and I got married, I’d be done feeling like this!)

Chrysalis: Hello? You seem to have a connection too! What’s your name? *Smiling to Advent*

Advent: *Looks up to her and blushes a bit* Uhmm… My name is… Advent… Advent Playwright…

Chrysalis: You seem a bit skittish. Is something wrong?

Advent: N-No…nothing’s…wrong… I uh… Just reverting to an old…and supposedly “dead” habit… Eheheh…

Aphrodite: Hmhmhmhm… Oh dear…

Nightraid: What’s wrong with Dad?

Aphrodite: Before we met, he had a hard time talking to beautiful mares. He would always get so shy and nervous! It’s been so long that I forgot how adorable he looked when he got like that!

Nightraid: And he only does that when he trusts someone enough, right?

Aphrodite: Now you get it! The one you met before was an enemy. But this one is another one of us.

Chrysalis: So where are we exactly? *Sees that they’re in an arena and when she looks up and sees the starry nebulas in the sky and the Ethereal Spirits surrounding the arena* The Ethereal Plain? I thought the portal was in your world.

Amp Atom: It was, but it was moved to here, apparently, so welcome to here, as it were!

Chrysalis: I see… *Looks up to see the two contestants* And those two?

Twilight Sparkle: They’re the whole reason we’re all here!

Milky Way: It seems they stopped…

Flash Sentry: *Uses his Aura Visor* Nope…they’re still going at it! I can see their power levels rising like crazy… I wonder how that’s happening!

Chrysalis: Who are they exactly?

Flash Sentry: Believe it or not, that’s my daughter, Dream Vania up there with her son, Nightraid! They’re fighting in this big tournament thing and you’re just in time to see them finish it!

Chrysalis: Oh I see and………………… *Stops short to recognize the Ethereal Spirit, Aphrodite* Oh my word… Aphrodite…?! Your daughter is Aphrodite?!

Flash Sentry: Well…technically! *Shrugs*

Chrysalis:…..I always knew your family had to be something very special… I see that I was right! Is it alright that I go to see them up close?

Twilight Sparkle: Well, they’re participating in a duel right now. We’re not really supposed to intrude.

Advent: You all can’t. But I can… Don’t worry. I’ll let them know you’re eager to see them! I’ll be right back! [SUPERJUMP] *Cross on his back glows and he jumps up to them at great speed*UZZIEL!!! *Calls Uzziel to join them*

Chrysalis: *Looks up with eyes wide opened* How did he-?!

Flash Sentry: I stopped bothering to ask that a long time ago. That guy has a knack for making impossible things happen! Like adopt Nightraid up there!

Chrysalis:….!!! That reminds me! Guess what, Flash!

Flash Sentry: Hmm?

Chrysalis: Twilight, Milky Way, you’ll love this too! I recently had a new baby! Flash, she’s yours!

Flash Sentry, Milky Way, & Twilight Sparkle: WHAT?!?!?!

Chrysalis: She’s right here! *Turns around carrying sash and opens the top off the bundle to reveal a cute little baby Changeling* This is “Exoskeleton”, though she’s very playful when she’s awake, so I give her a smaller name; “Exy”.

Flash Sentry:………… *Looks to her, then remembers that name* ………….Wait a sec….. Exy… Exoskeleton… Uh….. *Remembers when he fought a Changeling by that name, who transformed into a female version of himself long ago* Wow…parallel universes, huh? Where’d the name come from?

Chrysalis: I looked into her little eyes and saw her Heart glow! It glowed just like yours with that same noble-yet-sweet light that I saw in yours!

Flash Sentry:…..! *Blushes a little and looks back to the baby as Chrysalis lets him hold her* I’m…sorry I wasn’t there…

Chrysalis: Hmm?

Flash Sentry: I was there for when Moonlit was born from Twilight…and even when Mom gave birth to First Base, I was there to give my hooves and help with the pain. I didn’t know when you were gonna have a baby.

Chrysalis: It was very difficult to keep in touch with everything going on. It’s not your fault, Flash. I’m just glad you finally got to see her! Besides, we have incredible Health Care back home! So no worries about the pain!

Flash Sentry: Well…if you say so! *Smiles to the little one* Our family’s still growing… Heh… *Looks back up to Advent rejoining his wife and son in the sky* That kid… Nightraid… So we did all this for him…and we got something great along the way… *Sees the baby Changeling open her eyes* Huh?

Exy: *Yawns and blinks, looking up* Aah….Aaaaahhhhh….. Uhhh?

Flash Sentry: Heh…heheh…. Hey there, little lady! Who am I?

Exy: I…..I….. Ah…..?

Flash Sentry: *Chuckles* Baby steps, girl. No need to go too fast.

Exoskeleton: (I know who you are, Father.)

Flash Sentry: *Eyes burst opened and his heart feels a sudden halt* Huh?

SCORE: Spookwave (Undertale)…

Exoskeleton: (I want you to know that as long as I’m in this infantile form, I will spend my days plotting my revenge for your absence.)

Flash Sentry: (WHAT?!)

Exoskeleton: *Smiles with her eyes resonating with Flash’s* (Do not worry. I will not kill you. I will merely play with you in my dreams until we get to be together as a REAL family! Thank you for showing me the Ethereal Plain, by the way! Now I know how to stay in your mind while you keep me in your Heart~!) *Lets out a cute giggle*

Flash Sentry: *Eye twitches and his face turns pale* (Uuuuuuummmm????)

Exoskeleton: (What I mean to say is that for every day that I do not see you, I will invade your dreams and play with you like one of my dolls! We’ll have so much fun bonding like father and daughter one way or another! Do you understand me, Father?)

Flash Sentry: (Y-Yes!!!)

Exoskeleton: (Very good! I look forward to our first session!)

Chrysalis: Is something wrong, Flash?

Flash Sentry: Huh?! Nope! Nothing’s wrong…. (I suddenly feel uneasy…)

Exy: Dada…

Flash Sentry: Hmm?!

Exoskeleton: (I love you, “Daddy”!) *Waves and winks*

Flash Sentry: (Er… And uh… Daddy loves you!) *Sweats a little* Okay, Chryssie. Here.

Chrysalis: *Receives Exy* Are you sure nothing’s wrong?

Flash Sentry: Nope! Not at all! Now that Amp’s got the portal running, I’ll get to be there for both of my families!

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, and I’ll be sure to visit whenever I can!

Chrysalis: That’s great to hear!

Milky Way: Pardon me, Queen Chrysalis.

Chrysalis: Oh! Only need to call me Chrysalis or “Chryssie” for short, Mother!

Milky Way: M-Mother?!

Chrysalis: Of course! You’re my “Mother-In-Law”! You can call me whatever you wish!

Milky Way: Oh, why thank you! But…you don’t have to call me “Mother”, dear. Milky Way will do… *Chuckles* Though I wouldn’t mind being called “Mother”… May I see the child? I want a close look!

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, me too!

Flash Sentry: *Takes a deep breath with his bandmates around him* Huuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh….

Drum Role: You okay, dude?

Flash Sentry: I think I just got cursed…

Bass Keys: Da fruit?

Amp Atom: Uh… *Mumbles to himself* I guess I’ll tell him later… *Chuckles* Heheheheh… I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about our clan dying anytime soon, Flash. Now our family has connected two whole worlds! It’s only a matter of time before we’ll be ready to stand together!

Flash Sentry: So Aeon told you about that too?

Amp Atom: The coming battle? Yes… It’s good that we’re expanding now. We need this now more than ever.

Aeon: *Appears in the air and standing on it like solid ground* Greetings, everypony! And Changeling! *Looks up* And Dragon and Ethereal Spirits alike! Your attention is requested!

Nightraid: Huh?! What the-?! Who's that?!

Eros & Aphrodite: AEON?!

Aeon: *Smirks and chuckles calmly* .....

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.95
I normally don't do this sort of thing while a final battle is going on, but what better way to give the combatants their power boost than to pry open the source? 
SCORE: Don’t Give Up (Undertale)…

Dream Vania:……….. *Watching Nightraid enter the arena* (Yes!) *Steps forward from the high platform to look down to him* Son…

Nightraid: *Looking back up* Mom… *Can hear the cheering of his family* Hmm?


Milky Way: YOU CAN DO IT, KIDDO!!!

Advent: *Jumps down from above* Heheh… This will be interesting!

Flash Sentry: *Is already back on stage with his bandmates* It looks like everyone’s ready!


Bass Keys: Yo, I’m hyped, bruddas! Let’s get d’is party started!!!

[D R E A M  V A N I A]
[N I G H T R A I D]

Dream Vania: Before we begin, I just want to express how proud I am… I feel it so much more than I deserve to… You are still so young and yet you’ve gone through much more pain than what you fairly deserve…and I am part to blame for that. I’m very sorry for that. But I can sense a great flame in your Heart that has grown very strong from your perseverance! Is that right?

Nightraid: *Looks up and nods* You bet it is! We came all this way to win and we’re not gonna back down! Everyone we love is watching and I’m not about to let anyone down today!

SCORE: Catharsis (Determination)…

Dream Vania: *Smiles and takes a deep breath* Refreshing to hear… Now then… *Eyes glow yellow and she levitates up a bit with her mane and tail flowing in the wind* It’s time! *Jumps down to the main arena to meet Nightraid* Show me what you’ve learned! *Raises hooves to get into her Ba Gua stance* Give it everything you’ve got!

Nightraid: *Stomps his right foot on the ground and readies his arms in a guarding position and both their portraits appear on several big screens in the arena as well as health bars* Here we go!

Flash Sentry: LET THE FINAL BATTLE BEGIN!!! *Starts playing his guitar to kick the fight off*

Nightraid starts off by spreading his wings and propelling himself forward to meet Dream Vania on her side of the ring and throws the first punch. Dream Vania gathers some energy to her right front hoof and steps into a counter attack that ends up colliding with Nightraid’s first punch. The combined force from both attacks makes a shockwave shoot outward from their epicenter. Dream Vania and Nightraid look into each other’s eyes and can see both of their Hearts igniting as they prepare their next attack. They both deliver fast and precise strikes to each other for the first few and then begin to trade counters. For a little bit, they appear to be unable to land any real hits or even outmaneuver one another.

