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This is my stuff! May not be the best in the world, but I'm sure you've all seen worse.


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I loved all of these and I hope you will all love them too!


You're welcome, Melody!
Wed Aug 12, 2015, 4:45 PM
Thank you for the watch (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Thu Jun 18, 2015, 1:15 AM
Hard to miss, pal!
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 5:10 PM
Hi....I believe you might know me from somewhere else?? Alexlove85 Rocks?
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 4:41 PM
thank you for my fav! i'm having a badge bandit guy contest what to join hey you can draw him as a pony let me know ok
Mon Jan 6, 2014, 12:46 PM
megamanhxh shouted... HERE?! HOLY CRAP!!!
Mon Nov 25, 2013, 1:27 AM
3 mounts, it is my time to shout .... *HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO* !!
Tue Nov 12, 2013, 7:32 AM
Fri Aug 9, 2013, 10:08 PM
It took me 2 months to see someone had screamed and shouted.... I must be going deaf.
Fri Jul 5, 2013, 9:36 AM
I WANNA SCREAM AND SHOUT AND LET IT AL OUT ~(*_*)~ ( XD i just HAD to do it)
Mon Apr 29, 2013, 12:44 PM



Nightraid: *Panting and lowers to his claws and knees* Huff… Huff… Huff…

Eros: (Nightraid… you didn’t just… Baal… DID YOU SERIOUSLY JUST HIJACK HIM?!?!)

Baal: (HMPH! I merely played your game and offered him a taste of my power. It was his choice of what to do with it! Just as you did! But now it seems he’s decided to use it for destruction after… *Hears Drum Role’s chuckling voice* WHAT?!)

Drum Role: Heh…heheheh…. Hahahahahahah!!! *Springs back up* THAT! WAS! AWESOME!!!

SCORE: Nyeh Heh Heh! (Undertale)…

Eros: (He… Survived?!)

Baal: (WHAT?! BUT HOW?!?!)

Nightraid: Huh?! How?! Why?! What?!

Drum Role: HEHEHEH!!! What, ya thought I was DEAD or something?! C’mon, dude! I’m a LOT tougher than that! Besides! This wasn’t a fight to the death! The game’s no fun if someone DIES from it!

Nightraid: *Cannot possibly get any more confused…* But… I thought…

Drum Role: Ya thought I was out to kill ya? NAH! I ain’t that kind of jerk! I WAS gonna capture ya if I won, but... What can I say? Ya got me! I COULD keep fighting you, but then it would be going on forever and Bass can’t keep holding us in this arena for much longer and…well…I’m getting kinda hungry! Apollo’s power is awesome but it takes a lot out of me!


Eros: (Heh… Heheh… HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!)

Baal:……… (I am returning to sleep…)

Nightraid: So…that’s it? You’re not gonna try and capture me anymore?

Drum Role: Well, nope! “I” won’t! But Bass Keys might!

Nightraid: What?!

Bass Keys: Yo, dawg! *Smirks*

Nightraid: Wait, hold on a second! What can I do to convince you guys to stop?!

Bass Keys: Ya would ask that, wouldn’t ya?! Only da trials would answer d’at! Sorry, dawg!

Nightraid: *Panting and slouching in exhaustion* (I can’t fight again! I’m too tired!)

Bass Keys: Hmm…

Drum Role: Uh… Huh…you thinking what I’m thinking, dude?

Bass Keys:……Yup. D’is ain’t right, man.

Nightraid: Huh?

Drum Role: Yeah. Hey, kid…uh… What was your name again?

Nightraid: My name? You forgot? It’s “Nightraid”!

Drum Role: Oh yeah! Sorry, I guess I did! Look, dude. How about we take a break first?

Bass Keys: Yo, ah’m all up fo’ d’at!

Nightraid: Huh?! You don’t make any sense! First you fight me and now you’re treating me like a friend?! What is it with you?!

Drum Role: Well DUH! I told you that if you beat me you’d get a cool prize! Well, what’s cooler of a prize than a cool friend like me?!

Nightraid: HUH!??!?!?

Drum Role: *Holds hoof out* PUT’ER THERE, PAL!!!


Nightraid: (What’s so funny?!)

Eros: (It’s…just hilarious! He’s serious about this! He really DOES want to be your friend! I’m just not sure what to make of this but...)

Nightraid: (Sh-Should I do accept it?)

Eros: (That’s up to you, Nightraid.)

Nightraid:………..You don’t make any sense at all…but… *Reaches with his right claw…but nervously sees how dangerous it looks and switches to his left* Uh…here… *Grabs Drum Role’s hoof and shakes it* Are you…really my friend now?

Drum Role: Of course! This is how I make ALL of my friends! I check how strong they are and then fight them first! And if they can knock me down, then that means that they’re cool and strong enough to deserve to be my pal!

Bass Keys: Word, dawg!

Eros & Nightraid: *Blankly and in unison* That is the weirdest thing I’ve heard in my life…

Drum Role: HEHEHEHEHEH!!! Yup, it sure is! Now c’mon, buddy! Let’s get something to eat! I’m starving! We can think about you fighting Bass Keys later!

SCORE: Sans (Undertale)…

Curious, Nightraid joins Drum Role and Bass Keys as they stop by a roadside diner that they find after a half-hour of walking and pleasant conversation. They reminisce on their past year…though Nightraid doesn’t want to talk about his but he at least hears out their story of how they formed a team with their friend, Flash Sentry and faced his twin brother, Comet Tail and his hired punks with another friend’s help to save their leader and his mother from being forced to live on the streets. Eventually, he left their band to become one of the Equestria Royal Family’s Elite Guards. They Love the idea of having an awesome hero as a friend and wonder if he and Nightraid would become good friends too. Nightraid is somewhat enthralled by their epic story of Friendship and the Magic it taught them. They’re pretty cool!
[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.19
Drum Role's Valor is too strong for Baal's Hatred at this point! In other words, Drum was too manly to die! :iconbulkbicepsplz: YEEAAAH!!!
SCORE: Oase de Dans (Determination)…

The workout is over. Now the REAL battle finally begins!

Eros: (Let’s see here…) [Drum Role is a powerhouse Earth Pony with incredible strength, durability, and is too stupid to know what fear is…though he’s actually a really nice guy and friendly to everyone. It also looks like he’s hiding some crazy strong power under what he’s already got!] (Do your best…but keep in mind that this might just be a misunderstanding…)

Nightraid: *Dodges Drum’s first attack* How do you know this?!

Eros: (It’s an ability I have. I’ll tell you more later! Just worry about fighting him!)

Nightraid: Oh…okay… Guess it’s my turn! *Retaliates and attempts to punch him only to hurt his claw on impact with Drum’s hoof* AAGH!!!

Drum Role: WOO!!! That’s a nice punch ya got there, dude! But I can hit harder! *Tackles Nightraid and knocks him into one of the large pieces of the destroyed boulder* [ROLLING THUNDER] *Curls up into a ball and rolls at Nightraid, causing earthquakes whenever he hits the ground* HEHEH!!! THIS IS GONNA HUUUUUUUURT!!!! *Nightraid dodges and he slams right into the boulder, causing debris to fall on him and an “X” appears out of nowhere with bowling ball noises* Ouch… I was right… It DID hurt…

Bass Keys: *Sighs and shakes his head* (Brudda…you stupid…)

Drum Role: *Dizzy eyes and a goofy smile before he snaps out of it* Heheh… Blblblb!!! Not bad! Trying to hit you is like catching a fly with a Hoofball net! But I ain’t giving up yet! Let’s see how you like THIS!!! APOLLO!!! *Stands on his hind legs and curls his front hooves to flex his muscles while the apparition of a large pale horse appears over from his intimidating aura* HUUUUURRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!

Nightraid: *Takes this chance to try and attack Drum Role head-on, but notices his attacks don’t have any effect on him* Huh?!

Drum Role: GOOD TRY, BUDDY! *Grabs Nightraid in his front hooves* BUT NO DICE!!! HERE WE GO!!! [HEAVENWARD BUSTER] *Lifts him up and suplexes him a couple times, throws him HIGH into the air, catches him, stomps the ground and propels himself upward so high up and so fast that they end up on the moon in a matter of seconds* RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!! *Upon impacting on the moon, they fly back to the planet and he slams Nightraid onto the ground, creating a crater from the powerful impact….don’t ask HOW they survived that….* WOOHOO!!! THAT WAS AWESOME! AM I RIGHT, DUDE?!

Nightraid: *Dizzy* Am I alive?

Eros: *Also dizzy* (No way…that was…Apollo?!)

Drum Role: *WHEW!!!* See?! THAT’S why you use your strongest attacks EARLY, Bass! No need to wait to use them for those flashy finishing moves! *Bass Keys shrugs* Heheh!!! Hey, you okay, dude?

Nightraid: Ngh… *Struggles to get up and Drum Role actually helps him up* Whuuuh?! Huh?!

Drum Role: Hey, check that out! You still got some fight in ya! That’s what I like to see! Heheh!!! *Pats him on the back*

Nightraid: OUCH!!! THAT’S SORE!!!

Drum Role: Alright, now that you’ve seen MY strongest attack, how about you show me yours!

Nightraid: What the heck?! What do you think this is?! A GAME?!

Drum Role: Well…kinda! Look, dude! You can keep playing and you’ll probably beat me at some point! The way I see it, there are two options! If you don’t wanna keep fighting, that’s fine. I’ll just capture ya and we’ll take you to Canterlot to collect our pay! If you DO, though, you can get an awesome prize from us! Either way, we’re in for an exciting and challenging game! Capiche, dude?

Nightraid: Ngh… *Considers his options and takes the latter* Alright, fine! *Panting* But… I don’t even know if I CAN beat you! You’re way too strong!

Drum Role: Well, I won’t argue with ya there, but I can tell you’ve got more in you than what you’re giving! So c’mon! How about it? Gimme your best shot!

Nightraid: You’re really weird… But alright… *Shakes off his remaining pain and readies himself* What should I do?

Eros: (Well first, you might wanna watch out! He’s charging up that attack again!)

Drum Role: HEHEHEH!!! RRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!! *Pumps up again* Ya better do something quick, dude! ‘CAUSE I AIN’T LETTING UP!!! HURRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!

Nightraid: My strongest attack… My strongest attack… *Struggles to think of something but remembers that when he tried hitting him, he was practically invincible…which then reminds him of the boulder that he wasn’t able to break until Drum Role showed him how to find weak points and hit them…he then comes up with an idea* I…I think I got it!

Eros: (I just got the same idea! Say my name and I’ll give you some of my power to use!)

Nightraid: But what IS your name?!

Eros: (Try to remember, little brother!)

Nightraid:…..!!! Are you…

Eros: (SAY IT! QUICK!!!)

Nightraid: *Snaps to it* EROS!!! *Left eye glows bright*

Eros: (THAT’S IT!!! Close your right eye and give me access to your left!) *He does so* (There we go!) *Gives him some of his aura* (Let ‘em have it! Hit him hard and hit him fast!)

Nightraid: HAAAH!!! [BURST FIST] *Goes in and starts hitting Drum Role with a flurry of rapid punches while developing a powerful flame within himself* (Huh?!)

Eros: (Huh?! Wait, where’d that come from?!)

Nightraid: *Still punching, but feels a burning pain within himself* NGH!!! URCK!!! *Hears another familiar voice, a vicious male voice*

“So you think you can win him over by loaning your powers, do you? TWO can play at THAT game, Eros!”

SCORE: Burn In Despair (Undertale)…

Eros: (Oh no, not now!)

Nightraid: NGH!!!


Nightraid: RRRRRRRGH!!!! *Right eye burns and his punching intensifies* RRAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

Eros: (Nightraid, wait! You're going to kill him if you-!)


Eros: *Feels a sudden hit that knocks him out of sense for a moment* (AAGH!!!)


Drum Role: *Starts actually feeling it* HEHEH! OOF!!! UURRRRRRRGH!!!!! *Takes a strong uppercut and gets lifted into the air* OOOAAAGH!!!

