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This is my stuff! May not be the best in the world, but I'm sure you've all seen worse.


Toonstruck Forever! 💖
Tue Nov 29, 2016, 1:07 PM
You're welcome, Melody!
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Thank you for the watch (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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Hard to miss, pal!
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Hi....I believe you might know me from somewhere else?? Alexlove85 Rocks?
Thu Dec 4, 2014, 4:41 PM
thank you for my fav! i'm having a badge bandit guy contest what to join hey you can draw him as a pony let me know ok
Mon Jan 6, 2014, 12:46 PM
megamanhxh shouted... HERE?! HOLY CRAP!!!
Mon Nov 25, 2013, 1:27 AM
3 mounts, it is my time to shout .... *HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO* !!
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It took me 2 months to see someone had screamed and shouted.... I must be going deaf.
Fri Jul 5, 2013, 9:36 AM



SCORE: Reunited [Guitar Cover by DYLZAL] (Undertale)…  

Advent: Mmmng… Huh? *Gasps and nudges his wife* Hey! Dee Vee! Look! He's waking up!

Nightraid: M-Mom? Dad?

Dream Vania: Yes... Yes!!! SWEETIE!!! *Hugs him with tears of relief coming from her* You did it... You really did it! I knew you could!

Advent: Didn't stop us from worrying, though...! (HALLELUJAH!!!) Are you okay? *Gives him a cup of tea* Here, drink this.

Nightraid: *Smiles and hugs her back* O-Of course, Mom! it was thanks to you and everyone that I stayed Determined through it all! *Takes the cup* Thanks, Dad…

Uzziel: (Eros... Are you alright? Something's bothering you.)

Eros: (Uh...yeah... I am, but... You're right... It is...)

Aphrodite: (Talk to us, Son.)

Eros:.......(Nightraid is about to tell you...)

Advent: Tell us...? Tell us what?

Nightraid: *Drinks his tea then sets down the cup as his expression turns serious*...Baal is finally dead but...things are FAR from over...

Dream Vania:...........*Knows what they're talking about...and turns to her husband* I was afraid of this...

Aphrodite: (Uzziel… will not like this…none of us will…)


Advent: Why are you looking at me like that?

Nightraid: *Looks at him* it's another you, Dad...

Advent: Me...?

Nightraid: *Grips the bedsheets and trembles with fright* ……..

Uzziel: (Oh no... I think I know where this is going... Judging by the look on his face...)

Advent: Son?

Nightraid: *Tears fall from his eyes* ……

Eros: (Come on, Bro.)

Advent: Well? Out with it! I can take it!

Nightraid: It… It was an evil you! I-It was so scary... His aura was unlike anything I felt before... It felt as though I was an ant and he was a Chimera... M-Mr. Thanatos even said that if he wanted to, he could've killed us all in a flash, in over 50 ways...

Dream Vania:..........

Advent: What did he say to you? *Nightraid tells them what he whispered in his ear*.............*Eyes hide in shade and he shivers a little*.......................!!!!!!!!

"Tell your Daddy I said.... H e l l o . . . . . ."

Advent: (No..... Abaddon.........!!!!!)

Dream Vania: Dear...?

Advent:..............Son.........*Bows head* I'm sorry.....*Grits teeth* You shouldn't...have to deal with that... The Devil... He's taken interest in you now... He's going to come after you…just like he did with me… I'm sorry.....

Nightraid: W-why!?

Advent:'ve surpassed me. You've proven that you're more "fun" to him. He must be satisfied with playing with me like a toy…so now he wants to do the same to you…*Sighs* I never wanted anyone to know this...but ever since I was born, I've had him watching me... My parents told me that it was an Evil Eye. They told me that the closer I was to Heaven, the more he would want to drag me into Hell... I didn’t understand it…at first… I had always wondered why I felt like I was losing everything close to me until Uzziel awakened as my Ethereal Spirit. The Holy Father had him awaken early in my years to prevent me from falling into Abaddon's grasp... But deep down, I knew there was another version of me out there that he would get through to... I guess he finally got one of me to break. He likes doing that...

Eros: (Dad?)

Nightraid: *Bows head*...I'm scared...

Uzziel: (After his parents were taken, I had to awaken to guide him to where he needed to go. All he had to do was listen. He learned how to protect himself from Demons early on thanks to his parents and Pastor Golem, but Abaddon still didn't give up. So I guided him to various teachers to bring him up to code. It was successful... Perhaps the factors of that other Advent's Life didn't quite match up.)

Advent: Nightraid.... Don't be!

Nightraid: W-Why not!? He made Baal pale in comparison in power!

Advent: From what I can tell, so did you!


Advent: Listen… Don't Fear that degenerate. He's nothing more than a bully.

Uzziel: (PFFFFT!!!! Wow, way to undermine the Devil of Devils!)

Advent: "The task ahead of us isn't as great as the Power behind us!" Sound familiar?

Eros: (But he said that he was going to "have fun" with us. What should we do about that? If he’s going to come after us…shouldn’t we do something?)

Uzziel: (Simple...)

Advent: Have Faith, Son. You're already well-protected. He may try to hurt you in any way he can think of, but you'll always have someone there for you.

Nightraid: B-But I don't want anyone in the family, or anyone else to get hurt…or worse!

Advent: *Sighs* Yeah, I know... But that's just an inevitable part of Life. We will one way or another...sooner or later... I'm sorry to say, but if you wanted a peaceful Life without conflict, you're reaching too high for those stars, kiddo. Only Heaven is can provide that.

Dream Vania: But don't worry, Son. It'll be okay. We won't let him take you from us.

Nightraid: *Hugs them as tight as he can as if it’s the last time he ever will* I…I don’t want to let go…

Dream Vania: *Embraces and caresses him* (I don’t either… And I won’t…! There's no way I'm letting my past happen again!)

Advent: *Pats him on his back but hides his anger*(This was MY fight, Abaddon... How dare you...!?)

The Ethereal Spirits share in their own embrace.

Aphrodite: (We must stick together from here on, Eros.)

Eros: (No arguments here.)

Uzziel: (I'm just sorry it's come to this. Who would have thought he was MY opposite…!?)

Nightraid can’t stop crying…he buries his face into his parents’ fur.

Advent: Fear not what can hurt your body, Nightraid. Only fear what can hurt your Soul. As long as the Holy Father, Holy Son, and Holy Spirit protects you...nothing will! I promise...*Tears come out of his eyes with the Cross on his back glowing golden* Just have Faith, okay?

Dream Vania: *Sees the Sun still rising in the sky* It's okay, Nightraid... No matter what happens, we will always Love you.

Advent: And you wanna know something good? Abaddon can't stand that! He may think he can break you, but he'll never reach you as long as you stay strong! We can make sure of that... I just Hope you're ready to get stronger.

Nightraid: *Wipes his tears* I…I am, me and Eros both are!

Eros: *Nods in agreement and puts his hoof on Nightraid's shoulder* (We'll be okay, Brother!)

Uzziel: (Perhaps some rest is in order. Mortals typically can't go without proper sleep.)

Aphrodite: (You've been through enough hardship for now. You both deserve this rest.)

Nightraid: *Grips his hoof* Thanks, Brother...

Eros: (No problem! It's what I do! And... Mom...Dad...? You could stay with us for now? I think...Nightraid could use some...uh...)

Uzziel: (Eros......)

Eros: (Huh?)

Uzziel:........*Gives a stern look but then smirks* (Heh... You don't have to act tough.)

Aphrodite: (We know YOU could use it too. Of course we'll stay.)

Eros: *Blushes a little, but then sighs in acceptance* (Yeah... I guess so.)

Nightraid: T-Thank you... Last thing I want right now is to be alone...

Dream Vania: We know, Son. We know...and don’t worry. You’ll never be alone again!

Advent: You can say THAT again…because...well… Just so we can end this night on a brighter note...guess what?

Dream Vania: I wanted to surprise you later...but I think it would be best to tell you now so you can sleep with good spirits... Nightraid... You're going to be a big brother!

Nightraid: W-What!?

Dream Vania: Advent and I...we finally did it! We're going to have a baby!

Eros: (Whoa, when did THIS happen?!)

Nightraid perks up from this news and is unable to speak due to being happy beyond words as if all his worries suddenly vanished!

Eros: (Oh... Well THAT worked!)

Nightraid: I-I'm going….heheheh...

Dream Vania: *Smiles as sunlight glistens off her face* Hmhmhmhm!!!

Advent: *Blushes* Heh... Yup, our family is constantly growing. You really WON’T be alone!

Nightraid: Heh….heheheh….. *Tears of happiness replace the ones of fear* Mom…Dad… I Love you guys!

Advent: Heheh… Yeah, we know! And we know you’ll Love your little siblings too!

Nightraid: Siblings? How many will there be?

Dream Vania: I can sense 2 Souls resting in there right now. I think they’ll be twins!

Nightraid: Really?! That’s amazing! I can’t wait to see them!

Advent: Heh! You’re not the only one… Welp, that said, let's get some shut-eye. We can worry about all that later.

Nightraid: Right! *Lays back down in between his parents and they both hug him and close their eyes*

SCORE: Last Goodbye [Cover by Nahu Pyrope] (Undertale)…

The Three Eternal Forces, both Mortal and Spirit, join together and sleep in Heavenly Peace as the Sun rises over the horizon and beams into the Castle room. The light flashes bright and the story fades to white. The journeys of the Love Path and Hate Path have both reached their destinations. The Final Timeline is secured for now. Nightraid, the Dragon of Destiny has found Hope in the Love of his family and Faith in the One whom he beseeched to have strength and has won the battle to protect it. Though, his next battle is merely waiting for him to ripen up to his peak. He must become stronger if he still wishes to protect the ones he loves just as they desire to protect him. Abaddon patiently awaits.

Meanwhile, the many Ponies, Dragons and countless other beings receive new Memories from the Souls of the destroyed Timelines and Dimensions. They combine together into each of their corresponding counterparts, increasing each of their own Core Traits’ strength, empowering their Souls and increasing the durability of their Hearts. Though some receive this strength better than others, they all manage to adapt and find new Hope in knowing that they can make a difference in the Lives of those who lost theirs. They grow closer to themselves and the people around them. Whether he knows it or not, Nightraid has indeed helped them receive it. Now, it is up to them get ready for the worst to come.

With two more reasons to hold on to that Hope, Faith, and Love on the way, Nightraid has no other option but to stay Determined! He and Eros can only smile as they prepare for their True Destiny!

SCORE: Good Night (Undertale)…

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by Lauren Faust

Undertale by Toby Fox

Original characters and concepts by DarkNazawrath and Count-Author

Thank you all for reading! I Hope you Love it! I have Faith you will! I know I enjoyed writing it!

Good night!

T H E  E N D

Love Breeze: *Walks into the room where Nightaid is sleeping and carefully sneaks by to see them sleeping before putting down a piece of Crystal Cake* …….*Whispers as she turns back* Good night, my little angel… *Kisses Nightraid on the forehead and vanishes quietly*
SCORE: Altruistralia [Remix by Suspension Digital] (Undertale)…

This is it! This is the TRUE FINAL END of this story! Not joking this time! This was QUITE a journey of a story! I wrote this in dedication to a friend. You should know him by now! :icondarknazawrath: He is one of my best friends and it's thanks to our characters and roleplays that we really got our friendship started in January of 2015! I can't believe it's been 2 years already!

So yes, this is it for my portion of the story! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it! It took a lot of effort, a lot of stress, a little drama, and loads of thought, but thanks to so many assets just coming to me and my friend over the course of several months, I finally managed to put it all together! And while there may seem like there is more to come, this story is finished. The continuation will be something for the future. 

I give my humble thanks for all of you who helped, contributed, and read this story! I love every single one of you guys! All the music belongts to their rightful owners, all assets that weren't created directly by me or my friend are all the same case.

Good Night, Nightraid and Eros. You have earned your rest.

See you all in the next story!


Author: The End... Wow, that was probably the toughest and longest story I've written yet! Heh... At least it's finally done...for now... *Finishes writing in his Dream Diary; "In Silent Memory" and closes it, putting it back onto his desk and walks away whistling "Sweet Dreams" by "Eurythmics"*
SCORE: Gaster’s Theme [Calm Remix by Jamangar] (Undertale)…

Nightraid: *Trembling with terror* ………….

Eros:.........Nightraid...are you okay?

Love Breeze: Sweetie! Did he hurt you?!

Euphrosyne: You have already healed...that is good...

Dream Vania:.........

Nightraid: *Unable to speak from fright* ………….

Love Breeze: Nightraid... Nightraid, say something!

Eros: Come on! Talk to us, Bro!

Thanatos: He could've killed Nightraid and everyone else here, in 50 ways... I sensed it... He’s the real deal… He is THE Devil… Abaddon the Destroyer… *Sighs* I Hate being in the same vicinity of him… You’re very blessed that he decided not to attack you… am I…

Nightraid: *Shakes head to snap him out of his trance* S-Sorry...

Eros: It's okay, Brother.

Aeon: I think it's about Time for the two of you to get going. I apologize for this being so sudden and abrupt…

Nightraid: No…it’s fine…it’s…a good idea...actually…

Love Breeze: He didn’t hurt you too badly, did he?

Nightraid: N-No, he didn't... But he did whisper something in my ear… He’ll be back… He’s going to… *Remembers when he showed him the Core Trait of the Hate Path's Nightraid* He…he’s collecting more of them… I….I don’t think I can beat him. *His voice still echoes through his Mind* He said…I can’t…and something tells me…he’s right…

Eros: Nightraid…!

Nightraid: W-What?

Eros: Do you…wanna go home now?

Nightraid: *Suddenly hugs Eros' neck and cries into it* Yes... I wanna go home...

Eros:......(Yeah, thought so. The longer we stay here, the worse he’ll feel.)*Nods* Aeon?

Aeon: Of course. I was waiting for your response.

Dream Vania: Wait........can........I come with you?

Eros: Didn't you want to stay with your family?

Dream Vania: Yes...but...I also...want to see...what it's like in your World...

Aeon: *Sighs* As a matter of fact, all the remaining Spirits will be coming with. The only Timeline left for them to exist in is indeed yours. So yes. You can. As another matter of fact, you have a special assignment now that you've returned to us. All of these Spirits will live on as Memories within their respective counterparts…it’s not the first time this has happened…but the first time in such mass…

Author: At the very least, we don’t have to worry about this ever happening again. That was LITERALLY the only version of him left that would threaten the last Timeline left, right?

SCORE: Dogsong [Dunked On Ver.] (Undertale)…

Aeon: What about the Human World?

Author: *Says in his teeth* T H E  O N L Y  VE R S I O N  L E F T . . .

Aeon: *Sighs* Very well…But we cannot allow it to stay this way. The Multiverse is in desperate need of repair and we only have one remaining Timeline that we have to make due with.

Author: Hey, like you always say; “A resolution will be met in due Time.”

Aeon: *Sighs in defeat* Uuuugh…. *Ahem* Well, I suppose… But for now, however, Eros and Nightraid must return immediately. They have spent enough Time away from home. Don’t keep Mommy and Daddy waiting.

Author: Good work, Nightraid! I knew you had it in ya!

Lyricist: *Appears from behind Author* And “Angel Boy”~! Don’t forget your promise! *Winks*

Eros: Yeaaahhh…. *Sweats a little* But I don’t even know how to  bowl… AND CAN YOU STOP GIVING ME FLIRTY GESTURES?! IT’S CREEPY!!!

Lyricist: Oh, sorry! I kind of do it to everyone!

Author: I am very sorry for this entire scene right now… Lyricist……..Corner! *Telekinetically throws her to a distant corner*

Lyricist: *Flies off* WHAAAAT?!?!!? I MEAN IT PLATONICALLY!!!!!!!

Nightraid: *Sweats a little* What were you two talking about?!

Eros: I forgot to introduce you two…

Aeon: We don’t have Time for this…

Author: DRUM!!!

Drum Role: ON IT, DUDE! *Rimshots*

Aeon: AUTHOR!!!!!!!

Author: Alright, alright! Yeesh, Aeon. Don’t blow you lid! But he’s right, guys. Gotta go…

A large door, decorated with the images of Angels, Demons, and Clocks appears behind Aeon and opens, letting out a blinding light.

Aeon: This way, if you would…

Eros: Whoa...!

Nightraid: Ngh! *Covers eyes*

Love Breeze: Go on, Nightraid. It’s time to wake up.

Nightraid: Are…you coming to?

Love Breeze: Yes. I’ll be right behind you…just as always!

Nightraid: *Hugs her one more time* Thank you…

Eros: Ready to go?

Nightraid: Yeah. Let’s go…!

Aeon: Give your parents my regards. Farewell.

Eros: Yeah! Will do! See ya!

Euphrosyne: We may not be alive anymore, but we will still be with you.

Love Breeze: Our Love will forever be your strength! *Hugs him extra tight to give him one last boost of strength for him, allowing to keep his extra power and giving him the stability to contain and control it* As long as you hold onto your Heart and protect it with all of your might, nothing will be able to break it! Nothing will ever change you from what you truly ARE! We Love you, Nightraid…

Euphrosyne: We Love you, Eros.

Both: Fare well and good morning… Give your parents a big hug for us…



Both: We Love you too, Nanny….. Good-bye….

As they go forth, they feel incredible, yet overwhelming power coming from their Hearts... They burst into tears… They realize this is the last time…for a while, at least, until they will see or hear from their respective Nannies again. But their drive to become stronger has now evolved into his true nature. He makes a vow…

Nightraid: Eros:……

Eros: Yeah?

Nightraid:…….I promise…….. I vow!!! I will stay strong! I will get stronger! And you’re gonna help me!

Eros: You bet! We’ll work together through this! We WILL protect everyone!

They fist-to-hoof-bump.

Both: WE! ARE! HOPE!!!

They step through the bright light coming from the opened door. The Aeon of their Timeline welcomes them back, but before they can say anything in response, Aeon points to his Clock, telling them they don’t have Time to chat, so they simply wave goodbye and he bows in respect and humble thanks to the heroes as they return to Nightraid’s body. Next thing Nightraid knows, he’s waking up to his parents who were about to fall asleep next to him.
[My Little Pony] The Egg of Destiny LAST PATH P.19
Despite another threat rising, the heroes can at least rest for now to recuperate. They're not ready for this one. Not by a long shot...
SCORE: ONE OK ROCK (C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.)…

Eros: Hugs Aphrodite Come here, Mom! You need this too!

Aphrodite:........... *Tears come out in streams* Thank you....Son........ Thank you......

Eros: I'm sorry, Mom... I really am. *Can't stop crying either*

They all let their emotions out at once. The Souls around them either have their own moments or they quietly spectate the scenes.

Aphrodite: Don' You made it... You succeeded. Don't dwell on our loss when you've done everything right. It's what my Sons would have wanted...

Eros: *Bows head and lets his tears out until they're run out* ... *Nightraid gives him his headband to wipe his tears* Huh....Eheh...

Nightraid: Thanks, Eros...for everything.

Eros: Heheheh... *Chuckles through his crying before wiping the rest away* Nah... You did this. You made the right choices! You held out and kept going through it all. This is your Victory, Brother! *Gives the headband back*

Nightraid: But I couldn't have done it without you!

Eros: True...but neither could I without you!

Aeon: *Walks up to them* I'm glad you both made it out alright. I'm very impressed. In my Time of being imprisoned in Baal, I honestly couldn't see this coming.

Nightraid: Yeah, well stranger things have happened! Hehe!

Aeon: Hmph. Verily, I can attest to that...

Eros: the way... Since you're here, can you tell me what will happen with the Advent of your Timeline?

Aeon: Oh...! Hmm..... *Sighs* Uzziel is nowhere to be found. Aphrodite, did you see him anywhere after he was sent away from the Mortal Plain?

Aphrodite: No... I didn't...! *Gasps* I can't believe that...! How did I miss that?! Where IS he?!

Aeon: *Contacts his Agents telepathically* Macaria? Thanatos? Hecate? Has anyone seen Uzziel anywhere? Yes, Advent Playwright's Ethereal Spirit... No? Hmm... Peculiar... Wait, if they can't find him...then that means....!!!!!!! *Looks to Advent's floating broken form and it begins to laugh*…

Advent: Heheheh.... Hehehehehahahhahahahahhaha..... AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAAA!!!! TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH TO NOTICE!!! *Body is burning up in a strange looking flame... Hellfire* Hehehehe… ABADDON!!! *Summons his true self to appear over him*

SCORE: Bergentruckung/ASGORE (Underfell)…

The many Lost Souls see the rising Devil appear and react in fear.

Nightraid: W-WHAT!?!?

Aphrodite:.....No.... That...can't be..... Uzziel.... What... What did you do to him?!?! *Flies to challenge the giant Devil* WHERE IS MY BELOVED UZZIEL!?!?

Abaddon: Aphrodite... That hurt... I didn't do anything to him. His Mortal did it. And besides, he's right here...or rather, I  A M ! ! ! ! ! !

Aphrodite: What...?!

Abaddon: *Speaks in Uzziel's voice* Don't be surprised... It's just as Baal did for everyone here. It's perfectly understandable that a Mortal like Advent would finally break after all was lost.

Advent: Yup… Everyone and everything I Loved was destroyed and taken from me by Demons and Devils... Typically, they were just doing it to get back at me. I had Faith...once...but funny enough, they still managed to take THAT from me too. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that they managed to get me in the end! Heheheh... *Sighs* But you're not here to hear my problems. You've probably had enough of that from your tear-jerking pal-wows! Everyone else here certainly have!

Dream Vania: Advent... Wait, you...

Advent: Spare it. We only ever knew each other as enemies in our Timeline. Like you, I lost my Core Trait...unlike you, It wasn't stolen... I gave mine the last possible moment... I dunno, I guess I was just too weak. *Shrugs* It happens to the best of us.

Dream Vania:......

Nightraid: ENOUGH!!! *Shouts loudly to get everyone's attention* I’ve had it with creeps like you taking lives like this!

Advent: Hmm? *Grins*

Abaddon:......Oh! I'm sorry, you're right. That IS ENOUGH!!! *Glares back down on him clobbering him with a dark force of pressure*

Nightraid: GAH!!!

Love Breeze: NIGHTRAID!!

Eros: *Pulls Nightraid out* BROTHER!!!

Abaddon: Sorry, my bad. I can’t help myself when little runts like you don’t know your place… But truthfully, I'm not here for a fight.

Eros: Rrrgh! Then what ARE you here for?!

Love Breeze: *Holding Nightraid* You…!!! You horrible creature!

Nightraid: *Pants and recovers with a hiss* Who do you think you are!?

Abaddon: Hmph... Valid questions. Who am I and why am I here? Valid as they are, I hear them so wearily often…

Advent: Hmm.... Short answer. *Smiles innocently* I'm the Devil!

Nightraid: Seeing you here... MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH!! YOU GIVE MY DAD A BAD NAME!!!

Advent: *Appears in front of him and stares into his eyes with a creepy grin* Hmmmmmmm.......... Hey, at least I'm being honest, right? You asked who I am and I answered…*Nightraid suddenly punches him hard in the face with an expression of pure rage, but his fist phases through him* Ummm… Ouch, I think? I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I’m NOT here for a fight, didn’t I?

Nightraid: *Shocked to see his fist go through him* H-How?

Abaddon: Hmph... As for why we're here? Simple. There are Demons and Devils amongst you all here and I'm here to collect them. I'm doing you a favor, so calm yourself, Son.