Dream Vania: I see… You’re able to keep up with me… Very good…but don’t sigh yet! That was merely a warmup! *Stretches and gets back into position with a smirk on her face* Come at me again!

Nightraid: *Takes a few breaths and inhales energy around him to charge up his special attack* [SHINING COMET] *Breathes out a shining white flame* RRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Dream Vania: [FATE’S MASTERPIECE] *Eyes shine a bright yellow again and she raises her front hooves up to catch the plasma bomb at the tip of the torrent and moves it in separate directions to push and redirect the entire blast to fire upward in a back arcing fashion to make it look like a shooting star*

Nightraid: *Looks up and back to Dream Vania as she stands and glares at him* How…did you…?!

Dream Vania: You can do it too, you know… As you work, the nature of fate creates a new image… In this case, understanding how to move anything to my will is imperative to me so that I can contribute to the creation of masterpieces! [WILL OF THE HEART] *Moves her front hooves to draw a Heart in front of her and a bright, pink, ethereal Heart appears behind her* TAKE THIS!!! *Thrusts her front hooves forward to unleash a beam of energy from her chest and directed to and fired off from said hooves*

Nightraid: AAAAH!!!! *Starts dodging her lasers, projectiles, and energy blades coming from her front hooves…yeah* HOLY-!!! How are you-?! AAAH!!! DOING?!?! THAT?!?!

Dream Vania: [DREAMCALIBUR] *Persistently attacking* You can’t keep dodging forever, son! *Creates dual blades and starts slashing at him and leaving starry-pink trails behind the slash of the blades* FIGHT BACK!!! *Vertical slash downwards*

Nightraid: *Narrowly avoids that last hit and recovers* Huff…huff… (I can’t just attack directly… She’ll just guard and take me down! I tried hitting her from afar and that didn’t work either! What do I do?!) *Flies down and gets forced down to the ground and he hits it hard* AAAAAAAHHH!!! UFFF!!! W-What?!

Dream Vania: *Holding her hoof out and then lifts it up to make Nightraid rise from afar and then back down to slam him down and then inward to make him fly to her* Didn’t see THIS coming, did you?! *Slams him around a bit and then she catches him and throws him up into the sky and then brings him back to the ground with a downward thrust of her front hooves*

Nightraid: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! *Covers his eyes but stops when he feels that he’s on something…warm and bright…he opens his eyes and sees that he’s on Eros’ back* E-Eros?!

Eros: Not calling it quits just yet!

Nightraid:…….Heh! Yeah! We never do! *Gets off Eros and they both look back up to Dream Vania as she descends back to the ground*

Dream Vania: So your brother has been helping you through the tournament as well? I suppose it’s fair. I earned my position with help as well. *Shrugs and shakes her head with a subtle grin* So then… If you’re going to fight together with Eros…then please… Muster up all the strength you have in your Heart and hit me! The next hit you deliver will determine the outcome of this fight! *Stands her ground and turns her coat crystal with her eyes glowing and a gathering of energy begins to fill a light in her chest*

Nightraid: Wh-What’s she doing now?!

Eros: It looks like… She’s giving you a free hit!

Nightraid: What?! Isn’t that just an obvious trap?

Eros: Well duh, yeah, it is! But…she’s not going to do anything else until you hit her! And she wants you to hit with everything you’ve got in one punch!

Nightraid: So she wants to trap me by taking a hit from me? That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

Eros: *Shrugs* You were warned that your family was weird. Just give your best shot! It’s the only way to advance this! Besides, what do we got to lose?!

Nightraid: Good point… *Deep breath* Alright! *Looks to Dream Vania and takes a stance to focus his energy into his right fist* HRRRRRRGH!!!

Both Nightraid and Dream Vania stare each other down and gather as much energy that they can, shaking up the entire arena in the process. After a moment of focusing, Nightraid decides to advance the plot and delivers a powerful punch straight to Dream Vania’s face…and it cracks, letting light out from the expanding cracks! Tiny shards are chipping off her crystal coat and the mare is covering her face.

Dream Vania: AAAGH!!! Ngh… Tch…. Huff…huff…hmhmhmhmhmhm…. *Grins and chuckles* Heheheheheh…. So much passion in that strike…at last, you’re showing me your true colors… *Speaks in a slightly deeper voice* They are…beautiful… [TRUE BEAUTY] *The rest of her body’s coat cracks up and she floats into the air*

Milky Way: WHAT IN THE-?!

Twilight Sparkle: IS SHE-?!


Wings spread out from Dream Vania’s body and the light causes her crystal shell to explode out and a light-pink mare with shining-white angelic wings, long and flowing light-blue hair, green eyes, golden horseshoes, hair bands, and sleeves, and topped off with a halo over her head. The mare seems familiar to Nightraid and Eros.

Nightraid: What…?! Who…?!

Eros: Mom… She’s merged with her! That’s their Fusion Form…!

[V E N U S]

Venus: This means…that I can use my full power without worry! *Stretches and takes a deep breath* Hmhmhmhm… Finally…I can cut loose… I can have some fun! And all good mothers should spend quality time with their children! *Wings spread and she flies at them incredibly fast with a colorful trail of afterimages appearing behind her* So then… It’s time to play!

The audience of mares and stallions see the champion’s transformation and when the light dims enough for them to get better visual, their jaws drop. The stallions go gaga over Venus, much to the dismay of the mares…who look at their stallion mates with annoyed glares. Flash even looks at this and sweats a little, remembering that he’s supposed to be her “father”. Drum Role laughs hysterically at the look on Flash’s face, saying “SEE, DUDE?! I told ya your family was hot!” Flash can’t even say anything… Twilight and Milky Way also wear surprised looks until they see her about to attack her challenger. Nightraid jumps up to the sky to avoid her first incoming attack before she flies up to pursue him.

Advent: *Sighing and shrugging* Dee Vee… You’re stealing Hearts again… *Sees the looks on everyone’s faces and chuckles* Heheheh… Poor schmucks…

Nightraid: Uh… Eros?! Any advice for this?!

Eros: Try to keep her in one place long enough so I can find a weakness! You go in from up close and I’ll shoot her from a distance! *Conjuring his bow as he says so* Good luck, brother!

Nightraid: *Takes a deep breath* Alright! BRING IT ON, MOM!!!

Venus’ new attacks include offensive strikes with light emanating from her front hooves that she can either jab or slash with, increased speed and flight, creating flashes of light to teleport around the arena, and her new special attack where she essentially splits the entire arena in half and pulls it apart and brings it back together. Nightraid notices how much faster she’s gotten and realizes that dodging her has now become almost impossible since not only is she able to track his movements and follow them, but now she can effortlessly keep up. Nightraid and Eros decide to act as a double team to outmaneuver her and gain the upper hand. Eventually, Eros manages to get a proper scan of Venus’ Heart…

Eros: Alright! Got her! Heheh… You’re gonna love this, bro! Remember what I told you before about knowing the right path?

Nightraid: Is this the setup for another joke?

Eros: Nope! This is legit! Turns out we’re already on the right track!

Nightraid: What do you mean?

Eros: I mean that what we’re doing right now is exactly what we need to do to win! *Sends a telepathic message* (She may be a master of reading Hearts, but even SHE has a hard time dealing with two tough opponents at once!)

Nightraid: (OH! I get it! So you think we should just attack at once?!)

Eros: (I think we should stop thinking and just do it already since I just remembered that-!)

Venus: (That I can still hear you? Yes!) *Appears right in front of Eros* If you have something to say, son… *Brings her front hooves together and attacks Eros, who puts up a shield* SAY IT TO MY FACE!!!

Eros: AAAGH!!! *Tries to block her attack, but gets pushed back rather far* WHAAAHAA!!! OKAY!!! TIME TO FIGHT BACK! NIGHTRAID, LET’S GO!!! *Nightraid appears behind Venus and tries to breathe fire only for her to dodge it and it ends up flying at him instead* AAAH!!! *Dodges* (Okay, no time for strategizing!)

Nightraid: No worries! *Flies directly at Venus and readies his first punch again*

Venus: *Raises eyebrow* Seriously? Haven’t you learned anything yet? *Readies to counter it…but then sees Nightraid gone* What?!

Nightraid: *Appears from below and uppercuts her, breaking through her defense* HAAAAAAH!!! *Knocks her upwards and tries a combination of hits, successfully doing some damage before she starts attacking back before he backs up* Nice try! EROS! NOW!!! [GIGA ARROW] *A rain of arrows fall on Venus from Eros’ bow*

Venus: *Looks up and her eyes glow bright yellow before she redirects them all to fire at Nightraid* Hmm… Now we’re getting to the fun! [RENDING LIGHT] *Slashes away with the light from her hooves to form flying blades of light and launches them all out as projectiles towards both brothers*

Eros: *Quickly flies to Nightraid’s place and holds up a shield* Bro! Head over to the other side!

Nightraid: Good thinking! *Waits for his chance when Venus stops launching projectiles at them* NOW!!! *Eros fires a flurry of arrows at Venus from one side and Nightraid charges and unleashes a bright white torrent of flames* RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Venus: *Looks to both of them and folds her wings as they both come in like walls* RRRGH!!! *Spreads wings back out* HAAAAAAH!!!! [SERAPHIC WING] *Deflects the arrows and flames outward with a bright shockwave coming from her* You’re going to have to do better than that! *Looks up to Eros* Huh?!

Eros: That’s the plan! *Winds up and points down to Venus and redirects all of the projectiles around him to fire back at Venus from all sides with Nightraid doing the same with his side from below*

Venus: HUH?! *Starts dodging and guarding each of the projectiles as they come in quickly and frantically* HAAAH!?!? *Sees Eros charging in from one angle and suddenly-* AAAAAH!!!! *Takes a hit from another angle by Nightraid* NGH!!! (What?!) *Nightraid zips back up to her and continues his attack until she manages to grab and throw him upwards* Nice TRY!!! *Gets hit by a few more projectiles and starts evading them again* How many-?! *Gets hit by Eros from behind* AAHH!!!

Eros: RRRGH!!! *Tackling and bringing them both to the ground where Nightraid rushes over the arena and gets into position for a fiery rising uppercut*

Venus: Ngh! Don’t think it’ll be THAT easy! *Grabs Eros and spins around making Eros the target instead*

Eros: AAAH!!!