Bass Keys: NO WAY!!!

Nightraid: CHRRRRRRRGH!!! *Jumps up and finishes charging his attack and fires a massive bomb of fiery energy* [CRIMSON METEOR] RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eros: (NIGHTRAID!!! STOP!!!) *Sees an apparition of Apollo appear over Drum Role in a guarding position* (Whoa!)

Bass Keys: DRUM!!!

Drum Role: *Trying his best to reduce the damage with Apollo’s help, but can’t hold out* RRRRGH!!!! NO WAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! *Fiery bomb explodes and sends him crashing to the ground and lays silently in a broken and burnt state*

Eros: (Oh no... NO!!!)

"And just like that, the fool is no more..."

Nightraid: *Feels an uneasy shock* ...........

Okay, this is gonna have Spoilers for Undertale, so just keep it in mind. For those who don't care about spoilers and are feeling down for whatever reason, just watch this. You just might need it.

SCORE: Bonetrousle (Undertale)…

Drum Role: *Cricks his neck a bit and stomps the ground* Alright, dude! How about a warm up first?

Nightraid: What’s that supposed to mean?

Drum Role: Well, I kinda feel bad for interrupting your training…so I’ll make it up to ya by giving you some exercises that are sure to pump you up for the main event! Are you ready?!


Drum Role: GOOD! Here goes nothing! HURRRRAAAAAAAAAGH!!! *Slams his hooves on the ground and makes the earth shake and a whole bunch of large rocks spike out of the ground around them, creating an arena* Bass! You know what to do!

Bass Keys: Yo! *Blasts the rocks around them with magic and turns them into weights, targets, and workout equipment* Get groovy, bruddas!

Nightraid: What’s all this?!

Drum Role: Heh! This is our personal gym! Time to get STRONG!!!

Bass Keys provides music, gravity, and support as the referee between the two combatants as they start competing in various athletic challenges to strengthen their bodies and minds. For a while, Drum Role has the advantage of knowing how it all works but he then decides to actually HELP Nightraid out by showing him how they work. Listed contests include “Hammer-Throwing”, “Push-ups”, “Pull-ups”, “Punching Bags”, “Flexing”, “Weight-Lifting”, “Stone-Sculpting”, “Rock-Climbing”, Rock-Smashing”, and strangest of all, “Interpretive-Dancing”! Meanwhile, Drum Role is giving Nightraid friendly conversation.

Drum Role: Hey, check that out! You’re doing pretty good!

Nightraid: But…I don’t really get any of this!

Drum Role: Don’t get what? I don’t get what you’re not getting!

Nightraid: Why are we doing this again?! Is this like torture?!

Drum Role: “Torture?!” Nah, dude! This is exercise! It’s good for ya! And it’s lots of fun!

Nightraid:…..?! Fun?! *Hears that familiar docile female voice*

“Pay attention…”

Drum Role: Yeah, dude! Sometimes in life, ya just gotta learn how to enjoy what’s given to ya! Make the most of it! Have fun and live a little!


The two contestants continue their workout together and they seem like they’re actually enjoying themselves. Nightraid at some point even manages to crack a smile…however, that is until the workout comes to its conclusion and he remembers that, despite them being nice, they’re out to capture him. Drum Role steps closer to Nightraid and assumes a battle position and Nightraid does the same but feels unsure about fighting him. From within Nightraid’s subconscious, Eros looks into both Drum Role and Bass Key’s Hearts to see just what they’re dealing with. Meanwhile, Drum Role is already on the attack.

Eventually, Nightraid has to land somewhere when he can rest his wings. His only bit of coverage is a brown cloak with a hood and holes in the back where his wings are poking out of, so he needs to take cover and keep himself warm enough to survive the cold. Nightraid decides to land in a woodsy area to look for food and get some exercise in. Nightraid stumbles upon a giant boulder that he can do both with. He begins to punch, kick, and blow fire on the rock to try and break it apart so he can get some smaller rocks to break off for him to eat. It is here where a familiar face appears. Or rather, two familiar faces!

SCORE: Ghost Fight (Undertale)…

Drum Role: Hmm? *Appears with Bass Keys next to him* Whoa! Check out the fire in that dude’s belly!

Bass Keys: Yo! Da brudda’s goin’ hog-wild on dat rock!

Nightraid: *Continues to hit it repeatedly*

Drum Role: Hey, hold up, dude! You ain’t doin’ it right! *Stops Nightraid short* If you wanna break the rock, ya gotta find the right weak points! Here, lemme show ya! *Knocks on it a few times to hear a softer knock* Here! Hit it right here, dude! Good and hard!

Nightraid: Huh? Uh… Okay! *Readies his right arm and strikes the spot Drum pointed to* HURRAAAGH!!! *Hits it hard enough to break it into several pieces* WHOA!!!

Bass Keys: AW YEAH, BRUDDA!!!


Nightraid: Wow! How’d you know to do that?!

SCORE: NYEH HEH HEH! (Undertale)…

Drum Role: ‘Cause I do the same kind of training you’re doing right now! I like hitting really hard stuff like boulders all the time! But I’ve learned the hard way that no matter what you do, you won’t get anywhere unless you do it just right! Otherwise, you’ll just end up hurting yourself!

Nightraid: Huh… I never thought of that…

Bass Keys: Yo, dawg! Keep yo mind opened to da possibilities, man! They be endless!

Nightraid: Wow…! You guys sure are smart!

Bass Keys: Uh…. *Looks over his shades at Drum Role with an unsure expression* Smart?

Drum Role: *Snorts and chuckles* HEHEHEHEH!!! Ya got THAT right, dude! We’re the coolest!

Bass Keys: Yo! Hmm… Hang on a sec…

Drum Role: Huh? What’s up, bro?

Bass Keys: Give us a bit, dawg! *They back up a bit and Nightraid tilts his head slightly in confusion* Look f’milia t’ya, brudda?

Drum Role: Uh…kinda, why?

Bass Keys: Yo, ya hit yo head on rocks too much, dawg?! D’at’s da dragon kid we met last year!

Drum Role: Dude, no way! *Looks back at Nightraid* You’ve gotta be kidding! *Looks back at Bass Keys* When did we ever meet a DRAGON?!

*Record Scratch Sound Effect*…

Bass Keys:…………… *Just stares at Drum* (Brudda…you stupid…) *Whispers back* An’ look here, dawg! He’s da one we been look’n fo’! *Shows him a photo*

Drum Role: This was seriously the only picture anyone ever took of him? It looks like a family photo, not a WANTED poster… Welp…we were looking all over Equestria for ‘em… Guess we have no choice… What should we do? He can fly and we can’t!

Bass Keys: No sweat, dawg! He ain’t goin’ nowhere! You just worry ‘bout fightin’ an’ leave the rest t’me!

Nightraid: (What are they talking about?) *Hears the voice of Eros*

“Oh… Uh, Nightraid, you might want to get ready! They’re up to something!”

Nightraid: What?! You don’t mean…

“Do not worry, however. These guys aren’t dangerous…even if they try to be...”

Drum Role: Hey, buddy… Uh… This is kind of embarrassing to tell ya but… We kinda gotta take you down!

Bass Keys: An’ dun even think’o runnin’ away! *Horn glows and Nightraid is gravitated to the ground*

Nightraid: NGH!!! Wh-What?!

Drum Role: Nice! I’ll take it from here! *Steps over to Nightraid* I don’t really know what it’s about, but word’s gone around that you’re a dangerous dude and, well, I might be wrong here, and believe me, I’d be SO happy if I was, but we can’t really take any chances unless we know for a fact that you’re not as bad as they say you are! We can’t afford to make a mistake here! You can claim you’re not all you want, but I’ve been lied to before and I won’t be falling for any tricks!

Nightraid: You mean…we have to fight now?! But you guys were being so nice a minute ago!

Drum Role: Yeah, well I like to be, but…you know how it is! So put up your dukes! It’s time for horseplay!

Bass Keys: Booooo….

Drum Role: Just gimme a beat, bro!

Bass Keys: Heh! Thought you’d never ask! *Creates music with his horn*

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.16
And now we have the return of these guys! So now it's time to start getting lighthearted again! YAY!
SCORE: Fallen Down [Saying Goodbye] (Undertale)…

Exhausted, miserable, and alone, Nightraid slips into a cave to spend the night.

Nightraid: *Shivers from the cold outside of the cave, and lays down, sniffling as he cries himself to sleep* Hvhvhvhvv…. (It’s…not fair… Why?)

From the other side of a rift in space and time, two figures, a white-cladded Unicorn with a large clock and a pink Pegasus with white wings, a halo over her head, jewelry, and silk sleeves on her front hooves watch Nightraid sleep from another dimension.

Aeon: It's time... You are ready, correct, Venus?

Venus: Roger that, cutie!

Aeon: *Blushes* Ngh... Please save the sweet talk for later... Or rather, you can direct your soothing side for him.

Venus: Alright, alright! Heehee... *Appears in the cave next to Nightraid* There's my little angel...

Nightraid: *Sniffles, shuffling around to get warm* S-So cold... *Says as he's still asleep*

Venus: (Awwww.....) Hmm... *Walks quietly to him and kneels down next to him and extends her left wing out and covers him like a blanket* Shhh.... It's okay, little one... Mommy's here...

Nightraid: *His shivering starts to slowly decrease as he's covered by her wing* Mmm...

Venus: *Whispers* She always has been...and she always will be... *Lowers her head down and kisses him on the top of his head* Even if it feels like no one does, I still Love you. We all do.

Venus stays with Nightraid for the entire night until the moment he starts to wake up. As he sleeps, Venus begins to sing a soothing lullaby while petting him on the head and back. Her eyes glow as she slips into his subconscious to look into his memories and dreams to find them all broken into fragments.

Venus: Well now… This looks familiar… Well, Eros did what he had to, I suppose… *Looks at the seal on Nightraid’s Heart with Eros guarding it in his sleep* Aww, now that is just precious! *Looks back to the fragments* Yep, it’s just as Aeon said, I have some work to do. *Eyes shine as well as her hooves* Don’t you worry, my little angel! I’m here to help!

SONG: Home [Lyrics by Adriana Figueroa] (Undertale)…

Come my child
Stay with me
I'll protect you and your Dreams

Rest my child
Neath the tree
Like it's branches reach for me

So let me keep you safe and warm here in my arms
Think of the life that we could live, the joy that it could give
Even if we're worlds apart, stay in my Heart
Someday when you've a choice to make, I Hope you'll think of me
Think of me
Think of me

Maybe we'll meet again
And you'll have made many friends
But if you find you've strayed
I'll forgive you anyway

So stay Determined as you grow, Love as you go
Think of the kindness that I've shared and cherish those who care
Even when we're worlds apart, stay in my Heart
Someday you'll have a choice to make, I Hope that you'll be good
Please be good
Just be good

While singing, Venus uses her glowing hooves to take the fragments of Nightraid’s broken memories and pieces them together like a puzzle. They all play out in her eyes, giving her different expressions as she goes from the happy moments with family to sad moments of loss to the intense feelings from the harsh moments in Nightraid’s life. The complete puzzle flies up to Nightraid’s Heart and unlocks the seal and wakes Eros up. The two Angels look to each other and nod before hugging quietly. They both know that Nightraid’s time to awaken to a brand new life is upon them. Venus moves quickly to return to her body.


SCORE: You I D I O T (Undertale)…

Only to be stopped short by a familiar force…

Venus:….Oh dear… It seems you’re still here.

Styx: Aphrodite… You’re here…but you’re wearing THAT stupid look?!

Venus: Well excuse me, Styxie, but sometimes some of us LIKE to take a load off, if you know what I mean.

Eros: Mom… Do you need help? You DO remember last time you fought her while in this form, right?

Venus: *Smirks* Hmph… Oh please, dear. I’ve grown MUCH stronger since then! I could probably take her in my mortal form if I really wanted to! But…I don’t think fighting her right now would be the best use of our time. I fear for Nightraid’s Heart as well. So for now, no… She’s not of our concern.