Advent: Please don't get in the way, Son. We won't hurt anyone here. I think we've had enough fighting for one story. Maybe next time…but until then, let this sink in… *Closes in on him and whispers to him a foreboding message* We'll have our fun...eventually. Just keep in mind that I've already broken and taken Faith. In another Timeline, I've done the same to Love. And look at this… *Shows him the Core Trait of Advent’s Soul* All living beings have their limits. Hearts are like egg shells. It just takes a little cracking to get to the yolk! But just imagine what would happen when I take them WITHOUT breaking them first! Huhuhuh... You thought Baal was bad? By the time we meet again...he'll look more like a cuddly little bunny! We’ll see how much good your “HOPE” will do you when we meet again…

Nightraid: I-I'm going to kill you...*Terror in his voice*

Advent: Silly little Dragon. Is that your answer to everything? Kid, you’ve got a LOT to learn. You CAN’T kill me… Heh… *Smirks* Won’t stop you from trying though…


Advent: WELP!!! *Jumps up and has his two front hooves glow* [UNHOLY CROSS] *Traces the shape of an Inverted Cross, making a giant black and violet one appear by tearing a hole in its shape in the fabric of Reality* IT’S BEEN FUN, BUT IT’S TIME TO GO, KIDDIES! DADDY'S TIRED AND READY FOR HOME!!! UNTIL NEXT TIME!!! SO LONG!!! SOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!*Vanishes into the Inverted Cross along with a wave of Dark Spirits flying into it*…
SCORE: Undertale (Undertale)…

Flash Sentry: Well, what did you expect?

Dream Vania:.....?!

Phosphorus: When you abandon those who Love you, what do you think happens when you no longer Love anyone and someone who Hates everything finds you? Of course they will use you.

Dream Vania:........!!!!!!! *Recognizes him* P-Papa.... When!

Phosphorus: I've been here the whole time... You just didn't notice.

Nightraid: Grandpa...?

Phosphorus: You have it in your head that what they speak is a series of platitudes... But did it occur to you that they come from the people that you were missing this whole time?

Dream Vania:............

Phosphorus: It seems like none of this can matter anymore, doesn't it? It seems like all the effort that these heroes from a better Timeline put into saving us all was for nothing, right?

Dream Vania:............

Phosphorus: Last I heard, you had given up on everyone. You were empty...broken...But if you had truly given up on your family, then why are you crying?

Dream Vania: *Gasps and realizes that tears are coming from her* ........!!!

Phosphorus: This isn't you, Dream Vania. I know you aren't like this. You are better than this.

Dream Vania: But... I... I already died...and I didn't have my Heart anymore... I lost... I gave up... I'm already doomed, Papa... No matter whose fault it was...I'm already doomed to go Tartarus...

Soul Wind: *Hearing Aeon whispering something to him* Huh? Really? Oh... That's right, The Changeling Queen... Right! Thanatos…

Thanatos: Ah, yes… I know what you’re thinking…

Nightraid: That’s not true! You’re not unless you find it in yourself to forgive yourself and pray for forgiveness... That's one thing my dad taught me.

Aphrodite: *Looks to Advent* Advent… Uzziel… *Feels sorrow for him* My dearest… I’m so sorry…

Eros: Mom… Both of you… I said this before and I'll say it again! "You're not a failure unless you give up!" You didn't really want to give up, did you?

Dream Vania:..........

Mysterious Female Voice: If you did, you wouldn't be crying right now.

Phosphorus: (Right on cue.)

Dream Vania:.......!!!!!!!!!!!! *Sees a shining light-blue Alicorn with a flowing rainbow-colored mane appear next to Phosphorus* M-Mama...?

Asteria: We meant to reach you sooner...but all forces were working against us. I'm sorry...

Phosphorus: Yeah, nothing went according to plan. We're not usually this late...

Aphrodite: Mother...Father... I.......

Asteria: Spare us your apology, Daughter. If you have something else to apologize over, that is.

Phosphorus: You did what you could... But you knew of the dangers of what we were getting involved with. Looks to Eros Both of you did.

Nightraid: *Deeply sighs and looks to his brother* …….

Eros:...... *Nods* Even though in my Timeline, everything worked was my idea in the first place... I knew there was danger...and I knew there would be at least one Timeline where it failed...but I didn't think there would be any that would end up going...this far...

Phosphorus: *Sighs* Yes... Time certainly makes fools of us all. Isn't that right, Aeon?

Aeon: From Time...To Time...

Soul Wind: Floats to them with Thanatos behind him Whether we are alive, dead, mortal, or spirit...we have responsibilities to uphold. It is the Cross that all have to bear. The changing of events may affect and change responsibilities, but they cannot change that universal fact!

Aeon: Dream Vania, your attention, please.

Dream Vania:.....W-What?

Soul Wind: I've been trying to find you for the longest time. There is something I wanted to give to you while you were still alive. I...kind of died before I could. Not even Thanatos and I could stop Baal. Holds something to her that shines a resonant glow with her eyes as well as Aphrodite's

Euphrosyne: Is that...?!

Nightraid: What is it?

Aphrodite: It's... Her.....

Dream Vania: I...this is... It's....... *A memory resurfaces, appearing as the moment where she lost her ability to Love because of Queen Chrysalis when she was younger* .......!!!!!!!!!!

Aeon: Yes... This is your Core Trait, the very essence of your Soul.

Soul Wind: I found it when I liberated the Crystal Empire. It only took one night. *Another memory resurfaces of him and Thanatos turning into the vicious Night Slash and massacring the entire Changeling Plague* It came from their Queen.

Dream Vania:......!!!! You…killed her…you killed all of them?!

Soul Wind: We did what we had to.

Dream Vania: So….. This My old self... I...I thought…I’d never see it again…

Soul Wind: It reached out to me... It calmed me down when I looked into it and heard it's wanted me to find you.

Dream Vania:…………..

Aeon: It was unfortunate that he couldn't find you in time. I could not even prevent this outcome.

Love Breeze: *Walks to Dream Vania with Euphrosyne behind her* Is that what you were missing?

Dream Vania:....?!

Love Breeze: You said you were doomed to returning to Tartarus a Demon, right? You lost sight of who you were...your Core Trait...if you take it back...

Dream Vania:..............Do I...even dare...?

Asteria: What do you mean?

Dream Vania: I...can't... Why would I...deserve this...? I...already abandoned it.......

Nightraid: you can never abandon love... no matter how hard you try... believe me, I tried once before when Love Breeze died... No matter how small the flicker it, love lingers inside of you, always...and believe it or not, I was once affected by Chrysalis too...

Dream Vania:.....!!!

Eros: Oh, yeah... I remember that...

Love Breeze: it's true, she even posed as me to fool him...just watching that made me sick to my stomach... *Grits teeth *

Nightraid: And for a while, I felt like a hollow shell like you, but even still, I found my way back thanks to everyone around us. Sure, it was in a different Timeline, but all of you here saved my Life! You brought Eros back to me! And you…Mom…you and Dad gave me the kind of Love that I desperately needed. You became my parents. You took me in! You saw something in me that I doubted I had! But you confirmed it! You… Everyone…you all made me feel belonged again.

Love Breeze: *Smiles with tears*

Dream Vania:…..!!!!!

Aphrodite: Nightraid…

Flash Sentry: *Remembers from the other Timeline when he was one as well and takes a deep breath to shake it off* Ugh…..

Phosphorus: You see now, you are not the first of those who suffered the way you did. You were but the first and last to lose your way because of it.

Nightraid: Yeah, Grandpa!

Phosphorus: (Grandpa… I’m sorry, Eros…)

Aphrodite: Between what Styx did to me...and what Chrysalis did to you... There was no way for me to reach you.

Author: Yeah...and Aeon and I weren't able to stop Baal either. He was like a monster truck to a pit of snakes. And we were the snakes.

Aeon: Our defeats lead to the end of many worlds. We weren't careful enough. If you wish to blame anyone besides the perpetrators, blame us, the incompetent Guardians of Time and Space.

Author: Yeah... But I'm more incompetent...

Aeon: You are not! I am!

Author: Is that a compliment or an argument?!

Dream Vania:........??? *Looks back to her Core Trait* I…..see…… My old self... My original self... So... I could have gotten it back... *Tears up and they fall onto it, phasing into it* all this time...?!?

Soul Wind: If things were just a little different... I couldn't find you anywhere in the Crystal Empire... You had already disappeared... I can see why you would run away... I did too... I lost my true self a thousand years in Equestria's Time. Do you know how many lives I took...before I was reminded of who I really was? I became the embodiment of Death itself. I accepted Thanatos as my Ethereal Spirit and became something that no Demon in their right Minds would D A R E stand up to... But even then, I was no match for a Devil...but you get my point.

Dream Vania:.................

Soul Wind: That said, I also recall a Timeline where the two of us became friends despite all of our suffering. You and him became...heh...a wonderful thing. Something only Love can bring.

Dream Vania: *Looks into the Core Trait, remembers all of the victims in Tartarus she slaughtered and shudders* Ngh.....!!!! *But then sees what Soul Wind remembers through it as he focuses on it with her*..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soul Wind: Before I became Death...I was nothing more than a cause of one. I wasn't a Reaper. I was a murderer...a killing machine...something similar to what you were. But Love, even after my own destruction, brought me back... I have my friends to thank for that... *Bows his head* I didn't feel I deserved it...but do you know what one of them said?

Dream Vania: What.......?

Soul Wind: She said to me... "Love isn't just something someone deserves... It's something that they NEED!"

Thanatos: Even Death…cannot take that away. It is an Eternal Force.

Dream Vania:......Is....this...really going to make it all better? Just this...?!

Eros: No! Not just that! Accepting back the family you helped put together will!

Dream Vania:.....!!!!!

Eros: No problems just go away in an instant. They get sorted out! Well...not usually. There's a process to everything. Even we Spirits go through these processes. It's all part of the responsibilities that he was talking about.

Flash Sentry: *Puts his hoof on Dream Vania's shoulder* It's not too late to come back to your family. We'll help you any way we can.

Dream Vania:.........Papa........

Asteria: *Disappears and in her place is the form of a familiar purple Alicorn* And....

?????: Mama...

Flash Sentry: *Looks to the Alicorn* T-Twilight...? That's your name...right?

Twilight Sparkle: Yup... I guess we never met in that Timeline, huh?

Flash Sentry: *Looks at the horn and the wings* ...........No fair.....

Phosphorus: Pffft.....!!!

Twilight Sparkle: What?!

Flash Sentry: Nothing....

Eros: *Snickers*.......

Nightraid: I don't think it's the time for jokes...

Eros: *Clears throat and backs up* .......

Flash Sentry: Either way... We can help you. We've got all the Time in the World now!

Twilight Sparkle: We'd Love to have our "Pretty Little Dreamer" back!

Dream Vania: *Looks to both of them and remembers them in their previous forms* I... All I ever wanted...was to see you with you again......... *Bursts into tears* I... I will... *Looks back down to her Core Trait and embraces it while crying* I want to come back…..!

SCORE: Reunited (Undertale)…

Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle look to each other, nod, and lower down to Dream Vania, giving her a strong and loving hug from both their hooves and their wings. Asteria, Phosphorus, and Aphrodite loom over them and smile upon the reconciled family. Dream Vania's Core Trait disappears into her chest, restoring her crystal-like glow, the sign of a Crystal Pony’s joy from Love. Their Loved-ones appear to them with Heartwarming words of support.

Milky Way: Our family is quite large... Something that Hatred can hurt, but never kill.

Blueblood: Even though none of us are perfect...

Comet Tail: And a lot of us have made horrible decisions... We’ve lost ourselves and found regrets too…

Drum Role: But hey, you know what they say! Whatever doesn't kill ya makes you stronger! We can’t hold onto those regrets forever! Though, uh...technically, we ARE already dead...but hey, that's life! Whatever, right?! *Shrugs with a stupid grin*

Bass Keys: Yo! Ya always got us ta back ya up! Ain’t it too late fo’ regrets anyway?

Amp Atom: Indeed. And we’d all be more than happy to support you in any way we can!

Dream Vania: *Tries hard to form a smile on her face....and through her tears, she manages to* Th-Th-Thank you....... And......I'm so sorry.....!!!!! *Can't stop crying*

Eros: Brings back memories, doesn’t it, Nightraid?

Aphrodite:....... *Looks to her and smiles as well*

Dream Vania: And... *Sniffles* Aphrodite..... Is it...too accept you back?

Aphrodite: *Nods sadly* Due to our current Fate... I'm afraid so... But...despite that... Consider me yours anyway. Our Eternal Bond can start now. Once more...I'm sorry I'm so late.

Dream Vania: It's okay... You couldn't help it... I'm just sorry for being so stubborn... That's not really normal for me...

Nightraid: A few differences…but yeah…it does……. *Smiles*

They touch hoof to hoof. They are both two and one. Soul Wind takes a deep breath and turns away with Thanatos following.

Soul Wind: *Sighs in relief and whispers to Thanatos* For a second there, I thought we'd have to take her to Tartarus ourselves.

Thanatos: Many Souls like them are having their own moments like that. They recognize this as their last and only chance of redemption. That will decide which path we will take them.

Soul Wind: Yeah… You think we could have prevented this if we could’ve reached her in time?

Thanatos: We cannot dwell on what-ifs. We are bound by that which IS.

Soul Wind:……..You’re right.

Dream Vania: *Gets up* Wait… Soul Wind… Thank you so much!

Soul Wind: No need to thank me… I just did what I had to.

Thanatos: As such…we must do something that needs done now.

Aeon: Yes, indeed…

Dream Vania: *Looks to Nightraid and Eros* Nightraid….Eros……… If only the ones from our Timeline could have been more like you….. But they couldn’t help it…either…


Eros: They…didn’t deserve what happened to them… It…just…happened that way… Styx… To think she would go this far…

Nightraid: I hope we NEVER see either her or Baal again!

Eros: Yeah, no kidding…

Dream Vania: I agree….. I can’t believe I let myself fall for her tricks like that…..

Nightraid: It’s okay, though!

Eros: Yeah! It’s done!

Nightraid: They’re gone!

Both: WE WON!!! *Brohoof/claw*

Dream Vania:….. *Smiles and bows* Thank you, boys… I…wish I could really know what the Dream Vania of your World is really like… I’d imagine she’s very proud of you right now.

Aphrodite: I know we are!

Dream Vania:….. Smiles and bows Thank you, boys… I…wish I could really know what the Dream Vania of your World is really like… I’d imagine she’s very proud of you right now.

Aphrodite: I know we are!

Eros: *Blushes a little* Heh... Mom....

Nightraid: *Blushes a bit* Oh, like you wouldn't believe!

Dream Vania: *Goes to Nightraid and hugs him tightly, and though he is surprised a bit, he hugs her back* Thank you…
SCORE: Hopes and Dreams [Orchestrated Remix by Adriel Garcia] (Undertale)…

Aphrodite appears in the starry void and looks to everyone…she is also focusing to find someone there. Everyone who looks to her giant form is awe-struck.


Nightraid: *Eyes widen* M-Mom!

Aphrodite: *Looks to them* So... He was right... There was one where it all paid off. But...where is he?

Eros:........ *Floats up to her* Hi....Mom...

Aphrodite: *Looks to him and smiles* You have done well, Eros...but my…?

Eros:.............I didn't see him anywhere...after he....

Aphrodite: *Smile turns to a frown* I........see.....

Eros: I'm sorry...but he completely vanished when he took Baal's last attack.

Aeon: *Sighs* It is very unfortunate that it ended that way for him… To perish in the Void between Time and Space…is to be removed from a Timeline… Even a Spirit cannot come back from that…

Author: *Looks down* Even if we Reset all the Timelines… I’m sorry…

Aphrodite:........So....he sacrificed his very die a hero...

Nightraid: I'm so sorry...

Aphrodite:................At least...I can still see you...the way he did......... Thank you..... Thank you for giving rest to my children... They both suffered so much in my absence... *Sniffles and sobs*

Eros: They...aren’t the only ones…

Nightraid: *Hovers over and hugs her neck* I’m very sorry, Mom…

Aphrodite: not call me that...... I am far too pathetic to deserve to be called that..... I could have prevented this.....but I... If only I were stronger......if only I were faster.... I could have.........

Dream Vania:.........!!!!! *Fidgets a little and focuses her eyes to Aphrodite*........

Flash Sentry: Huh? Hey, are you awake?

Dream Vania:.........I........I

Flash Sentry: *Looks to her and then up at Aphrodite and his eyes resonate with hers* That's... She's...

Phosphorus: My daughter...her Ethereal Spirit... They've both been broken...

Aphrodite:......... *Looks into her Mortal's eyes*

Dream Vania: *Eyes still resonate with her Spirit's* .........

Nightraid: feels some loving warmth coming from Aphrodite's body, it's not much due to her being full of despair, but it's still present

Thanatos: *Deeply sighs well, I suppose we should get to work.

Soul Wind: We have a HUUUUUGE workload a head of me...

Aphrodite:.......Dream Vania....?

Dream Vania:..........Aphrodite....... I......I.......

"I  H a t e  y o u" . . . . .

SCORE: Heartache [Orchestrated Remix by Adriel Garcia] (Undertale)…


Dream Vania: Where were you...? Why weren't you there?! Why didn't you... Why didn't you come for me?!

Author Bat: Aphrodite:.............

Dream Vania: You made me lose everything...!!! Do you know what I've lost because of you not being there for you were supposed to?! DO YOU?!?!

Flash Sentry:.........???

Phosphorus: *Lowers head and closes eyes*.....

Dream Vania: My DREAMS!!! Everything I ever Loved...everything I ever had Hope or Faith for... It was all gone...!!! Losing composure And... it didn't even end there!

Author Bat: Eros:.........


Dream Vania: Do you know what it's go from all losing the only bit of Hope and Life you have left.... DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT TARTARUS FELS LIKE?!?!?!

Aphrodite: *Tears up as she looks into her memories*...............

Author: *Winces* ........

Aeon: *Adjusts monocle*......

Many memories surface from within her. She’s shuddering, hating every moment of recalling it.

Dream Vania: When... *Looks at the unconscious Advent* When he failed...I was sent to Tartarus... I had to bear that Demon's torture...and do all of his biddings... I lost every reason I had to keep I became a Demon there myself...!!! I killed so many Mortal Ponies there... I had no choice but to... It didn't take long...before I lost my Mind! My Heart was already broken and lost...but then my was gone too..... My Soul was all that was left for me to cling to... It was the only thing left for me to I learned how to kill...and kill...and K I L L ! ! ! ! ! ! Do you want to know how many lives I took before Tartarus itself even could?! T O O  M A N Y ! ! ! ! ! ! Then I came back...just to find my whole WORLD gone because of that abomination... *Glares at Nightraid* that he killed...! Looks back to Aphrodite Do you get it now?! I BECAME A MONSTER BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T THERE! You...were supposed to be there for me... You were supposed to prevent all this!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU!?!?!?

SCORE: Respite (Undertale)…


Dream Vania: What...?

Aphrodite: Styx...she is the cause of all of this... She wanted all of this to happen… She planned everything so carefully…

Aeon: *Sighs* (Of course…with my control over the Time Rift in her grasp, she must have had all the Time and resources to plot out this whole scenario.)

Author: (And she took my Pen so she could organize it all. We BOTH slipped up big time there…)

Dream Vania: You...are putting the blame on someone else?! Are you SERIOUS?!?!

Aphrodite: She...defeated me... She killed me in my Physical form...and removed me from the Mortal Plain... I was sealed away from your World.

Eros: And she could not return in the state that she was in...'s not her fault! Styx is to blame for all of this. She planned it all out!

Dream Vania:….Stay out of this!!!

Eros: *Sneers* No! I won’t! Not with you pitting something on my mom when she doesn’t deserve it!

Aphrodite: Listen…please… In the time I was many horrible things happened because of her influence on the World.... Hatred and Despair took over and removed as many threats as possible.

Dream Vania: But you seriously couldn’t have come back?!

Nightraid: Don't you think she wanted to!?

Dream Vania:…!

Nightraid: If she could, you know she would have! I get it, you had it rough, but don't you think she had it that way too!? She hated herself because not only was she unable to help you, but also her whole family! You’re able to read Hearts, right?! You should already know how she’s feeling!

Dream Vania: *Feels something burning in her chest*

Nightraid: She’s hurting too! Her own son became evil because she couldn’t help him but It wasn't her fault, it was all STYX AND BAAL!!! They did this to everyone! Not just you! If anything, you should direct your hate to them, not her!

Dream Vania:.....Styx........she...... She told me it was...Destiny... That Fate itself kept you from me... That it decided that we would turn out like this… And I...accepted her.....

Eros: You said you lost your Mind, right? That was before she got to you, wasn't it?

Dream Vania:............

Eros: The fact that you were in that state of Mind was exactly what she wanted. She needed a vessel so she could pull one over on Baal... You were the vessel she was waiting for.

Aphrodite: You...

Eros: Your son told me everything while we were restoring the rest of the Lost Souls in the section of Baal that held Ethereal Spirits down. It wasn't exactly easy... Neither to hear all of what he told me...nor reaching out to everyone that were devoured.


SCORE: His Theme (Undertale)…

D. Eros: So you really think this'll work? Restoring all of these victims so they can help you two this fight?!

L. Eros: Yeah, that's exactly what we're counting on!

D. Eros: It's so funny... We both started out the same...but became so different...

L. Eros: What do you mean?

D. Eros: Let me fill you in on a little secret... You and Nightraid may be able to defeat Baal...that, I'm fairly certain... You've given me that much Hope at least... But, not everyone here will agree. You'll be lucky enough to get at least half of them to listen to and support you... I couldn't... You think I didn't try when I first got assimilated by Baal?! I.......tried......but failed..... No one would listen... They couldn't...

L. Eros: Of course they couldn't. Baal jammed up their senses so they couldn't see, hear, or feel anything except their worst Fear and Despair. But that's why we just need to break through their dark auras and get to their Hearts! If we can break through that Despair and set them free, Hope will return to them! No matter how many we find, no matter how stubborn they may be, we'll reach out to them! We'll get through to them! We can do this! I know we can!

Euphrosyne: *As she passes by* It will be a challenge, and a bit tedious. But what is important is that we keep at it! You are both right, though.

L. Eros: Huh?

Euphrosyne: Logically speaking, it is true that not everyone here will listen to reason, no matter how hard we try to get through to them. Some of the dark thoughts that keep them locked in their current states may be so great that it could have or already has transformed them from Souls into Demons...

L. Eros:......I see.... If that is the case, then the only thing we can do for them is keep them at bay. Neither fighting nor reasoning will do anything more than waste time. Focus solely on the ones that WILL listen! They are the other ones chosen to be saved. But whatever you do, just don’t surrender!)

D. Eros: Oh good, I thought I was gonna have an argument or something there.

L. Eros: Nah! I'm not difficult to teach! But remember this! You’re never a failure unless you give up! All you have to do is keep trying and pushing forward until you REALLY can’t go any further! And if you feel like there’s really nothing left to lose…that’s when you win! Isn’t that what Hope really is? *Winks*

D. Eros:………………. *Eyes glow and he blinks, feeling something in his Heart* What Hope…really is…

[Flashback Ends]

Eros: He told me that we wouldn't be able to save everyone, but what mattered then…and now, is that we still try to! That’s what we’re supposed to do!

Dream Vania:........

Eros: regards to all you've endured... After going through all that, anyone would have the right to complain... I know how it feels.

Dream Vania: W-What…?


Nightraid: You're not the only one who had to walk a tough road, I had too as well... Even though my suffering pales in comparison of yours, the pain of loneliness, the pain of isolation, the pain of losing someone you love right in front of you... begins to tear up I've felt all of it...

Love Breeze: Nightraid...

Eros: And if you want to talk about Tartarus... I can talk to you anytime about that...

Dream Vania: You…? But…you’re an Angel…aren’t you?

Eros: Yeah, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was lost in Tartarus at one point like you. And so was Dad… *Points to Advent*  The only thing either of us had that kept us going was our respective Core Trait, the Free Will that helped us keep our Souls from turning into...well…what could have been.

Dream Vania:..........

Eros: (Though it looks like it’s completely different for him… Wait, now that I think about it, in all this, I forgot a big elephant in the room! Where’s Dad?! Advent’s Ethereal Spirit?! Uzziel! Where is he?!)

Nightraid: That…goes for me too! I could've been a shadow of my former self... I could have become another one of Styx’ puppets…for a short time…I was…

Euphrosyne: The pain of loss...unwarranted suffering... We've all gone through it. Even in the best case scenarios, even when all of our efforts get us to the highest peak, we still lose something along the way... You are not alone.