Nightraid: EROS!!!

Venus: Sorry, boys! You’ll have to do better than that!

Eros: (NO! Don’t stop the attack! Go through with it! I’m alright!) *Grins and vanishes into Nightraid*

Nightraid: *Goes through the dust and light that Eros leaves behind and flies up at top speed towards Venus with his fiery fist combined with ethereal dust* ALRIGHT THIS IS IT!!! *Entire body is enveloped by an aura of starlight* [SHOOTING STAR] RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Venus: *Checks Nightraid’s Heart to realize that she can’t dodge or redirect this attack…she folds her wings and makes her entire body glow a bright pink* At last… You use this power… [HEART ATTACK] *Spreads wings out and she draws a Heart with her front hooves in front of her before she dives through it downward to Nightraid with her glow creating a surrounding aura to match Nightraid’s* I Hope you can defeat me with it...but I’m not going to just stand and take it, Nightraid! *They collide their attacks and enter a power struggle with their auras letting off a radiant glow*

Nightraid: I…KNOW!!! *Struggles harshly against her* But I’m not giving up…until I DO defeat you!!! *Looks to her eyes through the sparking auras and shockwaves of energy* Because… I promised!

Venus: *Still managing to hold him back, she looks back to him with softer eyes* Sweetie… Thank you… *Their surroundings turn to a pink background for a moment with light shining through the top* Even after all this…all the heartache that you went through because of us…because of me…

Nightraid:….?! *Looks around and then in front of him with Venus looking to him with a gentle smile* Um? What’s this…?

Venus: It means so much to me… It says a lot about you as well…to go this far just for me…

Nightraid: Well... You’re welcome! I’d go through Tartarus and back for you! I Love you, Mom!

Advent: *Hears this and pauses…then chuckles* Heh…heheh… I don’t know if I deserve to be called your “Dad”… But you sure do deserve to be called my “Son”!

Venus: *Tears up and sniffs with a happy sigh* Nightraid… You belong in this family… *Eyes glow once more* [TRUE LOVE ~ FAMILY] *Entire body glows and a light flashes them both back to the fight in the arena* NGH!!!

Nightraid: *Putting in a little more effort* RRRRRGH!!!

Venus:……!!!! *Shocked expression…turns to a smile* So it’s come to this…… *Lets up on her attack and Nightraid hits her directly in the torso and shoots up past her into the sky* …….!!!! *Looks up and gazes in awe to see Nightraid shining like a star in the sky and smiles* Among the stars… Yes… Nightraid… You… The Egg of Destiny… The Dragon of the Stars… And Eros… It’s all become clear now… *Closes her eyes with her proud smile* [TRANSCEND] APHRODITE!!!!!

SCORE: The Choice (Undertale)…

Flash Sentry: “Elpida”, huh? Heh…not bad. You’ve already learned how to merge with your Ethereal Spirit… Nice work, boys! *Puts the unconscious filly down*

Nightraid: *Separates from Elpida and Eros follows him, leaving the body to disappear* Hey, Grandpa! *Lands down in the center circle on the bottom floor* What are you doing here?

Flash Sentry:…..Something that I finally caught up to… I’m sorry I didn’t realize this sooner… You see…this filly…

Nightraid: Huh? Wait… Is that Styx?

Flash Sentry: The mortal she was attached to… *Looks down to her and checks her neck for a pulse……..and feels nothing, prompting him to shake his head* She’s gone…

Nightraid: Gone?! You mean we…

Flash Sentry: Calm down. You did what you had to… And don’t worry about the guilt either…she’s been gone for a long time from what I can tell… Styx was carrying all of what was left of her…I’ve seen this before…

Nightraid: Wait. I’m confused! Who is this girl and how do you know her?

Flash Sentry:……..It’s complicated… Let’s just say a LOT of mistakes were made where she came from and she got the most unfortunate-!

Eros: End of the “Styx”?!

Flash Sentry:…………………………


Eros: Yeah, sorry. That sounded way better in my head…

Flash Sentry: *Sighs* Either way…your fight with her is done. All that’s left is to finish what you started! Don’t keep everyone waiting!

Nightraid: Well…okay! *Turns to the stairs* Thanks, Grandpa! Let’s go, Eros!

Eros: Right behind you! *Flies and races with Nightraid up the stairs*

Flash Sentry: *Calls up someone on his MAGICOM* This is Flash Sentry! Yeah, she’s…secured…she’s dead… Yeah… I know… No, I didn’t kill her…in fact, I didn’t even get the chance to fight her… It was my grandsons who defeated her… Oh, whoops! I forgot to tell you that we have a new member of the family now! Yeah, well… Either way, I’ll see you soon…hopefully… I’m still counting on Amp to finish that portal machine. Yeah… I will right away. I love you too, Chryssie… Bye! *Hangs up and looks back down to the lifeless pony* I'm sorry...

Nightraid: *Running up the stairs with Eros* Hey, Eros… Who was that filly? She looked…kind of familiar…

Eros: She had a name once…but she discarded it… It should be obvious to you by now.


Eros: Yeah… Whatever happened to her…well…she’ll have to answer for it herself…  Any other questions?

Nightraid: Just one more. What exactly happened back there?! We…transformed or something?!

Eros: Oh! That was Fusion! Elpida came from both of us! Remember what our uncles told us about being true to our own Hearts and synchronizing them with our power? Well, to put it best, you put all your Hope in me and we established our ability to combine our powers together! It’s something we’re able to do!

Nightraid: Dad did that too…and Grandpa mentioned it as if he’s known about it… So can he do it too?

Eros: I haven’t seen it, but it’s likely that he can. And before you ask, yeah…Mom can too.


Eros: Come on. We have to keep going. We’re almost to the top… *They make it up to the top of the staircase and look to a door that leads out to the tower’s spire* Whoa…

SCORE: Goodnight (Undertale)…

Nightraid: *Looks around and sees the clouds below them and the stars in the sky above* How high up are we?!

Eros: I’d say…the stratosphere! We’re literally on top of the world! *Looks to the other side of the tower* But look over there! *Shows a gravity-defying colosseum off in the distance with a fancy display of stars and golden railings forming an extremely long bridge leading up to it* You see that?

Nightraid: Yeah… That’s where we’re going, isn’t it?

Eros: Yup… No going back now! Are you ready?

Nightraid: I’ve been for a long time! Let’s go!

The two brothers run and fly over the bridge in the sky, hurrying over the clouds and watching the stars move by with some of them shooting through the darkening sky. As they get closer, they see some colorful lights stream through air above them in an aurora. They look up and are amazed by the site while still running towards the stadium. When they finally make it, they can hear the roar of the crowd. Eros disappears into Nightraid’s body and he enters the colosseum entrance and approaches the center arena. An indescribable pounding in his chest stops him short. He can feel it…the end of his journey has finally come… With one final deep breath, he steps into the light of the arena out from the dark hallway.

SCORE: Final Power [Full] (Undertale)…

“Thank you, brother…for putting your trust…your Hope…in me! Let’s take her on together!”

All the weapons charge in at once, but get stopped by a mighty shield of light. Nightraid thinks about what they’re doing here and why and memories begin to flood into his mind. These were memories of his own past as well as Eros’. He remembers the story of the Ethereal Spirits and their plan. Their Hearts become in perfect sync with each other and merge into one. The result comes out of the light that shines from above and onto Styx in the form of a large, starlight-cladded, angelic dragon. The dragon looks down at Styx and opens his eyes. Styx glares up at it in a mix of shock, horror, and pure rage. The dragon folds his wings and then spreads them out as he gives a roar of his Transcended Form’s name…..

[E L P I D A]

Styx: You… YOOOOOUUUUU!!!!

Elpida: STYX!!! It’s time to end this! *Eyes glow brightly and he separates the light behind him to become concentrated beams that he fires down on her and making them explode on impact* [PHOTON STARSTORM]

Styx: AAGH!!! GYAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! RRRGH!!! WHY YOU!!! *Forms a spear out of dark energy and launches it at him, followed by many more* [CRUEL AND UNUSUAL]

Elpida: *Sees the spears coming up to him and makes a shield* [HOLDING ON] RRRGH!!!

Styx: *Sees that her attack had no effect and gets even more furious* RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!! I WILL TEAR YOUR SOULS TO SHREDS!!! [UTTER MADNESS] *Launches out several chains that Elpida flies through* YOU WON’T DEFEAT ME! YOU *CAN’T* DEFEAT ME!!! I WON’T LET APHRODITE HAVE HER WAY!!!  [OUTBURST] *Conjures several bombs in the air*

Elpida: [GOING FORWARD] *Shield fades and he zips ahead into a field of dark energy bombs that move in a pattern and giving him little time to navigate through her maze before they all detonated at once*

Styx: STOP IT!!! STOP IT NOW!!! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! KNOWING THAT YOU’RE STILL ALIVE IS MAKING MY HEADACHE WORSE BY THE SECOND!!! JUST DIE ALREADY!!! [DESPERATION] *Makes a maze of spikes appear that Elpida narrowly navigates through, scratched up, but still okay* YOU…. YOU!!!

Elpida: [VIGOR AND VALOR] *Feels a powerful pulse in his Heart and increases his strength and speed tenfold* RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *Closes in on Styx*

Styx: [BRINK OF DESPAIR] *Begins to glow a bright green aura* AAAAAAAGH!!!! I… I JUST WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND!!! I JUST WANT  S O M E O N E  TO UNDERSTAND!!! *Tears begin to build up* WHY?! WHY WON’T YOU?!?!

Nightraid: *Listening to this from within Elpida* Huh? Hey, Eros, did you hear that?

Eros: Yeah, I did…but…

Y O U  F R E A K S  D O  N O T  D E S E R V E  T O  B E  H A P P Y!!!
“W H E R E  W E R E  Y O U  W H E N  I  N E E D E D  Y O U?!?!?!? [COGNITIVE DISSONANCE] *Her aura turns yellow and she launches several chains at Elpida and many large bombs to trap him and keep him held down for the fireworks*[FINAL LEASH] *Aura turns red and she focuses straight to his Heart and catches him* GOT YOU!!! WHERE IS YOUR HOPE NOW?! [PSYCHO TRIGGER] *Eyes resonate with her horn and she sets off the explosion* DIE!!!