Styx: I heard that, Aphrodite! You should know better! F O O L!!!

Venus: Sorry, Styxie! Another time, another place!  

Styx: Would you say so if BAAL were here?!

Venus: Baal? Hmm…depends. IS he?!


Eros: *Smirks* Oh, yeah, about that. He’s asleep! As long as Nightraid is asleep, he doesn’t feel either Love OR Hate in his Heart, so Baal has nothing to fight on! He’s out of juice, basically!

Baal: *Voice echoes* I’M TIRED, STYX! DO IT YOURSELF!!!

Eros: See?

Styx: RRRRRRRGH!!!! THIS ISN’T OVER!!! *Disappears*

SCORE: Home [Music Box] (Undertale)…

Venus: Well, that worked out nicely.

Eros: Yeah… Thank goodness... Since Nightraid hasn't been feeling very good recently, I've been low on power too... You alright, Mom?

Venus: Never better, son! Thank you! Did you miss me?

Eros: Sort of, though I was asleep the whole time! Did you miss me?

Venus: Well sort of… I just came in from the Time Rift, so I saw you from the future just a few moments ago.

Eros: Oh yeah, Aeon!

Venus: That’s right! Unfortunately, I have to go for now. I have business to attend to, a cute hubby to have fun with, stuff like that!

Eros: Mom…..

Venus: Come on, Eros! You’re old enough to talk about stuff like that!

Eros: Yeah, but I don’t need YOU guys being part of that mental image, it’s creepy!

Venus: Okay, you got me there. Sorry! But you get the point.

Eros: Yeah. I guess then I’ll see you later?

Venus: Of course! Just keep doing a good job with your little brother! A new year is about to begin and with it, a new beginning. I’m counting on both of you to make it far! Become strong and meet me later when you’re both good and ready!

Eros: You bet we will! Love you, Mom!

Aphrodite: *Venus’ eyes glow and she speaks with her true voice* Love you too, son! *They hug and she kisses Eros on the cheek* See you soon…

Eros: Later! *Salutes as she vanishes*

Venus: *Returns to Nightraid’s side and exits the cave with Aphrodite appearing right beside her as an apparition* The next stage in your journey has begun, my son. And this time, you’ll have your Heart to guide you… *Sees Nightraid about to wake up* Whoops! Gotta go... Good morning, sweetie… *Sees the Time Rift open and she goes into it and it closes behind her with her voice echoing* Mama will be waiting for you…

Nightraid: *Wakes up with a ray of sun shining in his face* Mmmgh... *Rubs his eyes* I-I somepony was with me... Huh? *Picks up a pink feather* W-Where did this come from? *Looks and sees the cake* W-hat the? *Sees a note by the slice of cake, unfolding it and begins to read it*

"Protect your Heart. Never lose who you are."

Nightraid: *Surprised to read this, he remembers those same words coming from his guardian* L-Love Breeze…!? T-This is what Love Breeze used to tell me... Who left this? *Looks around* Hello!? *The only response he hears is the sound of his own echo, he then sits back down, his stomach starting to grumble* So hungry... *He then looks at the cake and begins to eat it* Mmm... *Hears Eros’ voice*

SCORE: Hopes and Dreams (Undertale)…

“Wow, rough year, huh?”

Nightraid: Hmm?! *Gulps what’s in his mouth* Huh?! Who said that?!

“Good news, though! That year’s behind us now! And hey, you’ve done a great job of staying good! So how about we start this new year off right!”

Nightraid: Who?! Who are you?! I thought the voices were gone!

“Sorry, buddy. I can’t tell you yet. But keep your head on! We’ll meet one day! Just keep your Heart strong until then, alright?”

Nightraid: I…I want to know… Am I a demon?!

“…..That’s up to you. Do you want to be?”


“You don’t have to answer that right now. You’ve got a long road ahead. If you want to be one, then go your own way. If not…well that’s what we’re here for!”

Nightraid: We? Who?!

“You’ll see! Just be good and you’ll find out! Now c’mon! It’s the morning of a new year! Let’s take it on together!”

Nightraid finishes the cake left behind and keeps the paper with him. He lifts his head up as he steps out into the light of the new day with this familiar feeling in his mind. He feels his Heart finally back with him and his memories with it. He remembers the people that actually did help him, showing Love, teaching Faith, and giving him Hope. With the world in front of him covered in snow, he spreads his wings and takes off to parts unknown. Nightraid isn’t sure why but he has this great feeling that things might actually start to look up very soon. He keeps his head high as he tackles the new year head-on!

SCORE: Above The Magma (Determination)…

Nightraid, now knowing of his species, feels compelled to find other dragons, hoping for an answer to who he is supposed to be. For the first time since his awakening, he finally feels like there is Hope in front of him and all he has to do is reach out and grab it! His dragon instincts tell him to keep heading south, however, he inevitably has to land somewhere to rest his wings. As he sits on a rooftop of a building, he wonders whether or not he should try to talk to anyone. He closes his eyes to think about it and begins to hear familiar voices and words from his broken memories.

“Try to Love others…but if you can’t live with them, at least don’t do them any harm…”

Hearing these words, Nightraid opens his eyes and looks around, thinking he heard something of it, but then looks back down the building and decides to descend down to the ground below with his wings spread out. As he lands, he already attracts some unwanted attention with ponies everywhere freaking out at the sight of the dragon. Before he could even do anything, he was already being deemed a monster and he didn’t even know why. He couldn’t understand it at all. Nopony would let him go near them and all he wanted was food and help. When they called him a “monster” or “demon”, however…

Nightraid was fighting back his sudden urge to freak out himself and wasn’t doing too well at it. He was more than tempted to let out his inner rage as it was coming to him. His right eye started flaring up and his scars began to glow once more. He wanted to turn into that demonic form of his and attack the nearest pony in sight but he saw that they were already on the move of running away from him. He realized that if he let himself go off like that, he would be giving them more of a reason to fear him. Accepting this, Nightraid tries to calm down for long enough for him to find food at a nearby stand, to no avail, however because when he walks up to the stand, the clerk quickly takes the food and goes.

The clerk dropped a piece of bread… It isn’t long before authorities catch sight of what’s going on and attempt to apprehend Nightraid, seeing him as a public threat. Nightraid can’t even defend his case, for they’re too scared and set off to listen to him. He is so scared that he can’t exactly think of the right words anyway. He fears that he has to fight them… He wishes that a voice would call to him at this point… Two options appear in his mind. Either he stays and fights or he runs. After a few moments, Nightraid notices the piece of bread that the clerk dropped and dives for it to eat it in front of the cops.

With this moment to eat and refill his energy and rest his wings, he feels them ready for him to fly again. The only thing he can do now is take off to the skies. The echoes of their screams still fill his ears and he can’t even hear himself think. He quickly realizes that trying to socialize with those ponies was a mistake and any further attempts would be a waste of time. Perfectly normal ponies living peaceful lives just see the sight of a little black dragon and before he even got to do anything, they panicked. If that was how those ponies were going to treat him, then why bother? Nightraid shakes his head and flies to the south, feeling that the only Hope he has left is with his own kind, his fellow dragons. Eventually, he makes it to the Southern Badlands and attempts to become one with them…and at first, it seemed to work out...

Nightraid no longer hears any voices in mind and feels as though he’s finally at peace. The dragons of the Southern Badlands took Nightraid in, gave him food, shelter, and introduced him to their elders, the Conduits of King Bahamut. They look upon him with both intrigue and doubt. They notice that, like their great leader, Nightraid is a Black Dragon and has potential to become something great…but also notice that his Heart is sealed and his mind is shattered into pieces. They offer to train him while keeping watch over him…but at the same time, they secretly discuss with each other over the fact that he has more than one Soul residing within him. One of which, is an old enemy of theirs. They recognize Baal…

Nightraid spent a year training with the dragons of the Southern Badlands, hoping he would feel the comfort of Love from his own kind. But the more he trained, the more other dragons wanted to fight him. None of them gave him any quarter and Nightraid felt like he was being mercilessly ganged up on rather than cared for by them. Either they wanted to hurt him or they wanted nothing to do with him. When he would go up to any of the adult dragons, they would turn from him and tell him to go away. When he fought, he showed Mercy but was reprimanded for it. Nothing of this felt right. The final straw was when all of them decided that Nightraid never was nor ever will be one of them. He wasn’t much of a dragon to them, rather, an ill omen of evil aura. They decided to exile him to get rid of that “evil aura”.

Neither Pony nor Dragon would accept him. His food has run out. His Heart is still locked away along with his shattered memories. Nightraid feels himself falling into Despair once more… Every chance Hope gets to enter his Heart, it gets blocked by his pessimism. At this point, he feels that there is no place in the world for him. He feels that he would be better off dead and yet he cannot find it in himself to end his own life. Every time he tries, he gets too scared of what might happen. He doesn’t even remember what Love or Faith is and just wishes for Death, either for himself or for the world. He needs help…

SCORE: Stronger Monsters (Undertale)…

After about 30 seconds of flying, his wings begin to tire out and he finds a perch to land on and rest them. Despite the limitations of how long he was able to fly, he was able to make great distance, flying for what seemed like a hundred miles in just under those 30 seconds! He found himself stupefied at how impressive that was. He’s still learning more about himself as he goes. His strength, his speed, his flight, his fiery breath, and his resilience… He wonders if he truly IS a demon like they were saying…or if he is something else. He slides down the side of the mountain that he rested on and finds an opening.

Nightraid: (What’s this?) *Looks inside and sees a horde of treasures such as gold and jewelry* (This is…bright… And…) *Feels his stomach growling at the sight of it all* (It looks…delicious!) *Picks up a few gems and puts it in his mouth, crunching on it* Mmm! (Wow! This tastes good!) *Starts eating a few more until he hears growling from within the cave* Hmm? *Looks up and sees a massive and angry green dragon glaring and growling at him as a voice from his broken memories resurfaces*

“Feeding your body is key to staying healthy, but taking things without permission is NOT good for your Heart!”

Nightraid: Uh… Is there…something wrong?

Dragon: RRRGH!!! A little runt who’s EATING MY HORDE!!!

Nightraid: Oh… This is yours? Sorry… *Drops what’s in his claws* Didn’t know… I was just hungry and it looked really good… But… What did you just call me?

Dragon: *Snorts on him* Runt… I called you a RUNT! Now get out of my cave!

Nightraid: *Grits his teeth and glares back* A RUNT, AM I?!?!

Dragon: RRRRRRRGH!!!

Nightraid: *Gets angry and his eyes flare up* TAKE! THAT! BACK!!!

Dragon: I said… *Slams his claws down and roars in Nightraid’s face* GET! OOOOOOOOOOUT!!!!!!!!!

SCORE: Waters Of Megalovania [Remix by BotanicSage] (Undertale & Justice)…

Nightraid: AND I SAID!!! *Snaps and uppercuts the dragon’s chin with enough force to make his head hit the ceiling* TAKE IT BAAAAACK!!!

Dragon: UUUURGH!!! *Gets angry* That’s…IT! *Clenches his claws into fists and punches Nightraid right out and chases him out of the cave* I DO take it back! You’re NOT a runt… YOU’RE DEAD!!! *Sees Nightraid back on the mountain side and climbing up it* RRGH!!! *Takes off and flies around the mountain to fight Nightraid*

Nightraid: RRRRGH!!! You’re gonna REGRET THAT!!!

Dragon: *Breathes fire on Nightraid* RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!

Nightraid: *Is able to resist the flames but is affected by the kinetic force while his clothes are burnt off, including Advent’s bag of peanuts* AAAGH!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! *Spreads his wings and flies up to the dragon* RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *Readies his right claw to slash at the dragon only to miss as he dodges it* WHY YOU-!!!