Dream Vania: I'm........not.......? You don't get it... I doubt any of you have lost your own former selves.... How many of you lost what was left of your own identities?! Have you any idea what it's like to become nothing but a husk inhabited by the worst being imaginable! No! NONE OF YOU DO! The only one like that here.... *Looks back to Advent* Is him... You say I'm not alone...but how am I supposed to believe that when the only other one who REALLY knows me is as silent as a vegetable?! And even if I COULD talk to him… I… *Tears up* I don’t…..*Shudders coldly* I…..can’t…..

Author: *Sighs* Hate to say it, Aeon, but I think the damage done here might actually be irreversible.

Soul Wind & Thanatos: No kidding...

Aeon: I wouldn't be too sure just yet.

Dream Vania: The only other one to truly understand me was Styx... You all see her as your enemy...and I can see why...but at least she understood me! At least she was THERE!!! But... Even then… She abandoned me...too….. Is…is that what this was supposed to be…for me…a life of being used…and tossed aside like a used up tool?! It must be…after all…I became a slave for one…food for another…a slave again for one more…..and then…a weapon for the last one…DEMONS!!! A slave…a broken toy! That’s all my life was after Mama and Papa died… I wanted to die too… I just wanted to so badly…just so I could finally see them again…but... Death finally came to take me away, but it was worse than even Tartarus itself... And...she didn't even stay with me. I got eaten...she just went back to Tartarus to enjoy her victory... She got what she wanted out of me...and tossed me aside like I was nothing... I thought I could be happy once I was finally dead...but the nightmares still went on... Hope...Faith...L o v e . . . I had nothing of any of them... I was alone.......
SCORE: Majorlovania [Major Key Remix by Nahu-Pyrope] (Undertale)…

Elpida flies up to them, but on the way, Nightraid and Eros separate, making Elpida disappear. Eros uses [CHECK] to find Love Breeze and Euphrosyne and Nightraid uses [LIGHTNING LEAP] to get them there at the speed of light. Nightraid is holding out to keep his eyes opened. He’s feeling a bit tired.

Nightraid: *Yawns from exhaustion* Eros... That battle took a lot out of us...

Eros: *Nudges him to keep his eyes opened* I hear ya... But at least it’s over. Hey. Don't fall asleep yet, bro! Love Breeze is just up there!

Nightraid: *Eyes widen* R-Really? *Looks up to see many familiar Souls smiling and waving to them* Heh… Hahah… WHOA!!! *Eros flips him onto his back and they boost up*

Eros: Hold on! I'll fly us both so you can rest your wings. *Nightraid holds on tight and they fly to them before they get intercepted by a joyful Love Breeze*

Love Breeze: YOU DID IT!!! You REALLY did it!!! *Hugs Nightraid really tight* I'm so proud of you!!!

Nightraid: T-Thanks, Love Breeze! But…huff…heh… But I couldn't have done it without Eros!

Author Bat: Eros: Heh......... *Looks a bit down* We really couldn't have done it without "him" either...

Aeon: *Steps to them, casually walking along the solidified starlight* Congratulations are in order now.

Nightraid: *Smiles* Thanks! I’m glad you're okay, Mr. Aeon

Aeon: I have you both to thank for that. And a few others...

Nightraid: Hmm?

Author: Yeah, it was the very definition of a team effort. But judging by your expression, Eros, we're missing something.

Eros: Dark Eros... Why was he given that name?

Aeon: When he was at the mercy of your enemy, he didn't have a choice but to accept the name.

Eros: So in everything that Baal did, what he did to all of you...he took away everyone's ability to choose.

Nightraid: ...I'm glad he's dead, he was nothing but pure evil...

Love Breeze: Now, Nightraid... Don't forget something else he was... He's everything you could have been...if we failed.

Aeon: Yes, it was in my Timeline that we failed to stop all this from happening.

Nightraid: But you didn't and that's all that matters, right?!

Eros: You're right, Brother! We didn’t fail! He was stopped in the end and we won... So now what happens?

Author: Uh.... Well.... *Looks around at the other Souls* A massive clean-up job…and an awkward explanation…

Nightraid: well, may they rest in peace

Aeon: *Sighs* As soon as my Spirits of Death wake up, they should reach their proper Afterlives.

Soul Wind’s Voice: Present…

Thanatos: *Appears from a black mist* Aeon, I'm here...

Aeon: Ah, good Timing.

Author: Ayeee! *Points hooves with a dumb smile*

Eros: Pffft! No matter what Timeline, you still make those Time puns!

Thanatos: *Looks over at Nightraid and Eros* Hmm…so these are the heroes who saved the day... good job you two. I’ll be sure to remember you later.

Nightraid: Ehehe, don't mention it!

Eros: So you're gonna take all those Souls?

Thanatos: I am... It's what I do after all...

Soul Wind: Like it or not, we’re all Spirits of the Dead. You two are the only exceptions.

Thanatos: Well...for now...

Soul Wind: But wow… There’s so many that it makes my head spin!

Aeon: You will have help, though. There are several Timelines worth of Souls to send off.

Thanatos: *Winces a bit* Oh believe me, I'm well aware... *Frustrated tone*

Author: Heh... (Soul Wind... Been a while since I've seen him...)

Aeon: Hmm... Moonlit Spark and Macaria are missing.

Author: They're probably already on the job elsewhere.

Nightraid: Hey, does anyone know where Mom and Dad are?

Author: Oh! Well... YOUR parents are next to your Mortal body, but if you mean the ones from that other Timeline, uh... *Looks around* There! *Points to Dream Vania being tended to by Flash and his friends* Hmm…

Nightraid: *Sighs with relief* I'm just glad it's over...

Eros: I wouldn't ease up yet, Brother...

Nightraid: Hm?

Love Breeze: Flash Sentry... He never met her in their Timeline. They only had memories given to them by the Timeline Distortion. He recognizes her as his daughter...

Thanatos: This is troublesome indeed...

Flash Sentry: Hey, filly! Come on, look at me!

Dream Vania:........ *Her stare is empty*

Flash Sentry: (I...can't quite recall her name...) *Nudges her and starts to feel pain in his chest* Hey... Filly... Please wake up!

Nightraid: What can we do!?

Aeon:..... *Smiles* You will have something to do in due Time. As a matter of fact, now that Baal is no more, a certain someone should be here in 3...2..1!
SCORE: Hopes and Dreams (Underfell)…

With Nightraid and Eros’ last words together, they become enveloped in a bright aura and fly upwards in a beam. A wave of strong energy hits them. They see a series of flashbacks of events they’ve never seen before; they are the memories of the countless Souls from the countless Timelines of the Multiverse. They hear all of their cries for help and their cheers for their success. They feel their Hopes and Dreams and know what they must do. They can smell a refreshing and familiar fragrance pass by them. They can taste Victory within their reach! They have gone through a painful fire once more. But by holding onto their own Hope, through everyone’s Love, and by the grace of the One whom they kept their Faith in, they made it through together. Now, the Time has come once more…

They are filled with DETERMINATION!

“You can do this, my sons. Everyone believes in you. Please, see this through and come back home.”

Eros’ eyes develop tears in response to seeing the memories just as Nightraid’s anger rose again for the same reason…but hearing the voice of their mother snapped them out of it. They feel stronger than ever now and stay focused on their goal! The two brothers glow brightly and spread their wings out to accelerate their flight back up through the evil Dragon’s body. Upon exiting via Baal’s gaping maw, the True Devil convulses as a reaction to his pain. They look to Baal and see how greatly decreased his power is. However, when Baal looks back, he glares at them intently. He realizes that this is it for him. His run is almost over. The only thing he can do now is fight while waiting for his ultimate demise.


Eros: Yeah… You know what’s happening now, don’t you?

Baal: This…this…is nothing…but another turn…of the Table of Fate! At least…this gives me the chance… Yes… I want…to see just how powerful you truly are… Show me the fullest extent of your strength! Show me what your Hope, Faith, and Love can REALLY do for you! Let it be…my last moments…this final battle… Come… AND JOIN ME IN THE ULTIMATE BATTLE BETWEEN  H O P E  A N D  D E S P A I R ! ! ! ! ! !

Nightraid: You want a show?! After all you’ve taken from everyone, you expect us to give?!

Eros: Then fine! We WILL! Oh yeah, we’ll give you a show! You can recall it for the rest of Eternity…

Nightraid & Eros: W H E N  Y O U  P A Y  Y O U R  P R I C E  I N  T A R T A R U S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! *They resonated with each other as they yelled at him in unison*

Baal flies into the shadows and musters up every ounce of negative feeling that he can to give him his final power boost. He struggles as he realizes that most of his source for that is gone. All he has left is the buffer of negative energy within him while the positive energy from the Souls resonates with Nightraid and Eros. Baal expels it all…rather painfully in the form of several beams of light that shoot out of a hole in his chest and flow into the two brothers’ glowing aura that is visibly growing larger and brighter. It even begins to intensify to form a shape from ethereal substance…the shape of their Synchro-Soul form. At the same time, Baal takes on his strongest form as well.

SCORE: Megalovania [Good Time Version by DYLZAL] (Undertale)…

“Things have gotten kind of messy here”
{Darkness and Light collide within the Time Rift.}

“But now I know how to let go of fears”
{The surrounding background around the two giant Dragons turns into moving mesh of black and white.}

“I’ve made it through those whispers in my ears”
{The Deep-Black Dragon of True Despair and the Vast-White Dragon of True Hope face each other.}

“No longer, do I feel like I’ll disappear “
{Nightraid and Eros look to each other and nod before looking back to their foe.}

“Everything’s wrong, time to make it right”
{The two Titans glare into each other’s eyes, acknowledging this as The End.}

“Enough of the Dark; let us shine the Light”
{They spread their own respective wings outward and roar with all their might!}

“Always been His call; It wasn’t ever mine”
D E T E R M I N A T I O N ! ! ! ! ! ! !

“But for everyone I LOVE, I SHALL CHOOSE TO FIGHT!!!”
The letters to their names appear in front of them as they roar. This is it! THE TRUE FINAL BATTLE!!!!!!!

[E L P I D A]


[E N O S H I M A]

{Lyrics by Count-Author; Inspired by RadixMusic}

{17-Second Instrumental Lead}

Elpida and Enoshima start off strong with a direct attack from both their claws. Elpida dodges Enoshima’s and rushes along his arm while slashing away at it until he gets to the center of the body and pummels the dark Dragon until he gets blown back by his wings. Enoshima flies back to retaliate and the two Dragons clash with each other at full strength, unwilling to back down.


"Shadows full of pain and grief
Lost Souls looking for their relief
Love and Faith have both left their lives
But Hope can still shine through!"

Enoshima creates several arms with giant claws from the miasma of dark flames and sends them all out to attack, but they all get consecutively slashed and severed by Elpida’s shining claws. His slashing movements mirror his mother’s dance steps, allowing him to quickly spot and precisely rend each claw.


"It looks like their world has been torn
Asunder waiting to be restored
For every family and every friend
We’ll see their suffering end!"

Elpida turns into a beam of light and shoots straight at Enoshima, striking him from multiple directions and leaving a trail starlight behind him that illuminates, takes the shape of the Japanese Kanji for “Hope” (Kibou; 希望) and sets every sparkle of starlight off to have them all explode around him for further damage. He then flies back into the explosions to hit him harder, but gets stopped by Enoshima.


"I can see the enemy of our Hopes and Dreams
I can hear the victims through their fearful cries and Despairing screams
We just need to reach them and remind them to believe
Only then can Victory be achieved!"

Enoshima turns his main claws into blades and continuously tries to slash at Elpida only to miss every swing…though he does get close a good few times. However, Elpida uses the redirecting techniques his mother taught him to prevent the closer attempts from hitting their mark.


"For everyone’s future, I will stay Determined
And together, my partner, we will protect whatever is left
But I have made a promise to set them all free
And I shall stay, not retreat"

Elpida closes his fists and moves in to deliver a fast combo of punches and kicks taught to him by his uncles, disappearing and reappearing from multiple directions to hit him in fast succession before delivering a strong combo-finishing blow to send Enoshima flying back a far distance.


"As my brother said…
Even if they’re dead…"

Enoshima opens his gaping maw to gather many bits of dark energy to concentrate it into a ball.


"If you can, don’t let them fall…
Raise them up, let their Hope stand tall!"

Elpida create balls of Light that charge starlight all around him and in his mouth and gets ready to fire.

{54 Second Instrumental and Tempo Shift}

Both Dragons let loose their fully charged beams of Darkness and Starlight. Both blasts collide and struggle to push each other back. The atmosphere intensifies. Shockwaves from the clashing energy spread throughout the Rift, extending to the outer reaches of the fabric of Space and Time. Suddenly, everyone in the remaining Timeline can feel an intense shake.


However, just when Elpida thinks he has Enoshima cornered, several black chains appear from many portals, impale, immobilize, and painfully damage him. The chains spell out the Japanese Kanji for “Despair” (Zetsubou; 絶望). Elpida reacts loudly and violently to the pain. Neither of their beams managed to hit their targets. However, Enoshima is recovering and getting ready for payback!


“Hope” “Faith” “Love”?!
"Don’t make me laugh"
"You made your true choice long ago"

Memories of Styx surface in Elpida’s collective Mind. Nightraid and Eros are trying to deal with the pain to get Elpida moving again…however, they get overwhelmed by dark flames once more, but still they hold on so they don’t get separated again. Enoshima takes this opportunity to aim for Elpida’s Heart and fires one more concentrated dark beam… Eros fights through his pain and has Elpida create several shields in front of them to try and hold the beam back but it almost effortlessly pierces through Elpida’s power and heads straight for his Heart.

"You can claim innocence all you wish, that I know
But what good does that do when you’ve let that innocence go
Why should anyone trust, love, or believe in you?!
When hurting is the only thing you know how to do"

A swift shadow leaves Enoshima’s body, however and makes a beeline for Elpida to intercept the beam. Dark Eros materializes from his shadowy form and conjures a shield to protect Elpida… This shocks the two brothers. They tell him to get away as his shield begins to crack. Dark Eros just smirks, however. He calls upon the other Saved Hearts, the various bosses that the Nightraid from his Timeline killed. They all appear to cut the black chains and free Elpida. The links of chains from within his body phase right out of the bright Dragon just in time for Dark Eros’ shield to shatter… Elpida manages to escape death…but Dark Eros was not as blessed. He takes the full front of the blast.


L. Eros: No… He…couldn’t dodge it… But...

D. Eros: *Engulfed by the beam* ………………..!!!!!!!!!! This…power…huh……. This isn’t the first time…..but…I guess…….it is…the last…

Elpida: EROS!!!

L. Eros: Wait...what about reuniting with your Mom?! You can't die...!

D. Eros: Listen…!!! Th…This is it...for me… Just please… Finish this…!!! And... Mom...please…forgive me… I started this… I…just want this to end… B-Brother… Give them Hope again…you can do it… Just keep…going forward… *Vanishes away in violet and red sparkles* Succeed…where I….failed………………………


"I will never fail…
I will tell this tale…"

With what has just happened, Nightraid trembles in anger and feels he’s about to explode… Eros tells Nightraid to let it all out.

"Even if I fall…
I will SAVE them all!!!"

Elpida roars out once more, letting out his most powerful eruption of white aura and a shockwave of pressure to go with it and as a bonus, it breaks him free of the black chains. The dark flames and dust from the blast clears out in an instant, being pushed apart and Enoshima reacts to the pressure, losing his guard just in time for Elpida to get in close.


{17-Second Instrumental Lead}

Elpida spends the rest of the song beating Enoshima at the speed of light while preparing his final Special Attack. He’s gathering starlight while warping all over the place, gathering every shadow that makes up Enoshima’s form into one place, not leaving even so much as an atom of his miasma unchecked until he’s ready to finish him. Elpida decides to hold Enoshima in place by pinning him down with a fully-charged shining ethereal arrow, fired from his starry bow and right to Enoshima’s chest, piercing his Heart in the same spot as Eros did before, but with a much bigger arrow. Love Breeze gets startled by a close call. She’s about to yell, but stops short when she sees Elpida and gazes in pure awe.

Baal: *Feels the pain of the arrow and screams out an agonizing roar* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Breeze: *Dodges the giant arrow right before it hits* WAAAHHH!!!! THAT WAS TOO CLOSE!!!  *Looks up*…!!! *Stares and blinks with stars appearing in her eyes* Hmhmhm…  That’s our boys…

"Things have gotten kind of messy here
But I know now how to let go of those fears
I’ve made it through those whispers in my ears
No longer, do I feel like I’ll disappear
Everything’s wrong, time to make it right
Enough of the Dark; let us shine the Light
Always been His call; It wasn’t ever mine
But for everyone I love, I have chosen to fight"


"I can feel their Hearts; they’re all beating as one
Hope is my crutch; what I use to hold on
Faith is my might; what I use to stand up
Love is my strength; what I use to fight on
Together they’re my Determination
They are all what beings like you would shun
Violence was never made for fun
Time to undo all the damage you’ve done
I will never give up, nor will I ever run"

With all the Hope, Faith, and Love that was restored to the Lost Souls flowing into Elpida’s Final Attack, he gains one last boost; the memories of his own Timeline. The ones Nightraid and Eros have chosen to protect. Their trials, their victories, friends, family, their World… their Love Path… Their D E S T I N Y ! ! ! With Enoshima immobilized, Elpida forms a giant ethereal Bow delivers one final blast of starlight energy into his foe, overwhelming him with bright, beautiful, starlit power. Then, for the final touch, he dives into his own beam, spins with his claws up, and drills right through Baal’s chest, shattering his Heart and grinding it to dust. Upon hitting the target, Author yelled the words; “INTENSE IMPACT!!!!!!!”

Baal: . . . *Lets out his final roar as beams of light shoot out of him as his body to fall apart until he ultimately disintegrates*


I’ll have a Good Time watching you DISAPPEAR!"

Elpida lands down on solidified starlight and looks back up as many shining lights leave Baal’s dissolving corpse. He spreads his wings out and roars with all the rest of his might in Victory! Before Baal completely dissolves, the light within him detonates, setting off a massive blast of pure energy. Within the radius of the blast, the countless Souls scatter and float outwards, shining like newly born stars.
SCORE: Our Theme (Glitchtale)…

Cursed Nightraid takes his last breath and dies his final death. He vanishes away from the attack. Eros takes a deep breath. Suddenly, the remaining Lost Souls are stunned and holding their heads after stopping short of their attacks. Dark Eros and the living Nightraid looks in surprise, then at the Angel that did it!

Nightraid: Eros?! Did you…?!

L. Eros: *Winks after a couple breathes* Yup… Took a bit of out of me…but I…got ‘em! And look at them! *Points to the Lost Souls* Looks like a reaction of some kind!


Dream Vania: Nghh….. Rrrgh……uuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!

Nightraid: *Looks at both of them* What happened to them…? How did they get this way? The Mom and Dad I know wouldn’t have…

D. Eros: *Grabs the broken mare and takes her over to Advent* Of course not… It’s because your parents are being protected by a Higher Power. These two…me…and everyone else here all came from Timelines where they either didn’t seek that Higher Power…or lost the three things that allowed them to be protected. You should know what I’m talking about by now.

Nightraid: The difference is that big?!

L. Eros: Yeah, it is… Never doubt any possibility. These Mortals and Spirits were all too weak to keep a hold of themselves, let alone defend themselves or seek out salvation…and the end result is…well, whatever Baal is now!

D. Eros: The Advent Playwright from my Timeline…the one you see there…he lost his Faith somewhere in the middle of his path after losing everyone he Loved to Demons. Family, friends, teachers…and all the while, he wasn’t taught the right way the way he was in your World. I saw it myself...the moment when he finally broke...he burnt his Ethereal Spirit away...he eradicated my Dad right in front of me...and as for Dream Vania there…she had a similar upbringing, but when she lost everything like yours did at first…the difference was…she never got any of it back…in fact, she lost something even more precious than before. She lost the ability to Love…

Nightraid: What?! How?! Didn’t she have Aphrodite as her Ethereal Spirit?!

L. Eros: “Lost the ability to Love…” Don’t tell me it was…

D. Eros: Yep… It was Lilith’s doing. Though, she calls herself in the Mortal Plain; “Queen Chrysalis”…

Nightraid: *Remembers her and gasps in shock and anger* Oh, great… That BUG again!?!

L. Eros: Makes sense… It’s just like Lilith to kick people when they’re down… What happened to her then? If she’s here, maybe we can find her and take back what she stole!

D. Eros: I wish it was that easy… But she’s not here, surprisingly. The Changelings of my Timeline were wiped out by Thanatos and his Mortal, Soul Wind. I know he’s here…but he won’t have what we’d be looking for in this case…

Nightraid:……*Looks down and back at the Lost Souls* So…what do we do? I don’t want to leave them like this…

L. Eros: I don’t know if it’ll work…but I’ve sent some Saved Hearts out to find help. They should be back any minute.

Aeon: Any “Minute”, any “Second”, any “Instant”! *Appears from a Clock Portal along with Author and Love Breeze* Either way, it seems we’re right on Time.

Author: Yyyyyyep! And it’s good to be getting back in the swing of things! I’ve been out of it for too long. Then again, we all have, haven’t we? Love Breeze, you’re up!

Love Breeze: Right! *Runs to them* Nightraid! Eros!

Nightraid: Love Breeze! You made it here!

Eros: And not a second too soon! We need your help! Well…more specifically, THEY do.

Love Breeze: *Looks at the Lost Souls as they’re struggling in pain* ….... Yes, I see… *Walks to them* As the bearers of Faith and Love, they…didn’t even have a chance in the World… The things they must have gone through… They can’t commit to their original “Core Traits”.

Nightraid: “Core Traits”…you mean the part of their Hearts that give them their strength?

Love Breeze: Yes. I’m glad you remembered that. There may be many similar Core Traits between people, but the way we respond or commit to them is what makes us different and individual. It is what influences our ways of thinking and our behavior. Sometimes, it can shift and put on a façade in response to make it seem different itself, but in truth, there is always something within the very epicenter of the Heart…even as small as an atom…but it’s there…the Core Trait’s purest form; The glimmer of something that once was...something Good. It is the part of you that your Ethereal Spirit holds onto when they reside within you as their Mortal while Demons invade your Mind in order to spread their Evil Thoughts to you. Whether they succeed or not is all determined by the Mortal. The only way to truly get rid of the Core Trait, and thus the Ethereal Spirit would be to die after allowing the Darkness within your Heart to overtake you… It’s basically saying that your Soul has no value to you.

Nightraid:………How much of this do you know, Love Breeze?!

Love Breeze: Oh……….everything…! *Smiles and shrugs before looking back to them* But these two…they fell harder than anyone else here. Their Core Traits were stolen right from them at moments of their initial deaths…you could say they were walking shells of what they were supposed to be because of those Devils. Everyone else had theirs upon the moments of their deaths. They were committed to their true feelings upon their ends, which was why it was easier to restore them…I don’t know if anything can be done for these two… While only the Holy Father can destroy a Soul, Devils certainly know how to ruin them beyond repair…at least by Mortals or Spirits.

Nightraid:…But…that isn’t fair! We can’t leave them like this! They don’t deserve that!

Love Breeze: I know… But I did warn you in the beginning that Life is full of injustice, harsh unfairness, and many things that the Devils love to use against Mortals all for the sake of ticking the Holy Father off… These two are in the same position as the Nightraid that did all this. They gave in to the Devil that was the opposite to their respective Ethereal Spirit. They let their own Darkness overtake their Hearts and thus became servants of Demons. The only difference between these two and Nightraid is…well…he won. He defeated and consumed them both. Though it seems Styx isn’t here and Abaddon threw Advent away like trash……. I saw it all happen… I’m sorry, Nightraid. But the only one who can save them now is the Holy Father. But that was never your job in the first place, nor was it mine. For now, let’s just be glad you all managed to incapacitate them. We can take it from here with them.

Nightraid:……………….But.....I still don’t want them to suffer anymore…

D. Eros:…..Then go. Defeat Baal. If you can’t do it all, do what you CAN!

L. Eros: Hey, yeah! I beat his Mortal and the Core of his Heart has a hole in it now!

Love Breeze: Wait, it does?! *Looks up at it* [CHECK] Eros…do you know where that hole is?