Elpida: WHOA!!! *Gets caught and takes damage from the explosion* GAAAACK!!!

Nightraid: (AAAAGH!!!)

Eros: (Okay, that hurt… But we gotta keep holding on! Come on, brother!)

Nightraid: (Ngh… Yeah! We didn’t come this far just to fail!)

SCORE: Final Power [Reversed] (Undertale)…

Elpida: [TRUE HOPE] *Eyes open and shine with a flash of light emitting from his wings following and pushing back the force of the explosions and all of the chains and spikes around them*

Styx: AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! *Sees him looking at her* NO! GO AWAY!!! STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! JUST!!!
JUST D I I I I I I I I E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! [TRUE HATRED] *Lets out a haunting scream and her aura shatters, sending out a shockwave that doesn’t phase Elpida much at all and then is followed by her making glyphs all over the place like mad and it summons every attack she has at once*

Elpida: *Flies forward and conjures his bow and takes a deep breath to charge up his final attack* Here we go… *Speeds up to get closer to Styx while quickly dodging all of her incoming projectiles* RRRRGH!!! You’re not getting away!

Styx: NGH!!!


Eros: THIS IS IT!!! *Elpida raises his arms up to ready his fully-charged arrow*

Nightraid: IT’S OVER, STYX!!! *Elpida takes aim and locks onto Styx’s Heart*

Styx: Then... THEN... D O  Y O U R  W O R S T!!!

Nightraid, Eros, & Elpida: TAKE THIS! [SUPERNOVA] *Fires off the arrow of light first and then unleashes his torrent of starry flames to turn the single arrow into a massive beam of light that engulfs Styx*
L I G H T  T H E  F L A M E S  O  F  H O P E!!!

Styx: *Screams in agony from the mighty light* EEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *Burns in the light*
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Entire body bursts into flames and begins to fade while turning white and something…a pale-pink filly with dull green hair, several scars, burn marks, and wearing chains on her comes out of it as it fades with a bolt of lightning diving down to catch her, turning out to be Flash Sentry*

Elpida: Huh?!

Eros: Is that...?

Nightraid: Grandpa?!

Flash Sentry: *Holding and looking down to the mare and then back up to Elpida* ………

SCORE: Megalo Strikes Back (Toby Fox)…

Nightraid and Eros run into the base of the tower and look to see a circle in the center of the floor with stars and moonlight shining down on a picture showing a mural of a duel between two dragons, one white while the other black,  with a clock face with a 13th Hour, a Heart, a Cross, and a Star on it. The two brothers wonder what it’s about but hurry up the stairs of the tower… As they progress up for a bit…all of a sudden, a giant chain falls from the shadows above and pierces the ground, followed by several others. The two brothers are confused as to what is going on for a moment until Eros remembers where they’ve seen this before…

Eros: Oh no… STYX! *Looks up while in midair while Nightraid is standing on the stairs*

Styx: *Comes from out of the shadows and appears as terrifying, charred, and vicious as ever* EEEYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!! *Dangles as if being hanged by her own chains* HHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *Looks down on them and her slit pupils focus in on them and shrink with pure rage* YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING A LOOOOOOONG TIME FOR THIS!!!

Nightraid: Don’t tell me YOU’RE one of Mom’s tests too!


Nightraid: Why you-!

Eros: Don’t mind her, Nightraid! Just keep going! Leave her to me!

Nightraid: But…!

Eros: Just do it! I’ll cover you! GO! NOW!!!

Nightraid: Uh… Okay! *Runs up a few steps but gets stopped by a fence of chains stops him and several chain spears appear from the floors and walls* AAAH!!! WHOA!!! EROS!!!


Styx: WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING ANYWHERE?! I’M NOT FINISHED!!! I’m here to finish what I started! I TOLD APHRODITE I’D COME BACK!!! AND NOW I’M KEEPING MY PROMISE!!! I’M GOING TO KILL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!!! *Summons more chains and slashes at them with energy beams being guided by her mind* DIE! DIE!!! D I I I I I I E E E E E E E E E E!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eros: *Dodges her incoming attacks and flies in to get Nightraid out of her trap* I got ya, brother! Just keep running to the top of the tower! I’ll hold her off! Once we’re both at the top, we’ll finish this together!

Nightraid: Sounds good to me! BET YOU CAN’T CATCH ME, STYX!!!




Eros: Heh! He’s gotten confident! Hopefully not cocky! *Shrugs and forms his next arrow* This is our last dance, Styx! After this, you and my mother will have NOTHING to do with each other! So come on! Muster up every last bit of Hatred you have! Give me your best shot! WE’LL STILL BEAT YOU!!! HERE WE GO!!!

The two brothers engage Styx in combat with Eros taking flight and covering Nightraid while he runs up the spiraling stair case. Styx is fully enraged and launches many dark energy bombs magic chains and spears at them to jut from the stairs and walls or fly as projectiles. She strikes at them both with her hooves and wings like swatting bugs but this attack can be avoided with proper dodging and countering with arrows and flames. She also has trap cages that form around them and try to crush them that they need to dodge before they fully materialize. Styx also attacks the stairs directly to slow Nightraid down. Styx has something to say for every time she takes enough damage and changes up her attacks and gets angrier and angrier as the battle progresses.

“YOU I D I O T S!!!”















Styx’s attacks become faster, more frantic and more destructive as they go up. Styx herself, however, also changes to look more rotten, darker, and more terrifying, almost looking like a giant, hanging corpse, surrounded in chains. Eventually, Styx becomes so overwhelmed with Hatred that her whole body begins to convulse and she lets out a haunting scream that echoes through the tower. Nightraid is getting closer to the top and Styx has had enough of the two brothers. She sends a surge of dark energy through the walls and floors of the tower and makes spikes, spears, cages and blades appear everywhere and start attempting to kill them both. In the final stretch, Nightraid rushes up a tunnel of dark energy bombs that fly at him and explode…but narrowly miss! Nightraid makes it to the top.

Nightraid: BROTHER!!!

Eros: *Sees Nightraid make it to the top of the spiral staircase and smiles* HA HA!!! YES!!! You did it, bro! *Glows brightly and Nightraid resonates with him and several surrounding attacks aim towards him* Uh… NIGHTRAID! COME ON!!!

Nightraid: *Leaps and flies at Eros* WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!

Eros: *Looks around* Do you trust me?!

Nightraid: Yes! I do!

Eros: Then… It’s time! (I’ve never really done this before, but it’s the best thing I can think of! Nightraid…let your Heart synchronize with mine and say my name.)

Nightraid: (Okay…) *Takes a deep breath as the attacks reel back before all being launched at the same time to impale them from all sides* EROS!!!

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.91
Fun Fact! I actually gave myself a nightmare while imagining what Styx would look like in this scenario. Believe it or not, it was quite terrifying!
SCORE: Wrath and Cowardice (Determination)…

Grand Cross: I am the result of Advent’s mortal body adapting and synchronizing to his Ethereal Spirit, Uzziel! I am known as…
[G R A N D  C R O S S]!
*His giant glowing Cross appears over background, towering over the setting sun and shining with it*

Eros: Wow! I’ve never been so scared-yet-thrilled in all my life! Heheheh… Nightraid, we had better do something or this might not be pretty!

Nightraid: What do we do?!

Grand Cross: Simple… DEFEND YOURSELF!!! *Takes off towards them at a blurry speed* HAAAAAH!!!!

Nightraid: HOLY-!!!

Eros: MOVE!!! *Moves both of them to a safer spot while Grand Cross catches up and intercepts them both, knocking them to the mountain with a heated fire beneath them* AAAAHHHH!!!! OOOFFF!!!

Nightraid: Ngh… Eros?! Are you alright?!

Eros:……Hrgh….Ouch… Man, he hits hard…

Nightraid: Eros?! *Looks back and sees him flying down to land* AAH!!! We gotta do something or…

Eros: I know! But what?! *Recovers and they dodge his next melee attack* He moves too fast for me to check him for a weakness! And he’s too fast for you to fight back!

Nightraid: Man, just like Grandpa!

Eros: Well, Grandpa may be faster, but Dad has more strength and better reflexes! Comparing the two doesn’t really seem like the best use of our time, though.

Nightraid: Then what do we do?!

Eros: *Thinks for a moment with Grand Cross coming at them again* Ugh………. OH! I got it! *Nightraid instantly gets it and takes a stance to counter him* Yes!

Grand Cross: HERE I COME!!! *Attempts to attack, but gets guarded, redirected, and thrown to the ground with a mighty impact* AAAAAAGH!!! Ngh… Huh… The [COUNTER THROW], huh?! Not bad… Just like your mother… *Wings resonate and he flies after them and stops short to fight hoof-to-claw* SEIYAAAAHHH!!!!

Grand Cross has several moves for both close and ranged combat in both land and air including all of Advent’s sub-weapons such as Throwing Knives, Axes, Holy Water, Crosses, and Reflecting Stones. His close combat includes forms of Shotokan Karate, his Grappling Hook that he can use to grapple onto debris or the mountain for ball/chain-like weapons or maneuverability or to catch Nightraid and reel him in like a fishing hook, his cane that can slash or smash through any debris and hits incredibly hard. Finally, there are his [ITEM CRASHES], his “Special Moves”. Once he reaches a low enough point in his “HP”, he decides to start using them.

Nightraid and Eros work together by separating and attacking 2 VS 1 to counter Advent’s strategy of fusing with his Ethereal Spirit. Through great effort of battling Grand Cross, they manage last long enough into the fight where he starts to tire out and slow down. At this point, he breaks out his Special Moves. [SILVER SWARM] He throws a flurry of blades; [COLOSSAL AXE] He calls upon a giant axe to appear for him to slash down with and flip into the air to come down for a falling slash; [MIRROR GLARE] He takes a Reflecting Stone and gathers light into it and concentrates it into a laser; [HYDRO STORM] He summons a maelstrom of Holy Water that burns to the touch; [HOLY FIRE] He drinks the Holy Water itself straight from the bottle and ignites his body in blue flames and breathes out a torrent of the blue flames at Nightraid, which hurts considerably more than regular fire; & [HOLY CROSS] His ultimate attack where he flies up to the shining Cross in the sky and unleashes a powerful beam of light onto the arena for massive damage. In the end, the only thing left they can do is outlast him until the end.