Dragon: DIE!!! *Grabs Nightraid and slams him into the side of the mountain*

Nightraid: RRRGH!!! *Bites the claw and sets himself free as the dragon feels the sting* You want me to die… *Snarls and pants* YOU WANT TO KILL ME?!?! *Flies at the dragon again and turns into his demonic form once again* I WON’T LET YOU!!! *Bolts into the dragon’s belly and starts punching it rapidly, making the dragon convulse in pain* YOU’LL DIE FIRST!!! *Uppercuts upward and flips the dragon over* RRRRAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

Dragon: (HOW COULD THIS LITTLE RUNT BE SO STRONG?!) *Manages to grab Nightraid and throws him downward and blasts him into the mountain with fire* UUURAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Nightraid: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! *Gets pushed into the mountain by the force of the blast* Ngh…

Dragon: (I see… It’s not the runt… It’s HIM!) RRRRGH!!! (Then I won’t give you a chance this time!) *Punches Nightraid deeper into the mountainside several times* RRRAAAGH!!!

Nightraid: *Takes every hit and feels weakened and turns back to normal* Uuuuuugh…… *Sees the dragon flapping his wings and floating in sight, looking down on him* …………

Dragon: *Panting* You’re still alive…huh?!

Nightraid: Ngh…. I-Is that…all….you…got?! *Is breathing heavily, terribly wounded and covering his right shoulder with his left claw, but still able to float*

Dragon:………Hmph! No…but it’s all both of us can take! *Takes a deep breath*

Nightraid: W-What?!

Dragon: It’s over! If either of us give it our all, one of us really IS going to die!


Dragon: Listen to me, young dragon! No matter how good an idea seems…when you’re angry, it never is. My big brother told me this…and sometimes I need to remind myself… If I killed you here and now…I would regret it later. And something tells me you would too. I’m giving you mercy…I strongly suggest you accept it! Don’t go picking fights from now on! Let them find you! And remember how mercy feels!

Nightraid: Mercy… Why… Why are you-?

Dragon: Because neither of us have to die here. Don’t let your pride cloud that! It’s always better to be alive! Perhaps you’ll share that same feeling to another.

Nightraid:….. *Rises up to the top of the mountain and lands on his feet, looking down thoughtfully* I…I’m sorry…

Dragon: As am I… We both lost ourselves to our anger…

Nightraid: W-Wait! You said I was something! What was it?

Dragon: You and I are of a kind. We are “Dragons”! But that is only WHAT we are… Not WHO we are! Remember this well. I will. Farewell. *Floats down to his hole and exits with his horde of treasure and takes to the skies*

Nightraid: *Watches the adult dragon fly away in the distance and thinks about what he just learned* (I’m…a dragon… So…I’m NOT a demon?! So…are there more like me? Where can I find them!?) *Takes off and flies to where his instincts tell him again*

SCORE: Anticipation & Enemy Approaching (Undertale)…

Eros’ mighty attack engulfs everyone in light! The battle ends and Nightraid’s Heart is locked away with Eros himself returning to sleep to guard it within the deepest parts of Nightraid’s subconscious. Baal is sealed as well within Nightraid’s Shadow where his powers are limited. Styx and Aphrodite are both expelled from Nightraid’s subconscious. And Nightraid himself sleeps for the remainder of the night until he wakes up in the morning. When he does so, everything feels…normal for him. His bodily pain is subsided, his internal pain as well, and his tears have dried up. However, he feels emotionally numb.

Nightraid:…….. *Looks around and to his claws* No more pain… *Right eye flares up as he looks to more creatures and considers his options* Go away… *They flee but larger creatures show up to challenge him* ……Fine then! *Glares and readies himself* COME ON!!!

The Black Dragon of the Egg of Destiny, Nightraid steps fearlessly towards his challenging predators and, without any prior combat knowledge, he takes on his enemies with the natural ability to fight coming to his mind. Punching, kicking, slashing, throwing, and burning, Nightraid proves to be too much for any predator to defeat. His compassion gone, his memories shattered, and his pain nullified, Nightraid becomes the strongest and fiercest beast in the wild! Before, it started as survival combat but he quickly realized that no other creature could even hope to give him a challenge. Bored with them, he leaves.

SCORE: In My Way (Undertale)…

Nightraid is about to leave the forest until he sees several ponies, armed to the tooth with what look like “sacred” artifacts that they hope can defeat a demon. They seem familiar to Nightraid…too familiar… They seek to challenge him, but he ignores them, giving them a rather ominous warning to leave him alone. A couple of them back off but at least three of them choose to continue. They attempt to attack him with shining daggers and flying bottles of “Holy Water”. Nightraid retaliates by dodging and rushing at them to deliver powerful strikes that just barely leave them conscious. He’s tempted to finish them…

Stallion: Ngh… D-Demon… He’s too…strong!

Nightraid: Demon…? *Grabs him by the neck* Did you….just call me…a DEMON?!?!

Stallion: *Choking* HNGH!!! P-Please…stop… Don’t…

Nightraid: I…am NOT…a DEMON!!! *Eyes burn and he readies a finishing blow*

Mare: NO!!! Please! Let him go! *Sees Nightraid turn his attention to her* I… Please! We’ll… We’ll go away! Just please don’t kill him!

Nightraid: What?! *Sees the fear and concern in her eyes and feels something familiar*Why…?!

Mare: He’s my brother! Please! Don’t take him from me! He’s all I have left! Let him go and we’ll leave you alone! I promise! Just please have mercy!

SCORE: Blackbird Song (Lee DeWyze)…

Nightraid: Mercy….? *Tries to remember where that word came from* Mercy… If you…knew mercy… THEN WHY DID YOU ATTACK ME?!

Mare: We were told to! It wasn’t our choice!

Nightraid: RRRGH!!! *Throws the stallion at her and she catches him then looms over them* NEVER! CHALLENGE ME! AGAIN!!!

Mare: *Tears in her eyes* We…we won’t… But… Others…they might…

Nightraid: THEN TELL THEM WHAT I TOLD YOU… *Closes eyes* I won’t hurt you…but only if you…..……… L E A V E  M E  A L O N E *Eyes flaring red and the mare takes her brother and comrades and runs* …………… *Calms down* (Mercy… Why… What came over me? What am I?) *Looks to his claws and then realizes he has two more limbs coming from his back* (I’ve seen these before… Would they…?) *Wills them to move and they begin to flap, lifting him off the ground* (I’m…floating? Rising? I can…) *Flaps them harder and moves around in the air* (I CAN FLY?!?!)

Nightraid takes off at a mighty speed, leaving behind a sudden gust of wind and soars over the ponies that fled from him. They watch him fly off to parts unknown. Nightraid doesn’t know where he’s going or why, but he feels like he can go anywhere, so he just follows his own way. To this world, he knows little so he simply allows his dragon instincts direct him. He still wonders about what just happened. He could have killed those ponies easily but he chose to let them all live with the fair warning of leaving him alone. He questions to himself whether or not he should do that again.

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.12
Here's my bone to throw for you fans of The Walking Dead. That was also a special request from the friend that I'm doing this story for. I don't watch The Walking Dead, but I do like the song and it DOES fit in my opinion. 
SCORE: Don't Give Up (Undertale)…

Nightraid: You... You're wrong! Everything you just said...IT'S ALL WRONG!!!

?????: HMM?


?????: WHAT?!

Nightraid: If she doesn’t matter anymore…THEN WHAT ARE WE?! What were those guys?! What was that pony that saved us?!


Nightraid: RRRGH!!! How… HOW DARE YOU?! She loved me…and those musicians…and that colt… They were nice to me! If they were nice…then what if there ARE still other nice people out there?!


Nightraid: No…I don’t… But I do get one thing! I’m NOT about to hurt anyone JUST because you tell me to! I don’t hate them! I’m NOT like you! AND YOU ARE NOT ME!!! *Tears in his eyes*

?????: RRRRRRRGH!!! *Eyes glow and two extra eyes open above the initial set and his arms both glow* IF YOU WON’T LISTEN…THEN I’LL JUST HAVE TO MAKE YOU!!!

Nightraid: AAAH!!!


Nightraid: W-WHAT?!?! *Sees a massive and frightening demonic dragon appear behind his Shadow* WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!


Nightraid: *Too scared to move or say anything* ……..!!!!!!

Baal: DIE!!! *Inhales and charges up a powerful fiery ball in his mouth and gets ready to fire*

Nightraid: *Covers his eyes* …..!!!!

Baal: B U R N  I N  D E S P A I R!!!!!


Young Male Voice: STAY BACK!!! *Large angelic equine appears with a massive shield to block the blast*

SCORE: Hopes and Dreams / SAVE the World (Undertale)…

Nightraid: WHAT THE-?! HUH?!

Baal: WHAT?! YOU?!!?

Docile Female Voice: Eros! You’ve awakened, my son?!

Eros: Sorry, Mom! I thought I’d be able to sleep in this time! *Holding the shield up until the blast dissipates* But I guess this is what happens when you have a noisy roommate!

Nightraid: Who…WHAT ARE YOU?!

Eros: Uh… Hey there, little brother! Sorry about this little mix-up! Nice work holding your ground though! I guess I have some explaining to do, huh?

Nightraid: ….Yes, you do! All this is happening at once and it’s driving me crazy! Answer me! Who ARE you people?!

Eros:…. *Sighs* You keep finding yourself in problems like these where things keep happening too fast… Yeah, I know the feeling. It stinks when you have people fighting over you. It was like that for me too… Alright, but first… *Grabs Nightraid and flies up to avoid Baal’s next attack* I’ll tell you a bit of what’s going on here, so bear with me! My name is Eros! I’m your Ethereal Spirit!

Nightraid: My…but he said that he was…

Eros: Yyyyyeah, he and I are kind of rivals. He and Styx have been trying to recruit you to become one of their slaves. I’ve been hanging out with you with some help from my mom and her conduits. We want to save you from them and make you part of our family!

Nightraid: Wait, what?!

Eros: You’re still really young, Nightraid! I wasn’t supposed to wake up until later in your life but you really need the help right now, so I had to do something! *Dodges more attacks* Sorry if this is a lot for you to take in at once, but it’s as simple as I can put it!

Nightraid: *Head hurts and he buries his face in Eros’ back while holding tight* ……..

Eros: *Flies around and avoids some attacks while deflecting others* AAGH!!! I can’t keep this up! Why do the True Devils have to be so stupidly powerful?!

Nightraid: Are… Are you okay?!




Baal: RRRRRGH!!! ENOUGH!!! *Blasts Eros and Nightraid down*



Nightraid: “Mom”?!

Docile Female Voice: I’m using all of my power just to hold Styx back! She’s VERY persistent! I’m sorry, Eros! We have no other option!

Eros: I was afraid you’d say that… But alright! *Catches Nightraid and they land* Nightraid… I’m REALLY sorry about this… But there’s only one way to keep something bad from happening to you here!

Nightraid: W-What is it?!

Eros:… *Sighs sadly* Your Heart’s already taken plenty of damage as it is…but you still have Love in there, so there’s still Hope! But… I’m gonna have to lock it up in you…

Nightraid: What does that mean?!

Eros: Man, you ask a lot of questions… Can’t really blame ya but this is the best I can do. Sorry I can’t answer many more of them. I’m going to seal away your Heart within you so these creeps can’t touch it! And don’t worry, I’ll keep guard until the day that it’s unlocked again!

Nightraid: But…what’ll happen to me?!

Eros:…..This is the painful part…without access to your Heart, you’ll lose the ability to feel most of your emotions. But don’t worry, as long as you stay alive until the time comes for the seal to be removed, you’ll get them all back! But for me to do this, I need your consent… May I?

Nightraid:…………What if I…hurt people? What if I end up doing bad things out there?!

Eros:…That’ll be your own decision…

Nightraid: But…I don’t know if I should…

Eros: *Sees Baal looking at them* He’s spotted us! Nightraid, c’mon! We don’t have much time!

Nightraid:………What should I do?! So many people hurt me…but…I don’t know if I would want to hurt them!

Eros:…..!!! *Smirks* Tell you what…there’s no shame in fighting back in defense! Don’t fight to HURT others! Fight to PROTECT them! That includes yourself!


Eros: Can you promise me…or yourself that?! To become strong and live on for the sake of others?