L. Eros: Yes I do! I couldn’t have asked for a better shot! I used [CHECK] when fighting the Cursed Nightraid to look at all of Baal’s Heart’s details and found something interesting! That spot is the part of him that allows him to regenerate by redirecting energy from the Lost Souls! Also, thanks to most of his Lost Souls being restored, he couldn’t draw power from them anymore, thus leaving himself vulnerable! All it took was one good hit and now…

Euphrosyne: *Appears from Love Breeze* And now, he’s dying. Baal is slowly and gradually dying his final and true death.

Love Breeze: Yes…and after all he’s done, I can only imagine that this time, he WON’T be coming back! But even so, be careful. He’s bound to not want to go without a fight. But listen, Nightraid. Don’t worry about us. No matter what happens, defeating Baal is the only thing that matters now. We’ll be alright. Defeating him will release all the Souls that he’s consumed. That much, I’m certain.

Author: Whatever strength he has left will be concentrated into his will to fight. He’s reverting to primal instincts now that he’s realized how vulnerable he’s become. *Walks up to them* Huh, that’s funny! It took a whole Story for him to build up all that power and in just a few Chapters, he’s lost almost all of it! But hey, we’ve all crumbled our share of cookies, am I right?

Aeon: *Sighs* Careful, Author. Your ego is showing.

Author: Yeah, yeah…sorry… And before you guys ask about anything concerning their Timelines and Dimensions, that’s why Aeon and I are here. We…will have a lot of explaining and rebuilding to do once you’re done.

Nightraid: Wait, who are you?

Author: No one important right now.

Aeon: We’ll be able to help restore their Worlds and Timelines once the threat is removed. The Time to end this is upon us and we no longer have any to waste with chatter.

Love Breeze: You know what you must do, right?

Nightraid:…….. *Looks to Eros and they both nod* Yeah! *Sees Dark Eros staring at the Heart of Baal* Are you going to help us?

D. Eros: You already have what you need to win! Just get going!


L. Eros: Well…thank you all for your help!

Author: Glad I could help! And don’t worry about Lyricist. I’ll give her an I.O.U!

L. Eros: *Confused* I really don’t get it… *Shakes head* Anyways, ready, Nightraid?! *Holds hoof out*

Nightraid: Yeah, brother! *Grabs hoof with claw* Let’s do this together!
You are Kimihito Kurusu, a humble Japanese man whose house has been turned into a battleground for 7 Monsters who all wish to marry you. You can only choose one wife, so choose wisely.
5 deviants said Miia - Lamia who has been with you since the beginning and is both very affectionate and protective of you.
1 deviant said Suu - Slime who just goes along with everything for the heck of it while being a very helpful asset at times while being dangerous in others. It is thanks to everyone else's love for you that she developed her own as well.
1 deviant said Rachnera - Arachne who's in love with S&M torturing tactics and other forms of mischief while still harboring warm feelings for you under her cold exterior.
1 deviant said Lala - Dullahan who appreciates your warm heart...despite wanting to initially cut it out as a part of her "Edgy Goth/Emo Phase"... She tends to lose her head often...
No deviants said Papi - Harpy who is both motherly and ditzy at the same time due to being a complete birdbrain. She thinks of you as a big brother, but can't tell the difference between a "Brother" and a "Lover"...
No deviants said Cerea - Centaur who is incredibly strong, fast, and determined to fight for justice as well as your love.
No deviants said Mero - Mermaid who gives off the aura of a queen, allowing her to gain authority over others while always keeping you in mind...however, she actually DOESN'T want to marry you due to having stupid fairytale fantasies...

Best Valentine's Day EVER!!! (Plus Playlist)

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2017, 7:39 PM

Okay, so I woke up and went straight away to my fiancee's house to pick her up, get her coffee, and go shopping. We returned to enjoy some brunch that my sister volunteered to cook for us! (Thanks, :iconquasar-mouse:! Love ya, Sis!) 

While we ate, I finally showed one of the greatest anime movies of all time to my future wife... She enjoyed every bit of it! Without spoiling anything, I'll officially have at least 4 other people who can attest to the greatness that this movie carries! If you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a favor and give it a watch! 

But the good times didn't end there! Oh, no! For you see, last year, my family pitched in to give me the best birthday gift ever! A certificate for 1 hour in the sky in a plane from our local airport! I wanted to save it for a special occasion, but pondered for a long time of when would be a good opportunity... I decided to take my greatest birthday gift and turn it into the greatest Valentine's Day gift for my fiancee! I took her into the sky with me! We took loads of pictures on our devices to capture this unforgettable moment! (Seriously, Mom, Dad, Sis, Nanny, Pawpaw... I love you guys! I can't thank you enough for making that possible!) Guess now, I can finally scratch "Flying" off my bucket list!

I also gave her the presents I got for her weeks ago. Yes, I put it in plurals, because I found a lot of stuff I knew she would like. Fortunately, Frozen stuff isn't rare, nor is it expensive. That makes it easy considering how much she's madly in love with that movie. (Seriously, she's become a collector of Frozen merchandise because of me... Funny enough, it was thanks to my Grandpa who gave me a VISA Gift Card for last Christmas.)

(:iconmlpflashsentryplz: Think of it like one of my tips to dating: "If a special day is about 4 weeks away, DON'T procrastinate on gifts! Get it as early as you can so you won't be scrambling to get the perfect gift at the eleventh hour! ")

Then, afterwards, for a late lunch/early dinner, I turned my last Christmas Gift from my uncle, aunt, and cousins (A Panera Bread Gift Card) into a nice eating-out segment of the date. We then came back home and enjoyed the first two episodes of Monster Musume together before the time came for me to take her back home. I dropped her off and talked with her family for a good few minutes about our day until it was time to come home. 

All that said, I can happily say I had the best Valentine's Day ever! Not only because I got to spend the whole day with my fiancee, but because it was all made possible by members of my family who gave me all the resources I needed to make it all happen! I felt nothing but Love through the entire day coming from not just my fiancee, but from my whole family as well! Even my two best bros, :iconbravokrofski: and :icondarknazawrath: contributed by introducing me to Monster Musume in the first place! It's literally the best anime they've ever gotten me into and even the anime itself is centered around Love! A friend and co-worker of mine contributed by introducing me to Wolf Children as well, an anime movie that carries Love within it! 

This is why Love is the greatest strength, my friends! It can come from anywhere and everywhere! It is the reason why I live on to this day, it is the reason I do anything at all! It is the strength that gets me through every day! Even though I feel this sort of thing should be celebrated every day and not just on one particular day of the year, I still appreciate Valentine's Day for what it conveys and for the opportunities that it presents! 

Even though only she and I go up in that plane with our pilot, but I like to feel like EVERYONE was up in the sky with us! I enjoyed these past 3 days thanks to all of them! And above all, I felt God's Love bless this day for all of us! That Love came from somewhere even higher up than we were!

:iconsans-plz: * heh... i guess you could say love is in "THE AIR"! :iconrimshotplz:

YEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEE~!!!!!!! I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all of you had a lovely one as well!

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Many more cases occur throughout the dungeon where old friends reunite, rivals and enemies reconcile, and Hope returns to everyone’s Hearts, spreading from one Lost Soul to another, restoring them all at alarming rates, further weakening Baal from within. Meanwhile, the two Nightraids continue to do battle, but with the Cursed Nightraid badly damaged and stunned. He is running out of options!

C. Nightraid: *Has one claw on his head and another on his chest* AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT STOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D. Eros: It never will stop… This Despair…you asked for it, didn’t you?! All the pain you caused was for the sake of seeing that kind of World, wasn’t it? Styx got you started, but when you could have turned away, you never did… To give you credit, Brother…you managed to get away with it for quite a while… You got much further than most beings like you that have nothing better to do than destroy! But this is where all that ends! Right here and right now!

B. Nightraid: I can feel it too. You’re getting weaker while I’m getting stronger at the same time! It looks like Love Breeze did a good job! You too, Eros!

L. Eros: Heheh! Aw, it wasn’t much!

C. Nightraid:………………………… *Still in pain* RRRRRRGH……!!!!

D. Eros: (Those two…so…this is what it would’ve been like…if I had just tried a little harder…) You know, it could have been different… We could’ve been like them… We could have been better than what we are. I’m sorry I didn’t try hard enough…but you could have tried too!

C. Nightraid: RRRRRRRRRRRGH…….!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SCORE: Burn In Despair (Undertale)…

Cursed Nightraid roars loudly and several other Lost Souls appear in the forms of Zombie Dragons based on the ones Baal killed appear to try and stop the uprising along with several Demons and True Devils that were also consumed. On the outside, Baal is struggling to move while he searches for a way out of the Time Rift. Time is running out. If he makes it out there, he’ll make it to the Love Path Timeline.

SCORE: Closure (Underfell)…

They have to get out while they still can. Dark Eros volunteers to guide them out while shooting any remnants of Baal’s defenses that try to stop them. Cursed Nightraid flies after them, fighting through his pain! Blessed Nightraid and Light Eros feel stronger than ever. The gentle-yet-strong light coming from their aura is illuminating the way as they hurry to the exit with the many enemies fighting to stop them, but they get stopped They know the end is coming very soon! Here and now, their Hope shines brighter than ever before! Nightraid and Eros, the Dragon and Angel of Hope are filled with DETERMINATION!!!

“Y O U  W I L L  N O T  E S C A P E ! ! ! ! ! ! Y O U  W I L L  N E V E R  D E F E A T  M E ! ! ! ! ! !”

They ignore Baal’s foreboding statement and keep pushing forward. Dark Eros is internally kicking himself for letting himself become so weak. He sees this as his last chance of redemption. The enemies, however, are closing in fast! On the way to the Heart of Baal, they see the many remaining Lost Souls trying to attack from all around, but get stopped by the Saved Hearts. They either get saved themselves, or they continue fighting in obedience to Baal. Lots of colorful lights illuminate the darkness around them while the black flames surrounding the walls visibly struggle against the Light but with little results. The Blackened Hearts, the Lost Souls whom completely gave in to Baal’s control try as they might, but no matter what, they can’t reach the heroic brothers as they make it further and further up through Baal’s internal essence until they reach his Heart. They’re just too fast for them and Dark Eros is a good shot. When they finally make it there, they see the massive pitch-black Heart emitting a crimson glow.

L. Eros: So this is Baal’s Heart, huh? Who knew he had one, am I right?!

Nightraid: Heh! Good one!

D. Eros: *Trying to hold back snickering* Tch…. *Clears throat* Yeah… This is the Core of Baal himself. I can’t destroy his Soul, but I’ll make sure his Heart feels every ounce of pain imaginable! *Readies his weapons*

L. Eros: Wait! What’ll happen to all the Souls he consumed?! Will they escape?!

D. Eros: LET’S HOPE SO!!! *Steps forward and starts shooting* Alright, Baal! NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO BURN!!!!!!! [LOVE’S RETRIBUTION] *With all he’s got, with all he is, he opens rapid fire of explosive energy arrows at the Heart while screaming so loud that the only thing as lout is the sound of rapid fire* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baal: * Feels an immense pain in his chest and clenches it* EROS!!!!!! STOP IT!!! STOP THAT NOW!!!! *Roars in agony* RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D. Eros: WHAT’S THE MATTER!?!?! BEGGING FOR MERCY?!?! WELL TOO BAD! You never gave any…SO YOU DON’T DESERVE MERCY!!!!!!! *Fires with all he has and looks to the other two* YOU GUYS COVER ME!!! GOT IT?!?!

L. Eros: Cover you from what?!

B. Nightraid: THAT!!! *Points to a shadowy figure slowly approaching them from the dark*

C. Nightraid: *Approaching behind them while clenching his chest and head as he glares at them with pure Hatred and pain* NGH!!!! RRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! STOP THAT!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!! *Breathes fire at them but Eros shields them from it* NGH…. RRRRRGH!!!! THIS PAIN!!!!!! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO AWAY!!!!!! WHY HAS IT COME BACK!?!?!? BAAL!!!!!!

“This can’t be… How have they have weakened my Heart’s defenses?!”

Author: That would be the Saved Hearts’ doing. All the Souls that rebelled against you are now overtaking your numbers. A majority of your “power” has now turned into “weakness”!!!

SCORE: Megalovania [Intense Symphonic Metal Cover by FalKKonE] (Undertale)…

“WHAT?!?!? Y O U ? ! ? !”

Lyricist: Yes, that’s right, Mr. Big-Baals! That would include us!

Persepony: The Ethereal Spirits sure work fast, don’t they?

Author: Yup! And that includes all the rest from the other Timelines you wolfed down as well! By the end of this, you’ll probably only have enough energy left to maintain your Synchro-Soul form. I’d say your best bet would be to say your Prayers…but well…you know…

B. Nightraid: *Looking up* Who…are they?!

L. Eros: Let’s worry about that later! We’ve got this to deal with! Don’t underestimate him just cause he’s weakened!

B. Nightraid: I don’t intend to! I’m not giving him any chances! *White aura erupts and he rushes at Cursed Nightraid* EAT THIS!!!

C. Nightraid: Ngh….. *Looks up at the incoming punishment and is in too much pain to think straight* Rrrgh….RRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!! *Eyes glow bright red and two more figures appear…they manage to stop and reflect him back*

B. Nightraid: AAAAGH!!!!!! What the-?! *Sees the two figures as familiar Lost Souls…the ones of Advent and Vania in the forms they were in before they died, as a couple of Revenants with vengeful glows in their eyes* Mom and Dad…?! *Shakes his head* Wait, why am I surprised?! Dirty trick, Baal! But that’s not gonna stop me! *Flies back to them and the corrupt Advent makes a beeline to intercept him while Vania hurries to stop Dark Eros* Dad! Stop this! Think about what you’re doing! *Struggles against him* I don’t want to fight you again!

Advent: *Glitching out a bit* I-I…. I don’t want to…either… The-There….is n-no point… But…I c-can’t control myself… So th-there’s no p-point in resisting either…

B. Nightraid: Yes there is! Don’t give up, Dad!

L-S Advent: I’m…no dad…not to you…not to anyone… Just give up…I already did… I-I’ve fought Demons before… I could never win… Even w-when I b-beat them, I still l-l-l-lost…

L-S Vania: *Appears and attacks Dark Eros to divert his attention* AAAAAAAAAGH!!!

D. Eros:….!!!!!!! You… Do you remember me? Mom?!

L-S Vania: D-Don’t call m-m-me that… I don’t re-remember ever being one…The o-only thing…I ever remember… All I can recall…are endless nightmares… Wh-When…when was I ever a m-mother….?

D. Eros:………..Styx didn’t give us a chance to be a family…..

L-S Vania:….!!! *Voice distorts as she glitches about* D-D-D O  N O T  S A Y  T H A T  N-N-N A M E ! ! ! ! ! ! *Attacks furiously, but is stopped by a shield*

D. Eros: STOP THIS! I don’t want to fight you!

L. Eros: *Looks back and forth to both duels happening and still sees Cursed Nightraid approaching with his claws turning into blades* (He’s growing numb to the pain! I gotta do something…but I don’t think we can fight these Lost Souls!)

Lyricist: Something bothering you, hon?

L. Eros: *Gets caught off guard* Whuh?! Who are you?

Author: Why does everyone always ask that?

Persepony: We’re not very popular… Maybe if you advertised more, more might know you.


L. Eros: Wait… Actually, can you help us?

Author: Helping people is something I like to do.

Lyricist: What can we do you for? *Gives sort of a seductive look*

L. Eros: *Blushes a bit* (Why is she looking at me like that…?) We need you to find someone by the name of “Love Breeze”!

Author: Consider it done! I think she might be with someone I’m looking for at this moment as well! Shall we, ladies?

Lyricist: *Winks at Light Eros* We’ll do you this favor. But I’ll want something “in return” later, cutie!

L. Eros: *Fidgets a little as he feels a sudden chill as she passes by, leaving with them* Uh…. (She’ll haunt me in my dreams, won’t she?) *Shakes head* (Focus! I gotta do something while we wait!) *Flies down to attack Cursed Nightraid* AAAGH!!! *Blocks his first blade and counters with a strong tackle to push him far back* STAY BACK!!! *Charges and fires a strong arrow at him*

C. Nightraid: AAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!! *Gets hit from the arrow* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *Recovers in his anger* RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!!! [MALICIOUS FURY – U N L E A S H  T H E  B E A S T] *Dark aura explodes out of him and he starts off slow before gaining speed and vanishing*

L. Eros: Wait, where’d he go?! [CHECK] *Eyes glow yellow and he sees Cursed Nightraid moving insanely fast and gets surprised when he gets right in front of him, dodging at the last possible second* AAAGH!!! *Jumps and flies up* OKAY! YOU MAD ENOUGH YET?!?!

C. Nightraid: *Flies up to him and attempts to strike him only to miss several times* SHUT! UP! AND! JUST! DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L. Eros: Wow, Styx really DID make you her perfect weapon! She even taught you how to be impatient and easy to trigger like her!

C. Nightraid: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Breathes fire at him but misses once more, leaving himself opened when Light Eros flips upside-down and aims a charged arrow at him under the torrent of flames* ……..!!!!!

L. Eros: Easy to exploit, easy to catch off guard… Gotta say, “Brother…” For as strong as you are, you’re just as easy to shoot down! [ARROW OF THE HEART – POINTBLANK SNIPE] *Lines up his shot and fires it, hitting him in the left side of his chest as well as Baal’s Heart, making a long, white beam appear between Cursed Nightraid and the giant Core*

SCORE: ASGORE & Heartache [Acoustic/Electric Cover by DYLZAL]

C. Nightraid:…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RRRRRR……… *Looks down to the beam of light that penetrated his chest and sees everything around it starting to slowly disintegrate outward…he realizes that he can’t regenerate or recover from this…* RRRRRRRRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!! RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! *Lets out what may be his last roar*

“NO! NIGHTRAID!!! YOU CANNOT DIE!!! Y O U  C A N N O T  D I I I I I I E E E E E E ! ! ! ! ! !”
[My Little Pony] The Egg of Destiny LAST PATH P.12
With Hope overtaking the Despair that is Baal's power, there wasn't enough left to keep Cursed Nightraid from suffering his final death!
SCORE: Id [Purpose] (Fire Emblem Awakening)…

Sombra: So…THIS is what it means… Hope………Radiant Hope……. *Sighs* If only…I hadn’t betrayed you… I finally see it…the error of my actions… Please forgive me…

His Own Voice: If you wish to be forgiven, then you would do well to actually help!


Chrysalis: Help us restore all these Hearts! If you want to redeem yourself, then that would be a good way to start!

Discords: *Both appear and sing simultaneously* IT’LL BE FUUUUUU~N!!!!!

L.E. Sombra: Discord?! He got YOU of all people?! And there’s two of you?! AND THERE’S TWO OF ME?!?! What is this?!?

D.E. Sombra: We are the Guardians of Dark Equestria!

Trixie: And as long as there is at least ONE version of our home left standing…

Muffins: We will do everything we are possibly capable of to defend it!

Flim: That was the judgment call of our King!

Flam: And we will follow him to Tartarus and back!

Chrysalis: So what do you say? Will you join in our fight?

L.E. Sombra:………….I suppose I should do something… We have a similar goal, after all.

Familiar Female Voice: I don’t think that’s the only reason, Sombra…

L.E. Sombra: *Gasps* ……….. *Turns and sees a beautiful lavender Crystal Unicorn with light blue mane and the Herald’s Staff as her Cutie Mark* Hope…?

Radiant Hope: You saw them too, didn’t you? You finally woke up. I was hoping you would finally let me see the REAL you…

L.E. Sombra: Hope…I… *Bows head* Yes… Those memories…they did indeed wake me up… I realized…I made so many terrible mistakes…

Radiant Hope: At least you finally owned up to it. *Raises his chin up* I made my share of mistakes too… *Smiles* I forgive you.

L.E. Sombra: But…how did you find me?

Radiant Hope: A true, true friend always finds a way back! They helped me.

D.E. Sombra: Hmhmhm… Very interesting. Even my villainous counterpart had Love in him as well. I had a feeling you would.

Chrysalis: Sombra…

D.E. Sombra: Oh come on, Chryssie! You can’t deny it! Your sense for that sort of thing is first nature to you!

Chrysalis: *Blushes* Ahuhu... Well, I can’t argue there. Reminds me of you and Celestia!

L.E. Sombra: C E L E S T I A ? ! Really…?

D.E. Sombra: *Ahem* Well then, let’s get a move on, shall we?! These Lost Souls aren’t going to Save themselves! *Goes forward*

Flim & Flam: WAIT FOR US, SIRE!!!

Discord: Time to play Hero, Discord!

Discord: After you, Discord!

Discord: Why thank you, Discord!

Discord: You’re very welcome, Discord!


Muffins: Let’s go already!!! *Pushes them along*  Sheesh, you two are obnoxious!

Trixie: Wait for us! Come on, Chryssie! We can’t fall behind!

Chrysalis: Right behind you! Sorry, I still can’t fly very fast! *Turns back to Light Equestria’s Sombra and Radiant Hope* The Love between you is strong. Don’t hold it back! Let it blossom forth and shine! *Flies after them*

L.E. Sombra:………………….. *Sighs* To think that things have come to this. I cannot wait until I am released from this prison just so I can go to sleep…

Radiant Hope: Eheheh… At least we’re together again. And…she’s right… If we really want out of here, we need to be honest with ourselves. Please, Sombra.

Sombra: Is it truly Love? It is hard to tell… I haven’t truly felt like myself in such a long time…I forgot what it felt like to feel Love…

Radiant Hope: Then let me remind you… *Kisses him and everything that is left of Erebus’ influence disappears, returning him to looking like a normal Unicorn Pony*


Radiant Hope: Does that feel familiar?

Sombra: It…does… *Smiles calmly to her* I just wish we could have had this moment…while we were still alive…

Radiant Hope: Dead, Alive, it doesn’t matter to me as long as we’re together. *Hugs him*

Sombra:………….You’re right… I feel the same way… *They both hold each other in a warm embrace and they resonate with each other, shining like Crystal Ponies* I just know I owe a lot of people my apologies for everything I’ve done… I’m honestly surprised that you would forgive me…

Radiant Hope: You were being deceived, Sombra… I know how that feels too… Maybe not everyone will forgive you…but at least you know someone does! So come on! Let’s do this for them…and for us!

Sombra: Lead the way, my lady! Shine on, Radiant Hope!

Radiant Hope: *They go forth* Thanks, Sombra! That just gave me an idea! IRIS!!! *Jumps up and lets out a bright Light* [SHINING HERALD] *The projection of an Alicorn similar to how she saw herself in the Crystal Heart’s reflection appears and spreads her wings out, letting out a powerful Light that gets the attention of the surrounding Lost Souls and causes Baal to feel a sudden burning feeling*

[My Little Pony] The Egg of Destiny LAST PATH P.11
Determination means having the strength to find your true purpose. It may lead you to unexpected outcomes.

And now, Baal is weakening...
“I  f o u n d  y o u . . .”

SCORE: KARMA [Mashup by The Great Anansi] (Undertale)…

B. Nightraid:....!!!! *White aura appears and he turns around to see his darker self with a resonating black aura* You…!!!

C. Nightraid: N o w  I  w i l l  k i l l  y o u . . . ! *Spreads his wings, exerts his dark aura, and floats up with the Lost Souls rushing into the pitch-black arena* [MALICIOUS FURY] *Turns his claws into blades and rushes at his target* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED FROM THAT!!! *Gets stopped short* NGH!!!

B. Nightraid: *Puts up his defense, parries his attacker with counters as he swiftly evades and redirects the incoming attacks until he decides to kick him away * Well you should know how it goes! Even when I wanted to, even in the worst of times, I NEVER GAVE UP!!! *Concentrates his white flames into a single ball of Light before blasting it out as a large beam that creates massive flame torrents around it* [ILLUMINOUS INFERNO]!!!!!

C. Nightraid: [DARK INCINERATION] *Recovers and turns fire with a beam of black blaze* RAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both blasts connect and set off a powerful explosion. Meanwhile, Love Breeze is dealing with several mobs of Lost Souls, but rather than feeling overwhelmed, she’s powering through them all at breakneck speed, leaving trails of Light behind her as she moves.