Imagine it as you will. Once the last hit is delivered, Grand Cross lands in the wall next to the front door of the tower. Nightraid and Eros land in front of him and he starts chuckling a bit…then begins to laugh. As he laughs, Grand Cross turns back into Advent, who is laughing, himself. He breaks out of the dent in the wall and falls to the ground. Nightraid and Eros rush to catch him. They let their dad down gently and he takes a moment to breathe while still chuckling. The two brothers are slightly confused as to why he’s laughing so much, but they start chuckling a bit themselves before Nightraid asks what he’s finding so funny. Advent gets back up, lights an incense bottle, and pulls out a bag of peanuts and invites them.

SCORE: Dogsong [Dual Mix] (Undertale/Determination)…

Advent: You did good, boys! Both of you did very good! Heheheh… That’s why… Hmhmhmhm… I’m very proud of both of you! Heheheh… Heheheheheheheh…. And that was one of the best matches I’ve ever had in my life! You really are a lot like your mom! *Offers Nightraid some nuts and he sits down to join*

Eros: Are you going to be alright?

Nightraid: I’m sorry if I hurt you too bad!

Advent: Don’t worry, boys! Your old stallion isn’t going anywhere… At least not for a bit… I’m kind of tired. You two go on ahead in. I’m just gonna rest and meditate for now. You’ve passed judgment, you’ve beaten me, and now there’s only one thing left to do! Go up this tower and finish what you started! We’re all counting on ya, kids!

Nightraid: Thanks, Dad… We love you.

Advent: Heheh! I love you too, sons! Now get going. I’ll be praying for you!

Eros: *Nods* Ready, Nightraid?

Nightraid: Yeah! Let’s go! *They both run to the tower’s front door and it ominously opens by itself* Whoa… *Looking into the darkness of the tower’s entrance* Hmm…

Eros: You’re not about to tell me you’re scared now, are ya?

Nightraid: What?! No! Of course not! That was just a…little startling. *Takes a deep breath and they head in* Here we go!

SCORE: The Choice (Undertale)…

Advent grins to his two sons and they look to him curiously. They haven’t the slightest clue as to why he’s here or why he’s smiling. As soon as they ask, he starts chuckling before he finally stops to tell them.

Advent: Alright, settle down, boys. I’m here for…well…something I never thought I’d live long enough to do… I want to make sure that you’re truly ready for what’s coming very soon. You’re about to face your mother…the strongest out of all of us…the living embodiment of Love itself…


Advent: Hope…Faith…Love… Do you get it now? We were entrusted with the abilities, tools, and responsibilities to see the end of these trials. You’ve even seen the Ethereal Plain...and when that happens, that’s when those who see it understand what they need to do…what they must become… Do you understand your role?

Nightraid:……Hope…. Is that…what I have to become?

Advent: Don’t ask me. Look into your own Heart for that answer. Take a moment to think about it.



Nightraid:….!!! It…it is… All of this… This mountain, this family, everything… Everything that I dealt with…every fight I faced…every moment I spent trying to survive…every moment that I wanted to give up… Eros kept telling me to keep going and to keep holding on! Is that…what Hope is?

Advent: Hmhmhm… Hope is something that is in all of us. Friendship, Justice, Love, Hope, Faith, etc. Everything that the Ethereal Spirits govern exists within all of us. They are the ones that keep all these things in order while we are the ones who keep them alive. Your mother is Love…I am Faith…and you…?

Nightraid: I’m Hope…

Advent: In all your trials and your moments where you wanted to fall into Despair, you still held on…after all, that’s why you’re still here…that’s why we’re having this conversation…here and now…

Nightraid: Dad…

Advent: Heheheh… You’ve been growing stronger over these past few months, learning more of the aspects of our family and what we represent. Together, with your Ethereal Spirit and brother, you’ve made it through a lot and took your “never-give-up” attitude far into this journey of yours. You did everything you were supposed to do… Now, it’s time to see if you’re ready to take her on… *Opens his eyes and golden crosses appear in them* And the only way to do that…

SCORE: Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans [Dual Mix](Undertale/Determination)…

Nightraid: Huh?! Dad, what are you doing?!

Advent: *Rushes at the two brothers and pulls out his cane* TAKE THIS!!! *Swings his cane right at the ground and narrowly misses his sons when they back up…his strike is strong enough to break off part of the ground and cause it to slide down the mountain* Huh…evasion… Good, you learned THAT much! *Strikes the ground again and sends a blue shockwave through it towards them*

Nightraid: DAD! HOLD ON A SEC!!! *Jumps up and spreads his wings to hover in the air*

Advent: *Grins and crouches down before jumping extremely fast and high into the air* [SUPERJUMP] I’M JUST GETTING STARTED!!!

Nightraid: WAGH!!! *Avoids a rising uppercut* WAIT HOLD IT! When did I start fighting you?!

Advent: You want to defeat your mother, right?! Well guess what! *I* still haven’t beaten her yet! If you can’t get past me, there’s no way in either Paradise or Tartarus that you can!

Nightraid: Is this seriously happening right now?!

Eros: *Appearing next to Nightraid* Yeah, this came right the heck out of nowhere… But I can see his Heart! He’s not kidding around here! We have to get into that tower to get to Mom! But if he’s gonna get in our way, there’s only one thing we can do!

Nightraid: Do we really have to fight him?! We were just having a nice moment and he’s not even on the tournament bracket!

Advent: Heheh…well technically, I AM a former champion of this tournament! I was the champion of the 4th while your mother is the 5th! So come on, son, champion of the 6th! Surely you can take one more opponent, right?! Besides, haven’t you ever heard of a “Bonus Boss”?!

Eros: Aren’t those usually optional?

Nightraid: What are you talking about?

Eros: Brother, I need to take you to an arcade one of these days…

Advent: Don’t put your guard down! This is the ONLY time I’m going to warn you! *Points his cane at them* I’m not letting you pass me so easily and I’m DEFINITELY not letting you run away!

Nightraid: *Thinks to himself and then glares at his dad* AS IF I’D RUN!!! Let’s go, Eros!

Advent: (That’s the spirit! Uzziel! Let’s give him a bad time!) *Strikes the ground once more and makes the rocks beneath Nightraid’s feet crack up and crumble*

Nightraid: AAAAH!!!! *Tries to maintain balance, but then looks up to see Advent rushing at him at blinding speed and ducking down with the falling rocks* OKAY!!! TIME OUT!!! *Dodges several pursuing attacks from his shining cane and his tether attacks from his grappling hook* SHOOT! SHOOT!!! *Falls down a decent distance of the mountain with Advent diving after him* SHEESH! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

Advent: IF YOU INSIST!!! *Strikes the side of the mountain and smashes the rocks around them to create a falling rockslide* HAHA!!! GET IT?!

Eros: I DO!!!

Nightraid: NOT NOW!!! *Clings onto a side of the mountain and springs himself up to try and get back to the summit with Advent swinging around it and taking potshots at him with cane strikes and flying smoke bombs* Okay, THAT’S IT! EROS! GET US BACK UP THERE!!!

Eros: You got it, buddy! *Makes Nightraid’s eyes glow and spreads his wings* GOING UP!!! *Launches them both upward*

Nightraid: Alright, Dad! YOU WANNA PLAY THAT WAY?! FINE!!! *Takes a deep breath and unleashes a torrent of flames at him* RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Advent: *Has a sudden look of panic in his smile* Eeeeeh?! OH BOY!!! *Zips away and gets chased by the incoming flames* HAAHAHAHAHAH!!! THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!!! *Raises a gust of wind up to blow the flames upward* Heheh!!! Maybe there really IS Hope for you yet! SO LET’S SEE IT!!! *Eyes glow bright* Heheheh… HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

Nightraid: *They both rush at each other to meet at the setting sun and clash attack for attack, creating powerful shockwaves with every impacting hit* HRRRGH!!! Just how strong are you?!

Advent: Kid, I’d tell ya…but I think it would be better to SHOW you!!! *Jumps down the mountain* YOU WANNA SEE WHAT I’VE GOT?!?!?! WELL THEN CHECK THIS OUT!!! *Strikes the base of the mountain itself and knocks it out of place* HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! *Lifts with great strength to lift the entire mountain itself up above him* HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Advent: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! *Jumps up with the mountain above his head and flips the entire thing over* HALLELUJAAAAAAH!!!!

Nightraid: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!!! *Starts breaking at the mountain on top of him to drill right through it and come out right next to Advent with the mountain upside-down in midair* HOW THE HECK ARE YOU DOING THIS?!?!

Advent: *Shrugs* Uh… Heheh!!! *Stabs his cane into the mountain and lands them both back down* I can also do… THIS!!! *Flips the mountain back up and uses his cane as a hilt to swing the entire thing around like a weapon* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! BATTER UP!!!

Nightraid: RRRRGH!!! *Flies low and rushes at Advent to get the weapon out of his hooves* DROP IT!!!

Advent: *Detaches the mountain and it lands back into place….somehow…* Okay, I did! *Dodges Nightraid’s attack and counters with a grappling swing* But just so you know… *Swings him around and slams him into the mountain* That was your last request! *Sees Nightraid recovering and rushing him again* WHOA!!! *Starts dodging back and forth until he uppercuts Nightraid in the stomach, then the chin, then finally, jumps high up and sends him flying up to the summit* [TEN-RYU-HA]

Nightraid: AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! *Lands back on the summit and Advent appears over him, high up in the sky* Ngh… HUH?!

Advent: *Charges energy into his cane and brings it down for a powerful vertical slash* [MOUNT OF OLIVES] EAT THIS FOR BREAKFAST!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eros: Here he comes! Nightraid, move! That attack will do more than just hurt!

Nightraid: *Catches his breath and dodges out of the way just in time as Advent brings the slash downward and splits the entire mountain in half before his eyes with a horizontal slash cutting the summit off it* WHAT?!?!? HOW?!?!? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?!