Docile Female Voice: “Pay attention…”

Eros: *Sees Baal charging up one more blast* OR…if you can’t live WITH them…then at least do them no harm! As long as there’s still a chance for them to do good, just let them go! Show them mercy! Even without access to your Heart, you can still do that! Even if you have to isolate yourself, just do what you have to!

Nightraid:……!!! *Nods* Okay! I…really hope you know what you’re doing!

Eros: *Mumbles* Trust me, so do I… *Nods and smiles* But you just leave it to me! Hope is what I stand for! Thank you, little bro! And don’t worry, we’ll meet again. And when we do, everything will become clear! *Baal fires* Here we go… *Shines bright* “Protect your Heart! Never lose who you are!” *Unleashes a powerful burst of light* NOW!!!




Aphrodite: Well done, my sons… I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to help you much for now. *Voice echoes as everything ends* But keep going forward. You can do it! No matter what, I’ll always Love you!

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.11
Did I get ya again? YEEHEHEHEHEHEHEE!!! Yeah, I can tell that things are moving really fast. I can tell that certain things are probably feeling rushed, but hey, sometimes that's just how life rolls. Especially when you consider the main character's situation. Even still, I can poke fun at it myself. 

SCORE: Undyne (Undertale)…

Nightraid disappears into the woods with the burning feeling in his Heart and all over his body while he continues running. The three stallions of Flash Drive decide to return home while Nightraid goes his way. Yet another bit of confusion comes from his sudden change. Upon thinking of the events of the night before, he began to transform. As he runs, he feels that transformation coming back to him and he has no idea why or how to stop it. He can barely think anymore. The worst part is that there is still danger lurking around him.

Nightraid:…….NGH!!! WHAT… WHAT IS… HAPPENING TO ME?!?! AAAGH!!! *Looks at his reflection in another body of water and sees himself changing* AAAH!!! AAAAGH!!!! *Convulses again and loses his grip, fully transforming* RRGH!!! RRRRGH!!! *Lets out a powerful roar into the sky* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Nightraid’s roar, unfortunately, attracted the attention of mighty predators that took notice of his weakened state just before the transformation occurred and they ready themselves to launch out of hiding to attack. Out of the shadows of bushes comes a pack of Timberwolves with their sights set on Nightraid. With their wooden skeletal legs at the ready, they rush towards Nightraid with their sharp fangs and front claws aimed at him. Nightraid’s primal survival instincts propel him in an opened direction to dodge the incoming attack. At first he wants to run…but just then, a voice speaks to him.

“Don’t you DARE run from them! This power was never meant for you to RUN!”

SCORE: You I D I O T (Undertale)…

“FIGHT THEM! They want to kill you! FIGHT BACK!!!”

Nightraid: HUH?! *Notices how…VICIOUS this voice sounds*

“If you don’t, they’ll destroy you! Destroy THEM first! FIGHT!!!”

SCORE: Burn In Despair (Undertale)…

Nightraid: RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Catches an attacking Timberwolf by the neck and looks up, glaring at his eyes with his own glowing red eyes* RRRRRGH!!! *The Timberwolf realizes that he made a big mistake* ………..DIE!!! *Crushes and snaps the Timberwolf’s wooden neck* RRRAAAAGH!!! *Throws the rest of the body at another and stomps on the dead one’s head, breaking it* RRRRGH!!! GO! AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! *Unleashes a powerful torrent of flames from his mouth at another one, setting it on fire* Who… WHO ARE YOU!?!?!??!

“Hmhmhmhm… Now THAT’S more like it! KILL THEM, NIGHTRAID!!!”

Nightraid: AAAAAAGH!!! *Hears a second voice, a young male one*

“No… It can’t be! NIGHTRAID! STOP!!!”

Nightraid: RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!! *The other Timberwolves flee as he struggles with himself* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *Reverts back to his original self again and collapses* NGH…. *Falls unconscious*


SCORE: But Nobody Came (Undertale)…

As Nightraid sleeps in his unconscious state, he finds himself in a dark void. In this void, he hears voices both hostile and docile. They seem familiar to him…but he cannot come to any conclusions as to why. He can’t even understand what they’re saying. The only thing he can understand is that they’re conflicting with one another over something. He looks around to find where the voices are coming from and wants to open his mouth to say something…but no sounds are coming from him. Instead, a wave of black flames and dark energy rises from his chest and out of his mouth and manifests in front of him.

SCORE: In My Way (Undertale)…

Nightraid: *Scared, but regains his ability to speak as he sees the dark flames take shape and form of his strange transformed state* …….Who…Who are…you?!


Nightraid: Wh-What?!


Nightraid: But… Why?! What did I ever do?!


Nightraid:……But…what about-?!

?????: THE “VOICES”?!



Nightraid: How…did you know I was gonna-?!




Nightraid: Wh-Who will?!




Nightraid: But….but…..

?????: BUT WHAT?!

Nightraid: Do…we have to?! I mean… Love Breeze…she…


Nightraid:…….But…she…protected me…she wanted me to be good… She…

?????:……S H E  D O E S  N O T  M A T T E R  A N Y M O R E…….


[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.10
We ARE still on the Love Path...right? Yeah, this is what separates this story's Love Path from Undertale's Pacifist Route. 
SCORE: Small Shock (Undertale)…

Nightraid:………………………….. *Holds his chest and begins bawling*

Flash Sentry: Huh?! Hey, is someone there?! *Turns around and looks to the tree behind him on the hill and looks around it to see the little black dragon crying* Hmm, a dragon?!

Nightraid: AAH! *Tries to back up only to hit the tree and is scared* N-No! S-Stay…back! *Falls back down to his rump in pain* Ngh!

Drum Role: What’s that, Flash?! *Comes around and sees* Whoa, what’s up, little dude?

Nightraid: *Heart pounding in fear and panting* P-Please…don’t hurt me! I… I’m not a demon! I’m not!

Bass Keys: Yo? *Flash and Drum look at each other with confusion*

Flash Sentry: Uh… Hey, calm down, will ya?! We’re not gonna hurt you, okay?

Drum Role: Yeah, easy, dude! You already look like you’re pretty messed up as it is!

Flash Sentry: Yeah, he does…

Bass Keys: What happened to ya, dawg?

Nightraid: *Still too scared to say anything*

Flash Sentry: *Looks at both his friends and then to Nightraid and holds his hoof to him for help* Hey, you okay? Look, we’re harmless. If it’ll make you feel better, you can tell us what’s wrong.

Nightraid: *Shakes and sniffs* I…I…can’t… P-Ponies…like you…did this…to me…..

Flash Sentry: Excuse me?

Nightraid: They…took Love Breeze from me…and hurt me… Then…more came and…called me a demon and…now I…

Flash Sentry: Now hold on a sec. “Like us”? I don’t know what messed up ponies would do this to you, but you can rest assured that we’re NOTHING like that!

Drum Role: Yeah, we don’t pick on little kids!

Bass Keys: Heck! We beat the tar out of anyone who DOES!

Nightraid: But…they were…other ponies…and…

Flash Sentry: Yeah, but I got hurt and nearly lost my mom because of another dragon the other night. That doesn’t mean I’m blaming you for it, now am I?

“Pay attention…”

SCORE: The Choice (Undertale)…

Nightraid: (That voice again?!)

Flash Sentry: Ponies hurt ponies too. Dragons hurt dragons. People sometimes just hurt other people. It doesn’t matter who or what they are. Some are just like that. But not everyone is! Like I said, we’re not like that.

Nightraid:……… *Sniffs a bit calmer and shaking slows down* …….

Flash Sentry: Hey, Drum. Can you get our food? I think this kid could use something to eat.

Drum Role: Yeah, sure! *Goes to get their lunch*

Flash Sentry: So what’s your name, kid?

Nightraid:……….M-My name….is……. *Trembles a bit, but then looks to Flash’s face and sees the sincere look in his eyes and calms down* …….My name is…..Nightraid…

Flash Sentry: Nightraid, huh? Nice name! My name’s Flash! Flash Sentry! *Offer’s his hoof and Nightraid slowly grabs it and shakes it* There ya go!

Bass Keys: Yo, dawg! Da name’s Bass Keys!

Drum Role: *Mouth full of food* AM MUH NAM’S DRRM RLLL!!!

Nightraid: Huh?!

Flash Sentry: Drum…

Drum Role: *Swallows food and repeats himself* And my name’s Drum Role! *BUUUUUURP!!!* Here ya go, little dude! Eat up! *Gives him a sandwich* Peanuts are good for a snack, but you need a meal in ya! Try an egg sandwich!

Flash Sentry:….!!! *Nightraid takes it and eats it* ………… *Refrains from saying anything and glares at Drum* ………. *Hisses through his teeth at Drum* That…was MY…sandwich…

Drum Role: Huh? Oops…

Flash Sentry: *Sighs* Oh well, at least he’s feeling better…

Nightraid: *Finishes* ……Thank you…

SCORE: Memories (Undertale)…

Bass Keys: No sweat, dawg! But uh… Not really sure what we can do ‘bout d’em scratches on ya.

Drum Role: Yeah, and what’s up with your eye, dude?

Flash Sentry: Guys, isn’t that a bit personal?


Flash Sentry: Hey, if you don’t wanna talk about it, that’s fine. Drum just has a hard time with tact.

Drum Role: Feh…

Flash Sentry: If you want, we can get you some help. Is your home nearby?

SCORE: Respite (Undertale)…

Nightraid:……I….don’t have a home… I…can’t go back…

Drum Role: Seriously, dude?!

Bass Keys: Ya sound like ya ran away, dawg.


Flash Sentry: No way… You ran away from home? Why? Don’t you think your parents are worried?

Nightraid:……… *Goes back to crying* ……..

Flash Sentry: Uh… S-Sorry… Didn’t mean to-

Nightraid: She’s….. She’s….. GOOOOOOOOONE!!!! *Sobs loudly* And they… They blamed… MEEEEE!!! I-I DIDN’T DO IT!!! AAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

Flash Sentry:………………… *Looks to the other two* What do you think, guys?

Bass Keys: Yo…sounds t’me like the kid had a pretty bad time…

Flash Sentry: “She’s gone”… “And they blamed me”… No…you don’t think…

Drum Role: I never think!

Bass Keys: Not the time, brudda.

SCORE: You I D I O T (Undertale)…

Nightraid: I didn’t do it… I didn’t… I… *Panting and his right eye begins to flare up* I…. I………. Rrrrgh!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!! *Convulses in anger and his voice begins to distort* I…… DIDN’T KILL HER…. THEY DID!!! THEY DID THIS TO ME!!! THEY DID IT!!! THEY DID IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! *Surrounded by a sudden gathering of black flames with his right arm’s scars glowing* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!

Flash Drive: *Flash, Drum, then Bass* WHAT! THE! FRUIT!?!?

Nightraid: MONSTER… THEY CALLED ME A DEMON! A MONSTER!!! I’M NOT A MONSTEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!! *Scales begin to turn darker and he holds his head in agony* NGH!!! RRRGH!!!

Bass Keys: Yo, dawg! Ah’ say simmer down!

Drum Role: What’s wrong with this kid?!

Flash Sentry: I don’t know but… This feels…familiar… Nightraid! HEY! NIGHTRAID!!!

Nightraid: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!! *Glares at Flash Sentry and sees him wince a bit before giving him a more firm look* …………………… *Slowly turns back to normal and calms down his breathing* ………. *Feels his pain returning before running off without another word*

Flash Sentry: HEY! WAIT!!! *Wants to go after him but gets stopped by the others*

Bass Keys: Let’em go, brudda!

Drum Role: Yeah, going after him might be a bit dangerous, dude!

Flash Sentry: But… *Sees Nightraid escaping into a forest area in the distance* I probably could’ve caught up to him…but you might be right… Something about him…doesn’t feel right…

SCORE: sans. (Undertale)…

Male Voice: Told ya, dude! Nopony comes out here! This place is PERFECT for practice!

Male Voice: Yo, dawg! Nice view! D’is’ll do just fine!