Love Breeze: *Strikes at several Lost Souls’ glowing white spots on their darkened bodies, located on the left side of their respective chests, the spot over their Hearts* [ANAHATA NO MAI] *Dances through them, striking them with incredible speed and accuracy* (They’re all stunned when I hit them! If Nightraid could reach them, they might…) *Sees Celestia and Luna appear before her as Lost Souls* …..PRINCESSES?!?!? I see… In killing you both, he left your entire kingdom vulnerable, didn’t he?



“Speak to them no more, they cannot hear! Nor can they respond! All they can do…is FIGHT!!!”

Love Breeze: Baal… How could you have corrupted good maidens as strong as them?! *Celestia attempts to burn her with a hot solar beam, but misses as she skillfully evades*

“Fool. Don’t you know? There is no such thing as a “GOOD” being! All are neutral. All can be corrupted!”

Love Breeze: No such thing?! Aren’t you forgetting someone? Perhaps a certain Spirit even YOU can’t compete with?! *Luna attacks with a summoned scythe, but doesn’t land any hits* Nope…! Nice try!

“Do you see Him here?! Of course I cannot assimilate Him! Even I am not that foolish!”

Love Breeze: Just because you can’t assimilate Him doesn’t mean He isn’t here!!! *Sees Celestia and Luna both attacking her from two different angles and dodges their incoming magic blasts but gets slammed down to the ground by a force of gravity* NGH!!! What?! *Sees Blueblood and Sombra holding her down with the combined weight of forced gravity and shadows*

“If He were here, would you not have already seized Victory?! Now cease your platitudes and D I E ! ! !”

Love Breeze: Ngh… (So Baal can’t detect Him?! Wait…that’s actually good to know!) Rrrck….. You….. You were his first victims… Not only that…….but I know how you all are in my Timeline… YOU’RE ALL BETTER THAN THIS!!! [PURITY FLARE] *Eyes glow and she emits a strong Light that blinds them all, allowing her to strike them quickly and uninterrupted*

B. Nightraid: *Trading blow for blow against his counterpart* NGH!!! RRRGH!!! *Hits his opponent a good few times to knock him back and his white aura surges with electricity* 1…2…3…4…5…6…7!!! *Clenches his right claw into a fist and covers it with his left claw and he charges his energy* Alright…! TAKE THIS!!! [7-STAR LIGHTNING BOLT STRIKE] *Flies in pursuit of Cursed Nightraid at the speed of a lightning bolt and delivers a powerful punch to him, causing him to fly back even further with the force of 7 more bursts of energy, including the shocking sting of electrocution*

C. Nightraid: RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *Roars in pain and crashes into a crowd of Lost Souls who’ve all been stunned by Love Breeze and the electricity travels to them as well, causing them to resonate to his negative energy*

Love Breeze: Wow! That was amazing, Nightraid!

B. Nightraid: Oh? Heheh… Thanks! *Sees two Lost Souls jump out at her* LOVE BREEZE!!! HEADS UP!!!

Love Breeze: Hmm? *Looks up and behind her and dodges their incoming attack and sees that it’s Drum Role and Bass Keys* Those two… *They attack as a team and Drum leaves himself opened first* You’re both good friends of ours! Please, you have to wake up! The Dragon that killed you… You’re not just going to do what he says, are you?! *Strikes Drum Role in his glowing spot*

Drum Role:……….!!!!!

Love Breeze: You’re stronger than this… You can resist! Please wake up!

Drum Role:……………… *Looks at the other Lost Soul as he is about to do a spinning kick on Love Breeze from behind, but steps in to block it* Ngh… *Static cracks appear around both his and the other Lost Soul* ……………..Bro………….

Bass Keys:…………..!!!!!!!! *Recovers and Love Breeze tries to strike his Heart, but he evades and tries to counter with spinning, flipping, and dancing kicks* …………!!!!!!!!!!!! *Drum Role tackles him to get him to stop* UUUURRGH!!!! Tch……

Drum Role: S……t……o……p……..b…..r……o………..

“What is this?!”

Love Breeze: *Gasps* Wait… I see… *Watches the two of them fight while several other Lost Souls attack her, but get stunned trying* Okay, boys! Enough horseplay!!! *Strikes both their glowing spots faster than either of them can react, stunning them both and getting them to look at each other*

Drum Role: AAAAAAAGHHH!!!!!!! Ngh….. *Looks at Bass Keys and sees him looking back* Bro… Is that you?!

Bass Keys: Chhrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk………….. *Looks back* Whuh…. Brudda?! What in the hay…?!


Love Breeze: (Nightraid! I’ve figured it out! When they see or hear something or someone that reminds them of themselves, they’ll wake up! I picked the locks for you! Now we have to figure out the secrets of each of these locked boxes! No doubt the other Nightraid will try to stop us both now, though, so stay sharp!)

B. Nightraid: (Really?! Awesome! So we know how to beat ‘em now! Thanks, Love Breeze!)


C. Nightraid: *Bursts angrily out of the pile of Lost Souls that fell on him and roars with his wings spread and his black aura hotter and more intense than ever* RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! [ANGER ABLAZE] *Blasts out all of his Anger in the form of black fire backed up by several screams of pain and malice* [NIGHTMARE INFERNO]

B. Nightraid: Another big “fire breath” attack?! Fine! Bring it! (Though, if he’s thinking I’ll just blow it all back with my own attack, he’s mistaken!) [DREAM DASH]*Charges straight into it and cuts his way through the black flames with a concentrated wave of white flames to make a pathway for himself and then ignites his whole body in it and makes his claws shine and he lunges forward in a corkscrew motion to drill through the darkness until he reaches his enemy and delivers a direct hit with his shining claws*

Love Breeze: (I have to do something for each and every one of the countless Lost Souls?! The only thing they need to return to themselves is a reminder…just the right kind…someone or something that was a big influence in their own individual Lives… Something that can remind them there’s still Hope…but… Even with my ability to look into people’s Hearts, I might not be able to reach them all in time!) *Sees Milky Way, Flash Sentry and Comet Tail appear at the same time with Blueblood approaching* You’re all here… The four of you… It’s not right for you to be like this… (Can I even stand up to them?! I know how fast and how strong they all are… I need to think of something…!)

Drum Role: Let us handle this… You just stun ‘em!

Love Breeze: *Gasps* Y-You two?!

Bass Keys: *Pats her on the shoulder as they both pass by her* Yo! We’ll take care of the rest!

Love Breeze: You’re…going to help me?!

Drum Role: Duh, lady! We owe you one! Besides, it ain’t like our old buddy and his family to gang up on any innocent pony!

Bass Keys: Yo! ‘Specially not a pretty maiden like yo’self!

Love Breeze: *Blushes* Oh… Why thank you…!

Drum Role: Always the ladies’ stallion… Why does he always have to be so cool?!

Amp Atom: You make it too easy for him, Drum… *Floats down to them*

Love Breeze: Wait…when did he even-?!

Drum & Bass: *Each raise a hoof up* YO!!!

Love Breeze: Oh, right. You two are great at behind the scenes work!

Drum Role: Thanks! We were part of our school’s Theatre Club!

Bass Keys: Yo, Brudda! Ain’t nopony got time fo’ Memory Lane!

Amp Atom: Actually, that’s EXACTLY what we need right now! If we are to reach them, we must make them remember who they are! [DIGITAL DREAM SHIELD] *Creates a shield dome of energy and codes of numbers and symbols around them all* This will keep them from going far or catching us by surprise! Now then, Ms. Love Breeze! I believe it’s your move!

Love Breeze: Right! *Steps forward and aims for Blueblood first* Please wake up! [LOCKED-HEART KEY] *Concentrates her energy into her front right hoof and strikes his glowing spot, causing white cracks to appear around it and they expand as he’s stunned*

Milky Way: *Looks to them and tries to stop her, but gets countered in the process with an immediate strike to hers* AAAAAAHHH!!! Ngh…..!!!!!!!!!!

Love Breeze: Mother Milky Way! Father Duke Blueblood! Please wake up! Look to your significant other! The one you Love is right in front of you!

Milky Way: Blue……blood…..the one…I…..Love……

Blueblood: Milky….Way….my darling….wife…..? Is she…..

Love Breeze: Yes. The two of you fell in Love with each other. You Loved each other so much that you had two children. Look to them! They’ve become heroes, following your ways and growing stronger from following the right path. *Moves to their two sons as they both put their guards up…but are immobilized from behind by the three other stallions and she puts a hoof on both their glowing spots* You were a family in many Timelines like mine. In your own, you fought and died as heroes. Please, remember who you two were standing tall and proudly for!

Flash Sentry:……..Mom…..

Comet Tail:……..Dad…..

Drum Role: *Lets go of Flash* They’re not the only ones, dudes!

Bass Keys: *Lets go of Bass* Yo, Dawgs! Ya got a whole family fightin’ fo ya…and a whole family worth fight’n fo!

Amp Atom: All we needed was Hope! And it appears that Hope has finally found us!

Flash Sentry: *Turns around* Amp…!!!

First Base: *Sneaking out from behind them* Big brothers…Mommy… You’re all…okay…!

Blueblood: Wait…I don’t remember him… Who is the little one exactly?

Milky Way:….First Base…. Sweetie!!! *Runs to hug him* I thought I’d never see you again!!! *Tears flow out of her eyes while the others join in*

Blueblood: Seriously, though. What did I miss?! When did you get pregnant with a third colt?!

Milky Way: Oh… *Blushes* Uh…that’s…

Love Breeze: That can wait until later… For now we need your help to-! *Hears an explosion and feels a painful stab through her torso* ….!!!!!!!!!!

????: Th-th-th-th-th-THAT i-i-i-isssss QUITE ENOUGH!!!!! *A large clock appears and a bright red and black beam is shooting out of it*

Love Breeze:…..!?!?!!

Aeon: L-L-Love Breeze….. *Corrupted and glitching out* Y-Y-YOUR INTERFERENCE...NCENCENCENCE…..SSHSHSHAAAAAALL NO LONGER BE  T O L E R A T E D ! ! ! *Celestia, Luna, and Sombra join him and attack the shield through the weak spot that Aeon penetrated*

Love Breeze: *Falls to the floor* ……….!!!!!!!!!!

Drum Role: OH NO!!! SHE’S DOWN!!!

“Fools… You should have accepted the truth of your Despair.”

Bass Keys: YO! DAWG! NOT COOL!!!

B. Nightraid: *Sees it happen and gasps* ………!!!!!!!! LOVE BREEZE!!!!!! *Tries to go to her, but Cursed Nightraid grabs him and prevents him from leaving their fight* RRRRRGH!!! LET GO OF ME!!! *Gets thrown to a wall* AAAAGH!!! OOOF!!!

Love Breeze: *Looks out and tears up from the pain* N-Nightraid… K-Keep…fighting on…..don’t….let him win……

Comet Tail: Wait… Nightraid…wasn’t that the name of our target?!

Flash Sentry: No…our target’s name…was Baal! *Looks up and gets angry*

Amp Atom: This isn’t good! They’re all about to unleash a combined blast that we haven’t a prayer against! Think, Atom! THINK!!!

“Trying to fight it will only bring you further down! It will only bring you greater Despair!”

Flash Sentry:………………….!!!!!!! *Looks down at her and sparks up an electric aura as he looks back up at the Lost Souls that are attacking them with their long-ranged magic lasers*

“It would have been easier to not communicate. It would have been easier to just FIGHT!”

Flash Sentry: Shut up…

“If you still wish to continue resisting the Despair, you had best be ready for the consequences!”

Flash Sentry: I SAID SHUT UP!!! *Conjures a spear from his own electric energy and takes off to attack Aeon, but gets stopped by Sombra and caught in a power struggle* You… Why…do I know you?!

“If you wish to hear them speak…just be ready to accept the truth of what is said…and done!!!”

Sombra: Hhhhhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh……….. INTERESTING!!! *Turns the shadows around him into a claw and chokes Flash’s neck* How does it feel, Flash…to fight so hard only to know of the inevitable?! How thrilling is it to hold on with all your Desperation?!?! HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LOSE IT ALL TO YOUR GREATEST FEAR?!?!? You couldn’t protect them! You couldn’t protect yourself…you can’t protect ANYONE!!!

Flash Sentry: *Looks to both Celestia and Luna as they look to him with lifeless glares* …….!!!!! *Memories appear to him and he recognizes the Princesses he never knew in his Timeline, especially Celestia*

Celestia: This failure is mine…you were all too weak because of me… I couldn’t fulfill my duties…and you all suffered because of it… The only thing that we can do now…is accept our Fates. We no longer have a choice…

Flash Sentry:……No… *Can hardly believe what he just heard*

Comet Tail: BROTHER!!! *Goes out to help, but gets stopped by Luna whom teleports right in front and uses a powerful spell to push him back* AAAAAGH!!!! *Recovers and stands his ground against Luna* STOP THIS!!!

Luna: Nothing can stop this… You will fall to Despair once more…and so too shall everything else… There is nothing that can be done…

Sombra: In a Timeline where we never met… None of us know each other… None of us remember each other…or at least, that’s how it was before her interference! She came from a Timeline where we all knew each other quite well… Friends, enemies…F A M I L Y . . . Even a Timeline with multiple Dimensions branching off from the Original! Some with so many similarities that you could spend your entire Life looking for anything different and some others with such vast differences that it goes beyond what you are able to grasp! But almost all of them have fallen to what we have become a part of! Now the last defenses have been dominated as well!  What Hope do you still so desperately cling to?

Aeon: E-E-Enough, Sombra… It i-i-i-s T-T-TIME to F I N I S H  T H I S ! ! ! ! ! ! *Clock Sword glows red* [EXECUTING HOUR OF JUDGMENT – SUFFER THE MARCH OF TIME] *Is about to fire a powerful beam at Flash Sentry while King Sombra has him suspended*

Flash Sentry: You wanna know what Hope I cling to…?!

“D E S T R O Y  T H E M  A L L  N O W ! ! ! ! ! !”

Both the Blessed and Cursed versions of Nightraid face each other within a large chamber within Baal’s Dungeon of Lost Souls with Love Breeze fighting to prevent the summoned Lost Souls of several Ponies and Dragons that she’s met before from getting too close to the main battle. She’s did her best to protect her Baby Dragon but the Lost Souls whom served vital roles in Cursed Nightraid’s evolution process appeared too quickly and in too great of quantity for her to keep up! Fortunately, she’s received help from the Lost Souls she managed to wake up from their seemingly eternal trance.  Blessed Nightraid fought much more aggressively as the battle progressed, moving much faster and delivering stronger hits against his counterpart. Love Breeze unfortunately let her guard down at the wrong moment and was struck down by a devastating impalement shot from the Lost Soul of the Aeon from the Cursed Nightraid’s Timeline. Other Lost Souls that were awakened and strong enough to stand against the still corrupt ones tried to get justice for their fallen heroine, but were stopped short by their foes. The Lost Souls are closing in…the situation has become grim…

Sombra: So…? Where is it? Where is your Hope?!

Flash Sentry: *Grins* Closer than you might think!

Sombra: What?! *Gets hit by a shining arrow* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!

Four arrows of Light fly out of the darkness and strike all four of the Lost Souls. Flash is freed Sombra’s grasp. Comet Tail goes to help his brother and they look at the Lost Souls as they’re all stunned, then sees several others storm into the room, spreading out and attacking the surrounding sea of darkness created by the crowds of Lost Souls. The Ethereal Spirits have arrived! Light Eros hurries to his brother while Euphrosyne hurries to the injured Love Breeze.

Love Breeze: *Opens her eyes as Euphrosyne heals her and brings her back up* Euphrosyne…you made it…I’m glad…

Euphrosyne: Yes, as am I. Thank the Holy Father we found you. Now stand, sister. We have a battle to win! Eros is taking lead of this charge and we need to help as much as we can! Do you know what to do?

Love Breeze: I do!

Euphrosyne: Excellent! Then we haven’t any Time to lose! *Reunites with her*

Aeon: Ngh….. *Looks up at Euphrosyne* …….!!!!!!! I have…done something horrible, haven’t I?

Love Breeze: Aeon… It wasn’t your fault…

Aeon: No, I… It…was…. *Sighs* Forgive me...please… For me to smile while harming someone I care for…it is not like me… I cannot take back what I have done…

Love Breeze: Aeon… *Walks up to him and puts her hoof to his face* I forgive you. *Kisses him*


L. Eros: *Calls out* NIGHTRAID!!!

B. Nightraid: EROS!!! YOU’RE HERE!!!

L. Eros: *Hurries to join his brother with Dark Eros right behind him* Yeah! Sorry it took me a while to get here!

“What…..WHAT IS THIS?!?!”

D. Eros: What’s the matter, Baal?! Never heard of an “Uprising” before?!

“RRRRRRRRRRGH!!! YOU!!! You insolent…insufferable…insubordinate…Insignificant INSECTS!!!”

L. Eros: Wow… How long did it take you to come up with THAT line?!

“B E  S I L E N T ! ! ! ! ! !”

B. Nightraid: Why don’t ya try and make us?!

C. Nightraid: *Speaks with Baal’s voice* That’s  E X A C T L Y  what I plan TO DO!!!!! *Flies at them, but gets shot by several arrows and pinned down* AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!

D. Eros:………….. *Holds his bow out after shooting* Nice try…but all your plans end here…

“You... Eros… Why have you decided just now to betray your brother…?!”

D. Eros: Hmph….

“To go back on all that you have done… What brought you to this decision?!”

D. Eros: Simple… It was the only one that made any sense… Unlike you, I could never let go of my Love! My Hope…yeah…my Faith…almost…but my Love for my family, the ones that you killed…but the ones that will defeat you, I will NEVER give up on them! I am not betraying my brother… I’m helping him! *Looks to the other two* If you truly are our only Hope, then make it worth holding onto!

Drum Role: Whoa… Anypony wanna tell me just what the hay is going on?!?!

Blueblood: The Ethereal Spirits have arrived… *Feels Cephalus nearby and turns to face him* Took you long enough…

Cephalus: As long as we are not too late, it does not matter how long it takes.

Eos: Especially when you consider what we were doing on the way.

Milky Way: *Smiles and gasps* EOS!!! You…?!

Eos: It wasn’t just me, dear Milky Way. Look out now. Light shines through the Darkness as it should!

First Base: *Looks around at the glowing lights around them and down the corridors of the dungeon* Wow……!!!

Several lights brighten up the entire dungeon of Lost Souls. They are all emanating from the Lost Souls themselves as each and every one is getting restored and awakened.


Prometheus: Elementary, my dear True Devil!

Amp Atom: It’s a “Domino Effect”…or a “Chain Reaction” if you will! When you restore one, they can reach out to another to restore them! Then so on and so forth!

Prometheus: Exactly! To put it in simple words, your “Dungeon of Lost Souls” is having a “jailbreak”!

Drum Role: Heh! Reminds me of Middle School!

Bass Keys: Word…!



Hermes: Ready?

Bass Keys: Aight! Let’s do it!

Blueblood: I’ve been here the longest so far, and from what I’ve seen, there are seemingly endless hallways and of prisons throughout this Demon’s guts! How are we supposed to free everyone?!

Milky Way: We…..aren’t. We only have to do what we can! We’ve already lived once. Eos, how far do you think we can go from here? How many Lost Souls can we awaken like that nice mare did for us?

Eos: I would say about 100 before something either gets in our way or solves the problem as a whole.

Milky Way: Good. Then we’ll have to make it 100,000!

Eos:………..That’s….. *Sigh* That’s the spirit!

Milky Way: So what do you say, dear? You always did say that you’d stand for your people no matter what, right?

Comet Tail: Dad…?

Blueblood: Heh… Hmph! You’re right! I did always say that! Time to finally put my money where my mouth is! But we’re still going to talk about the colt there. *Points to First Base* When did you have another child?

Milky Way: We can talk about it later! Let’s go! Comet Tail, go get your brother!

Comet Tail: I think he’ll know to follow us. *Looks to Hesperus*  So how shall we deal with this?!

Hesperus: The way we were! Act fast and get help, rinse and repeat! If I can take anything from our Timeline, it’s that you never betrayed your family… But this one…it seemed to have broken apart…

Comet Tail: Ugh…as I was trapped as a Lost Soul, I saw myself…you’re right… I turned into a monster back then… But I am not that! Whenever I make a mistake, I make sure that I don’t make it twice!


Comet Tail: Oh…and…it’s good to see you again…

Hesperus: *Looks back and smiles* ....Likewise…

Almost everyone pours out of the room. Demons are panicking. True Devils are preparing for an all-out attack. Lost Souls are being found and restored. Loved ones are being reunited. Lights are shining all throughout Baal’s interior and on the outside; Baal is convulsing and roaring loudly in pain! Phosphorus looks to his friend and brother.

Phosphorus: “Do your best. From there, Hope and Pray for the rest!” *Appears behind Flash* Hello, Erebus…

Flash Sentry: *Smiles back when he sees Phosphorus appear to him then looks back to Sombra* You’re right. It IS pretty cool to be a part of something greater than myself! *Reunites with Phosphorus* To be honest, I’ve been waiting a long time for this!

Sombra:…………………. *Closes eyes and chuckles* Hmph… Then wait no longer… Do your worst… Just remember the difference between your friends and your foes… *Opens eyes and they flare up as Erebus appears over him*

Flash Sentry: Sounds tempting…! *Looks at the Blessed Nightraid as he and Light Eros reunite* But I don’t think you should be worrying about me.

Celestia: Is that…the Dragon that killed us?

Luna: What happened…? After we died…? Where have we been this whole time?!

Sombra: We’ve all been dead and trapped in the creature that slew us.

Flash Sentry: Yeah, but it looks like we’ll be getting out soon. And that kid is the key! Instead of fighting us, Sombra, how about helping us?

Sombra:…………Have you forgotten who your enemies are already?

Flash Sentry: No, but you have. You don’t get it, this isn’t about us! Our time is over. Maybe we were enemies in other Timelines, maybe we were friends…but none of that matters anymore! There’s only one Timeline left and that young Dragon over there is risking everything to keep it alive! There’s nothing left for us to fight over. The only thing we can do now is choose whether or not that last Timeline has a chance! And I don’t know about you, but at least one survivor is better than none! *Starting to glow and he flies out* PHOSPHORUS!!! [LIGHTNING LEAP]

Phosphorus: “HERE WE GO!!!” *Activates Flash’s electricity as he flies out to join the others and turns into a lightning bolt and disappears*

Celestia:……..!!!!!!! *Smiles* (Cadenza…that was one of your guards, wasn’t it?)

Luna: Sister… I…I just wanted to…

Celestia: I know, Luna. *Hugs her* I am too…but the young guard was right. There is nothing left for us to fight over, no time left for regrets… So what do you say? Something tells me this Timeline the child is fighting for is one that is worth saving.

Luna:……..If I can’t undo what I’ve done, then this is the least that I CAN do!

Sombra: Hmmmmm… Hmph! No matter what Timeline that little yellow Pegasus comes from, he ALWAYS finds a way to irritate me…! *Grumbles and sighs* And yet for once, I cannot argue… All of my plans were for a purpose…but now my purpose is gone… If this is the only option left to take, then I suppose it will have to suffice. After all…if I am correct…in this other Timeline, I continued forth with a greater purpose than my original…

Celestia: Yes…we were ALL better off in this Timeline. We were all alive. Our World wasn’t taken from us.

Luna: We weren’t even enemies anymore… I wish I could have seen it myself…

Sombra: I……….agree…….

Celestia: *Smirks* Huh… I never thought I’d see the day I’d hear that from you.

Sombra: Don’t get used to it… But I will say this.…. I have come to a conclusion thanks to this knowledge. Erebus…

Erebus:……………Yes………….. This is where we part…

Celestia: Sombra?!

Luna: You’re breaking away from your Ethereal Spirit?!

Sombra: I am. In all the Timelines where I resisted you and the Umbrum Shadows that make up your body, I was in a better place. So this is my decision. We are no longer one. I know you choose to continue being a part of whatever this cluster of Fear, Confusion, and Despair is with the intentions of bringing about Eternal Darkness. I, however, do not. The last time I gave way to your interests, THIS happened to us! So you see that I no longer have any need or desire to trust you again. Now begone!