Advent: Huh… Might’ve overdid it there… *Scratches hair* Heheheh… Hang on a sec! *Throws out his grappling hook and the tether extends, allowing him to pull the entire mountain back together before it collapses* That would’ve been bad! *Looks back up to see Nightraid up in the sky* Hmm? What’s he…? Oh? *Sees Nightraid charging a shining flame in his chest and eyes* Oh…

Nightraid: NOW IT’S MY TURN!!! [SHINING COMET] RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Fires off his radiant blast and engulfs the entire mountain and burning the entire surface*


Nightraid: *Continues to burn the mountain until he calms down and takes a deep breath* Huff…huff…huff… What?! *Looks back to see a silhouette  standing in the flames after a glowing dome shield disappears and a bible, floating in front of him, disappears back into his bag* What…no way!

Grand Cross: Just what I’d expect! That’s my boy! *Flaps his cape and lets out a gust of wind with dispatches the flames around him* But you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that! *Takes his cane back out and strikes the ground with it and sprouts white, angelic wings, has a larger, more muscular build, and a deeper voice* It’s good to see you again, Nightraid! Do you remember me?

Nightraid:……..!!!!! You were the one who…the one who saved me…

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.89
It's a beautiful day outside... Birds are singing... Flowers are blooming... Perfect weather for a game of Catch!
SCORE: Undertale…

Eros: *Helping Nightraid out to get him some food and sees a bag of peanuts laying on the ground out the front door and sneaks Nightraid out to skip past the celebrations, being that neither of them are interested in them* Come on, brother… Let’s get you fixed up!

Nightraid: Ngh… *Stays on Eros’ back and is given the bag of peanuts* Huh?

Eros: Eat up! We’ve finally made it! We’re finally gonna see this through to the end!

Nightraid: Is everyone waiting for us?

Eros: You know it. They’re all up there! You see them? *Points up to show Nightraid some colorful lights coming from way high up in the sky* That’s everyone up there! And we’re going up there to meet them! *Sees Nightraid eating the peanuts* We sure have been through a lot, huh?

Nightraid: *Nods* Mmhmm… HMM?! *Looks in the sack and sees that there’s more than just peanuts in there…he pulls out a piece of cake made of crystals with a Heart on it* ………….!!!! *Face in shock and he swallows what he was chewing on and remembers this cake…a memory surfaces in his mind* Wait… I’ve…seen this before… I’ve eaten this before…

Eros: Oh yeah! That’s one of Mom’s cakes!

Nightraid:……….!!!!!! Wait…….what…?! This…?! This was… Then…what was the…?!

Eros: *Smiles and chuckles* Heh…heheh… Those cakes are the best! Mom always puts her Heart into making them!

Nightraid: *Looks at the piece and then to Eros* Do you wanna split it?

Eros: Sure! *Looks at a note in the bag and it says to* Oh, hey, look at that! She meant for us to split it! Heheh!!!

Nightraid: Heh… Heheh… Hahahah… *Sniffs a bit and they break it evenly to share the cake* Omm…. Mmm!!!

Eros: *Eats his* I know, right?! Good thing we share the same tastes!

Nightraid: Heheh! Yeah! *They have a picnic at the foot of the mountain and look up* As soon as we’re done…we’re going up there!

Eros: You said it! Hey, you wanna race up there?!

Nightraid: Heh!!! You’re on! First one there gets the first shot!

Eros: Yeah, but the last one there gets the last hit!

Both: *Hoof and claw bump* DEAL!!!

As the two brothers finish their picnic, the rest of the family above wait in anticipation to see the end of this…but they also discuss what Hades said as he perished. Advent and Dream Vania instantly knew what he meant. Styx is still at large and she was the one who sent Hades and all of those corrupt ponies to attack them… Advent now realizes something about Nightraid and those Mobster Remnants he just defeated along with Hades… Dream Vania realizes it too and she feels very sad about it, realizing that this was why Love Breeze died. She sighs and quietly apologizes while Advent prays while standing over the edge of the high platform. A glowing Cross appears on his back again and he dives off. Everyone watching see this and panic except for Dream Vania herself. She watches him go down via camera.

Dream Vania: Dear…? I see… You wish to make sure they’ll be okay… *Smiles* Ms. Love Breeze… Ms. Euphrosyne… *Prays* I’m still very sorry to know that it was because of me that you had to be taken from this world… But at the very least, your sacrifices were not in vain. Our son…the one you took care of, he’s growing up very nicely. I’m sure you are happy to hear that… If you wish to see him for yourself then come to this sector of the Ethereal Plain… Everything has fallen into place now… And Nightraid…Eros… *Eyes glow* My sons… We will see you soon…

Nightraid and Eros are already on the move up the mountain, switching from climbing to flying as part of scaling it. They both have excited and determined smiles on their faces as the keep going up and up and up. The sun in the horizon is beginning to set the closer they get. They both see flashing memories go by until they make it to the very top of the mountain…and Nightraid finds something interesting. He looks at the top where a Heart-shaped mark is engraved on what looks like a nesting spot. Nightraid puts his claw on it and feels a sudden pulse in his chest…it doesn’t hurt him but rather gives him one last confidence boost before stepping up to the summit. On it is a giant tower that pierces the sky.

Nightraid: Whoa… *Looks up* WHOA!!! It’s enormous!!!

Eros: Yeah, no kidding! And that mountain wasn’t any anthill either! Hey, what’s that!? *Points to something moving…falling* Is that…

Nightraid: *Sees who it is as he falls* DAD?! *Watches as he flips upright and spreads his cape out and breaks his fall with a gust of wind before hitting the ground and lands softly* Dad…

Advent: *They both appear as a silhouette in the setting sunlight* Sons…

SCORE: King Description (Undertale)…

Nightraid’s Star, Dream Vania’s Heart, and Advent’s Cross all disappear as the song ends. All three are tired from that last performance. Tired, but content. They are all happy that they finally made it. The Final Guard gives Nightraid a pat on the back in congratulations for making it to him. Eros detected no malice or deception in his Heart. Nightraid thanks the stallion and they talk about how he knows Advent and Dream Vania from one of their past adventures and how Advent once helped reunite his family that was once broken. He did it by defeating his son in the 4th tournament of its kind and then talking with him afterwards. As it were, this was actually the 6th Tournament of its kind and Advent won the 4th.

Final Guard: HA! HAH! And it appears that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! Just like your father, you’ve got all the strength and skill to be a warrior!

Nightraid: Wow! Thank you! But to be honest, I don’t want to be. I just want to live in peace with my Mom and Dad. I’m doing this for them!

Final Guard: Heh… Huh… *Sighs* That’s another thing about you that makes you like your father. You won’t take your family for granted… You love them like you should… So you won’t make the same mistakes I made… If not for your father, I wouldn’t have reconciled everything with my wife and son… You should feel honored, kid. You have a lot to live for. Heheh… And a lot to live up to!

Nightraid: *Realizing that Advent is a much stronger fighter than he once thought…then it dawns on him that he never really saw Advent fight* Uh… Do you know how Dad fights?

Final Guard: My son described it to me that it was…fast, blurry, and unpredictable. There were many times when he couldn’t even tell what Advent was doing. He felt like he was getting hit by everything but the kitchen sink! You should also be glad you’re his son! If the two of you were enemies…heheh…I guarantee you...
H E  W O U L D  M O P  T H E  F L O O R  W I T H  Y O U!
.......Heh! Good thing you’re not fighting HIM next, right?!

Nightraid:…………… *Feels uneasy*

Final Guard: That’s not to say…his wife, your mother, isn’t strong… Heheheh… You better buckle up, kid. I was probably the last “easy” opponent you’ll ever face! It’s you against the toughest part of your journey! We’ll be watching! So good luck, Nightraid!

Nightraid: *Sees the Final Guard disappear and looks to Eros* “Easy” opponents?!

Eros: (There was nothing “EASY” about that! I felt all those fights, you know!)

Nightraid: Yeah, all those guys before were tough! And so was he! How can they call themselves “easy”?!

Eros: (Well… After checking his Heart to see what he meant…it means… Oh boy…)

Nightraid: What?! What does it mean?!

Eros: (It means that we’re not going to just any kind of battle… Nightraid…this is it! This is where we finish what we started! It’s gonna be harder than anything we’ve ever faced before…but we can do it! So are you ready?!)

Nightraid: Yeah! *Falls to the ground and feels weak and hungry* No…

Eros: *Sweat drop and sighs* (Uh…)

Hades: *Up on the high platform, grumbling in defeat with his flames sizzling* Kkkkrrrrgh!!!! Who do you think you’re messing with!? I’m  the almighty HADES! *Bursts into flames* You foolish little will-o-wisp!!! I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT FAITH IS ALL ABOUT IN THE UNDERWORLD!!! *Gets stopped in his tracks by a heavenly light and he looks up* WHAT?! YOU?!

Eos: *Appearing over him along with Asteria while Milky Way and Twilight Sparkle are projecting them* That’s quite enough, Hades!

Asteria: *Glares down on Hades with her horn glowing* You’ve hurt our family far too long! It is time that you paid the price for your crimes! *Glows together with Eos and they turn into giant balls of light that Milky Way lifts and Twilight flies up to it and fires down onto Hades*


Advent:……….. *Sighs* Thank you, ladies!

Asteria: *Nods* And that is that…

Eos: We will be here to watch our Little Star shine at his brightest this evening.

Flash Sentry: *With Phosphorus summoned* This is gonna be interesting!

Amp Atom: *With Prometheus* Indeed! One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen!

Drum Role: *With Apollo* It’s gonna be a tough one alright! The fun’s just getting started!

Bass Keys: *With Hermes* Yo! Ah’m getting’ hype, bruddas!

SCORE: You I D I O T (Undertale)…

Dream Vania: *On the stage and looking up to the fading shadow as she floats in the air and full of wrath* Have you had enough, Styx?! Your force of Hatred failed as before and as it always will! Just surrender! We don't have to fight anymore!

Styx: NGH.... RRRRGH!!!! *Makes the shadow figure convulse in pain* YOU!!! WORTHLESS!!! PUPPET!!! I CAN'T STAND ANYMORE OF THESE F A I L U R E S!!! IF YOU THINK I'M EVEN! *CLOSE* TO "ENOUGH".....!!!!! Then you're the worst KIND of I D I O T!!! And you think I'M that stupid?! YOU ARE ALSO THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE I'VE EVER SEEN!!!