Male Voice: THIS is what you pulled us miles away from Trottingham for, Drum?!

Drum Role: Well, DUH! We gotta find SOME place to practice, right?! We ain’t gonna do that all in town, right?!

Male Voice: Yo, Flash-man! He gotta point! Ain’t practice if we got a crowd!

Flash Sentry: Yeah, I get that, but why THIS far out?! We could’ve set up our practice camp a little CLOSER to home, y’know! I don’t want Mom worrying about me!

Drum Role: Dude, cut the cord! We just graduated from high school! We’re not colts anymore! We’re STALLIONS, dude! Man up!

Flash Sentry: Don’t blame me! We just got done dealing with some crazy stuff during that tournament! But…I guess you got a point. Bass, you got our stuff ready?

Bass Keys: Yo! *Horn glows and he makes a keyboard, purple bass guitar, red and white lead guitar, and a drum set appear* Ready when you are, boss!

Flash Sentry: Nice! Too bad Amp Atom couldn’t join us for this, but I’m sure he’s at least happy studying in Canterlot right now. So let’s rock and roll, boys!

Drum Role: What song should we play?

Bass Keys: Yo! I’mma feelin’ somethin’ in da air, dawgs!

Flash Sentry: Oh yeah? You too?

Bass Keys: Yo…somethin’…like somewhere nearby…somethin’ down in the dumps…

Drum Role: On a beautiful day like this, dude? When birds are singin’ and flowers are bloomin’?! …..Yeah, I feel it to!

Flash Sentry: I’m not sure why…but I think I know just the song we should play! Let’s try this one that Advent gave us! He sure did give us an arsenal to use!

Nightraid: *Hiding behind the tree and listening* ……?

Flash Sentry: Alright, ready, boys?! Let’s rock and roll!

SONG: Undertale [Lyrics by “feralady” and Hymnodist]…

(Flash Sentry)
Long ago there was peace,
They all lived happily
Cherishing every breath,
In many times well spent
Suddenly things went wrong,
They could not get along
Darker days loomed ahead,
Their stomachs filled with dread
Common sense forgotten,
It was friend against friend
So the war ends sadly,
Dark Hearts showed no MERCY
Light Hearts forced to run out,
So our tale begins now
Child chosen from above,
Could learn just how to Love

(Bass Keys)
Where am I?
Did I die?
Looking up,
I see the sky…
(Drum Role)
Must go on,
Journey’s long
It’s scary,
And hard to see…
(Flash Sentry)
Milky Way,
Back one day
With this tune,
I’ll see you soon

(Flash Drive)
I will protect my Heart and…

(Flash Sentry)
Wind blowing,
Not showing
Where to go,
Or what to know

(Bass Keys)
Scorching heat,
Resting seat
Rain drops fall,
Crystals line the walls

(Drum Role)
Keep on straight,
It’s my fate
Hum and flex,
And show respect

(Flash Drive)
Protect friends,
Prevent their ends
Do it proudly

I’ll never lose who I am

I’ve stumbled into a brave new world,
I’m afraid of what the unknown will hold
And it’s hard to say if I will survive it all,
But with my two wings I will never truly fall

(Flash Sentry)
So with my Heart,
It’s time to start
I may be weak,
But this path’s not bleak
What’s to fear?
When they’re near…
I’ll stand tall,
To SAVE them all

(Flash Drive)
I will protect my Heart and…

Through my pain,
Emotion stains

I’ll never lose who I am

Despite everything,
My Heart still sings

I will protect my Heart and…

I’ll still smile,
All the while

I’ll never lose who I am

Thinking of,
The ones I Love

I’ll always be determined!

(Flash Sentry)
Conflict between Despair and Hope,
Coming from above and below
Battle grew from small to great,
Two Spirits of Love and Hate

(Drum Role)
Neither side would stop trying,
Even if they were dying
They both stayed determined,
To choose how I’d begin

(Bass Keys)
From this point on, it’s my choice,
Finally, I can rejoice
I’ve got a long path ahead,
Won’t stop until I’m dead

(Flash Drive)
Not dying anytime soon,
Under the Sun and Moon
As long as the Stars gleam,
I’m filled with Hope and Dreams

With my strength,
And my Faith

I will protect my Heart and…

Eyes won’t shut,
And never give up

I’ll never lose who I am

Nowhere safe,
But keep Faith

I will protect my Heart and…

Protect your Heart
Never lose who you are!

I’ll never lose who I am

(Drum Role)
Keep going no matter how long,
Even if everything’s wrong
Only reason you need to fight,
Is to turn what’s wrong to right

(Bass Keys)
Through your struggles and pain,
There’s something for you to gain
For your sins, you must atone,
But you won’t be alone

(Flash Sentry)
No matter how your path ends,
Just please stay determined
You can make it to the Heavens above
All you need is…

Faith and Love

[My Little Pony] The Egg Of Destiny LOVE PATH P.08
Special Thanks to Feralady on youtube for the inspiring lyrics. I decided to give my own take as well for that since it's kind of one of my favorite songs ever and seemed like it was needed. Hope you all enjoy! 
[Meme Entry] Undertale Controversial Meme by Count-Author
[Meme Entry] Undertale Controversial Meme
After this, no more controversial memes! I'm done after this. So nobody better ask me to do anymore. And yes, I chose to do this JUST BECAUSE IT'S UNDERTALE! I'm not ashamed to admit it. So anyways, this is a thing by :iconlacymooo: You can do it yourself here. Undertale Controversy Meme Here, have fun.

SONG: Hopes and Dreams…
Favorite Character: [FRISK] I chose Frisk as my favorite character because, to be honest, we do NOT give this kid enough credit for the crap they've had to go through! No matter what run you do, you're pushing poor Frisk through it all! And if you've done Resets, you can remember that you did things...and Frisk will remember them all too! They're my favorite character because, through it all, Frisk has the strength of heart, the Determination, to go through it all again and again with the hopes of giving everyone a happy ending! THAT is a character that I can respect! Whether you're a main character or not, if you have that kind of drive, then you'd be a character I'd be happy to have on my side!

SONG: Power of -NEO-…
Least Favorite Character: [METTATON NEO] I'm not gonna lie. I don't want to do a Genocide Run. I don't think I ever will. And not because I take the game too seriously or anything, but because I've seen what it looks like. It looks more like a chore than anything to do from the lowering encounter rate for the more enemies you kill and the whole time the game makes you feel like a complete demon to the legitimately painfully challenging fight against Undyne the Undying. I honestly thought Undyne was painful enough as it was in the Pacifist run...but that's beside the point...but the other bosses didn't even put up a fight before that, instead they made you feel how guilty they could possibly make you feel. And then there's Mettaton NEO. To be honest, he was the most disappointing to me. He looked so cool, so imposing, so BLARING!!! But he dies in one hit... And sure, Toriel and Papyrus went down in one hit each but Toriel probably tried to attack you at first and Papyrus at this point was at least trying to win you over with reason and feelings...but Mettaton NEO...stands there....he STANDS THERE!!! He's got a super-cool booster on his back but doesn't fly. He has an arm cannon, but doesn't fire! He doesn't even do his attacks from the Mettaton EX boss fight, which was one of the most fun in the game, but here...he...just STANDS THERE!!! He even talks a big game, but delivers NOTHING! Instead, he was meant to be the last chance for the Genocidal player to save themselves from fighting Sans OR a big obstacle for anyone who just wants what they worked all this way up for! That is why NEO sucks. He could have done something other than stand there, but he doesn't even if you use an ITEM or ACT first, he won't attack at all. At least his theme is still cool...except that it's super short and repetitive. 

SONG: Death By Glamour…
Favorite Music: [DEATH BY GLAMOUR] What can I say? I love dancing and this music just makes me want to get up and get groovy! Though I love "Hopes and Dreams" as my favorite song to "listen to" I give this one a higher honor as my favorite song to "dance to"! And yeah, watching Mettaton EX dance was amusing! The whole fight just kept me smiling through the whole thing! The song was super-catchy, the fight was uniquely-designed, and...those legs, man...

SONG: SAVE the World…
Favorite Boss: [ASRIEL DREEMURR] Not to be outdone, Asriel is STILL my favorite boss fight in the whole game! Heck, in my last Meme Entry, I made Asriel my favorite Final Boss in Video Games and that hasn't changed a bit since then! Asriel's boss battle at the end of the True Pacifist Route STILL has me in all the right ways! Everything building up to it, everything delivered, and everything that came after, my opinion hasn't changed. Congrats, Asriel! You're my number 1 favorite boss battle in any game EVER! Be proud! Now if only Toby Fox would just LET US SAVE YOU ALREADY!!!

SONG: Wrong Number Song…
Overrated Characters: [NOPE] NO! I HATE THAT WORD! NOT DOING IT! SCREW THAT NOISE! *Knocks it away* NEXT!

SONG: Dance Of Dog…
"Under" rated Characters: [LAUGH] HARR! HARR!!! I see what you did there... But nope! I'm not opening THAT can of worms either! NEXT!

SONG: Fallen Down (Reprise)…
Favorite Couple: [SANS AND TORIEL] Welp...I had to answer this eventually, but yeah. I love this pairing! Sans and Toriel or Soriel or whatever you call it, I like because it's the perfect combination of cute and funny, which is my favorite combination, they both care deeply for Frisk and seem like they'd be awesome parents for them, and...well...let's be honest, how many of you REALLY think she'd get back together with Asgore, anyway? I feel bad for the dude at the same time, but not to sound like a jerk or anything but...he kind of deserves it for the damage he's done. That's a lesson about how vengeance hurts and never helps, but that's beside the point. Sans and Toriel just seem like they'd do a great job keeping each other happy and after all the crap they've been through, they could use it. 

SONG: Determination…
Least Favorite Couple: *Is about to talk, but gets hit by a..."friendliness pellet" ACK!!! *Dies* [NOPE]
SCORE: Premonition (Undertale)…

Grand Cross disappears to the Time Rift and the young Advent Playwright helps Pastor Golem prepare for their final sermon together before Advent takes a train to Ponyville where he would be taken care of by Ms. Java-A-Day at an orphanage. Meanwhile, Nightraid keeps running as far and as fast as his legs can take him until he inevitably becomes tired and has to find a place to lay down and rest, crying the whole way. Ultimately, he cries himself to sleep until the sun rose from the horizon. As he sleeps, the angelic voice returns to him in his dreams and delivers to him a warning and a hope for the best for him.

“You are hurt, my son. Your Heart aches, doesn’t it? I see you are scared… I can understand why.”

“Do not despair, however. This is where your TRUE journey begins!”

“There are many fiends of Hatred in the world… You must not let them take you!”

“Stay strong, Nightraid. As long as you keep Love in your Heart, you will live on!”

“Protect your Heart! Never lose who you are!”

“My father is about to bring the light of the Morning Star. It is time to wake up, my son!”

“Arise and let your Heart guide your way. I will be there for you.”

SCORE: The Choice (Undertale)…

Nightraid wakes up and sees the rising sun with what looks like the apparition of a glowing pink Alicorn equine with flowing greenish mane and tail fading from sight. He wipes his closed eye-lids and reopens them to see the figure gone from sight and only the morning sun’s light. Nightraid looks around and sees himself in a vast, grassy field with a gentle breeze flowing over the grass, shaking dew off of the blades and letting the shine from the sun light up the ground around him. His Heart is still heavy with sadness for his loss the previous night and fear of what is to come, not knowing what to do.

The young black dragon stands up and looks through his bag for something to eat and finds the peanuts that Advent gave him…but his heartache is too much for him to want to even feel hunger at the time so he closes the bag and begins walking down an unpaved path. As he moves forward, the sun rises ever-so-slowly over the horizon. To Nightraid, time was irrelevant. Hours moved like minutes to him, seconds were immeasurable, moments were just steps… For a while, Nightraid wished to ponder why he was there…only to remember the tragedy that occurred what felt like mere moments ago.