Erebus:…………………………….You……are giving your Hope to…THEM?!?!?!

Sombra: I am. Just as you give your Despair to Baal, I am putting my trust in that Dragon to save what is left! For in doing that, I am serving the purpose I was created for, the assurance that my beloved people will have at least one future! Now go, my enemy! *Glows bright* Huh?

Erebus: *Closes eyes as the Light hurts him* NGH….!!!!

Sombra: And what’s this…?

Celestia: *As she and Luna are glowing* So this is what it means to have Hope… I almost forgot how it felt…

Luna:…….I DID forget how it felt…

Celestia: Let us not forget again… Do you still have your Ethereal Spirit with you? I do not feel Nyx.

Luna: I…separated from her as we died… Chances are she’s here…but I do not want to be anywhere near her… Not after what she made me into…and what she made me do to you.

Celestia: I understand… Something tells me she will be just like Erebus and stay on Baal’s side.

Luna: Yes, all the more reason to not give her any second thought. I don’t feel like I deserve your forgiveness…..

Celestia: Well you do. I would like to have my sister back…if you forgive me too…

Luna: *Smiles and they go join in the fun, reconciled and ready to help in Baal’s defeat* This has to end now! We must take our Lives back!

Celestia: And I know some little ponies that are more than ready for this task as well! Come on, Sister!

Luna: Hmph…! I’ll race you! *They race out of the chamber and into the rest of the dungeon*
SCORE: Requiem (AKIRA)…

“Fool… You are helpless! You’re all alone! No family…nor any friends will find you. No one here cares for you. They want to see you B U R N ! ! ! You don’t know what to do. There is nothing you CAN do! Nothing…and no one can SAVE you now! And you have no one to blame but Y O U R S E L F ! ! ! ! ! ! Accept this truth and  B U R N  I N  D E S P A I R ! ! ! ! ! !”

Earlier, at the same time that Eros was dealing with his problems, Nightraid was in the midst of having a mental breakdown due to the constant accusations and ridicule from his past combined with painful black flames burning through to him. Baal’s words pierce through to Nightraid’s Mind through the loud noise. Nightraid can’t stop crying due to the constant pain and calls out to his brother…but with no response. He calls out to his dad…but no response…he CRIES out to his mom…but no response……. He feels a familiar sensation…the same that happened when his motherly Nanny, Love Breeze died… He’s confused, afraid…and alone… He can only feel the presence of Emptiness and Hatred… However…….

Nightraid: *Curled up in a ball, crying, feeling as though no Hope is left and all that remains is utter Darkness* I'm all alone... No Mom, No Dad... No Eros...!!! I don't know what to do...  Please…..someone… Help…me…! *Begins to sob then notices a blinding Light engulf him and the dark spirits surrounding him* Ngh…!?! Huh?!? *Looks to see he is in a familiar setting, one that reminds him of the Ethereal Plain with all the fire and doom around him no longer there* ………Wh-What…?! *Another flash of Light bursts out an opening in front of him and out of a portal of blinding Light, walks out a familiar shaped silhouette, whom calmly advances to him and reaches out to the crying Dragon*

????: Come now… *Speaks in a soft, motherly voice* Don’t you remember, Nightraid? We taught you this before…

“What?! WHAT IS THIS?!?!”

????: *Voice becomes harsh* B e  s i l e n t ! I’m talking to him. Not y o u ! *Silences Baal’s voice as the Light overtakes the calming mare and the surprised dragon*

Nightraid:….?! *Feels his scorch marks and wounds heal and disappear as he opens his eyes and sees her holding him in a comforting embrace* …!!! L-Love Breeze…….is that…you?!

Love Breeze: *Smiles* Hello, Nightraid…! You’re scared because you feel alone? Put your Mind at ease then because you’re never alone! *Hugs tighter* Not now, not ever... We promised that to you before, didn’t we?

Nightraid: Love Breeze….. *Tear up hugs her as tightly as he can* Love Breeze...!!! I-I'm glad to see you! I… I thought I was…stronger than this…but…I was so scared…and alone… I can’t find Eros anywhere…! And…those Spirits… They…

Love Breeze: *Wraps her wings around him and stroking the back of his head* Shh, shh… Calm down. It’s okay. Those Spirits can't harm you here…but you know we can’t stay for long… They need your help. We all do.

Nightraid: But…what am I supposed to do? They all see me as a monster…I can’t get them to stop…and I can’t fight back because nothing I can do works! What do I do…?!

Love Breeze: I know… I know…*Kisses him on the forehead, calming him down* Think it over… You have Time. Try to remember something I taught you. Back when we were still living together in the Church Day Care.

Nightraid: *Thinks back*


Love Breeze: Oh! Nightraid, it looks like you found my Lock Box Puzzle!

Nightraid: *Speaks in a toddler-like voice* It's weally hard, I can't figure it out... *Pouts*

Love Breeze: That's understandable. It's supposed to be...but only for those who don't know "the trick"! Holds up a hoof and winks before poking Nightraid on the forehead with it Do you want to know it?

Nightraid: *Shakes head*

Love Breeze: You don't? But it's so simple. You just need to try.

Nightraid: *Looks down at it and tries to unlock it*

Love Breeze: *Watches as he tries...but still can't get it* Hmm...

Nightraid: Grr! Stupid puzzle! *Is about to throw it down but stops when he sees her giving him a stern glare* S-Sorry...

Love Breeze: See, if you keep trying to do things yourself, you're never gonna learn what others can teach you. Now watch this. Sometimes, the key to unlocking it is in the approach. *Picks at the lock* Make it through the first lock, and the rest of the puzzle opens up to you!

Nightraid: *Tampers with it and unlocks it* I DID IT! I DID IT! YAY! *Hops up and down with joy*

Love Breeze: So then, what did we learn?

Nightraid: "If you try to do things yourself, you'll never learn what others can teach you!" *Smiles*

Love Breeze: That's not the only thing. *Boops his nose* But very good!

Nightraid: O-Oh...? What did I miss?

Love Breeze: In order to open the locked box, sometimes, you yourself have to open up. If you can do that, then there's no telling what other great mysteries you can unlock!


Nightraid: *Starts to feel a bit better* Love Breeze... Thank you...

Love Breeze: *Senses Nightraid's Heart as it is now stable and calm again and smiles* Anytime. So then...are you ready?

Nightraid: *Wipes his tears and nods* Mm-mhm...

Love Breeze: My lessons have served you well so far. They were taught to me by the same One whom has given you all you need to succeed. Don't give up and never forget that you're not alone... *Sees a bright Light glowing* It's time. Be ready for anything, Nightraid!

Nightraid: Right! And Love Breeze…?

Love Breeze: Yes?

Nightraid: I’m so glad you’re here… Well…you know what I mean… I’d rather you not-!

Love Breeze: Fumbled your words a bit? Don’t worry, I got what you mean! *The Light disappears and they return to the pitch black dungeon as it burns up and bones scatter about around them and rattle* Ahh…!!!

Nightraid: What the-?! W-Where’d all these bones come from!?

Love Breeze: They’re pouring out of the prisons! The Lost Souls are after us!

??????: Heheheheheheeh…. AHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! WELCOME BACK!!! Did you have a nice little chat?!?! *Strange lines and indescribable colorful patterns appear along the floors, walls, and ceiling and they all lead to the other side of the corridor ahead of them* Hi there, I’m the Devil!

[A B A D D O N]

Love Breeze:…………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nightraid: Wait…who?! What?!

Abaddon: Hhhhuhuhuhuh…… Wow… So many Lost Souls here…and so little time to look around for those other True Devils he’s consumed… Say, think you can help me out with something, kiddo?!

Nightraid: What….are you?!

Love Breeze: Nightraid, stay back… Don’t even communicate with him! Don’t make eye-contact!

Nightraid: *Looks at Love Breeze* Huh?!

Love Breeze: “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I command you, Devil to leave us alone! Hallelujah, Amen!” *Eyes shine bright and the Light pushes through the Lost Souls and flies straight to Abaddon*

Abaddon: Hmm… *Burns from the Light* Okay, I get it. I know when I’m not wanted. But I’m bored and you look like fun! So how about we make things interesting! If your plan to defeating the Dragon of Despair is by reaching out to all the Lost Souls and restoring them to their old selves, you may not want to expect perfection out of yourself! Some of them aren’t exactly willing to see things your way! But you know that already don’t you? Heheheheh…yeah, that’s why Aeon told you to focus your Anger! Do your best, though! If you can SAVE them, it’ll make you stronger and make him weaker. The less Lost Souls remaining, the more possible will be your Victory. Make sense? Hmm…you’re still giving me the stink-eye. Okay. Have fun then, kids! *Vanishes away into the shadows while the Lost Souls reassemble themselves into skeletal versions of their Mortal selves* Oh, by the way…… H E R E  T H E Y  C O M E ! ! !

Nightraid: Who…was that?!

Love Breeze: Someone…whom I had hoped you would NEVER have to see… But it’s too late to worry about that now. As much as I Hate to admit it, he just spelled out what we needed to do. Be careful, Nightraid!

Nightraid:……..!!!!! *Recognizes several of the Lost Souls that approach them* Wait… Aren’t those… *Sees two in particular that really get his attention…the versions of his parents from the Hate Path* ………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Breeze: They… They’re here…

C. Nightraid: *Appears before them and gives a savage glare* RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!! I  f o u n d  y o u . . .
SCORE: Igneon System & Deathmachine/Destruction of Determination (Sins/Mettaton)…

“Nightraid…! Brother…! Wherever you are… Just hold on! I’m on my way! We’re not giving up THAT easily!”

When the two heroes were devoured by Baal, they fell into a deep dark abyss of black flames and Lost Souls all reaching out to them, burning them, laughing, raging, crying, and screaming at them in all their agony and Despair! Now, after listening to all the horrible and inaudible words being concentrated on Nightraid, the heroic Dragon begins to feel immense pain in his chest. He feels them reaching for his Heart. He struggles against it all, continuously trying to remind himself not to listen to them! He was being called a “Murderer”, “Monster”, “Demon”….. It was bringing back horrible memories of before and brought out his Anger in a painful way! He starts attacking the Lost Souls…but nothing happens. His attacks don’t do anything against the Lost Souls. They fade away, but come back from the black flames. He is being overwhelmed and can’t think straight. Nightraid is losing his resolve and his Light.

Nightraid: *Eyes closed and struggling* Stop it! STOP IT!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!! EROS!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eros: *Can hear his brother from where he is, but can’t see* Nightraid?! Is that you?! *Tries to follow the sound of Nightraid’s voice but keeps touching hot fire and bumping into Lost Souls that he struggles against* RRGH!!! LET GO OF ME!!! *Breaks free* I’m sorry! But I can’t-!

Lost Soul: “You can’t what??? You can’t even open your eyes for your own Nanny?”

SCORE: Salvation [Mashup by Dakota Jones] (Undertale)…

Eros:……?!?!?!?!?!? E-Euphrosyne?! *Opens his eyes and looks to Euphrosyne and the many other Ethereal Spirits as Lost Souls…he hears all of what they have to say and only silently responds…trying to think about why they’re here and of a way out*

Apollo: “She ain’t the only one, kid…”

Hermes: “Right. And aren’t you supposed to represent Hope?”

Phosphorus: “If that is so, then get back to Nightraid and get your ACTS together!”

Prometheus: “We can guide you to him! We know what brings you here and we wish to assist!”

Cephalus: ”Rise, Boy… If your Determination is true, then you know what you must do.”

Previous 4: “SET US FREE!!! WE WILL HELP YOU!!!”

Euphrosyne: “We have not failed yet…seeing you here…it has given me Hope of that!”

Eros:………..!!!!!!! *Looks back up and nods to them and takes off to follow the shining and colorful Lights they leave behind to guide him through what appears to be a labyrinth of black flames and Lost Souls all trying to reach out to him but has Euphrosyne flying by his side* Wait, so you all escaped?! How?! *Hears all their voices echoing to respond*

Euphrosyne: Love is something that Despair can only conquer if we let it. Love Breeze and I are not weak enough to let that happen.

Prometheus: “When Love Breeze and Euphrosyne fell to Baal, they were separated like you were. However, they held strong to their Hearts as they plummeted into his internal “Dungeon of Lost Souls.”

Phosphorus: “He fed off our Despair when he was just getting started, gaining strength like you wouldn’t believe.”

Apollo: “But then, Euphrosyne, the one from your Timeline, appeared to us. We thought we’d never see her beautiful face or hear her sweet voice again.”

Euphrosyne: “Apollo…” *Is slightly flustered*

Apollo: “Sorry, I don’t write this script!”

Eros: *Snickers a little* So you helped everyone, Euphrosyne?! Wow! Did I ever tell you how awesome you are?!

Euphrosyne: *Blushing and smiling* Please stop…

Eros: So is that why I felt like they were holding back before? Did your escape weaken Baal at all?!

Hermes: “Unfortunately, not as much as you’d might think. He’s consumed several Timelines worth of power in immeasurable quantities. As far as all of them are concerned, the only thing after Life is Hell. They’ve all bitten it and this dungeon that is Baal’s Spiritual Entrails is pretty much all the proof the Lost Souls need to confirm that they’re destined for the Inferno! You can try to cheer them all up with talk of Hope and whatnot all you like, don’t mean they’ll listen!”

Eros:………You have a point… But if Aeon didn’t know if Nightraid and I were the ones to take this Devil down…if we didn’t have His Blessings to do this…we wouldn’t be here right now! If you guys escaping was able to hurt Baal from within, maybe if we can convince the other Souls that there’s still Hope, we can make beating him possible!

Euphrosyne: Yes…we feel His presence… Very well! Eros, you are in charge of directing us! We will aid you any way we can! What are your orders?

Eros: *Smiles and nods* Okay! While I follow these Lights to find Nightraid, all of you are in charge of breaking the Souls out of their prisons! Tell them something nice! Crack a smile! Make them laugh with a joke! Show them something that will bring a smile to their faces! Do whatever you can to give them Hope! That’s how we’ve always done this sort of thing! And if any of them attack you, remember the Great Commandments we followed in Life in both Plains! Through obedience to them, all can be saved from Condemnation! THIS IS FOR OUR LOVED ONES! ALL OF OUR LORD’S CHILDREN! *Takes a deep breath and holds a firm grip to his chest* And above all else, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Everyone: “AMEN!!!”

Eros: Awesome! NOW THEN LET’S DO THIS!!! (I just Hope Nightraid is okay right now… Just hang on, Brother! I’m on my way! And I’m bringing help!)

Elsewhere in Baal’s Dungeon of Lost Souls, Nightraid is being held tightly by a familiar face that he was hoping to see. Love Breeze is already on the move. She’s comforting Nightraid, and encouraging him to stay strong.

Back to the Ethereal Spirits…

Dark Eros: *Sees his Light counterpart pass by and gasps…he breaks out of his prison and chases after him* Huh?! HEY!!! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!

Light Eros: *Realizes he’s being tailed by Dark Eros* Huh?! Oh great, “ME” again! Come on, do we really need to go through THIS again?!

Dark Eros: Hmph! *Aims at him with his bows and glares at him* So… What do you think of this Inferno?! *Fires at him* HOT ENOUGH FOR YA?!!? Well guess what! YOU’RE STUCK HERE NOW!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!! NOW YOU CAN KNOW MY PAIN!!!!!! *Fires rapidly and mercilessly*

Light Eros: YEESH, HE’S MAD!!!

Euphrosyne: [PROTECTION PUSH] *Teleports in front of the arrows and redirect every one of them, stopping Dark Eros short*

Light Eros: Whoa…!!!

Euphrosyne: *Glares into Dark Eros’ eyes* That’s enough, boy!

Dark Eros:…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Euphrosyne: Please, Child… Think of your family. Would Aphrodite really want this from you?

Dark Eros:……………….. *Memories of his good times with his mother appear in his Mind…followed by with her final words from the last time he saw her…and tears up with a sorrowful glare*

“You got what you wanted... But did you really think you’d get away with it? What did you expect, a celebration, a Heavenly ever-after?!”

Dark Eros: You don’t get it, Euphrosyne! She knows what I’ve done!

“I’m not…none of us are… But if you truly wish to see why that is, then be sure to Check Enoshima’s Heart when you become a part of it! YOU SHALL ALL SEE WHY YOU DESERVE THIS FATE!!!”

Dark Eros: She knows what I’ve become! It may have been Styx’ doing, but I gave in to it! And now……. SHE HATES ME!!! AND I DESERVE IT!!!!!! WE  A L L  DESERVE IT!!!!!! [SEARING GRIEF] *Turns his pain into a flurry of black arrows that fly at Euphrosyne before Light Eros appears to block them with a shield*

Light Eros: GET BACK!!! *Pushes through the onslaught of blasts* NGH!!! (I gotta stop him somehow!)

Euphrosyne: EROS!!! BE CAREFUL!!!

Dark Eros: Ngh… *Hears Euphrosyne’s last words to him from before he left the Ethereal Plain to start everything off*

“Eros… Be careful, okay?”

“Euphrosyne…? Come on, it’ll be okay! We’ll see each other again soon!”

Dark Eros:………………..

Light Eros: *Slips through when he sees Dark Eros’ attack stops* Huh?! *Stops short before they collide* WHOA!!!

Dark Eros:…………….Euphrosyne………died……..along with Mom…….Styx killed you…and sent you away…..where I couldn’t reach you… I… Why…are you here?!

Euphrosyne: Love is stronger than you think, Eros. Didn’t we all teach you that? It just takes a little Time… It requires Patience… Effort…..and sometimes…a second chance… *Reaches out to him* Come here…

Dark Eros: *Shakes up a little* Euphrosyne… I… I... ……I’m sorry… *Loses control of himself to his own dark energy and attacks, but gets stopped by Light Eros, who blocks all of his projectiles and melee attacks to protect himself and Euphrosyne and redirecting them to breaking the prisons of several other Lost Souls* NGH!!! I’M SORRY!!! I CAN’T STOP!!! PLEASE…HELP ME!!! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!

Light Eros: Exactly… *Parries his attack and holds him still* You didn’t know what to do. Everything that you planned for, everything that you prepared for…it all came too fast. You tried to bear it all on your own even though you got the whole family involved. It happens. We all make that mistake. But you don’t give in to your Despair when it happens! You keep trying! Even if it seems Hopeless, you just need to keep holding on! If you’re capable, you keep trying…but if you’re stuck, you just need to Pray for a Blessing and one will come to you. It takes Time for it to get there, but no matter what, you just need to keep Hoping, Dreaming, and Praying! After all, you’re still one of His children. You just lost your way…

Dark Eros:………………………………You mean….that you…are the Blessings?!

Light Eros: Well, we’re here to help, aren’t we?! *Reaches for Dark Eros’ chest and his Heart appears in sight and then makes his own appear* We’re the same. We’re from different Timelines that went two different ways, but when you get down to the core of it, we’re no different. We're the same Ethereal Spirit...and we have the same family.

Euphrosyne: And it would be very unlike Lady Aphrodite to Hate anyone. She doesn’t even Hate her worst of enemies. Even those whom betrayed her…she still finds the good in their Hearts. She yearns for the moment they open up and let the Love of the Almighty back in.

Dark Eros:………………..But…I…died…and betrayed them…

Euphrosyne: As did I…once…

Dark Eros:…………………………………. *Breaks out in tears and can’t stop crying* …..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Euphrosyne: We forgive you, Eros. We all do… *Hugs him*

Dark Eros: Can…I….really be helped? Can any of us…really be saved?!

Light Eros: If you have Faith…and help us out, then yeah! You CAN!!! And if you do, you can go back to Mom and Dad. You can tell them you’re sorry…and that you Love them too!

Dark Eros: Mom…….Dad………

Euphrosyne: They miss you very much.

Dark Eros:…….*Grips the shackle around his neck* I don’t want this anymore… I’m tired… I want to go home...but first… You’re right…I have to fix this… I’ve tried doing it myself all this time…and made no progress…I couldn’t get help that lasted long enough…all I saw was death…death, death, and more death…! Okay then…I want to help! I’d do anything…just to make all this madness stop! So then…maybe I will deserve to go back to them… So…what do I do?!

Light Eros: Help us free all the other Lost Souls! Do what we did for you! Try to convince them to stand again! If Despair has infected them, then we just need to give them Hope! What do you say?!

Dark Eros: Let’s do it then…! And…thank you…

Light Eros: Oh? Heh… Don’t mention it, Me! Now c’mon! We gotta find Nightraid!

Euphrosyne: *Smiles as she sees them both go ahead before taking off to catch up* (Beautifully done, Eros. We taught you well…)

With Dark Eros brought back to the Light, the team of Angels can now continue on while the other Ethereal Spirits work to encourage the other Lost Souls to break free from their Spiritual Prisons. Some of them however turn out to be Demons that try attacking the heroes, but are dealt with and removed from that Plain of existence upon their defeat. The Lost Souls that open their Hearts and let the Lights of Hope, Faith, and Love back in break free with ease. Seeing this, many others join in. Just as Despair was before, Hope is contagious among the Souls who let it be so. Eros can already feel Baal’s power weakening around them! Just a least...
SCORE: The Other Side [Original by Radiarc] (Undertale)…

After hearing Aeon’s last words, the two heroes  fly through the ethereal gateway and find themselves surrounded by the sight of a destroyed Realm full of dark red gears, chains hanging from rusted cogs, broken clocks, and crimson sand coming from broken hour glasses, and spiraling dark energy creating a heavy and violent atmosphere… Some ominous faces glare out from the darkness around them… Nightraid looks to Eros with an unsettled expression while receiving the same from his brother.

Nightraid: We’re not dreaming all this, are we?

Eros: I wish I could say that, Brother…but this is all too real...I’d rather this be some nightmare we can just wake up from…but that’d be asking too much at this point.

Nightraid: No kidding… Well, I didn’t really have to ask that… I just wanted to make sure I was still, y’know…”Me”.

Eros: *Nods and smiles* Don’t worry about that, Nightraid! We just need to stay focused now! We got this! *Nightraid agrees with a thumbs-up and they continue flying through* It doesn’t matter how scary it looks. All you have to do is concentrate ahead and keep going! As long as you have Faith, you don’t need to be afraid!

Nightraid: “Hope, Faith, Love”… Eros, I’ve heard those words being thrown around a lot in our Family. Can you tell me what it means? If these are supposed to be the Powers that can beat this guy, I want to know what they’re supposed to mean!

Eros: I’m glad you asked that. I meant to talk to you about it before we were interrupted by those couple of fights. I’ll try to be brief with them so you can get an idea and figure out the rest from there. “Hope” is what keeps us alive and pushing forward even when we’re at our weakest. It gives us “Willpower” to face its enemy; “Despair”. “Faith” is what allows us to face the trials of Life while knowing we are protected against True Death. It gives us “Wisdom” to face its enemy; “Doubt”. “Love” is what gives us purpose, whether it is for ourselves in what we do, for others that we care for, or for the Holy Father whom we Love and Worship; Love gives us a reason to keep going. It gives us our “Emotions” to influence our abilities and our responsibilities. Together, they make up our “Determination”; the power to change Fate and face OUR enemy… “Hatred”, “Sin”, and a whole bunch of other negative words that would take too long to recite! You get the idea…

Nightraid: Oh…! I see…  But what could’ve caused that other Nightraid to turn into something like that? If he’s just as strong as me, then wouldn’t he be able to resist Styx’ power like I did?

Eros: If I had to guess, he didn’t have any positive influences in his Timeline. He was led down a Path knowing only of Hatred and Violence. That Hate Path he went on led him to becoming… *Sees the colossal mass of dark energy and black-and-red flames emerge from the abyss as he breaks apart the locks of the Time Loop that Aeon mentioned* …….THAT!!!

Nightraid: *Jaw drops as he looks up at his monstrous foe as the red outlines of the pitch-black flames form the shape of a massive dragon and it glares down on them with flaming red eyes before spreading his wings and opening his mouth to let out a most powerful roar* ……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SCORE: LOVE [Mashup by The Great Anansi] (Undertale)…

A loud Heartbeat can be heard in the darkness.

The Heartbeat echoes throughout Time and Space. Everyone can hear it.