Dream Vania: "Hypocrite"?! What do you mean?!

Styx: You SAY you don't want to fight me, Y O U R  W O R S T  E N E M Y... And yet you are getting ready for the moment where you and your "SON"....
T E A R  E A C H  O T H E R T O P I E C E S!!!

Dream Vania: SILENCE YOURSELF, STYX!!! I would NEVER do that to my son!

S O M E O N E  I S  G O I N G  T O  D I E  T O N I G H T!!!

Dream Vania:...!!!

Styx: *Makes the shadow scream in agony and explode in a burst of light* EYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Voice fades*

SCORE: Premonition (Undertale)…

Dream Vania: Wait! STYX!!! Nightraid...

Aphrodite: (They will have to face her again...but this time, she's much stronger.)

Dream Vania: I was worried about that...

Advent: *Joins her on the platform* Worried about what?

Dream Vania: Dear? What are you-?

Advent: "Doing here"? Ain't it obvious? I'm talking to my wife! *Snickers*

Dream Vania:.....Dear, this not the time to be joking around... I just talked with Styx.

Advent: I heard. You know what she's planning to do...

Dream Vania: We can't stop Nightraid from progressing, but we can't let him fight Styx either! I'm not sure if Nightraid's able to beat her! I remember last time... If we hadn't stepped in, he would have...

Advent: I know... But don't worry, Dee Vee. Love may have its doubts and concerns, but Faith is always certain! Nightraid's gotten a lot stronger too, you know!

Dream Vania:'re right... But is he strong enough?!

Advent: Hmm... That IS a good question... Well, tell you what! If there's one thing I've learned from Amp Atom, it's that the only way to know for sure is to test it!

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.87
Well now... If there was ever a time to be nervouscited, now would be it!

EDIT: I added some extra story that I forgot to include.
SONG: Run of Show [Lyrics by Lyricist Composer] (Determination)…

{32 second Instrumental Intro}

- Dream Vania rises to her hind legs and poses dramatically! Advent and Hades square off. Nightraid and the Final Guard silently glare to each other and circle the arena together. About 19 seconds into the song, they start dancing to the music and begin fighting as soon as the vocals kick in.

(Amp Atom)
Welcome TO the grand finale
It’s gonna be a show tonight
(Bass Keys)
Not just any kind of show
The kind that’ll fill the sky with light
(Drum Role)
So don’t you go anywhere!
Just get comfy and sit tight
(Flash Sentry)
Let the music fill your SOUL!
And get ready for a FIGHT!

- Dream Vania is gracefully tearing up the stage floor. Advent is playfully dodging. Nightraid is carefully fighting. Hades is burning up their backstage arena. Final Guard is poking several holes in their underground arena while trying to get Nightraid with a halberd. Flash Drive is having so much fun playing this music that their instruments become electrically charged.

(Drum Role)
Go ahead and attack me with everything that you have got! BUT JUST KNOW! I won’t lose to anyone!
(Flash Sentry)
You feel spry, stand up tall, smile for the lights, camera, AND THE BOMBS!  Things are really blowing up!
(Bass Keys)
You and me, everyone in the audience, the champion, THE STARS ABOVE! We all know it’s me or you!
(Amp Atom)
This is it, Darling, say goodbye! It’s time for this Run of Show to unleash-!

- After finishing a strong combo on all their ends, Dream Vania, Advent, and Nightraid make their hooves and claws trace a Heart, Cross, and Star, respectively.

(Flash Drive)

- All three rise to the sky with their opponents and the audience looking up in awe. The Heart, Cross, and Star appear behind them while they float in the air with their auras surrounding them and they get right back into dancing and fighting.

Saves you all from all of your dread
Lights the sky with all your Hopes and Dreams
Real drama, romance, and bloodshed
Can you keep up the pace?

- Flash Drive and the three fighters pose dramatically as they prepare their favorite part of the song.


- Lights explode from the stage and fireworks go off in the sky as everyone in the family feel incredible energy flowing through them and their Ethereal Spirits appear to join in on the fun. Hades looks around, frantically. Nightraid and Eros look to each other and nod when the Final Guard sees them both and his jaw drops and he says… “They DO exist!” One last time, for the reprise, the fighters reach their decisive point. All 4 performances get their own bit of focus during this final moment! Imagine it how you will! IT’S SHOWTIME!!!

(Bass Keys)
C’mon, don’t be shy because it is Showtime!
Give it all that you’ve got! Show us all that you’re hot, baby!
(Amp Atom)
Don’t give up yet because it is Showtime!
Let your little Heart shine! How about I show you mine, Darling?!
(Drum Role)
The climax draws near but it’s still Showtime!
The stage is all ours! And the spotlight’s our prize, baby!
(Flash Sentry)
With one last attack, A NEW STAR HAS BEEN BORN!!!

- All three heroes take this last chance to gather energy while their enemies are weakened and ultimately, they use their finishing moves with their Heart, Cross, and Star glowing bright behind them. All three enemies are defeated at the end of the outro and everyone strikes their last poses while fireworks explode in the sky with the Ethereal Spirits watching.

{17 Second Instrumental Outro}

- Nightraid looks up and breathes heavily after defeating the Final Guard and helping him up in good spirits. The Final Guard looks confused, but smiles and takes Nightraid’s claw. Advent takes a deep breath and does the “peace over power” bow and says “Hallelujah”. The shadowy mare glares at Dream Vania before vanishing. Dream then looks to a screen that shows Nightraid’s victory and she smiles proudly with tears coming from her eyes. Flash Drive gives everyone an extra last bit to end off their song.

For the Fans…
With all our Faith…
We gave you Hope…
And you gave us Love…

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.86…


How was THAT, darlings?! I loved Death By Glamour so much that I felt I just HAD to make my own lyrics to it! I know they're not as great as the more popular vocal covers, but I did my best with this.
SCORE: Penultimate (Determination)…

In the stage elevator, Flash Drive’s 4 members play on the corners of the platform as they reach the top with Dream Vania dancing and training for her championship challenger. In the VIP elevator, Advent, Twilight Sparkle, and Milky Way watch each other’s backs while looking outward in three directs and many glowing, sinister, smiling faces look to them from the shadows around them. On the ground, in the arena, Nightraid and Eros look around to see their surrounding enemies and the many audience members that are booing, hissing, and wishing for his destruction. In all three areas, Dream Vania, Advent Playwright, and Nightraid all get into their respective fighting stances with glowing eyes.

Dream Vania & Aphrodite: One for the Love…

Nightraid & Eros: Two for the Hope…

Advent & Uzziel: Three for the Faith…

All Six: AND HERE WE GO!!!

The second fight that Nightraid faces is against a dark blue Earth Pony mare with midnight-colored armor. She readies a black claymore sword and starts swinging it at Nightraid, whom dodges and readies his response. At the same time, Advent sees a few shadows rush at him and the two mares in their elevator. Advent and Twilight both create shields to push back their assault. Milky Way lowers down and lets her eyes glow as she summons Eos to provide them sufficient energy to keep them going. Eventually, Advent decides to retaliate when one of them manages to slip through their defenses. Milky Way warns them of the shadow’s intrusion. Dream Vania’s dance steps mirror Advent’s attacks.

Dark Knight: So you beat a necromancer? Well he’s nothing compared to a TRUE master of darkness!

Nightraid: So are you implying that YOU are one?!

Dark Knight: *Gets annoyed* Don’t be coy with me, boy! *Readies sword and lunges forward* DIE, DRAGON!!!

Nightraid: BRING IT ON! *Dodges blade and rushes at the knight* TAKE THIS!!!

As Nightraid takes on his second opponent, both elevators make it to the high platform in the stratosphere and opens up, allowing light into the giant coliseum in the sky. Giant monitors appear on the high walls, showing the fights all going on. Dream Vania continues to train to Flash Drive’s music. Advent, Twilight, and Milky Way manage to settle down enough of the crowd that something strange starts emitting from them. Blue flames come out of their bodies when they’re subdued and their bodies are completely unconscious. Advent wants to get a closer look at them, but they fly away to a certain direction and disappear before he can. Everyone looks back to the monitors and watches Round 3.

Nightraid makes it to the third round where he fights another small dragon-like creature, a Longma, whom is wearing training wrap and a headband much like Nightraid’s. The two see each other at eye-level and smirk before charging straight into battle against each other. They matched each other’s speed and techniques, and firepower and gave each other a thrilling, high-speed, and explosive fight in the arena! Nightraid’s family members are watching this and are cheering for him…but suddenly, slander comes from the mouths of some audience members. They begin to call him names such as “mama’s boy”, “cheater”, and one that gets Dream Vania’s attention, “Demon”. She feels uneasy in her Heart.

Nightraid: *Hearing the audience attacking him with their cruel words* What… What’s wrong with them?! I finally made it farther than last time. I thought they would have started cheering for me by now.

Stormy Mare: *Spreads her wings and readies her bow* There is no Love set aside for little demons like you!

Nightraid:…?! What did you just call me?! *Turns around to see his next opponent as a blue Pegasus mare with black and white armor that resemble clouds and she is armed with a bow and quiver and has control over weather and wind currents*

Stormy Mare: You’re going to perish here! Say farewell! *Starts firing a rain of arrows at Nightraid for him to dodge*

Nightraid: I AM NOT A DEMON!!! *Dodges and breathes fire to get up to the mare* I’ve dealt with that ONCE already! I’m NOT doing that again! *Starts attacking her head-on and clashing against her melee attacks with her bow*

Stormy Mare: I won’t let you have your way anymore! I WILL BE THE NEW CHAMPION!

The entire arena inside the mountain is on fire and Nightraid takes on his fourth opponent with an uproar of slander, arguments, and accusations are thrown back and forth through the audience. The two combatants are able to power on through it all, but everyone else in Nightraid’s group starts to get irritated by it all. They couldn’t help but wonder why this was happening until Advent goes off to the restroom nearby and gets cornered by a few shady stallions. Advent looks to each of them and instantly knows what they’re about to do. They ready some weapons to threaten him and one of them tries to scare him into surrendering.