One moment, he was with his loving guardian, Love Breeze, the next moment, she died to protect him, then a voice rang in his head followed by several agonized screams, then he was cornered by angry ponies wishing to kill him only for a strange, blue, angelic pony to appear out of nowhere and save him, escort him out the city, and tell him to run away. As the images of these events continued to play out in his head, Nightraid kept crying until he stopped walking, dropped to his knees, and pounded at the ground and covered his face as tears came down. He then felt a sting in his right eye and arm.

“None of this made sense. None of this was called for. None of this was fair.” These thoughts were bouncing around Nightraid’s mind while the pain from the stinging persisted. He looked at his arm and saw the many scars on it that wouldn’t go away. He also felt a burning sensation in his right eye as if it was on fire. When he runs to a nearby lake, he looks to his reflection and falls back in shock and horror at what his face looks like. He sees the red mist seeping from his right eye socket and can’t think of any good reason or explanation why. It hurts, it looks horrifying to him, and it just adds to his suffering.

Nightraid sits down and continues to cry as he calls out for help but gets no response. Nobody is around. He feels all alone. Eventually, after a long time of crying, his physical pain begins to subside, allowing him to move more freely. As if feeling compelled to, he stands up once more and walks up a nearby hill with a large tree standing atop of it. His stomach finally begins to rumble to let him know that he has to eat something. He sits down and leans his back against the trunk of the tree and reaches into the bag of peanuts and starts eating. As Nightraid eats his peanuts, he is about ready to come to terms with the fact that nobody is going to help him. Nightraid is about to fall into True Despair…until suddenly…a Light appears!
SCORE: An Ending (Undertale)…

Sad, scared, and alone, Nightraid continues to cry while his physical wounds heal. His Heart pounds in his chest and he feels compelled to stand up and walk back to the city and his home, leaving Love Breeze’s body lying in the grass. His feelings are currently shut off and the only thing driving him forth is a resonating glow in his chest. As Nightraid gets closer to his home, he feels as though he’s being watched and followed. Upon reaching his home, he gathers some essential things as if being told to despite no one being there. After collecting enough, he walks out his front door…and this happens…

Male Voice: There’s the demon! And look! He’s grown bigger!

Nightraid: Huh?! *Snaps awake and looks to a group of angry ponies all wearing garbs with crosses on them*

Female Voice: And his eye! It’s letting out a red mist!

Male Voice: So it’s true! Black Dragons ARE demons!

Male Voice: I told you guys! I even saw him slaughter an entire group of ponies in the outskirts!

Nightraid: W-What?!

Mare: We saw so many pony bodies out there! Even an innocent Pegasus Mare! How could you?!

Stallion: I bet he’s the one who took little Advent’s parents too!

Nightraid: Huh?! W-Wait! I-!

Stallion: There’s no excuse for a demon! You’re going back to Tartarus where you belong!

Nightraid: But I… I…

Mare: Let’s get him now before he harms anypony else!

Stallion: I agree! ATTACK!!!

Nightraid: NO! WAIT!!! *They all begin to close in on him until 4 sudden explosions of dropped smoke bombs go off around him* AAAH!!!

SCORE: Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans (Undertale)…

Golem: Fools… Advent! Now’s your chance! Go!

Advent: Right! *Is about to dash in, but sees a blue and red blur dash past them to do just that* WHOA!!!

Golem: What?!

Aeon: *White-cladded unicorn with a large watch walks past* Don’t worry, young Advent. We have this one. Try to hold the rest of them off while this is taken care of.

Advent: Huh?!

Aeon: Hmhmhmhm… Grand Cross, I leave the rest to you… *Disappears*

Grand Cross: Thank you, Aeon! *Runs through the smoke and shadows to reach Nightraid* C’mon! *Tackles Nightraid and flips him onto his back and runs out while unseen* It never really ends, does it?!

Nightraid: Huh?! Wh-What?!

Grand Cross: Don’t say anything! Just hold on tight and don’t look back!

Nightraid: (That voice…Wait… Who…is he…?!)

Grand Cross: I’m sorry, Nightraid! The people of our church can be a bit harsh at times! Especially since some of our members went missing and some of our churches were burnt down by terrorists! But don’t worry, I know you didn’t do anything wrong…I’ve seen demons before…you’re not one of them! Just hang on and I’ll get you out of here!


“Trust him for he is your ally”

Golem: *In the shadows* It seems I must reeducate everypony as to what a TRUE demon is! *Sighs* At least the Angels understand…

Advent: What WAS that?!

Golem: Our friends from high above, young colt.

Nightraid: *Still riding on Grand Cross* Why…are you helping me?

Grand Cross: Do I need a reason to do the Holy Father’s work? *Smiles* Besides, your Heart is still developing! You still have time to become the Hope for this world…

Nightraid: “Hope”? But…I… Love Breeze, she… And those ponies…

Grand Cross:……… *Looks down as he keeps running and then back up* That wasn’t your fault. You were only doing what you were told by a greater power. But once we leave the city, your actions will be your responsibility! So please, for your sake…and Mother Love Breeze’s sake, do the right thing. That’s all I can ask. She wanted you to be good, right?

Nightraid:………… *Sadly nods*

SCORE: Goodnight (Undertale)…

Grand Cross: *As they leave the city, they stop* …..I’m sorry, Nightraid… But this is where I have to stop.

Nightraid: Huh?

Grand Cross: I have to go back to the city now. I have a train to catch tomorrow morning…I’m afraid this is good-bye.

Nightraid: But…here?! Now?! But…what do I do?! Where do I go?!

Grand Cross: Go where your Heart guides you. If it is His will, we will meet again.

Nightraid: But…I’ll be all alone! I don’t want to be! Everything’s happening too fast! *Tearing up and holding his head* I want to go home! I want Love Breeze back! I…! I…!

Grand Cross: I know… Sometimes it just feels that way… Life moves so fast that it feels like a rushing story that’s going too fast to keep up with… But we don’t have time now! I’m sorry…but I can’t follow you. And you can’t go back. If you do, they’ll catch you…and…I don’t want them to! We both know what will happen if they do!

Nightraid:…………………. *Letting out many tears and sobbing*

Grand Cross: *Sighs with tears in his eyes as well* I know…how you feel though… I lost my parents recently too… The others are thinking that you took them…but I know it wasn’t you. *Sees Nightraid still crying* It couldn’t have been… True demons never feel remorse… *Wipes his own tears and hugs Nightraid*

Nightraid:…..I….I’m scared… *Sniff*

Grand Cross: I know… I know… *Takes off his cape and gives it to him to wipe his tears with as well as a bag of peanuts* Here. You’ll need something to eat.

Nightraid: Th-Thank you… But…why are you being so nice to me?

Grand Cross: *Image of Advent appears and they speak in unison* I shouldn’t need a reason to help those that I Love! *Sympathetic smile* Hmm? *Hears voices approaching and Advent's image disappears* Oh no… Nightraid, you have to go! They’re coming for you!

Nightraid: But…… *Wipes tears and takes what he can carry* O-Okay… *Runs off*

Grand Cross:…….*Sees him run into the night* His fate is in your hands, Holy Father… I’m praying for him… *Becomes surrounded by Demon Hunters of his church* …….

Stallion: HEY! YOU! Did you see a little demon dragon?!

Grand Cross: (These memories… Yes…unfortunately, these poor mortals don’t know how to see Demons OR Angels…)

Mare: Where did he go?!

Grand Cross:………*Walks past the towards the city* I saw no demon… *Hides his glare under the shade of his mane* J U S T  A  H E R D  O F  F O A L S… Goodnight, everypony.


PFFFFTTT!!! (You what this means, right?)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 28, 2016, 12:25 PM


You DO know what this means now, right? I mean... C'mon, for real, guys! If you don't, I feel sorry for you. Let's get right to the point. Y O U  J U S T  O P E N E D  T H E  F L O O D  G A T E S!!!! 

I'm calling it right now! THIS RIGHT HERE is gonna make the Brony Fanbase EXPLODE!!! THIS IS A BUCKING BOMB!!! 

You've ALREADY dropped THE BIGGEST SPOILER right here in the middle of a HIATUS!!! know what this means now? YOU ARE GOING TO DEVELOP FLASH SENTRY THIS SEASON!!! 


I mean, you may as well! You've ALREADY doomed this fanbase with a Spoiler Bomb of THIS magnitude! You may as well go all the way and develop THE character that needs it the most!

I can already sense it. 

THIS is the 6th Season... THIS is going to be... A  T R I A L!!! This may very well be the final Season! This is the season that will break the Brony Fanbase apart the most...or perhaps it will bring us back to what we were meant to be... It might truly be the deciding factor of whether our fanbase will still exist considering how unstable it has become. 

Perhaps there will be many more...interesting developments... Welp... This is your chance to redeem yourselves! I await to see what you've got!

F A S C I N A T E  M E!!!!! 


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SCORE: Memories (Undertale)…

The rest of the day went on and as the sun sets, Love Breeze and Nightraid sits on a hill outside the city to watch. Love Breeze feels as though she’s ready to go to sleep while Nightraid is still happy and awake. Upon the sun setting completely with twilight following, the two return to the city while a shadowy figure watches them from afar and follows them. Love Breeze feels uneasy as they get closer and closer to home. Love Breeze feels a familiar presence as Euphrosyne alerts her that the time has come. Love Breeze braces herself and has a confused Nightraid stay close to her. They’re in a dark street.

SCORE: Danger Mystery (Undertale)…

Nightraid: Uh… Uh?!?!? Whuh?!

Love Breeze: They’re here… *Several shady-looking stallions step out of several alleys and surround them* Oh no…them… Euphrosyne…is this…?

Euphrosyne: (I’m sorry…)

Mobster 1: Well would you look at that?! We’ve been looking everywhere for you, Bee!

Love Breeze:………

Mobster 2: And it looks like she’s gone treasure-hunting! She’s got herself a dragon!

Love Breeze: The Fillydelphia Mob… What are you all doing here?!

Don: It’s the “Manehatten Mob” now! And we’ve missed you, “Bee Stinger!”

Love Breeze: *Gasps and tenses up* ….!

Nightraid: “Bee….Stinger?”

Don: I’ve ALSO been missing that treasure that you STOLE from me!

Love Breeze: *Feels chills that reminds her of something* Get on my back, Nightraid… Hold on tight and don’t let go no matter what!

Nightraid: Wh-what is-?!

Love Breeze: Now, Nightraid! *Snaps at him and flips him onto her back*

Don: Get ‘er, boys! Don’t let her escape again!

Mobsters: YEAH, BOSS!!! *They charge to attack*

SCORE: Run! (Undertale)…

Love Breeze: EUPHROSYNE!!! *Eyes glow and she takes off with Euphrosyne appearing to guide her out of the city* HANG ON, NIGHTRAID!!!


Euphrosyne: Everything is ready, Love Breeze! It’s time!

Love Breeze: Right…but I’m not just gonna LET those monsters take me! ESPECIALLY not after they’ve seen Nightraid! I won’t let them take him too!

Euphrosyne: I suppose it’s meant to be that way…

Nightraid: What is happening?!

Love Breeze:……..I’m so sorry, Nightraid…

Euphrosyne: Love Breeze! Behind you!

Love Breeze: *Looks and sees some Pegasai of the Manehatten Mob chasing them in the sky with unicorns below trying to shoot them down with magic blasts* AAH!!! (Need to hurry!)

Euphrosyne: Just keep following! We’re almost out of the city!

Love Breeze: Okay! *Focuses on Euphrosyne and keeps going until they are back out and over the same hills they were on earlier* Nightraid… I’m sorry… I didn’t want this to happen to you…

Nightraid: What?! Why?! What is-?! *Sees a stallion get really close behind* AAAH!!!

Mobster 3: Gotcha now, ya little bug!

Love Breeze: *Looks behind her with her eyes shining and glaring* G E T  A W A Y  F R O M  H I M!!!!!! [HEARTBREAK] *Her hoof glows and she turns around and strikes him in the chest, causing his heart to stop instantly*………*Gasps*

SCORE: Heartache (Undertale)…

Mobster 3:…………………………………………………*Shocked expression closes as he falls to the ground*………..