It is coming from the Dragon. It sounds like drums counting down to The End.

The Dragon lets out an indescribable combination of a roar and a maniacally evil laugh!

The ABSOLUTE Final Battle is about to begin! Blessed Nightraid! Light Eros! It’s up to you both now!

No matter what! For everyone’s sake! You MUST stay DETERMINED!!!!!!!


The roar echoes throughout the Time Rift and the two brothers cover their ears, but struggle to keep their focus. They also feel a pulse of heavy and dense energy that disables their ability to Synchronize temporarily. They take notice quickly and look at each other with concern for a moment, but remember to keep their chins up. They look back at the nightmarish Demon before them. The Demon raises a left claw and out of it comes Dark Eros, who opens his eyes and grins. He raises his right to bring out the Mortal Dragon whom threatens to annihilate everything…

[N I G H T R A I D]

Cursed Nightraid sends out Dark Eros to assist him in this battle, forcing the Blessed Nightraid and Light Eros into two-on-two combat! Both Dragons and Angels face off without even bothering with words. The two brothers know nothing they say will get through to them at this juncture, so they rely on what they know to try and get a quick advantage on their darker counterparts. Every time they do enough significant damage to their foes, they combine their efforts into an elaborate team attack that, while seeming like it takes them down, but they survive and get back up from them. They use different attacks in retaliation to whatever the heroes use. Strangely enough, they don’t have the same fighting style.

Both teams have similar techniques, but the corrupt team…something about their approach is lacking in synergy and focus. They’re more dispersed and sloppy. They don’t seem to be taking this seriously. In fact, Cursed Nightraid is holding back. He’s merely playing around with his prey, curious to know what the hero is capable of and how to pull the carpet out from under them. He’s enjoying the pain from the heroes’ attacks… It’s not long before they realize this shocking truth. This must be what Aeon was talking about. Blessed Nightraid has to think before making another move now that he knows all he’s doing is amusing his foe. Eros decides to hold his attack for a moment. He speaks to Dark Eros for info.

L. Eros: What is wrong with you?! Are you some kind of masochist?! *Readies a charged shot*

D. Eros: What was your first clue?! Are you some kind of I D I O T ? ! *Fires out several shots*

L. Eros: *Puts a shield up and blocks them all* Tch…!!! Why are you fighting like this?! How far did you really have to fall?!

D. Eros: YOU REALLY HAVE TO ASK!?!? *Rapid-fire plus spread shot* [GATTLING MALICE] I KNOW AEON TOLD YOU EVERYTHING!!! YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW!!! *Appears behind the other Eros and aims straight for his head from behind* You don’t understand how it feels right now…don’t worry, though…! Y O U  W I L L  V E R Y  S O O N ! ! ! ! ! ! [VINDICTIVE BOLT] *Light Eros turns his head around and dodges just in time, leaving an afterimage behind him as a dark bolt fires from his right bow as he holds it like a crossbow* YOU KNOW! THIS IS REALLY FUNNY WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT!!! *Aims and shoots while the other Angel keeps dodging*


D. Eros: *Grinning while shooting like a madman* MOM ALWAYS SAID; “Love is the greatest strength!”, RIGHT?! Well guess what?! STRENGTH MEANS NOTHING TO THOSE WHO USE THEIR BRAINS!!! YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT STARTED ALL OF THIS?!?!? YOU WANNA KNOW HOW FAR WE FELL TO BECOME THIS?!!? Tell ya what?! I’LL SHOW YA!!! *Sends flashback images to Light Eros and Blessed Nightraid*

B. Nightraid: *Overhears this but still fighting his counterpart* (Huh?! What is he talking about?!) *Sees images of the Hate Path’s Prelude and sees how Styx removed both Aphrodite and Euphrosyne from the Mortal Plain and murdered Love Breeze* ………!!!!!!!!!! What….the….?!?!?

L. Eros: That’s………That’s……horrible…..!!!

D. Eros: Oh please, it shouldn’t even come as a surprise! You’ve seen this before! It’s exactly what you were Hoping wouldn’t happen! It was exactly what caused your plan to fail! And what caused me to start down the road that turn me into THIS!!!

L. Eros: So…all Styx had to do was get Mom to let her guard down for just a moment… But…if that was Styx’ doing, then…shouldn’t you have resisted her?! You’re not telling me you just gave in to her whims, are you?!

D. Eros: WHAT DO *YOU* THINK, IDIOT?!?!? *Looks down and frowns* Of course I resisted…of course I gave in… After everything that was lost, it was the only option that meant anything anymore… *Looks back up and glares before shooting again* AND IT’S NOT LIKE I DIDN’T TRY!!! *Light Eros creates another shield to protect himself from the flurry of shots flying at him*OF COURSE I RESISTED HER!!! I HELD ON THROUGH THE WORST NIGHTMARE IMAGINABLE!!! I KEPT HOLDING ON……..UNTIL THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT TO HOLD ON TO ANYMORE!!!

L. Eros: You mean… *Listening through the onslaught of dark arrow exploding around him and on his shield* ….!!!!!!!!!

D. Eros: Yup… Everyone I ever Loved… All gone… *Remembers Styx* B E C A U S E  O F  H E R . . . *Looks to the fighting Dragons* H I M . . . *Looks up and grins* Y O U . . . *Looks back down and frowns*………. M E . . . ! You can take THAT to H E A R T ! ! ! ! ! !

C. Nightraid: S h u t  u p, E r o s . . .

B. Nightraid:…..!!!!!!!! *Feels more uneasy after hearing his own voice as distorted and vicious as it was*

C. Nightraid: Y o u  t a l k  t o o  m u c h . . . In fact…I’m already getting bored with fighting you like this… You can kill me over and over again and it won’t mean a thing…but I only need to kill you…o n c e ! ! ! *Glowing red twinkles appear within the red flares of smoke* [MALICIOUS FURY]

B. Nightraid: Not like you’ll get a chance! There’s no way I’m dying to the likes of you!

C. Nightraid: *Speaks with Baal’s voice* “Y O U  D O  N O T  H A V E  A  C H O I C E ! ! ! ! ! !” *Twinkles in his eyes shine brighter in the moment he crouches down and spreads his wings out to vanish with incredible speed* I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL EVERYTHING BURNS IN DESPAIR!!!!!!

SCORE: Erasure and Salvation [Mashup by Dakota Jones] (Undertale)…

B. Nightraid: That’s fine! Because I won’t stop either! Not until everyone is safe from YOU!!!!!!! *Eyes glow bright white and his whole body is surrounded by his bright aura before he spreads his own wings out to warp at light speed to keep up with and counter his enemy*

The two versions of our main protagonist fly around the decaying Time Rift, trading strikes and blows as well as blasts of black, white, and red flames are seen illuminating and dimming the lighting of the entire dimension as the battle progresses on! The two versions of Eros face each other onward as well until Dark Eros takes enough damage. He berates his foe as he does, but it doesn’t last long. He ends up falling once more, making Cursed Nightraid angry. In response to that, he decides to burn the Fallen Angel until he vanishes in black flames, screaming in agony as he goes. The other two are shocked and appalled at what they just witnessed. The situation appears to have become far grimmer than before.
(Didn’t even think that was possible…)

After all that little display, Blessed Nightraid and Light Eros can hardly contain their mixed emotions and maintain their composure. They fight their own instincts in order to stay focused. The giant Dark Dragon decides to make things more interesting by summoning Lost Souls to assist Cursed Nightraid in battle. The first batch consists of corrupt versions of both Aeon and all of his Soul Keys in their true forms. The many armed warriors and creatures of the Night attack, Eros rejoins his brother and puts up a shield to hold them back while Blessed Nightraid jumps up and breaks through their line of defense and rushes straight to Cursed Nightraid before a couple more Lost Souls appear… Flash Sentry and Comet Tail!

The Star Bolt Brothers move swiftly to give the Dragon a taste of their misguided Justice and Revenge! Eros fires two shots upwards with deadeye accuracy, hitting the two of them before they could hit with their red lightning and black stars! The two guards fall and fade away in black flames. The other members of Flash Drive appear as well. Drum Role and Bass Keys try to jump Nightraid with fast and strong attacks, but the young Dragon senses their ambush and blasts the two of them with a torrent of flames to knock them both down. Amp Atom’s form is too broken down to even move, so he merely self-destructs to try and damage Nightraid, but Eros shields his brother once again before yelling-!!!

Eros: ALL OF YOU!!! ENOUGH!!! *Fires up several beams that shoot back down to stop the fighting* … Look! Nightraid! It doesn’t have to be like this! I can tell your Mortal Heart is still beating! *Heartbeat still echoes* As long as it is, you can still turn all this around! You don’t have to do anything that Styx or Baal tells you! You can be better than that! We can help you…if you just let us! Come on! What do you say?!

Cursed Nightraid Looks down and grins with the Lost Souls around him doing the same as he says these words with Baal’s voice; “What do I say?! The only thing I CAN say… B A A L ! ! ! ! ! !” He lets out the same roaring laugh as before with every one of the Lost Souls around him laughing along with him while the heroes cover their ears! The giant Dark Dragon roars out once more as all the Lost Souls and the Mortal Dragon controlling them all flies into its black Ethereal form. The Dragon disappears into its own shadows and returns in the form of an old adversary of theirs. He stomps forth from the shadows and looks down upon them. He’s the one and only True Devil of Despair! The Evil Dragon…

[B A A L]

SCORE: Burn In Despair [Breaks Remix by DeltaHedron Mixes] (Undertale)…

Eros: Great… I was really hoping the last time we saw THAT ugly face was THE last time!

Nightraid: He’s eaten everyone…I can feel an unbearable heat coming from him!

Eros: [CHECK] *Eyes glowing yellow and he sees the Lost Souls burning up and writhing in pain within Baal’s body* You’re right…Dark Eros and all those other Lost Souls are all the beings Baal’s consumed! He’s using all the pain and Despair within their burning, Broken Hearts to fuel his flames! It’s hurting them all nonstop… The longer this goes on, the worse it’ll get! We gotta stop this now!

Nightraid: But I still don't know how!!! What can we do to beat him?!

Baal: Accept this truth, miserable insects… “YOU CAN’T!!!!!!”  NOW [B U R N  I N  D E S P A I R] ! ! ! ! ! !

Baal inhales to charge his favorite attack while Nightraid and Eros put in their best efforts to stop Baal from firing off that attack, but to no avail. They end up getting engulfed by the dark flames and consumed by Baal! However…they REFUSE to let go! Nightraid and Eros hold onto each other as tight as they can to resist the urge to fall into Despair! This keeps them from burning to death despite being eaten alive by Baal. However, this is only the beginning of Baal’s special kind of digestion processes! They feel themselves being pulled apart from each other by arms, hooves, claws, and chains while falling. They desperately tried to stay together, but inevitably get separated and taken down two different paths. Eros is the quickest one to regain control, but can’t make his way back up and can’t see.

[My Little Pony] The Egg of Destiny LAST PATH P.07
Funny thing about black flames. I hear they never stop burning until after you've burnt away. Which can hold out? The strength of Nightraid's Hope or the black flames of Despair?
SCORE: Gaster [Calm Remix by Jamanger] (Undertale)…

Aeon: Why...did I...explode...? *Floating in the Ethereal Plain while looking towards a bright golden star above him* Yes…..I…see… Hmhmhmhm… Either I’m losing my touch when it comes to playing “Judgment” or I’m just finding all the right ones for the job on my first try… Huhuhuhuh… *Sees Elpida appearing before him*

Elpida: Had enough?

Aeon: Yes… I’m quite convinced… It seems I spoke too soon. My apologies for that… When in battle, I am unable to predict the outcome. There are so many variables that even Time itself cannot dictate but can tell.

Eros: (So the fight’s over?)

Nightraid: (Yeah, looks like it! Now you have some explaining to do!)

Aeon: I suppose I do… You may want to separate, however. It would be best to tell you this at eye-level. *They do so and sit down along with Aeon, whom sits on his Clock Sword as a chair* It is not easy to tell you this kind of news…but there are 3 true reasons why I have chosen you. The first is because out of every version of you that exists so far, you are the only one left to turn to. The second is because you are indeed the strongest and have confirmed it here. Your latent abilities are now able to be accessed and you now have full control over it, which is good because it is the only Blessing we have against the incoming threat…and the third reason… *Sighs regretfully* It is because you deserve to know…that the Love Breeze from your world has already been consumed by it…!

SCORE: Cruelty in the Name of Science (Underfell)…

Nightraid:….!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!? *Grabs Aeon and glares* What happened to her?!?! What do you mean she was CONSUMED?!?!?

Aeon: I mentioned before that once your weaponized counterpart reached his full potential, he broke out of his own Universe and started to attack others, correct? He came close to destroying yours once. The one who stopped him was your Love Breeze… She did away with as many of your darker counterparts until there was but one left! The only remaining one...our enemy...was able to strike her down. But it came at a cost…she was devoured by him! I don’t know how to make it any clearer than that. Now that I have told you what you need to know, I will thank you to let go of me!


Aeon: Of course I did! I did everything I could do to help her! It was by her request that I would reach you with this predicament! She has a lot to do with this, you know that much! Now once again, please let me go!

Eros: Nightraid, come on! Calm down! If she’s been taken, then that means that we can get her back!

Nightraid:………Sorry… *Lets Aeon go*

Aeon: You are forgiven. *Brushes sleeves calmly* But if you still have any fury to spare, I recommend you direct it towards your goal. I wish you both well in that regard. As a matter of fact…that quasar you just detonated to defeat me with may very well be what ends this battle in hers, yours, and everyone else’s favor.

Eros: Hey wait, that reminds me! How come you hardly look beat at all?!

Aeon: Please, Eros, don’t tell me you spent so much Time in a Mortal Body that you forgot that beings of Light like us don’t truly die! Though we may be consumed by something if it overwhelms us, the only being that can truly destroy a Soul is the One who created said Soul. There is only One Creator that can do that. Honestly, I thought Advent would have retaught you that by now.

Eros: Oh….. Right…..

Nightraid: So there was no way to actually beat you?

Aeon: If by “beat” you mean, “terminate”, then no. But I don’t recall that ever being a stipulation in the first place when it came to you. You couldn’t truly defeat Styx that way either. She too was a Soul, thus was only defeated and temporarily expelled from your Dimension’s Mortal World. In the case of this next one, the stipulation is not merely termination here either. You can only destroy something within your own Mortal Plain, you cannot destroy a Demon or Devil… All you can do is send it back to where it belongs by expelling it from the World it is in. That is what your enemy did. However, instead of sending their Souls away to the next Plain, he redirected them right back into himself, absorbing their ENTIRE BEINGS and feeding off of their Negative Feelings brought about by their Despair. To defeat this foe, you will have to think outside the box.

Nightraid: What do we have to do?!

Aeon: I’m sorry, I can’t say. Even I don’t know how the outcome of this will turn out.

Nightraid: Shouldn’t you be able to see into the Future or something?!

Aeon: As I said, in combat, there are too many variables. I could say you win, I could say you lose. Only you can find out for yourself. You and your brother just have to keep holding onto your Hope. That is how you defeated me. That is how you surpassed all of your challenges, is it not? Through Hope, Faith, and Love, you managed to jump through every hoop, leap over every gap, and hop over every hurdle to make it to where you are now. Do you not have that now?


Eros: *Puts his hoof to Nightraid’s shoulder* He’s right, Nightraid! Hope, Faith, and Love all combine into one thing when they’re at their strongest! You know what that combined force is called?

Nightraid: What?!

Eros: *Grins* D E T E M I N A T I O N ! ! ! Our World, Love Breeze, and everyone need us now more than ever! We can do this! We never give up when it counted before!

Nightraid:………!!!!!!!!!! Yeah…! YEAH!!! LET’S GO THEN, EROS!!! Aeon, where is that Demon now?!

Aeon: I trapped him in the Time Rift just after he devoured one of the other “Aeons” in the Multiverse. He fortunately can’t escape the Time Loop I tripped him into. I can send you there. But heed this warning. Once I open the Time Rift up, it will disable the Time Loop and you will only have one chance to defeat him. You won’t be able to return here from there, however. Are you absolutely sure you are fully prepared for this last trial?

Nightraid:………Okay! But first… I need to talk to Mom and Dad! I only want a few minutes! I know this is urgent and all…but I just need to talk to them one more time! Please!

Aeon:……..Very well… Since you passed my trial, I suppose I can at least grant you a moment to prepare yourselves. You would do well to make haste. *Disappears and comes back with Advent and Vania* Here, happy?

SCORE: Ultimate Hope Birthday [TV Size Instrumental] (Danganronpa 3 The End Of Hopes Peak Academy ~ Despair Arc)…

Nightraid: MOM! DAD!

Advent & Vania: SON!!! *He jumps to hug them both*

Eros: *Smiles when Aphrodite and Uzziel appear as well* You guys made it! But…I guess you know everything that’s happened here?

Uzziel: *Sighs* This is what happens when some things go unchecked. The ones responsible for this will have to pay their dues.

Aphrodite: But we’re sorry the responsibility has to fall on you now.

Eros: No, don’t be, Mom. It was my plan in the first place and while I succeeded here, I knew there was still a possibility of failure. I desperately fought to keep that failure from happening, but it happened in that World… The unthinkable happened because of me and the consequences were unimaginable... It was my responsibility from the word “Go”!

Aphrodite: Eros…

Uzziel: Well said… Then I suppose that means you’re ready now?

Eros: Not yet… *Grabs both of them and hugs* We hardly ever get a chance to meet up like this… Let me have this, guys…

Uzziel:……………. *Pats Eros on the head* You’re right… I’m sorry about that…

Aphrodite: If and when you return, I promise we will have many more moments like this if that’s what you want.

Eros: *Tears run down from under his mane* I would…I would like that…

Advent: *Looks up at the Ethereal Spirits and tears up* Angels need to cry sometimes…

Nightraid: Mom, you’re crying…

Dream Vania: I’m sorry…I just… I’m worried about you! *Hugs him tightly* Do you even know what you’re about to do?!

Nightraid: I do, Mom… But I know I can do it! Besides! I don’t just have to! I WANT to! Eros can’t do it alone and I want to help save everyone! It’s what Love Breeze would want!

Dream Vania:……… *Nods* You’re strong, Nightraid. If you know you can do it… *Sniff* Then…I believe in you!

Advent: We’re still getting used to the whole “parent” thing… But I think I finally get what my parents were talking about… “When you have a child, you’ll understand…” Heh….heheh….. *Chokes up a little* Just be careful, alright, Son? Remember your training and believe in the Great Power behind you!

Nightraid: I will, Dad! Thank you! *Hugs them both* I Love You!

Advent: *They both hug back* We Love you too, Nightraid!

Dream Vania: We always will! Now go show ‘em what you’re made of!

Nightraid: *Smiles* Right! Ready, Eros?!

Eros: *Separates and waves bye to his angelic parents* Yeah! Alright, Aeon! We’re ready to go!

Aeon: Well met. And right on Time! Very well…I shall open the way to the Time Rift now. Be at the ready as soon as it is fully opened and not a moment sooner or later!

Nightraid: *Gets into position to charge* Got it!

Eros: And hey, Aeon… Thank you for everything!

Aeon:…*Remembers Advent giving him that same smile and humble thanks in another Timeline* Hmhmhm… Like father, like son… Give your thanks to our Superior. *They head through the portal to the Time Rift* For He has blessed you with the Power to Choose the Destiny of this World’s Timeline! Now... Onward to your FINAL BATTLE!!!
[My Little Pony] The Egg of Destiny LAST PATH P.06
:iconkomaedaplz:AAHHHH!!! The Hope! It's so beautiful! I feel so much of it! SO! MUCH!!! HOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!! :iconnagitokomaedaplz: 


......Okay, admittedly, that was creepier than anything Styx has ever done in the Hate Path. I apologize... 

That said, now that Nightraid and Eros know what they must do and are filled with their Determination, they push forward to make it to the Devil that destroyed the Multiverse! 
SCORE: King’s Description (Undertale)…

Outside of Nightraid’s dream, Advent and Dream Vania are holding tight each other’s hooves while watching their son toss and turn and struggle… They can easily tell that he’s not doing well… They’re concerned…but they keep praying, regardless. Their Love and Faith are unwavering, but they still can’t stand to see Nightraid like this… They keep focusing on him with his Hope just barely able to hold on. Dream Vania leads the next prayer. Tears stream from her eyes as she speaks her words of prayer.

SCORE: Don’t Give Up (Undertale)…

“Please Great Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Please hear our prayers. We are still holding on to the Hope, Faith, and Love that you gave us for our times of need. One of those times is now. Please help our sons! If it be your will, Father… Please. We need YOU now more than ever!” “Hallelujah, Amen…”

Advent:….. *Feels the presence of their Ethereal Spirits, Aphrodite and Uzziel looking upon them and praying…as well as an even Stronger Presence…and he returns to focusing on Nightraid and praying* (Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! We know you’re still alive! So I can only imagine you’re a lot stronger than this considering what you’ve been through! On your feet, boys! You’re not done yet!)

Uzziel: *Receives a thought and looks up before bowing his head and smiling with his hooves together* (“You can do it, boys! The task ahead is not as Great as the Power behind you…backing you up! Not even close! Give it your all, Sons! No matter whatever happened in any other World or Timeline, we still, and will always Love you!”)

Aphrodite: *Receives a thought and looks to Uzziel and they both nod to each other before praying* (“Please… My sons… It cannot end this way! You must not give up yet… Hope is just ahead! We are all praying for you! Nightraid!!! Eros!!! You have to stay Determined!!!”)

Within the Ethereal Plain’s starry space, an incredibly bright light shines down upon the two brothers, catching Aeon off guard. He gasps and begins to shudder, also feeling an Indescribably Strong Presence. The Light heals Nightraid and Eros and brings them back to their feet and their Time Seals broke, presenting Aeon with his opponents as they are now stronger than ever! They look to him with their eyes shining a bright white and their white auras emitting from their bodies and all the black spikes and blades completely absent from them. They both reunite with a brotherly hug before looking back to their enemy…who is so awe-struck he can’t even formulate sentences…so instead…he starts singing…


SONG: Hopes and Dreams [Lyrical Adaptation by RadixMusic] (Undertale)…

{Lyrics by Radix ~ Performed by Aeon}

Holding tight on the dreams that we created
For a happy life
It's alright...All the things that we have sought
Will all be worth this fight

(As Aeon starts singing, he readies his weapon and starts dancing slowly while Nightraid and Eros look to each other, nod, and shake claw to hoof with a colorful nebula of starlight cycling around them.)

In our hearts
There is always something strong that keeps us
Moving on!

(In the flash of light, Aeon witnesses the two brothers synchronize their wills and become the Dragon of Hope, Elpida! He lets out a mighty roar and spreads his wings, causing the lights around them to shake!)

And our hopes
Are the proof that happy days
Will never be~~~

(Aeon’s dancing becomes his evasive maneuvers as Elpida takes him head-on, firing several bright stars at him from around him and white hot fire breath, [PHOTON STARSTORM] and [SHINING COMET]!!!!!!! Aeon tries to evade all the incoming bright and beautiful explosions, knowing full well that he’s in trouble, but continues singing regardless! He’s just too excited!)  

Now here we are
We stand as one
Fighting together again

(Aeon breaks away and gets his distance while afterimages follow him. The Guardian of Time and Dragon of Hope stare each other down!)

Hopes And Dreams
Are Never gone
We're looking for our happy end

(Elpida flaps his wings and goes straight for his next attack while Aeon clashes with his [EXTENSION] blade! Elpida’s starlit, glowing, black wings protect him and he jumps back to aim his bow and open fire!)

Such a long way
We had to walk
To reach what we idealize

(Aeon dodges the bright and colorful arrows that Elpida controls to move around in sporadic directions to successfully throw the singing stallion off. He returns fire by creating afterimages and shooting out their [SUFFER THE MARCH OF TIME] beams.)

It's been tough
But we won't give up
Cause still, there’s a new day to rise

(Within Elpida, Eros and Nightraid stay focused and Determined as they carefully pilot their combined form as he moves in closer, dodging as many blue and white beams as he can as they move in patterns along with Aeon’s sub-weapons flying at him. He dodges them as well as he did with Advent’s!)