Advent: What do you want to do with that knife there?

Mobster: It ain’t obvious?

Advent: Nothing in the world is when there are infinite possibilities.

Mobster: Okay, smart-mouth! You want me to spell it out for you? Fine then. I’ll spell it out in your blood!

Advent: Okay.

Mobster: First, my boys are gonna take your smoking hot wife!

Advent: Uh-huh…

Mobster: And while doing that, we’ll be killing your little demon son!

Advent: You don’t say…

Mobster: But first, we’re going kill you!

Advent: Nnnnneat!

Mobster: Urk… What are you doing?!

Advent: Oh, sorry. Hate to burst your bubble, but you’d be a lot more intimidating with those threats if…well…you were intimidating! *Chuckling*

Mobster: Are you…making fun of me?!

Advent: Oh no! No…no…. PFFT! YEAH!!!


Dream Vania: *Sees a massive buildup of demonic energy all around her and shivers* …….!!!! *Sighs* We know you are here… You’re interfering with family matters and I will NOT allow that! Just you wait, Styx! *Gets into position as the energy manifests into a shadowy version of hers* …Hmph! If your goal was to startle me, I’ll give you an “A” for effort. (Oh dear, my husband’s sense of humor is starting to rub off on me…) *Giggles a bit, but then returns to focus* You can’t defeat me, Styx… But you’re welcome to try…or reconsider your refusal from before… Even now, there is still time…

Styx: *As the shadow with glowing yellow eyes and slit pupils* DON’T START WITH ME!!! DON’T….EVEN….START!!!!

Flash Sentry: (That’s her! But…something isn’t right… I remember seeing an aura like that when…) *Remembers when he saw the flowing Dark Magic Signature when he found his brother, Comet Tail dead in his house* (She’s…dead?!)

Phosphorus: (It seems so… It’s a shame… She can’t be saved now… But let our daughter fight this battle. I think she deserves to try.)

Flash Sentry: (Well…then I better let the Guardians know I found the runaway… It’s just too bad I was too late…)

Phosphorus: (Don’t blame yourself.)

Flash Sentry: (Sorry, kind of hard not to…)

Phosphorus: (I understand. But either way, don’t call them just yet. Wait until we’ve secured her.)

Flash Sentry: (Yeah, alright. Let’s see what Dreamy can do!)

Advent, Dream Vania, and Nightraid all share a 3-way split screen showing all three of their perspectives. They all perform their own martial arts and dance moves to go along with the music being provided by Flash Drive as they fight their way through their own adversities. Advent VS Remnant Mobsters; Dream Vania VS the manifestation of Hatred in the air; and Nightraid VS the aggressive Stormy Pegasus Mare. Imagine how they all play out as you will. After the mobsters are defeated, blue flames come out of their bodies. Ultimately, Nightraid finishes his fight by breaking the mare’s bow and cornering her to the point where she has no choice but to ask for mercy. Nightraid pauses and looks down to her.

SCORE: For The Fans (Undertale)…

Nightraid: Let me make one thing clear… This is the last time I’m ever saying this! I’m NOT a demon! I’ve gone past that a long time ago! I’m not anyone’s enemy anymore! I never wanted to be! I’m doing this for my mom! So guess what… I don’t want to kill you or anyone! So you can surrender now. I’m done fighting you. *Walks to her and holds his claw out* After this tournament, I never want to have to fight again. So whoever might’ve told you that I was evil…you should make sure they know they were wrong!

Stormy Mare:…….*Holds her hoof to his claw and he helps her up* I’m…sorry… And I’m sorry about everyone in the audience shooting you down with all their Hatred. It didn’t seem right.

Nightraid: It’s not your fault. I’m okay.

Stormy Mare: Alright…well… I’ll be going now. The others were right. You’re not bad at all. I’ll be rooting for you! Good luck!

Nightraid: Thank you! *Sees her leave* There’s just one more…and then… Mom… *Looks up* We’re on our way, Mom!

Dream Vania: *Hearing him* He’s almost there… Just one last battle stands in his way… You can do it, Nightraid…

Styx: DON’T IGNORE ME, YOU LITTLE-! *Tries to attack Dream Vania, but gets brutally countered* AAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!

Dream Vania: You’re right. I’m sorry for that! Let’s finish this now!

Styx: RRRRRRRGH!!! [UTTER MADNESS] *Makes several black chains rise from dark circles in the ground and lashes them violently about* AAAAAAAAAGH!!! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!! *Launches them at her* DIE ALREADY!!!

Advent: *Seeing Nightraid winning and looks back to the manifestation of Hatred and the boss of the Remnant Mobsters* Looks like you lose, Donnie! Or should I call you “Hades”?

Hades: *Transforms to his true self from his pony disguise* HOW did you know?!

Advent: Your constant stench of fire and brimstone gave you away. Now look, Hades! I’m giving you this one chance to return to where you belong now without any further fighting. Those ponies that you sent my way… They will face justice for their crimes…and the possessed ones are freed from your demons. There is nothing left for you to use against me. I will spare you now if you go home and think about what you’ve done!

Hades: Hmph! Well, listen up, kid! I’m not like your old pal, Ares! I don’t go down just because my bell’s destroyed! I don’t give up just because my plans failed! You want me to go back home?! Sure thing, but I’ll drag you all with me! *Absorbs the Hatred and burns up with great intensity*

Advent: Hmm… You want to turn up the heat?! Not a bad idea! I’ll be right back!

Hades: Huh? *Watches Advent jump over to the stage* What the…?

Advent: Guys!

Flash Sentry: Hey, Advent. What are you doing?!

Advent: I have a song for you guys! *Throws a paper airplane to them that unfolds into a music sheet* Give us something to dance to!

Flash Sentry: Hey, I remember we played this song at the last tournament! But look here, it’s got lyrics!

Bass Keys: Yo! Check it out! I dig it!

Drum Role: AW YEAH!!! Let’s blow the roof off this!

Amp Atom: The show must indeed go on! Good luck!

Advent: Thanks! *Jumps back to Hades* Alright! Let’s start the music!

Hades: Heh! Well I DO love a good party! *Gets into battle position with his mane blazing in blue*

Dream Vania: *Takes a deep breath* Advent…Nightraid… I’m here with you both! *Eyes glow and she synchronizes with both Advent and Nightraid as they face their respective foes*

Nightraid: *Down in the mountain and about to fight the Final Guard* Mom… *Left eye glows in yellow just as Dream Vania’s while Advent’s right eye does so*

Advent: *Smirks while facing Hades* Dee Vee…

Dream Vania: Everyone…

Advent, Dream, & Nightraid: LET’S GO!!! AMEN!!! *All three get into position and let out a burst of their energy to show their opponents that they’re ready*

Hades: Whhhhoah, boy!

Advent: Your time in this world is done!

Final Guard: Ngh! What’s this?!

Nightraid: Nothing can stop me now!

Styx: JUST SHUT UP AND DIE!!!! *Sees Dream Vania break all of her chains apart* WHAT?!!?

Dream Vania: Care for one last dance?

Flash Sentry: Alright, here we go! *The mobsters are all replaced by a cheering audience* ARE YOU ALL READY TO ROCK?!

Audience: YEAH!!!


Audience: YAAAH!!!!






This Time, I Mean It!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 16, 2016, 9:36 PM

Here's a little music to help get my point across...

I've been thinking LOOOONG and HAAAARD about this one! I've decided that I'm done with "Fandoms". I honestly feel that any further involvement with fandoms will only remind me more and more of how I truly feel about our species. And I only need to look at News Shows for that...

I finally remembered why I got into certain things. I was never interested in fandoms in the first place. I just wanted to enjoy the content that I was interacting with, whether it was a show to watch, a story to read, or a game to play. I didn't care who liked it. I didn't care who disliked it. I then got into fandoms to share thoughts and ideas with them, hoping to make something out of it... And there was promise...but recently, I've come to a different conclusion.

I see now that I've been wasting my time. I'm getting nowhere. I've seen two sides of fandoms. A side that makes and a side that breaks. The Making Side is where the creative minds work together to make something interesting. The Breaking Side is where everyone argues over the most petty of trivial things... But don't get the wrong idea. It's not because of either of them that I'm doing this...but because of BOTH of them!

People wonder why fandoms on the internet are bad or have bad reputations? It's not because of the source material that they all appreciate. It's not because of the creators of said material... It's not because of any gore or sex that's been added to fandom works, It's because every single fandom has one thing in common. THEY'RE ALL MADE OF HUMANS! I don't hate our species. I love everyone unconditionally... Liking us, on the other hand, is difficult. Wanna know why?

It's because we don't know how to pick our battles. It's because we have nothing better to do with our time than to sit around on our rears, yell at our screens at people who we don't agree with or just make stuff that we either don't make money off of or shouldn't since we don't hold any rights! 

Also DON'T get me started on the "Overrated" or "Underrated" arguments! That's nothing but a crock of crap and you guys know it! Seriously, can't we all just learn to agree to disagree? Live and let live? Do we HAVE to make a conflict out of EVERYTHING?! Oh, wait, that's right, we DO because we're HUMANS!

But look, I'm not judging anyone. That was just an observation. After all, I'm still making content. Though, for how much longer, I'm not sure. If you guys wish to continue doing what you do, go right ahead. 

I guess the point that I'm trying to give is that I don't care anymore. I'm going to take a page from my childhood and just stop caring about other people's opinions. I'm done with the arguments, I'm done with the opinions of others triggering said arguments. I'm done with fans that follow content creators like sheep! It's nothing personal, I just feel that I'll appreciate what I love more once I stop thinking about what I hate. 

If you guys don't want to talk to me after this or even look at any of my stuff or anything like that, I don't mind. I don't blame you. If you do, then go right ahead and message me any way you want. I'm still the same guy who loves to write and talk with friends... I'll still make stories, whether they be made from source material or original, that hasn't changed. I'm not done with THAT yet!

I'm just done with Fandoms entirely. And this time, I mean it!

I guess that's why I don't call myself the "Author Brony" anymore. I think "Count-Author" has a better ring to it anyway. I'm just gonna go back to simply enjoying the content that I like, fanmade or not, and just keep my opinions to myself. It's probably the smartest thing I've ever done. One of them, anyway. 

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