Nightraid: Did….did he………..

Love Breeze: *Attempts to escape, but gets hit by the closing mob* AAAH!!!! *Gets shot down*

Nightraid: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! *They crash* Oooooowwwww!!! *Landed on his right arm and it breaks* AAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAA!!!

Love Breeze: Ngh… Oh my goodness… Nightraid! Are you okay?!

Nightraid: I…..*Sniff* I can’t…..feel… arm!!! *Sobbing* IT HURTS!!!

Love Breeze: Lady Aphrodite… I’m so sorry… Nightraid! *Crawls to him* Here, let me see it! I can-! *Gets shot back and both her wings are now disabled* AAAAH!!!

Nightraid: AAAAAAGH!!!! H-H-HEEEEELP!!!!

Don: You brought this on yourself, Bee Stinger! You shouldn’t have betrayed me! It really felt heavy on my Heart! Now ya pay the price! Get ‘er!

Love Breeze: My…name…is…NOT “BEE STINGER!!!” *Eyes glow and her voice echoes* I AM NOT YOUR WEAPON OF HATRED!!! *Begins dodging incoming attacks from the mobsters and strikes a good few of their hearts with her glowing hooves, killing them on the spot* I AM A TOOL OF LOVE!!! *Moves swiftly as more come after her*

“Pay attention, my son…”

Nightraid:….!!!! *Through his pain, he watches Love Breeze fight with all of her Heart to protect him* (She’s…fighting?! But… She said…to NOT fight… Didn’t she?!)

“To protect those you Love, you must do what you must do…”


Love Breeze: *Continues to fight and kill* I AM LOVE BREEZE!!! THE REINCARNATION OF EUPHROSYNE!!! A CONDUIT OF LADY APHRODITE!!! *Glares directly at the Don* You talk about having a heavy Heart?! I’ve looked at your Heart and it’s only heavy with CHAINS AND BLACK PAINT!!! *Readies herself* You’re just like “Her”! That fiend of Hatred… I will NEVER be a tool for either “Her” or “YOU” EVER AGAIN!!! *Spreads her wings and takes off straight at the Don*

Don:…..You’re right! You won’t! *Stomps the ground and the many more stallion mobsters fire a combined magic blast at Love Breeze* Hmph!

Love Breeze: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!! (Nightraid… Please….don’t give in….. For all of our sakes… You have…to become a bringer of Hope! Protect your Heart! Never lose who you are!) EUPHROSYNE!!!*Uses the remainder of her power to send her own Heart to Nightraid* NGH!!! Is…. Is that…all you’ve…got?! *Holding on while she continues to transfer* You all think…you’re so tough…you’re so great?! You’re all…so…stupid… You don’t get it….you can’t kill me…my Heart….is unbreakable… *Smiles while trembling with wounds all over* I-I-I’m…..immortal….and now…………… is……………he………. Nightraid……………. Lady………Aphrodite………...awaits……… I……………………….y……..o…….u……….. *Glows with a shining aura that takes the form of Euphrosyne above her before she collapses*

Nightraid: *Hears this and can’t stop crying until he sees Love Breeze

Don: Hmm? *Looks up and sees Euphrosyne appear and his jaw drops* Wait a sec! What the heck is that?!

Euphrosyne: *Glares down at them* Disgusting… How ANYONE could think of LOVING someone like you fiends is beyond me! There is a special place for you all in Tartarus… *Looks to Nightraid crying on the ground below her while holding his arm*………..And I know who will be sending you all there! *Eyes glow and she lets out a powerful neigh before becoming magic flames that flow into Nightraid’s body*

Mobster 4: What’s goin’ on?!

Don: Was…this a trap?!

Mobster 5: What do we do with the dragon?

Don: Huh? Hmph! Just kill ‘em too! I don’t care! I’m wonderin’ what that weird thing was… Looked like a spirit of some kind!

Mobster 5: Sounds good to me, boss! I want to get this little lizard for what this cost me! Danged Stinger killed my brothah!

Nightraid: Ngh… *Struggles to move and gets the tar beaten out of him in various violent ways that ultimately have him covered in scratches, he lost his right eye, and now he can’t even muster the energy to cry anymore, yet he’s still alive*………….*Twitching on the ground in agony*

Don: Still hangin’ in there? Must run in the family to be annoyingly persistent! *Pokes Nightraid with his cane only for Nightraid to grab it* Hmm?! Why you-?! SHOOT ‘EM!

SCORE: Megalovania [Guitar Solo] (Undertale)…

Nightraid: *Left eye opens up and glows a bright red while his right eye flares up with a red mist coming from it* RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Euphrosyne: *Speaking within him* (I won’t let Love Breeze’s death be in vain…I WON’T let Lady Aphrodite down… Nightraid… I will take full responsibility for this action…but I must do this!)

Nightraid: *Glares at all of them and spreads wings out of his clothes* Rrrrgh… RRRRGH!!!

Euphrosyne: (Promise me one thing Nightraid… This power will protect you…but only as long as you use it RESPONSIBLY! Never let Hatred overwhelm the Love in your Heart! I awaken within you, your true potential! Do what you must, Son of Lady Aphrodite!)

Don: How is he still standing?! He was just layin’ on the ground a second ago! Hmph! Whatever! Kill ‘em already! *They keep trying, but Nightraid is unaffected* What the-?!

Euphrosyne: (Styx and her influence of Hatred has infected the Hearts of many good people and turned them into fiends… Fiends like THESE! I will never allow these demons of Hatred to triumph! I REFUSE TO LET STYX WIN!!!) *Eyes resonate in a flaring aura that resonates with Nightraid’s right eye*

Nightraid: RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *Convulses and lets out a powerful roar followed by him darting straight for the closest mobster and taking him out in one slash from his no-longer broken arm as it’s gashes glow red* RRRRRRRRGH!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!

Mobster 5: HOLY-!!! HE JUST-! HE JUST-!!! *Gets blasted by a mighty fire ball from Nightraid’s dragon breath* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!

Don: SWEET CELESTIA!!! *Tries to escape while Nightraid viciously attacks and slays every single one of his stallions* HUFF!!! HUFF!!! HUFF!!! *Sees Nightraid appear right in front of him* W-WAIT!!! HOLD ON!!! Can’t we….uh…discuss this?! I can pay you! I can give you anything you want!

Euphrosyne: *Appears behind Nightraid and glares down on the Don* You truly ARE the most disgusting piece of filth in Styx’s pile of trash! Lives are merely worth trivial monetary value to you?! You think that Hearts are expendable?! A soul’s right to live can be BOUGHT to you?! *Nightraid grabs him by the neck*

Don: AAAGH!!! WAIT! PLEASE!!! YOU’RE SO GOOD AT KILLING AND YOU SEEM TO LIKE IT! OKAY! Maybe I can… Give you…. A…. Job?! You’d be best for it! You’d be a brand new “Stinger”! How does that sound?! Heh?!

Euphrosyne: This world… ANY world….would be better off without miserable filth like you! *Eyes shine and voice echoes loudly* AEON, SUMMON HECATE! And Nightraid………………..Put him out of his misery!



With all of his might, rage, and Heart, Nightraid struck down the foolish crime boss, ridding Manehatten of the Manehatten Mob…but at the cost of the one person that Nightraid got to know… The only one that he knew as a parent was taken from him on this night. Nightraid goes back to Love Breeze’s lifeless body and reverts to his normal self, drops to his knees, and lets out his most sorrowful cry from the deepest pit of his Heart. Hugging his parent’s head, he feels the presence of Euphrosyne appear before him. She gets his attention with a message.

Euphrosyne: Love Breeze…she was a wonderful person… I wish it did not have to come to this… But Nightraid… You were the one chosen to become something great for our cause… I really hope…that what has been sacrificed won’t go to waste! I…WE are counting on you! Protect your Heart! Never lose who you are! *Vanishes*

SCORE: Home (Undertale)…

The very next day, Nightraid’s first birthday since he hatched from his egg, Nightraid wakes up and goes to the kitchen where Love Breeze is making breakfast for him. Nightraid is still a bit tired and hungry, so much so that he doesn’t catch too much of the wif of uneasiness in the atmosphere. Love Breeze plays it cool and gives Nightraid the best breakfast he’s ever had while talking with Euphrosyne in her mind. She’s still concerned about Nightraid, but Euphrosyne assures her that he’ll be alright. Throughout the day, Love Breeze wore a smile with that assurance in mind but with pain in her eyes.

Love Breeze: Oh! Nightraid! Happy Birthday!

Nightraid: Hmm?

Love Breeze: Birthdays are very special, you know! It’s a way of celebrating the very day that you were born! Though we don’t really know how old you truly are since you’ve been in your egg a long time before hatching, we can at least celebrate today since this was the day that you hatched one year ago!

Nightraid: R-Really?!

Love Breeze: That’s right, Birthday Boy! So what would you like to do today?

Nightraid: Hmm…

Love Breeze: We can go wherever you want and do whatever you want! Just name it!

Nightraid: Hmmm…. Okay!

Love Breeze: Wonderful! I even have a gift for you and it’s not just the food! Since you’ve grown up enough in just one year, you’re big enough to fit into these clothes! Try them on! *He puts them on* Heehee! Don’t you look just precious?!

Nightraid: I feel warm!

Love Breeze: Atta-boy!

Nightraid: *Chuckles* Eheheh…

SCORE: It’s Raining Somewhere Else (Undertale)…

The day would go by and the two would go to the park to play, give donations to people in need, and take notice of a search party going around town searching for a married couple with their son and his pastor leading in the search. The son looks familiar to Nightraid but his memories weren’t fully developed, so he couldn’t recognize him. Love Breeze gives the pastor the rest of her wealth as a donation to their church and cause, leaving her with nothing left but the dragon by her side and the Ethereal Spirit within her mind. Nightraid didn’t quite understand why at the time.

Golem: Is something wrong, Advent?

Advent: Yes, Pastor Golem… Something is about to happen again… It happened last night while I was gone…but now I can feel it happening again tonight!

Golem: As do I…I’m afraid we can’t do anything about it, however…

Advent: Why not?

Golem: Because it was preordained. We can’t interfere.

Advent: I don’t even know where or when…

Golem: Exactly. I know how much you want to help. You’re very good about that…but even if you could help, this is something that has to happen. Besides, you are still very young. Don’t put yourself into a situation that you have no chance of surviving. We don’t want to lose you too.

Advent:………Okay… *His eyes begin to resonate again*

Love Breeze: *Overhearing them with her eyes resonating as well* (I shouldn’t have expected anything less from him… Lady Aphrodite…I’m putting all of my Heart into this…please let this be worth it!)


PFFFFTTT!!! (You what this means, right?)

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 28, 2016, 12:25 PM


You DO know what this means now, right? I mean... C'mon, for real, guys! If you don't, I feel sorry for you. Let's get right to the point. Y O U  J U S T  O P E N E D  T H E  F L O O D  G A T E S!!!! 

I'm calling it right now! THIS RIGHT HERE is gonna make the Brony Fanbase EXPLODE!!! THIS IS A BUCKING BOMB!!! 

You've ALREADY dropped THE BIGGEST SPOILER right here in the middle of a HIATUS!!! know what this means now? YOU ARE GOING TO DEVELOP FLASH SENTRY THIS SEASON!!! 


I mean, you may as well! You've ALREADY doomed this fanbase with a Spoiler Bomb of THIS magnitude! You may as well go all the way and develop THE character that needs it the most!

I can already sense it. 

THIS is the 6th Season... THIS is going to be... A  T R I A L!!! This may very well be the final Season! This is the season that will break the Brony Fanbase apart the most...or perhaps it will bring us back to what we were meant to be... It might truly be the deciding factor of whether our fanbase will still exist considering how unstable it has become. 

Perhaps there will be many more...interesting developments... Welp... This is your chance to redeem yourselves! I await to see what you've got!

F A S C I N A T E  M E!!!!! 


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