Cause for every dream there is always chance
And we grab it right at the first glance
And as life plays the song, we create the dance
Has been like this forever!

(Aeon’s afterimages come together and he grows to the same size as Elpida and he dances to evade Elpida’s claw and elbow-blade slashes and crosses blades with him. They trade blow for blow in a dance of starlight and blades!)

Cause every move it's gonna count
When you follow your dreams
And many times nothings will be quite what it seems
But the hope will keep the flow on our life streams
So let's stay together!

(Aeon shrinks back down to avoid Elpida’s next fire blast and turns his Clock Sword into a buzz-saw again and swings it at the giant dragon, doing damage to him in several spots on his body before he decides he’s had enough of that noise! [STAR QUAKE] Elpida lets out a powerful roar with a shockwave of starlight blasting Aeon far back.)

Open your eyes and show who you are
Seek all your dreams cause you can go far

(Aeon flies backwards a great distance and recovers by throwing his weapon in the same direction and then retracts it to land on it like a board and looks ahead at Elpida, seeing him flying right to ‘em!)

{23-Second Instrumental}

(Within Elpida, Eros looks to Nightraid and thinks about how strong he’s become. He smiles, seeing how his resolve and focus is unbreakable! His Valor, Nobility, Justice, Integrity, Faith, Love, and Hope have all served him well! He’s been blessed with the strong bonds that those who helped teach him these traits and his Determination has pushed him to new heights! Elpida flies with a bright mach-cone and a turbulent jetstream of starlight!)

Can you hear your destiny call?

(Aeon realizes that he’s pretty much tapped out again and resorts to one final blast from his Clock Sword…but watches in shock and awe as Elpida’s surrounding cone just breaks the beam apart around him! A turbulent jetstream of starlight trails behind them and they hit Aeon in a beeline tackle! [SHOOTING STARSTREAM])

It's just a tale they told me
But I will not let it drag me
From my happy end

(Elpida finishes the fight by firing a point-blank blast of charged starlight and Aeon gets sent flying at light speed before exploding in a massive burst of light, setting off a Supernova! [GIGA QUASAR])

SCORE: Darkness of Fear (Castlevania Judgment)…


The battle begins with the first minute! Aeon quickly disappears as afterimages of him appear around him and vanish. Eros and Nightraid look around and see him come down from above with his blade pointing downward before diving in for a deadly stab from above aimed at Eros. Eros dodges and fires three arrows at Aeon, whom uses his afterimages to evade them. Nightraid retaliates with a swift claw slash, but fazes through the afterimage that he swipes, thinking it’s the real one. Aeon counters with a strong and fast kick, launching him upward and separates his Clock Sword’s blade into its separate hands to try and cut Nightraid like a pair of black scissors. Nightraid blocks the hands, holding them open.


Eros sees Nightraid in trouble and charges at Aeon with a similar gauntlet blade attack with the two ends of his bow separated into dual-blades. Aeon notices Eros’ approach and grins before summoning two green energy birds to fly out and counter him. Nightraid escapes with Aeon’s attention diverted and rushes down to hit him head-on! Aeon dodges with afterimages appearing behind him while his Clock Sword comes back together and blocks Eros’ melee attack, clashing blades and making a bright flash of light come from them both, creating a flare that blinds the three of them and turns them into silhouettes. Nightraid, however, uses his other senses to take Aeon directly with punches and kicks.


Aeon, impressed by Nightraid’s tenacity and resourceful use of his senses, recovers and fights back, hoof-to-claw. Eros keeps his eyes closed and uses his [CHECK] ability to keep tabs on Aeon’s position. He uses this to get Aeon within his crosshairs as he prepares a charged shot! Nightraid, meanwhile, delivers fast and strong hits while tanking Aeon’s hits like a champ, not even bothering to dodge! Before long, Nightraid sends Aeon flying back with a strong haymaker! With him vulnerable, Eros takes the shot! Aeon, however, notices his Clock Sword emanating a white aura around the face of the clock and he presses on the centerpiece that holds the hands together and they spin wildly before stopping at 6:00.


Time has been halted. Aeon recovers and slips away from the arrow before moving Nightraid’s stopped body into the line of fire from the arrow, then letting Time return to normal after 6 seconds have passed. The charged arrow flies into Nightraid and shoots through a non-vital part of his chest and sends him flying back. Eros, concerned for his brother, gets launched as well by a powerful strike to the back and he flies in the same direction as Nightraid by Aeon, whom saw the opportunity within his distraction. Aeon swings his blade in a way that doesn’t slice, but rather whacks Nightraid back the other way, making the two brothers collide at sonic-speed. He appears over them and attempts his stab again.


The brothers push off each other to dodge Aeon’s downward strike and retaliate with a blast of fire and several beams of light from their respective directions. Aeon draws a violet circle above his head and makes a pillar of dark energy shoot down all around him to create a shield from both projectiles. The shield disappears with the attacks and he extends his Clock Sword’s blade by creating an even larger one over it out of strange cyan and white energy and swings it vertically to hit Nightraid from a far distance. Nightraid sidesteps to dodge and Aeon brings the blade around in a somersault motion to slash at Eros from below in the same motion. Eros crosses his own dual blades and creates a shield to halt his attack.


Aeon removes the [EXTENSION] in order to dodge Nightraid’s incoming charge…but takes a hit from Eros’ triple shot! Caught off guard by this, Nightraid sees an opening and delivers a swift combination of flaming punches with an extra powerful uppercut at the end of it! Flying upwards in pain and rushing through the starlight around him, Aeon takes a brief glance at his Clock Sword to see it radiating a bright blue aura. He grins and recovers as he lands on a five-pointed star and stands atop of it like a platform and aims his Clock Sword at them as if he is holding a minigun of with a bright white glow appears on the tip of its blade. Aeon shouts out the name of his attack [SUFFER THE MARCH OF TIME]!!! It echoes.


Nightraid and Eros look at the light for a moment when they come back together while Aeon floats in a sitting position with his legs crossed and readies his weapon on his lap and unleashes a massive blue and white laser beam from the blade down onto the brothers. Eros, however, isn’t afraid and instead creates a powerful shield around them and charges the beam head-on with Nightraid riding on his back and spreading his wings to give them both more speed and propelling force against the blast! Nightraid charges his own white aura and resonates with Eros. Together, they fly right through the beam right up to Aeon, much to his surprise! Breaking through his attack and defenses, they meet him face-to-face!


Aeon, however, is never one to go down easily! He draws another violet circle over them to drop a pillar of dark energy on their heads, pushing them straight down! He then sends a few knives and axes their way. They fly swiftly to dodge his incoming projectiles as they rain down on them. Aeon lets the Clock Sword build up more power to glow blue again and waits for the right time to fire his beam again! Dodging it, however, proves to be undoable since they were already busy dodging his sub-weapons. The beam hits them and engulfs them in bright, radiant pain! They both scream in the blast, but hold on, resist the pain and survive the attack. Nightraid looks up and glares at Aeon. Eros shakes the pain off.


Aeon commends them for an impressive feat of surviving an attack like that even when vulnerable. He claps and laughs with excitement before opening his eyes back up to see them right in front of him and about to deliver another hit. Aeon dodges the attack and shrugs, speaking his disappointment of their predictability and lack of creativity…before getting shot in the back by a beam of light…one of Eros’ shots looped around during his dodging motion to catch Aeon by surprise. Nightraid takes this chance to make Aeon eat his words…along with several flying Black Dragon Fists! He takes the first seven hits, but then puts up a defensive shield with his weapon and think of a way out, before he sees Eros’ dive bomb.


Aeon feels as though he’s about to have a bad time. He realizes that he can’t think straight and takes a nasty hit by Eros’ diving tackle with Nightraid delivering a fast pursuing attack, followed by Eros hitting Aeon a third time, then Nightraid, and Eros again. Once their melee combo is finished and Aeon is knocked senseless, they take this opportunity to repay the favor for his last attack! They use their [SCARLET TEMPEST] attack to burn, impale, and engulf Aeon in a massive spiral of bright flames and shining beams of light! The Guardian of Time is beside himself in pain and lets out a mighty scream through it… I guess you can say he’s running out of…”Time”…!!! Heh… Get it?!

Aeon: (Really, Author? I heard that, you know…)

Author: (YEEHEEHEHEHEHEEE!!! Sorry! Had to! It’s been too long!)


Anyways, once the attack ceases, Aeon is nowhere to be seen. He’s teleporting all over the place to get his bearings. He’s badly hurt from the last attack and puts his hoof to the Minute Hand of the Clock Sword as it glows green and he heals himself for a moment. He regains some HP as Eros uses [CHECK] to see it himself. The brothers realize they have to think of a strategy quickly since they’re both low on energy after that last attack. They pant until they both take a deep breath and calmly focus and think of what to do next. Nightraid rushes in to halt Aeon’s healing before he reaches half his health! Aeon teleports behind Nightraid and strikes with both Hands of the Clock Sword extended on opposite sides.


Once more, Aeon takes the time to commend the two on their level of synergy and ingenuity in battle! Nightraid dodges Aeon’s swipes and slashes with his dual-sided weapon until he extends the chain to the Clock itself and causes the blades to spin around, creating a spinning sawblade on a chain tether! Aeon swings his buzzing weapon around and just barely misses Nightraid several times with each swing. Eros tries shooting at Aeon to stop the attack, but as he swings it, the Clock Sword blocks the arrow and absorbs the Light Energy from it. Eros tries a few more shots, but gets the same result! Aeon grins…but then realizes that Time is almost up! His seal is going to break soon! Will it be soon enough?!


Once Nightraid tries to go in for a direct hit and Eros flies to them and gets past his weapon to attack as well, Aeon back flips up and retracts his chain to his weapon and says the words; “Heed me, Time!” and makes spinning clocks appear below them that shine a light up from underneath the brothers. His horn glows and a transparent white hand appears over him and snaps its fingers to cause Time to freeze entirely and the fabric of time and space shatters around them into little glass shards! He walks to them both with the shards breaking and disappearing around him as he speaks these words to them before summoning 12 black spikes around them both and a 13th black blade hovering above them aimed down.

Aeon: This will just take a minute… You who have conquered your Dark Destiny… Where will your road lead from here? And… Time marches on. *Summons the spikes and blade, opens his pocket watch to check the time, and then lets time move again and forces the sharp projectiles to systematically and rapidly hit their marks with the 13th blades striking both of them down before they collapse*

Nightraid & Eros: *Simultaneously* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *Collapse from the attack*

SCORE: Victory (Castlevania Judgment)…

Aeon: Right on Time! *Closes the pocket watch* You are not the one. Then I must search for another...or rather…that is what I would have said…but there is no other… I suppose, if you are not the one after all…then I must go myself.

SCORE: Determination (Undertale)…

G A M E  O V E R . . .
[My Little Pony] The Egg of Destiny LAST PATH P.04

“Please… My sons… It can’t end this way! You can’t give up yet… Hope is just ahead! Nightraid!!! Eros!!! You MUST stay Determined!!!”

????: That was an impressive display of power through teamwork, boys. Your parents would've been proud to see that.

Nightraid: Who is this?

[A E O N]

SCORE: Darkness of Fear [Arranged] (Castlevania Judgment)…

Aeon: *Face is glitching out between his sinister grin, his enraged glare, and his calm composure*………

Nightraid: Wh-What the-!?

Eros: Aeon? What are you-?! Are you...okay?

Aeon: Heh.... Heheheheheheheh.... "Okay"...being the relative word in question.... What defines us as "Okay"?

D. Eros: *Considering his options*.......

Aeon: [PAUSE] *Holds Dark Eros still with clocks appearing around him* You will not be going anywhere until I am finished here.

Nightraid: Eros, what's wrong with him?

Aeon: Your "B R O T H E R" has been causing quite a bit of trouble... You even gave in and betrayed everyone... You picked a very WRONG time to come here... And now you will have to make quite the….. J U D G M E N T call!


Eros: So wait... That he...?!

Aeon: Come now, Eros... Need you even ask?


D. Eros: *Can't move* …..

Nightraid: Why...? *To Dark Eros* WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO HARM US!?!?!

Aeon: It is a long story... However, considering you will more than likely wish to do something about it, I will explain everything if you will indulge me. But first things first... Dark Eros, I am about to allow you the ability to move. Once I do, you are going to decide whether or not your attempt on their lives was worth it.

D. Eros:..... *Gains motor control* ...... *Smirks* I already know it wasn't. None of anything...ever was! You'll all see! *Warps out*

Eros: HEY WAIT!!! Aeon... What the heck is going on?!

Aeon:…*Sighs* Something horrible...beyond comprehension of most. And unfortunately, the threat’s emissary is already gone so far that rewinding Time would be impossible for now. I’m afraid the threat is imminent. He’s certainly going to go back to his brother in order to show him the way here.

Nightraid: RRRGH!!! Darn it! Why can't we just be at peace!? I'm sick and tired of these evil ponies trying to tear us apart! Not again! I won't allow it!

Aeon: Then you're in luck.

Nightraid: Huh?

Aeon: This one isn't an evil pony...but a Dragon.

Nightraid: ...Pony or Dragon, no one is going to harm me or my family! I'll... I'll... KILL THEM!!

Eros: Nightraid...!

Nightraid: *Pants angrily* Rrrrgh!!!

Aeon: Yes... That is good... Do not suppress that Anger...for he didn’t… However, I must warn you, you would do well to control it.

Nightraid: Eros! How could you not be angry too!?

Eros: Because we haven't learned anything yet!

Nightraid: But he attacked us!

Aeon: Boys...

Eros: But we haven't gotten any answers! Yeah, I'm frustrated, but that won't do us any good!

Aeon: Enough! Time is of the essence and I need your full attention!

Eros: Okay... What do we need to know?

Aeon: One moment... ASTERIA!!! *Raises up the Star of Asteria and opens a portal to the Ethereal Plain around itself* This way please. *Walks through it and they follow into the beautiful starry space* Normally, I would take you to the Time Rift for this, but that area is unfortunately off limits until further notice.

Nightraid: Why's that?

Aeon: *Looks back to Nightraid while walking forward ahead of them* Because...of "You".

Eros: What?!

Nightraid: What do you mean "Because of me"!? I did nothing wrong! Tell him Eros!

Aeon: He need not to. I'm fully aware of your history as well as h i s....

Eros: You mean the Dragon? Who is it and what does Nightraid have to do with it?!

Nightraid: I want to know that too! I'm not leaving here until you tell us!

Aeon: Of course, neither of you are allowed to leave until this is over. Those are the rules of this Trial.

Eros: Trial?

Nightraid: *Looks at Eros* …?!

Aeon: The name of "Nightraid" may be one of Hope in our World...but unfortunately the only World left to hold that claim is this one.

Eros:......Wait, you don't mean...

Aeon: You've learned of Styx' identity, have you not?

Nightraid and Eros fall silent…

Aeon: You've pieced it together during your ascent to your final battle with your mother...after you last met her, correct?

Nightraid: ...Yes... *Feels sorrow swell up inside him*

Aeon: And you are aware what she was planning to do with you?

Nightraid: Her intent was to kill us... We know that, but it still doesn't change the fact that she...looked like Mom...

Aeon: It was more than that. Far more. Far worse...

Eros: She didn't just look like Mom... She was another version of her...

Aeon: Precisely. And her intent was not just simple murder. To even call it “vengeance” would be too kind of words…she took her vindictive nature to its Nth degree and had a desire far worse than that…

Nightraid: Then what was it?

Eros: Remember what I told you when we first met, Nightraid? She was out to turn you into a weapon.

Nightraid: Oh… Right...

Aeon: A weapon of mass destruction... True more appropriate name for the weapon she made of you was... “U N I V E R S A L  G E N O C I D E” ! ! !


Aeon: In this World, the very reason you were able to become what you are now was because of what you resisted becoming.

Nightraid: *Starts to tear up* But… Why me...?!

Aeon: It is because of your potential... You are a Dragon capable of many incredible things. One of what led you to, under the influence of your enemy, becoming exactly as was said.

Eros: So that other guy... The one who attacked us

Aeon: A fallen version of who's plan to bring Nightraid to your family, thus saving him...and the whole world, failed…and his failure led him to giving up Hope and becoming what you saw there…

Eros: He said he was a messenger... He was covered in red scars...just like how Nightraid was back then... His eyes flared red and he was a lot more aggressive than how I was on my worst days.

Aeon: Dark Eros... The corrupt state he's in is what happens when Hatred and Despair overtake the Soul.

Nightraid: So how are we supposed to deal with him?

Aeon: Well, to be's not possible to kill him.

Nightraid: What?!

Aeon: He has a level of Time-Space Distortion, that outdoes mine, a plethora of all of your abilities, Baal's Spiritual abilities, and an entire Spectral Multiverse's supply of countless power sources...including that of the Devil himself...

Nightraid:...Then this is going to be tougher than I thought...hey, can we talk to Mom and Dad, please?

Aeon: I'm afraid not. We have the rest of the details to go over.


Nightraid: But Aeon! They need to know!

Aeon: They are already fully aware. They are praying for your success.

Nightraid: Just please... Connect us to them...

Aeon: We haven't the time. It is of the essence, now pay attention!

Nightraid: *Sighs* Fine...

Eros: It'll be okay, Nightraid. Knowing them, they're probably at our side in the Waking World.

Aeon: Indeed, now this is where it gets interesting, for you see, being of sound Heart, Mind, and Soul, you are capable of the exact and opposite of which our enemy is.

Nightraid: So we still have a chance, is that what you're saying?

Aeon: We? No... Only you do. Countless versions of countless people have all tried and failed to stop him. Through Time, Evolution, Hope, Faith, and Love...and of course, with the grace of our Superior, you are the only one that can stand up to and stop this Devil.

Nightraid: But from what you describe of him, it sounds like it would take all of us...

Aeon: Hmhmhm... Very interesting choice of words…

Eros: Huh?

Aeon: Within the allotted Time we have, you'll have to find out what I mean yourselves. But for now, I must ask you a favor.

Nightraid: What's that?

Aeon: In order to fully unlock your capabilities, it must be done in the way you are most familiar with; Combat with an Ethereal Spirit!

Nightraid: Like against you? Or is it between me and Eros?

Aeon: Yours truly. Why do you think I came here for you? *Pulls out a large pocket watch on a black chain that has a face with 13 Roman Numerals on it, two sharp black hands that extend out into blades and come together once they point straight between XII and XIII*

Nightraid: Oh…oh boy…

Eros: Whoa!!!

Aeon: It is with no pleasure that I ask this of you, but for the sake of the Flow of Time, I must ask that you meet me in battle. *Readies his blade*

Nightraid: Eros, I can already tell that he’s strong! I think we’ll need Elpida for this!

Eros: Right! *Looks back and nods as they both reach to each other, but…*

Aeon: I knew you'd say that... *Eyes glare and they both find themselves surrounded in a white aura with two clocks over their heads*

Eros: Huh?! What is this?!

Aeon: It will not be that easy, boy. If you truly wish for such an Evolution, you will have to earn it! Evolution comes from the need to adapt, you see. This seal will prevent the two of you from Synchronizing and Evolving for the next 13 minutes. If you can adapt and survive for that long, it will wear off and you may use that to whatever advantage you can think of. So adapt to this if you can!

[A E O N]

Best Valentine's Day EVER!!! (Plus Playlist)

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2017, 7:39 PM

Okay, so I woke up and went straight away to my fiancee's house to pick her up, get her coffee, and go shopping. We returned to enjoy some brunch that my sister volunteered to cook for us! (Thanks, :iconquasar-mouse:! Love ya, Sis!) 

While we ate, I finally showed one of the greatest anime movies of all time to my future wife... She enjoyed every bit of it! Without spoiling anything, I'll officially have at least 4 other people who can attest to the greatness that this movie carries! If you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a favor and give it a watch! 

But the good times didn't end there! Oh, no! For you see, last year, my family pitched in to give me the best birthday gift ever! A certificate for 1 hour in the sky in a plane from our local airport! I wanted to save it for a special occasion, but pondered for a long time of when would be a good opportunity... I decided to take my greatest birthday gift and turn it into the greatest Valentine's Day gift for my fiancee! I took her into the sky with me! We took loads of pictures on our devices to capture this unforgettable moment! (Seriously, Mom, Dad, Sis, Nanny, Pawpaw... I love you guys! I can't thank you enough for making that possible!) Guess now, I can finally scratch "Flying" off my bucket list!

I also gave her the presents I got for her weeks ago. Yes, I put it in plurals, because I found a lot of stuff I knew she would like. Fortunately, Frozen stuff isn't rare, nor is it expensive. That makes it easy considering how much she's madly in love with that movie. (Seriously, she's become a collector of Frozen merchandise because of me... Funny enough, it was thanks to my Grandpa who gave me a VISA Gift Card for last Christmas.)

(:iconmlpflashsentryplz: Think of it like one of my tips to dating: "If a special day is about 4 weeks away, DON'T procrastinate on gifts! Get it as early as you can so you won't be scrambling to get the perfect gift at the eleventh hour! ")

Then, afterwards, for a late lunch/early dinner, I turned my last Christmas Gift from my uncle, aunt, and cousins (A Panera Bread Gift Card) into a nice eating-out segment of the date. We then came back home and enjoyed the first two episodes of Monster Musume together before the time came for me to take her back home. I dropped her off and talked with her family for a good few minutes about our day until it was time to come home. 

All that said, I can happily say I had the best Valentine's Day ever! Not only because I got to spend the whole day with my fiancee, but because it was all made possible by members of my family who gave me all the resources I needed to make it all happen! I felt nothing but Love through the entire day coming from not just my fiancee, but from my whole family as well! Even my two best bros, :iconbravokrofski: and :icondarknazawrath: contributed by introducing me to Monster Musume in the first place! It's literally the best anime they've ever gotten me into and even the anime itself is centered around Love! A friend and co-worker of mine contributed by introducing me to Wolf Children as well, an anime movie that carries Love within it! 

This is why Love is the greatest strength, my friends! It can come from anywhere and everywhere! It is the reason why I live on to this day, it is the reason I do anything at all! It is the strength that gets me through every day! Even though I feel this sort of thing should be celebrated every day and not just on one particular day of the year, I still appreciate Valentine's Day for what it conveys and for the opportunities that it presents! 

Even though only she and I go up in that plane with our pilot, but I like to feel like EVERYONE was up in the sky with us! I enjoyed these past 3 days thanks to all of them! And above all, I felt God's Love bless this day for all of us! That Love came from somewhere even higher up than we were!

:iconsans-plz: * heh... i guess you could say love is in "THE AIR"! :iconrimshotplz:

YEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEE~!!!!!!! I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all of you had a lovely one as well!

  • Listening to: Saikousoku Fall In Love
  • Reading: What I'm currently writing...
  • Watching: Anime...LOTS of anime!
  • Playing: Pokemon Moon
  • Eating: Chili Soup
  • Drinking: Apple Cider

You are Kimihito Kurusu, a humble Japanese man whose house has been turned into a battleground for 7 Monsters who all wish to marry you. You can only choose one wife, so choose wisely. 

5 deviants said Miia - Lamia who has been with you since the beginning and is both very affectionate and protective of you.
1 deviant said Suu - Slime who just goes along with everything for the heck of it while being a very helpful asset at times while being dangerous in others. It is thanks to everyone else's love for you that she developed her own as well.
1 deviant said Rachnera - Arachne who's in love with S&M torturing tactics and other forms of mischief while still harboring warm feelings for you under her cold exterior.
1 deviant said Lala - Dullahan who appreciates your warm heart...despite wanting to initially cut it out as a part of her "Edgy Goth/Emo Phase"... She tends to lose her head often...
No deviants said Papi - Harpy who is both motherly and ditzy at the same time due to being a complete birdbrain. She thinks of you as a big brother, but can't tell the difference between a "Brother" and a "Lover"...
No deviants said Cerea - Centaur who is incredibly strong, fast, and determined to fight for justice as well as your love.
No deviants said Mero - Mermaid who gives off the aura of a queen, allowing her to gain authority over others while always keeping you in mind...however, she actually DOESN'T want to marry you due to having stupid fairytale fantasies...


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